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Life, Imitating Southland Tales

One reason you should subscribe to the Valley (here or on Facebook), is because sometimes I get ahead of the news cycle.  This post was in draft since July 7th, 2010.

It took some new news for me to dig this out.  Here was the original title:

"Is President Obama taking his cues from Southland Tales?!"
I like the current title better. 

During my Plague year, I found a movie that helped remain stable. It was Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. I even Blogged a review.

It's a cult movie about the Southland and the Apocalypse. It takes place in Manhattan Beach, Venice, Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills and (above) Downtown. It touches on the movie industry (both the clean and the dirty, this is Los Angeles after all), the "Military-industrial complex," radical Leftist politics, Republican Power politics, Free will vs. predestination and Time travel. Of course, I would geek out over it.

Let's watch the trailer:

There were a couple of interesting concepts that are slowly leaving the world of science fiction and becoming science (I await the day that Richard Kelly picks up the rights to Stross' Accellerando). They were first imagined in this film:

1) Ocean technology as Power. In the film, Baron Westphalen (Wallace Shawn) came up with Wave technology to generate powe called "Utopia 3". In the real world, Ocean Power technologies is making the concept real.

2) Mega-zeppelin: Baron Westphalen's Mega-zeppelin is a major plot point at the end of the movie (on the night of July 4th, 2008) where secrets are revealed and the world falls apart. But Northrup Grumman is actually made one.

3) "Fluid Karma": An important McGuffin in the film, but this is the closest thing (according to Richard Kelly's Tweet), to the movie version.

Now let's edge on the Political side of town where Kelly's film is also seeing shades of reality creep in.

As a die hard Conservative Republican (with a social Libertarian streak) who is actually trying to work on the Hill (and hopefully in 2011, and then Palin's White House in 2013), he gets the politics wrong. But not as bad as others in the Industry would do.

In fact, everything attributed to President Bush in Southland Tales (though not mentioned or a character), is coming true under President Obama.

Let's start with the Neo-Marxists. In the film, there were cells on Venice Beach, in real life, they are part of Obama's staff. The theme of the Neo-Marxists within the film (from Venice to the Mega-Zeppelin):

Destroy capitalism, dethrone G-d.

Obama's cult of personality is working on the latter part of that theme (kids singing Obama themes, Obama on multiple magazine covers, Obama on every TV station, shall I continue?), and the Obama Administration is working on the other half.


First, taking over banks, then car companies and then the Health care system.  If the State runs something, that is in line what the Neo-marxists wanted.  Say what you will about business', but if you don't like it or have issues, there is always someone who can be hold accountable or you can move your funds elsewhere.  If you deal with the State,  there is no accountability.  Read last summer's "Shake the Disease," posts.

And the final touch to Southland Tales becoming real:

4) USIDENT: The Obama administration's actions trying to control the internet and Bloggers, from Net Neutrality to the FTC ruling on Bloggers and funds, to following something directly from the script, wiretapping the Internet

My question, what movie is the Obama Administration imitating?  I've given my answer


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