Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Movie Night -- Faust (1926)

Since I am not going dancing at the Monte Cristo (yes, a lot of us are mourning the loss of "Our" Place), I spent some time watching Doctor Who fight the Weeping Angels, found some books I need to consolidate (a trip to Iliad Bookstore is in my future) and prepping for the final Electoral Push for October (Viktor, Betty, I will be in your neck of the woods soon!). 

Because I hate dramatics, I move forward, writing in the dark (with the sounds of Dead Can Dance behind me as I write).

Same Director as Nosferatu; Also from Weimar Germany

Here is what you can look forward to this week:

1) Tip jar Gothic Muse on the 1st of course.  (Please donate!)

2) Live-Blogging the POTUS Debate;

3) Election 2012. if Romney wins or loses, the upcoming battle between "Local Yokel" Activists (as is Yours Truly) v. The Sprawl GOP Establishmentarians.  Trust me, I want to be a GOP Establishmentarian, but carrying the songs of LA and Siouxsie and the Banshees as I am interviewed.  One point though: I always support the "Local Yokels," (especially my LA and CA friends);

4) How to Change Washington, DC: Simple, if you know how (I do!); and

5)  October Electoral Map predictions (Post debate) -- why? Because they are fun to ponder.

First a tune, then the movie (same theme):

Charlie Daniels Band, Devil Went Down to Georgia

Now the film, Goethe's Faust (1926)

And here is my question: What Deal would you make with The Devil? 

I'd love to see your answers. More Blogging tomorrow night!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winning in LA (September Song)

Sunrise over the City of Angels
In the last Election cycle (2010), I did three posts on how to flip our City from the cold hand of the Democrats to the free thinkers of RPLAC and the CAGOP.

This is post two for 2012.  And since I called it September song, here is the tune:

In fact, I already did a post about my work in the Dark (creating a basic group called Right in the Dark for Goths curious about RPLAC and CRP -- G-d, I miss the Monte Cristo!) but that one was for the Goths and for the rest of the country. 

It allowed me to shout "LA can still be in play!" 

And it still can, here is some ideas for the national, the other states and the Romney Campaign.

Ready? Let's go!

1) Once you get below the 14, the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley's are in play.  Given the Age of Contraction and the blind eye from City Hall, where does their tax money go? West and Downtown. Out there in the desert of the Antelope, they put it together that Downtown wants their taxes but refuses to give anything in return.

David Hernandez and David Miller are running here -- support them.

2)  Are you an upcoming candidate in the next few years (Yours Truly has a decade,)?  From wherever you stand, runaway production is being created by local tax burdens.  You, Present and Future candidate, must be concerned about this.  Before you start campaigning, find friends in the guilds and ask what they need to film in LA.  

And for the candidates running now, same rule applies.  If Romney or Ryan talk about this onstage during the debates, I will be impressed. 

3) Now, regarding Romney, if he loses this Election (the polls are skewed because the Racism charge has been overused -- it is the duty of the opposition party to oppose [Randolph Churchill, Winston's Father]) it isn't because he is not fighting, its just that he has ignored a place where votes can be gotten.

If Governor Romney stops using Los Angeles as an ATM, he could win votes here.  Look at (1) -- go to the Valley's and campaign.  Or send Ryan, he looks like he can fight.  By not fighting here, Romney loses extra votes.  Any Old School Politico can see that. 

Sunset at Santa Monica

My question: Will you help our candidates in LA?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Communicating with JSF (If I know you in RealTime)

Not everyone is going to like my writing 100% (Thank G-d!).

But when it comes to people I know in Real Time, and you have an issue with a post, communicate, don't cut me off.  Call me, text me, email me, if I know you, I like to hear from you.

My Blog is my stage -- I play a role on here that I don't play in Real Time (if you know me in Real Time, I am still a partisan, but I listen more).  Here in the Valley, I play up my own personality by 10X -- in other words, an extreme example of my own self.  

In an Election year, people's feelings get hurt very quickly (mine too!).  If I wasn't reading Liberal Blogs and magazines, then I could be accused of being closed minded.  In the battle of ideas, it helps to be open minded for all ideas. 

An example of what I'm talking about:

My friend Charly had a small issue with me comparing the Great Carnival Noir with my Southland Fundraiser.  She emailed me and explained the issue.  I went back to the post and added a semi-colon to the post, emailed it back to her.  

Guess what?

Surprise! Everyone was happy! No one gave up on each others friendship.  

I talk a lot, I am filled with ideas and strategies, but I listen too.  If I know you in Real Life, and you have an issue with my post.  CONTACT ME! 

