Sunday, April 29, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- Coda

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My friend and mentor Todd read the Encyclicals (Prologue, Burbank 1 and 2, Los Angeles 1 and 2, and California 1, 2, and 3); Eugene Tong of the Los Angeles Daily News linked to them in his blog; Did you read the Encyclicals?

However, if you read them, a few side notes.

A) Last Monday, my Mom was mugged here in Burbank and the Burbank Police Department and Fire Department did a great job of helping us out. So, many thanks and kudos to those brave men and women who help in Burbank.

B) I learned about the ADC's by being in one. If you are a Republican in California, support them. If you can do better, bring friends and run for positions in them. The name of the game is to win.

C) Why did this Jew call these Posts Encyclicals? My Bar Mitzvah was in Israel in 1983 during the Winter Holiday season. Seeing all three great religions at their height and acting their best drove me to curiosity. I learned the Pauline Letters are really early Encyclicals. If something must be said, it must be heard. The Los Angeles and California Encyclicals were forwarded to the Los Angeles Times (no response), White House Office of Political Affairs (in conversation), RNC Chairman's office and Political Office, Two Republican Presidential campaigns, the NRCC and the NRSC. How can you win in Los Angeles and California with the same team?

D) The Los Angeles County Republican Party [LACRP] has the same team that supported Mayor Hahn, so do the Lincoln clubs. They do not want to win. For these same leaders, it is more profitable for the LACRP to lose then to fight. However, if they wish to prove me wrong, win two City Council seats based in the San Fernando Valley in the next local election. Then keep those seats.

E) The California Congress of Republicans [CCR] have a habit of trying to destroy anyone who is not a Republican of their ilk; the California Republican Assembly only builds coalitions. In 1999, the leader of the CCR's walked out of the State Convention because the Party was not "moderate" enough. To win, give patronage, build Coalitions, and play nice with others.

F) Remember the Equation: 37 Counties + San Diego + Los Angeles = Republican State.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- CA, Act Three

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Dear Todd,

Thanks for sending me that email. I am taking your suggestions. Thanks for reading these posts (Prologue, Burbank 1 and 2, Los Angeles 1 and 2, California 1 and 2). There are still a few more things to help the Republicans win in California.

1) Force the California Congress of Republicans [CCR] to work with the California Republican Assembly [CRA] for 2008. Using the power of the California Republican Party, merge the two groups in time for the 2012 election.

2) Disband the California Lincoln Clubs. They have accepted money from Republicans and then turn around and back Democrats (2005 - Mayor Hahn). If they are not helping Republicans, the Lincoln Clubs shouldn't have that title. Also, because it is California, throughout each Assembly District Committees [ADC], there should be Lincoln-Reagan dinner fundraisers at all levels.

3) To all clubs, ADC's, party structures, Bring back patronage! Their is no one more loyal then someone you help along to their dream. Los Angeles has the movie industry, use that.

4) Fight on certain issues:
a) In Malibu, Rich Democrats block access to the beach to the General Public, where is the GOP to fight them?
b) The San Fernando Valley needs to see a return on its tax dollars from Downtown. Time and again, the Valley is ignored. If the GOP fights here for the Valley, it can change the whole direction of Los Angeles.
c) California has a movie star Governor, yet Movies continue to film out of state or country. If the GOP fights on this issue, it will gain a new constituency.

5) If Schwarzenegger wishes to run on the Republican ticket as a Senator, a deal must be made. The Governor must visit all the ADC's in Los Angeles and see what they need. Their support is incumbent on the Governor finding a sucessor they can back.

6) In 2005, I tried to put together an event using the Governor and President. The Federal officials were interested. The locals refused to move the Governor. Had it worked, the CRP would have made $26 Million. If you want to see the proposal, I need an email from someone who is with the Press, CAGOP, NRCC or RNC. By not supporting me, they lost $26 million.

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- CA, Act two

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Side note: I know there has been a lot of news this April. The Imus firing, Virginia Tech, the loss of the Royal Navy in Britain. After the Encyclicals are finished, I will write on each subject. First, let's cry for the end of Free Speech with Imus, Pray for the victims of Virginia Tech and discuss Her Majesties Navy later.
Dear Todd,

As I discussed in the previous letters (Burbank 1 and 2; Los Angeles 1 and 2; California 1), about California, the Republican Party at all levels is in trouble. The Powers That Be that exist out here Cannot Win. This post can be retitled: California for Republican Presidential candidates 2008 and 2012. The last post discussed the problems in the State; Here is the solution.

