Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endorsement Day November 2010: Carly Fiorina for US Senate

This is easy. 

Why do I endorse Carly Fiorina for the Senate?

I'm going to do what every Liberal does, show the flaws of the opponent as the reason of my vote for the other.  This is going to be fun!

Senator Boxer has been in the Senate since 1992, unlike Senator Feinstein (see I can praise a living Democrat, I await the time a Liberal can do the same **crickets**), Boxer does not play well with others.  

To work in the Senate, you can use the rhetoric against the other Party, but, even Senator Ted Kennedy knew that, to get things done, you had to cut deals.  

In the past two Congress', as Chair of the Environmental committee, Boxer only passed 5 (yes FIVE!) Bills where she sponsored.  Any Senator can co-sponsor any Bill floating through, but to sponsor a bill and put it through, that means getting along with your colleagues, and as proven: She can't.  

Want to see the Bills? 

Here is the 111th Congress:

Here is the 110th Congress:

That's it. 

You don't need a Democratic Senator to do those Bills; Any Senator of any party can do those bills.
Mind you, in the 111th Congress, there was a Supermajority, so my question for Boxer is this:

She is not in the Senate leadership, she chairs an important Committee to California (water issues?), her Office is not known for Constituent services (that's Feinstein) she only passed 5 Bills in 4 years, so what does she do with her time?  Do her Colleagues like her?

This commercial by Fiorina won me over:

I may be a Partisan on the Political side, but I understand to do policy, you need to argue for your State in the closed rooms. 

There is a Water Crisis in the Central Valley, where is the chair of the Senate Enviorment Committee? 

Every single one of Boxer's commercials is all about how "Fiorina is bad," not on any work that has actually been done  by Boxer for California.  I guess Boxer has not driven down Ventura or Wilshire Boulavard recently....

If Boxer cannot even care about California's water, why should any Californian vote for Senator Boxer?

The Valley approves this message. 

(h/t to Dan at Gay Patriot who has been working this beat)

Tomorrow, I conclude Endorsement day!
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