Sometimes I text or call, I would like to hear back from you.  Muses have a special part in my life, but I shouldn't have to say that.  

Ok, back to work. I made it through the Fast till the afternoon.

A tune:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Club Monte Cristo Benefits from Ruin Hollywood and Malediction Society

Yesterday, as of  7:35 AM EST, what we LA Goths do (and fight for) will be followed by many Bloggers and Politicos (LA, Californians and some Capitol Hill folk).

 But sometimes we must battle to have our space back, so be it.  I'm ready.

First, a tune:

The new management of the Club Monte Cristo want their club to be hip and popular like the Skybar and the Standard.  The problem begins is that Koreatown is not Sunset Boulavard. It never will be as Hip and Cool as Sunset 

We Goths who have made the Club Monte Cristo our home for 7 years (as we heard Malediction goes down, following Ruin) and Club Monte Cristo made money.  There are many events that came and went at the Monte Cristo and we Goths showed up, paid for parking, and paid for entry (Many thanks to Leo and everyone who worked the door!) and paid for drinks (even some Wormwood for the brave) and paid for artwork, tarot card readings and just a unique experience at the Monte Cristo. 

Also, Violet was an awesome photographer who kept us all on our toes on where she would point her camera.

And one of my favorite events was Vendetta. Swing Goth and Vintage 20's setting that my friends and I  spent a little extra to enjoy the setting.

And what is swing Goth? This!

We Goths who hang at the Monte Cristo are loyal to Our DJ's, Xian Vox and Amanda Jones. The music and setting is good.  Ask the new groups who are there, will they return if it doesn't remain "a cool club?"  

We Goths did not need cool, we were comfortable. 

Even within our Group, we had a few fun things to do:

The security kept a tight running ship and even within the Old School Goths, all of us kept on eye out for trouble within the club (except for letting this Evil Politico Blogger inside, they did OK/sarc).  No problems, a steady flow of income for the bar, and always people dancing on the floor, why kick out the Goths?

I said it earlier, and I say it now with the End of Malediction -- we who follow DJ Xian and DJ Amanda Jones are the crowd you want for your venue.  The terrace was filled with conversations, humor and planning (how did you think the last post got written?) and the floor was always filled with beautiful Muses. It's worth more to keep us at the Monte Cristo then kicking us out.

This is my request, and I hope my friends from the club spread this post throughout LA and the Goth community in the US:

Do you want consistent funds? Bring back Ruin and Malediction to the Goths -- we like the place, we take care of it.  And even better, we are happy being left alone to dance and party on the rooftop.  Not even the LAPD know we are up there. (Why? because we don't make trouble!).

To the management of the Monte Cristo:  Bring back the Goths.  

To my friends in the Goth scene: Let's find out how to win it back. 

To my politico friends: If you can help us, now is the time. :} 

Now, a tune:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Message to My Gothy (and Other) Friends: Don't Fear the GOP -- Take It Over!

Normally, on Saturday Nights, I would be hanging out on the rooftop of the Monte Cristo instead of Blogging at this hour.  I miss the Monte Cristo -- it gave me a place to hang out, dance, and sometimes find a quiet place and contemplate the world from the Terrace.  Here's hoping Ruin resurrects there soon.

Los Angeles, the way the Future Imagined. Goths rule here.

Before I get really serious and Politically Wonky, here's a tune to enjoy while you read my argument:

I spent years studying Power. From religious power in the Dark Ages (and currently thriving in some Islamic Countries where we Goths are outlawed), to cultural power (TV and Radio as arbiters of what's acceptable), the power of funds (Buckley v. Valeo) which leads directly into my subsection of my Industry: Republican Politics of the LA and CA variety.

I. Who Are the GOP? 

There are a few branches, not every Republican is the same (and neither is Every Goth -- but every Gothy Muse I see at the club are all beautiful).  Let me re-cap, who is who (from an earlier post):

1)   Social Conservatives [SoCons] -- South-East based (the Appalachian States as well) whose Right leaning Politics are Moral and Bible based.  Their saving grace are they are believers of  Democracy around the globe as a way of getting to Peace. Also, big supporters of Israel.  However, they are used to slam the other branches by the MSM and people who don't know the GOP and how it operates;

2) National Security Republicans -- Based in Military areas and throughout cities in the Blue States. The concept of Wilsonianism (as the SoCons believe above) as a means of peace.  These are supporters of Israel and other Democracies.  They believe the Military can get rid of dictators and make Democracies as Truman did in Japan and Europe.  (Most are former Democrats switching after 9/11).  On domestic issues, see Social Libertarians;