1) Remember this equation: 37 Counties + San Diego + Los Angeles = California in Republican's hands.

2) The California Republican Party [CRP] and a newly formed (see earlier post) Los Angeles County Republican Party [LACRP] must fight in the San fernando Valley. Until there is a base to work from, Republicans should not worry about the Mayor or Board of Supervisors. However, Statewide, the Republicans must have a majority on the Board of Equalization [BOE].

3) Speaking of the BOE, Glen Forsch ran citywide in District 4 (Los Angeles). President Bush had 35% in 2004 -- Forsch had 27% in 2006. Which means the CRP, LACRP, the California College of Republicans [CCR] and the CRA could not field a candidate in the Los Angeles City limits. I only saw one billboard of Forsch's in Koreatown. One. No Television Ads, no mailings. rather then build on the 35% already established, Los Angeles Republicans have to work with 27%.

4) Bring Hugh Hewitt out of Orange County into the San Fernando Valley every election cycle until it is taken. He should interview every candidate for the Assembly District Committees [ADC's] and the LACRP until the State is in Republican hands. If the battle is not in the streets and freeways of the Valley, the Republicans are not fighting for victory.

I have another post of solutions. Remember the equation and keep reading!



Thursday, April 19, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- California

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Dear Todd,

Now we are in the last part of these Posts. Having dealt with the Burbank (One and Two), Los Angeles (One and Two), now we focus on the State.

The last major election that the California Republican party won was the Recall Election of 2003. Even though it was a "Special Election", the Republicans haven't won a normal election since 1994. In 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger has abandoned his role as Party Leader to work on the Democratic Party agenda. There has been no real Senate race since 1998. How did this happen?

The last time the Republicans had the majority in the Assembly was 1994-1995 and before that for a year and a half in 1970. The last full secure majority was from 1943 - 1958. What happened to cause the break of a secure majority to a slim (if any) majority? In 1958, the moderates broke from the California Republican Assembly (not to be confused with the California State Assembly Republican caucus), an umbrella organization for volunteers around the state (which has now become the de facto Conservative Organization)[CRA] to form the California Congress of Republicans (not to be confused with the California College Republicans), [CCR] a moderate group.

The Democrats have been able to exploit this break to win a majority since 1970. What is known about the CCR's is they do not play well with the CRA; they do not reach out to the under-40's; none of their members ever heard the word Patronage to help out their cause; members of the CCR will support a Democratic Candidate rather then a candidate who won with backing from the CRA; these are the Country Club Republicans of old.

Newt Gingrich won the majority in the House in 1994 by challenging the Country Club Republicans in the House before ascending to the Leadership. The CCR's expect much from the Assembly District Committee's [ADC] but never give volunteers, money or candidates in return to help the cause. Until the CCR's learn to work (and possible merge back) with the CRA, the Republicans will be in a permanent defensive crouch in California.

How did we lost the Governor? He put together a Special Election in 2005 to change the status quo in California. Between the weak showing of support by the Los Angeles County Republican party, and the lack of effort by the CCR's, it failed. Since it was "cooler" to be among the Democratic Majority in the State, he took the Republican Designation but left the Party high and dry in 2007. The Governor has no Republican Successor, there are no Senate candidates in the wings (and if the Governor runs against Senator Boxer, it will be as a Liberal Republican vs. a Liberal Democrat), and no one looking to rebuild the majority here. For any Republican Presidential candidate to win here, they need to read the next post.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- L.A., second stanza

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Dear Todd,

Thank you for your emails. I have taken your advice. I'm also glad you have read these posts (Burbank, one and two; Los Angeles, Part One)However, the reason I'm writing these posts is because I want the Republicans to win in California. Los Angeles is important because, with a majority of the counties, and two of the three cities, California falls into the Republican camp. So far, the Republicans have the counties, here's how to win the cities:

1) To win, there must be a base to work from. Santa Clarita and the San Gabriel's do not affect the rest of L.A., the San Fernando Valley does. The CRP is in Burbank, win there and expand outward through the Valley. Once a beachhead is established, go west to the ocean.

2) 1994 is what the Republican tide is measured by. I would suggest the Republican national Committee check to see if the LACRP expanded it's reach beyond the Mayor's race and increased it's majority. If there are no signs of expansion to be seen, these officers should be thrown out and the LACRP should be controlled by the RNC Political office and the White House Office of Political Affairs. Both groups give controls to the ADC's when the Republicans own the Valley and 55% of Central L.A. and 55% of the South Bay.

3) Patronage must be a factor of bringing in the under 40's. First, there is no outreach to the under 40's in Los Angeles. Not in the Assembly District Committees, not at the LACRP, no where. What reason do most people come to LA? The Industry. If the LACRP is not reaching the new arrivals with a passionate effort to find jobs in The Industry, what are we doing? Political winners happen because they remember their town's/Congressional Districts major industry. Both the ADC's and LACRP must build networks into The Industry. Then, bring people in. No one is more loyal then when you bring them closer to their dream. However, my dream is to work in Policy with a Republican Majority Congress. I only want to light the way.

4) Finally, move the LACRP office out of Commerce. It takes an hour (or more) during rush hour to arrive from Santa Clarita, Malibu, and Long Beach. Business is done Downtown and the CRP is in Burbank. To maintain visibility, the LACRP must move:
a) Downtown
b) San Fernando Valley or,
c) Hollywood
Without the move, no one cares what the LACRP does.

Thanks for reading this.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- Los Angeles

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Dear Todd,

I hope you are having a good Easter. However, now that we discussed Burbank (Parts One and Two), let's focus on another problem, Los Angeles.

Since the flood, the Democrats have run the City (as well as subsequent cities of Santa Monica, Malibu and Burbank) and the Los Angeles County Republican party [LACRP]have done nothing to stem the tide.

All cities have a City Council and Mayor (i.e. a smaller version of Congress and President); where I grew up in New York City, the Democrats on the City Council were balanced by a secure group of Republicans from Staten Island. Out here in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is Conservative in nature, but there is no fight for the Republicans from Burbank to Woodland Hills.

Let's even go back to the last Mayor's election: James Hahn was vulnerable to because he lost his base (opposition to secession in the S.F. Valley and firing Bernard parks angered his constituents from South Central). Who did LACRP nominate in a potential pickup election? No one. They backed Hahn.

One year earlier, LACRP were given millions of dollars to help get President Bush's election numbers in Los Angeles to 40%. Within California, there are Assembly District Committees [ADC]. These are the touchstones whereby Republicans can decide election policy. The LACRP did not free any of the funds given from National to the local ADC's. The only ones who got funds were in the San Gabriel Valley and Santa Clarita where the Republicans have already won. President Bush won only 34% in Los Angeles, not 40% as targeted. Political parties are supposed to be skilled in conversion, not elitism.

Do you know where to find the LACRP? In Commerce. Rep. Drier represents the area. Fine. Great. However, it is a trip from Santa Clarita, Long Beach, or Malibu. How can business get done if everyone spends an hour (or more) driving to the LACRP? Business is done in Downtown or even the Valley, but Commerce? Hey, there is a casino to play in, but that is not why we get into politics.

Next post is how to win in Los Angeles.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- Burbank, Second verse

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Dear Todd,

I hope you read the the last two posts (prologue and Burbank). I also hope you are not dying of laughter by the actions of the current Speaker. First, the Democrat Congress ties General Petreaus' hands then goes on vacation? What next, an environmental Concert on the Hill?

Meanwhile, Burbank continues to work as if small business' don't make their home here, and residents don't live here. Five things that must be mentioned:

1) Parking for residents is not easy unless you have a home. My family had Passover at home and parking was tough for my sister and my friends. The Burbank Police, great department that they are, are handing out more parking tickets in residential areas. If you can't visit a friend in Burbank, why spend money here either?

2) Since my last post, Valet parking has sprung up around San Fernando Road. However, that is just like a Democratic run area -- what once was free now is taxed.

3) Another thing commonly found in Democrat run towns, two sets of rules. If you live above Glenoaks Boulevard, there is less hassle with rent, parking, and dealing with the courts. The one story every young Burbank resident tells me is how if your address is above Glenoaks, the traffic cops let you off with a warning, if you live in the flats below Victory Boulevard, the paperwork goes flying.

4) On the other side of the Burbank Mall (started before Glendale Galleria but is smaller and attracts less money then Glendale), there is an IKEA, Barnes and Noble, etc. However, two years ago, there was a Virgin records store in the complex. After the rain destroyed the roof, it took Burbank two years to find another business. Now Comp USA is leaving. And there are no Apple stores coming to sell iPods. Burbank scares business' away with the rising rent and the lack of attentiveness to it's own community. When that is solved, young people will want to move and shop here again.

5) The Burbank Leader, a newspaper about Burbank is published in Los Angeles, but written and edited in Glendale. If the Mayor of Burbank had any smarts, the Burbank leader should be published, written and edited in Burbank.

Next post, the Republicans and Los Angeles, why can't they make a good marriage?

Thanks again!




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