3) Moderate Republicans -- Based in Big cities and Blue States (like MA and NJ). This is Governor Romney. They don't follow the SoCons, listen to the National Security Republicans and are Social Libertarians;

4) Fiscal Conservatives -- Most of the Republican Party and their cousins, the Tea Party. EVERYWHERE within the GOP. They (we) don't want to END Government, they (we) want a Government that is not overly AGGRESSIVE (i.e. see smoking laws in bars or Taxamaggedon);

5) Social Libertarians -- A kissing cousin of Libertarianism itself.  These supporters are also found in Blue States.  This is one of the few issues I fight within the Party (Goths, I can use the backup here).  Paulbots are not Libertarians, but will only accept Paul (pere or fils) in the Executive Branch.  SoCons need to know that we exist. What Social Libertarians (and Goths) believe is something simple: As the Government should not have carte blanche with your wallet (Fiscal Cons), neither should the Government decide your lifestyle if everyone is adult and consenting. Here is where my Gothy friends fit in.

My fight, within the GOP, is dealing with PaulBots whose concept of freedom is ONLY voting for Rep. Ron Paul and his scion, Rand (and are very boring debaters) and with the SoCons who would limit what we do (and how some of us Goths live).

II) Why I Love the Goths (especially the Gothy Muses like Charly, Violet, Neko, etc)

Why do I enjoy hanging out among the Goth scene?

I have had some of the most intelligent and funniest conversations on the Terrace of the Monte Cristo. And which is why, with only rumors and half-notes, a lot of my Gothy friends ran around saying "Rep. Paul Ryan is a SoCon!"  He isn't.  I said that here many times.

Find me the bills.  If Rep. Paul Ryan was there on the House Floor to guide the Bill before the vote, you win.  If he gave a speech, it could have been as a favor to help get his Budget passed.

To get anything done in the House (or Senate), you have to be able to trade for votes.  I'll vote for your Siouxsie and the Banshees Billboard, if you vote for my Historic Castle for the Hills of my district.  What's involved in the trade, the public never knows.  That's how things get in Politics around the world (wherever there is no dictator,).

Or in short (forgive me!), don't believe the hype!

 III. Building a Better LA and USA

But the SoCons are not as powerful since 06 (and the Tea Party People are basically Fiscal Conservatives dressed to celebrate my Birthday!), but they do not conform to vision of the GOP.   

How do you fight and win? 

Build an army. 

When I was in DC, I learned two things:

1) Geography is Power; and
2) Power Resides in the Home Districts. 

If you ignore your Home District (or State in the Senate), you get voted out.  Los Angeles is filled with Social Libertarians and we Goths are Artists who should join the "Leave us Alone Coalition," (Meet Grover Norquist who wants to save you money!) 

Here in LA (RPLAC) and California (CRP), we on the Right don't want to rule your life as the Democrats do today.

(Want to know why Ruin cannot stay open past 2 AM? Ask the all Democrat LA City Council! Why can't you smoke or drink at your leisure? Again, look Left! want to know why Gang Crime still owns one-third of LA? Same people,)

In Los Angeles and California, we want you to earn enough money to invest and spend. We don't care how you live your life (Most RPLAC and CRP members voted No on 8, remember Obama won CA. so enough votes came from the D's camp to shut it down) -- just be a Consenting Adult in what you do.  

Heck, Romney is a Moderate.  The reason I shifted Right is because the Right believes you should have more of your own money, not the State (not just CA and LA, but Federal too!); If we in RPLAC win LA (a County bigger then most States) with Goths are our backup, then the LA Goths have earned a seat at the Governing table.  

That's how it works.

Win locally, change the National scene.

If you hear anything about any Republican, ask me.  I can tell you where they come from and where their bread is buttered (Even if I have to research first.) 

My Gothy friends, I'm not asking you to change in this cycle (but it would help) but help me and Political tribe change the City and then the Country.  It's that simple.

If you want good candidates to look at today, let me name a few:

For DA -- Alan Jackson

US House Candidates from LA
David Miller in the San Gabriel Valley;
David Hernandez in the San Fernando Valley;
Bill Bloomfield for the Westside and Central LA

State Assembly
Keith McCowen for AD 54 (Crenshaw and points West)

My question: Why are we taken in so easily by rumors and half-truths when the person is a member of the GOP? And:

Will you help build the Army needed to change LA to make it the City of the Future again?

UPDATE: 9/24/12; 9:53AM PST: Welcome Instapundit travelers! Thank you Ed Driscoll!.  Not only am I a Goth, but an Elected member of the 50th GOP Assembly District Committee (representing West Hollywood, Reagan's old homestead of Beverly Hills and points west to Santa Monica).  I am #2 in the link. 

Look around and if you can, hit the Tip Jar!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse! Here's How to Stop Taxamegedon!

Zombies will not walk down Hollywood Boulevard and eat our brains, but Taxameggdon is coming and business' are buckling down.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

However, Chairman Del Beccaro of the CRP understands how to get the economy moving again.

For the longest time, the Left (and Obama) have whinged about "The Bush Tax Cuts" (where even I, a lowly hourly employee, got money back from the Government,). 

If you remember back to the early 2000's, America's economy got hit by a few things:  9/11, the dot-bomb, the corruption (and prosecution) of Enron and other companies.  

How was America going to get out of it?

The Bush  Tax Cuts!

Now, with President Obama presiding over High Unemployment and low tax receipts for the Government, how do we get out of this Age of Contraction? (Well, one, vote for Governor Romney!). 

Here is Chairman Del Beccaro's answer:

"The problem facing America today is that the economy has stalled. There are many reasons given for that including: (1) too many state and federal regulations, (2) high corporate taxes, (3) high state and federal income taxes, (4) the uncertainty over the election, (5) the Obamacare taxes, (6) poor international economic conditions, (7) our national debt and more. All of those are actual reasons, to one degree or another, for the slowdown we face today.
"In a stalled economy, regardless of the cause, people’s ability and incentive to undertake risk is stalled as well. In order, to get people to take risk again, government needs to jolt them with a psychological force, otherwise known as economic incentives – to get them to change their behavior and take risk.

"There are many examples throughout all of history of governments that did just that in the face of bad conditions. In 2350 BC, a Sumerian ruler cuts taxes and regulations for his people who even had to pay a tax to get divorced. In 141 BC, the first of a series of Chinese rulers instituted tax “remissions,” i.e. cuts, for farmers whose land was hit by natural disasters. In the middle centuries, Mongul governments cut taxes for farmers whose lands were devastated by the Mongul/Chinese wars. The Roman Emperor Pertinax granted 10 years tax immunity and free land to those who would take over agricultural land abandoned because of heavy taxation."

When the GOP talks about Tax Cuts and Trickle Down economics, its worth noting that "Poor people cannot hire," If the American economy is shaky (due to the factors mentioned above), maybe the Government throwing money at it does not work.

We've given the Government Four years to make things better.  It hasn't worked.  Again, see the factors above.

Here is the Chairman's conclusion:

"Clearly, our economy is not moving – even at the Bush tax rates.

"While those rates may be low compared to some periods in the past, the fact is that economy has ground to a halt at the existing tax and regulatory levels – regardless of how those rates compared to years past.

 "We must understand that the boulder that is the U.S. economy will not simply just start rolling again. To foster a sustainable expansion of the economy and get people off unemployment and disability rolls and onto employment rolls, we have to jump start incentives. To raise tax rates on anyone or to continue our regulatory ways will only dig a deeper trench around the boulder that is our economy."

Or in short, stop worrying about the Zombie Apocalypse and keep Taxamegedon from Rising.

Again, I hope Governor Romney is listening to the California Republican Chairman. 

My question: Since President Obama's plans have not worked, what is your solution for getting the American economy started again? 

Escape the Narrative! How GOP Activists and Candidates can Deal with the Post Obama Media

I'm Snake Plisskin  I'm here to free you from The Narrative.
When you figure out "the Code," of your opponents (i.e. the Democrats and the Media), it becomes easy to strategize the next moves.  (It also helps being a former Democrat)

Here are the past Tarkin Doctrine's that the Democrats/Media use against the GOP (all our branches):

1) "The voters are confused when they vote for the Right,"

2) "All Conservatives/Tea partiers are Crazy/Evil/Stupid,"

3) "All Conservative/Republican/Tea Party Women are Nuts or Sluts," 

4) "The Conservatives/Tea Partiers/Republicans are racists/Misogynists/etc. et. al"

5) "No matter the crime or problems under a Democratic Official, the GOP is always more Evil,"

And now we add a few more:

6) "All Republicans Lie!"  (used by the Media in Fall Election 2012)

7) "All Republicans are Social Conservatives (even when they're not),"

"Fear of the Republicans will keep the Voters in Line!"

Right now, Republican candidates and activists are playing by Rules designed by Democrats.

Like Snake Plisskin in Escape From New York, everyone around the country from the Romney and the RNC thinks the California Republican Party [CRP] and the Republican Party of Los Angeles [RPLAC] are dead.

No, they aren't.  Follow my lead and watch out for land minds on the 69th street bridge.

What is the GOP's current Narrative (that is not being written by the press)?

(As always, use the Hollywood Pitch method -- 25 words or less)

"Governor Romney is a turnaround artist. He turned the 2002 Olympics and Massachusetts around. And Rep. Ryan understands how to fix the Government's Budget,"

After this Election Cycle, here is what we Activists and Future candidates (and Presidents) must do with the Post-Obama media.  We are now crossing the bridge, watch out for land mines!

I. Republican and Tea Party Organizations and the Old Media

If you are from a State or County party or if you are from the Tea Party, follow this advice for the next few cycles (before the Old Line Media catch on)

A)  Before any Newspaper, magazine or TV show (non-local) wants to interview you or your group, find out who they are sending, and how they acted during the Obama Administration.

B) There is no reason to go on MSNBC or Pacifica -- they are not swing voters and you end up getting ambushed. 

C) Court your local papers but find out where their bread is buttered. (For instance, every GOP activist in LA knows Jonah Lowenfeld of the JJLA works for Rep. Berman)  And if their bread is buttered by Democratic activists and fundraisers, counter with your own area's fundraisers.

D) Use Bloggers and Political Converts as Your Media Liaison's.  Who better to promote your State/County then those who know the arguments of the other side (Converts)? And those who fight back against Democratic party memes?

E) Local Activists and groups know their area better then anyone who is flown in from anywhere else.  Once you have the reporter's business card -- find out what they like and recommend some good restaurants and places for their enjoyment.

II. Presidential Candidates, Executive Branch officials, and Federal officials

AA) When a new President takes office, the White House Press Room hires new reporters.  Before your Press Secretary gives their FIRST Press conference, ask publicly of each media member, why they helped President Obama when they refused to help President Bush? THIS MUST GO ON CAMERA.

BB) Again, have all high level officials stay away from MSNBC and Pacifica, they won't win over anyone.  The three letter networks are fine.

CC) Have Bloggers work in your Press office (i.e. RS McCain and DaTechGuy in a Romney Administration). Why? As above, Bloggers can fight the memes and punch out defenses fast.

DD) If you are running for a Federal position. court your local Right Wing Bloggers.  I await Romney's mission to meet with us Southland Bloggers.

EE) Any Media who worked on helping President Obama should not get a Press pass to the White House or any Political Event.  Period. 

My question: How would you fight a media obsessed with helping Democratic Presidents?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Three Act Tragedy of President Obama's Foreign Policy

Let me quote some Doctor Who because it fits:

The Doctor: How long would you say we were unconscious for, please?
Cleaves: Not long, a minute, two minutes.
The Doctor: I'd hazard we've been out a teensy bit longer.
Cleaves: For how long?
The Doctor: An hour. I've seen whole worlds turn inside-out in an hour. A lot can go wrong in an hour.
 -- Doctor Who "The Rebel Flesh," season 6

For want of a nail, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens would still be alive and American Embassies would not be on fire. 

Like any tragedy, it occurred in Three Acts and the chorus of American media focus on the wrong subject.

Act I: The White House 

Let me quote Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post:

President Obama is touting his foreign policy experience on the campaign trail, but startling new statistics suggest that national security has not necessarily been the personal priority the president makes it out to be. It turns out that more than half the time, the commander in chief does not attend his daily intelligence meeting.

The Government Accountability Institute, a new conservative investigative research organization, examined President Obama’s schedule from the day he took office until mid-June 2012, to see how often he attended his Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — the meeting at which he is briefed on the most critical intelligence threats to the country. During his first 1,225 days in office, Obama attended his PDB just 536 times — or 43.8 percent of the time. During 2011 and the first half of 2012, his attendance became even less frequent — falling to just over 38 percent. By contrast, Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush almost never missed his daily intelligence meeting.

As Congress' job is to pass Budgets, a Presidents job is to be ready for the unexpected.  Sun Tzu would not be happy with Act I Obama.

Sun Tzu:

Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is FOREKNOWLEDGE. Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits; it cannot be obtained inductively from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.

-- Sun Tzu, Chapter 13 

During this time, President Obama and the PM of Israel could not agree to even meet.  An American President could not even find the time to meet an American ally.  Sign and signals from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue going through the world.

Even though, during the Democratic national Convention, President Obama's foreign policy expertise was promoted, no one of the Left, the Obama campaign (or in the White House) predicted what came next.

Act II: The Date and the Attacks

This act does not begin on August 24 or December 7 or April 12 but September 11th.

Only 11 years away from September 11th, and President Obama stopped reading his intelligence briefings.  

Not reading the PDB's by President Obama is not Romney's fault.

The riots in Egypt and Libya were pre-planned (if someone had read their PDB's...) and our walls were breached and people died.

As this is an Election year, Romney stood and pointed out that "The Emperor [Obama] has no clothes," The Media attacked Romney for his speech and not President Obama for not doing his job. 

Find Governor Romney on this Org Chart of the US State Department: 

Or this Org chart:

He isn't there.

And what was the US Egyptian embassies tweet during the attack?

Apologies, not defense.

Someone in the White House forgot the lessons of Tehran 1979.

Act III:  The First Amendment matters (except when it doesn't)

Rather then focus on the planning, the White House and their Media Praetorians decided to focus on an obscure, posted to YouTube (not released in the theatre) filmmaker in California.

I will be doing a post on the First Amendment later, but fact is, he was taken in a "Midnight Raid," 

Can you imagine if President Bush did that Michael Moore?!? Wait, he didn't do it to Moore -- so why are the Left all happy about a midnight raid?

Glenn Reynolds put it simply -- this was wrong and President Obama, if he had any honor, should step down.

While the Media Praetorians attack Romney, the attacks on the Embassies continue.  There should be a denouncement at the debates, we'll see.

My question: Why didn't President Obama protect the Embassies on 9/11? 


** Back in 1995, I did a Senior Report at American University detailing how Ambassadors are appointed, even when two branches are fighting with each other (I used Watergate, not knowing the branches were ready to fight again).  I met a few former Ambassadors and Charge d'affairs -- a few of whom were captured in Tehran 1979.  At every Embassy, there are intelligence agents working to keep America safe (and their info goes into the PDB's). 

Donate to DACOR and say a prayer for Our Policymakers Overseas.

Blogging Later...

It's been awhile, but like all good things, I will return later today.

General MacArthur returning to the Philippines, 10/20/44

For now, enjoy Lawrence of Arabia.  Fitting, no?

Subjects to be discussed:

1) Who has the role of protecting Our Embassies?;

2) Free Speech -- Which Party better Defends the First Amendment (Prepare to be shocked!)?;

3)  Winning in LA (September Song);

4)  How Republican Activists and Electeds Should Deal With the Old Media post-Obama; 

5)  The TV Trope Election (Obama's Meta v. Romney's Meta); and 

6)  A Message to my Gothy Friends About Election 2012 (and how the GOP, CRP, and RPLAC works to Our [Goths] advantage...) and beyond.

Finally, a Gothy Tune for you as well:

See you soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Governor Romney Should Listen to Chairman Del Beccaro of the CRP

Before we go Overseas and discuss what the Valley predicted years ago, let's read California Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro's piece on Taxes:

"Since 1980, tax policy has been at the center of Presidential campaigns. Reagan staked his candidacy on deep across-the-board tax cuts. He won and built a consensus around that policy. Since then, 8 of the last 8 Presidential winners have been the perceived tax-cutters while the losers were against tax cuts or had a troubled history with tax increases.
"...Most recently, Obama – who promised tax cuts for 95% of Americans (a physical impossibility) – beat McCain who was anything but adept at economic policy.

"So where is the debate today? Quite frankly, it’s a one-sided discussion. Rather than fight like Reagan on the issue – and build a new consensus – Republicans have been near silent on taxes subject to arguments such as these, almost without rebuttal:

1) the rich are not paying their fair share, and
2) the Republicans want to go back to the policies of Bush.

 "Since the top 1% pay over 37% of income taxes and the top 10% pay over 70%, it’s hard to imagine that isn’t fair. Romney should point blank ask Obama in the debates: if 37% isn’t enough and 70% isn’t enough – what would be enough?
"As for the Bush tax cuts, the national Republicans have virtually ceded the argument that the Bush policies, i.e. his tax cuts, led to the economic downturn. Of course, it is economically absurd to claim that people keeping a greater share of their own money caused an economic decline. That didn’t happen under Bush and has never happened in history."

What Governor Romney needs to understand (after this deja vu of 1979 calms down)  is "It's STILL the Economy Stupid!"  What the Chairman is writing about (and Romney should read) is that, even though he took a Fiscal Conservative as a VP, is that the battleground is the Economy.  

To be silent on this is doing a disservice in this Election. 

Here is what the Valley wrote about Tax Cuts and Spending Cuts (both needed to put Government under control):

"The concept of Spending Cuts is that the Government has taken on more then it can afford.  During the Bush fils Administration, the war budget was considered off-budget (Budget rules allow this) so that Government spending would not overwhelm the private sector.

"President Obama's
first movement was to put them on-budget, and the economy, already in free fall, continued to crash.

"Where do spending cuts come from?  There are 13 Appropriation subcommittees and multiple agencies under the Executive Branch, some even repeating others (Or the Department of Redundancy department).  "The Congress can cut and so can the Presidents own budget.

"But the Left, who believes more Government is the solution, can never find anything to get rid of.

"Not even corruption.


"The idea of (modern) Tax Cuts come from that hard core Conservative President, JFK.  It worked in his time, then his predecessor added The Great Society to the budget (the budget process was reformed on the Hill under Nixon) and the Vietnam War, and welcome to Inflation and Stagflation. (and multiple Oil shocks like today -- the more things change the more they stay the same)
"The concept of Tax Cuts is that business' will hire and people will invest if the Tax Burden is lifted. 

"With Tax Cuts, commerce succeeds and more taxes get paid.  Without commerce, no State can survive.  Under the Obama Administration, the State weighs more then private commerce, so why should Private business' hire with all the regulations and taxes? 

"Again, walk down Wilshire Boulevard and tell me high taxes and regulation works well.

"Tax Cuts and Spending Cuts are the carrot and stick approach to keeping Government under control.

Governor Romney should heed the call of Chairman Del Beccaro:

Fight the Economy and the Election on the field of Tax Cuts.  

Again, let me quote:

"Quite to the contrary, the Bush tax cuts, once fully implemented in 2003, resulted in an economic upturn, revenues jumped to a record $700 billion, and the end result was a record 52 months of job growth. That should be no surprise to anyone. After all, the Kennedy cuts, implemented after his death, resulted in 3 years of average growth above 6% and revenue increases of 62%. The Harding/Coolidge cuts produced the Roaring 20’s and revenue increases of 61%. History is literally littered with other examples of the wise who cut taxes to revive economies and revenues.

"If you haven’t heard those figures from national Republicans it is because they are not making the factual argument.

"They are not making the rhetorical argument either.
..."[W]hile they may win because of Obama’s dismal record, they won’t have the mandate they need for real tax reform, which is so desperately needed. To get that mandate, they have to take on the issue and stop ceding ground to the Democrats.

"They can explain that the mom and pop who own the corner restaurant started it by saving all their money – savings which likely wouldn’t have occurred or would have been delayed if tax rates were too high. They probably wouldn’t have hired a dishwasher in 1978 at $2.50 an hour. That person wouldn’t have learned the discipline of showing up to work on time and the responsibility of a job. Eventually that person went on to college with his job savings, and even graduate school. That’s part of my story and many others – it is something people can understand."

Whether you reside in the Blogosphere or working for a campaign, the name of the game is still "Are you making more money then four years ago?"  

If Governor Romney listens to Chairman Del Beccaro (and help fund the CRP), he will do well.

My question: Why are Democrats afraid of Tax cuts and Spending cuts? 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 -- Eleven Years On...

9/11 WTC as seen from Midtown (The Empire State Building)
For me, 9/11 is not a day for Politics.  The day before and the day after can fit that purpose.

Sometimes, I am part of a Blogging community remembering the dead of this day (Project 2,996) and sometimes I post pictures and videos.  This post is the latter.  I'll shut up and let others say the words I cannot. 

First, Mannahatta by Walt Whitman:

Immigrants arriving, fifteen or twenty thousand in a week, 
The carts hauling goods, the manly race of drivers of horses,
   the brown-faced sailors,
The summer air, the bright sun shining, and the sailing 
   clouds aloft,
The winter snows, the sleigh-bells, the broken ice in the 
   river, passing along up or down with the flood-tide or 
The mechanics of the city, the masters, well-form'd, 
   beautiful-faced, looking you straight in the eyes,
Trottoirs throng'd, vehicles, Broadway, the women, the 
   shops and shows,
A million people--manners free and superb--open voices--
   hospitality--the most courageous and friendly young 
City of hurried and sparkling waters! city of spires and masts! 
City nested in bays! my city!
Now, a song about New York City:
And here is the news reports on 9/11:
Here is a documentary that witnesses the first plane hit the WTC:
And here is something else to watch:
And finally, two videos that still make me tear up:

 Remember this day.

I will.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Thanks to the LAPD and California General for Helping my Mom!

I am behind in my Blogging work -- I know, many apologies. After 9/11, I will finish up on the last day of the DNC.  And I will focus on other issues.  I was going to spend Saturday in the Valley, but read the story below on why I couldn't get back....

Saturday, my Mom fell down and we had to take her to a hospital which had a CT scan (she is alright, yay!).

However, factor this in, here is a map of where California General hospital is:

View Larger Map

While my Mom was waiting to use the CT scanner, there were multiple trauma patients coming in every hour.   These trauma patients didn't suffer from a pain in the foot or a headache, most had a GSW or knife wound. And lots and lots of people who tried suicide.

Not a nice place.

Luckily, while I was keeping my Mom's mind active and busy (until I knew what the CT scan said on how bad it was -- again, she's doing OK), we made friends with some of the fine members of the LAPD Newton division.  

Here is that area on a crime map:

[Now, cometh the Political Rant:]

Check the crime map on all areas that vote Democrat.   For a Party that says "They care about the people," it was a Republican Activist asking "How do we make things better?" on a Saturday night.  When there is a dearth of ideas (i.e. One Party System), people's lives become expendable.  Don't believe me? Go to California General on a Saturday Night and tell me that lives under Democrats are getting better. 

[Political rant is over.]

Finally, thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped my Mom.

It was a long evening/morning -- I'm still trying to catch up.

The 9/11 post is next. 

Thanks for waiting.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Democatic National Convention Second Night Masquerade

As I watch the Democratic National Convention, I find my INGSOC equivalencies work. 

The Convention's host is a Mayor who has ignored his own hometown;

The Convention Platform attacked Israel (just like KPFK) and then when reversed (through voter fraud --heh), there were boos. watch the video:


(I am sure Jonah Lowenfeld will find an excuse to keep Los Angeles Jews in a Political Ghetto);

Convention goers baking in their Hate (and using Godwin) against their opponents;

A media too busy basking in spas rather then asking hard questions; and

The idea of supporting Woman's issues by a Former President accused of Sexual harassment. 

I can keep going.

But the one thing to understand, if you are not an Ivy Leaguer, you don't get to run for high office. If you are you are below 30 years old, you cannot rise in the Democratic Party.

As a non-Ivy, I have power here in Los Angeles.  There is no inner/outer party like INGSOC...I mean Democrats here among the California Republicans.  You can be from anywhere and rise.

And for all those who believe in so-called "Dog Whistles," Here is a hint: They don't exist.

Only Democrats classify people by class and race.  A majority of Republicans (i.e. non-SoCon/PaulBot) do not follow the Democrats in classifying people by race or class.  

It's unAmerican!

Tonight is the last night of the Democrats masquerade, let's see what comes next....

My question: Why do Democrats hide behind a masquerade?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Open Letter to Dr. John Deasy, Chairman LAUSD, Part 5

Chairman Deasy,

I hope you enjoyed your summer and Labor Day, but as you know Campaign Season is coming up and you are being discussed among the Right Blogosphere and local Los Angeles Republican Activists.

My Mom was promised to be returned to Baudry (as a Senior Office tech) by July 26th -- it is now September 5th. Bring her back at full time/full pay.  And keep her happily working 6-7 years safe and secure.

If its a matter of funds, tell your six figure staffers to contribute back to the lower level workers (like my Mom and her departments)

Here is one thing that has drawn political attention:

Why are you shutting down the Special Ed department? 

If this is how "Democrats" care about those worse off, I shudder to see how you would handle the Department of Education (I would make sure the Right Blogosphere shouts very loud should you want to look for a higher job unless this is fixed ASAP).

All my Mom needs is to work year round, have her health care and and a good paycheck.  If you need another six figure person, hire my Mom.

Because my Mom is idle, she is having a rough time.


I will also be cc'ing this post to my Mom's Union to see what they need from my political people (and Blogosphere).  

Help my Mom.  That is all I ask.

Campaign season begins after President Obama finishes his speech in Charlotte.

Will you be a Political issue or will I focus on other local issues? 

Your call.



Sunday, September 02, 2012

Favorite Speeches from the Republican Convention (Final Night)

I spent the last night of the Convention at a Political Party "Party," so I got to enjoy the last night among my fellow Los Angeles Activists. 

We are moving the ball into play out here -- stay tuned for more posts from the Valley about that.  Suffice to say, we are ready for the next Cycle. And the Valley will help lead the way. 

I'll shut up and allow the speakers to speak. 


Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL)

Campaign Chairman Bob White

The Honorable Jane Edmonds, Workforce Development Chair of MA (D)

Clint Eastwood. 
Why did he succeed? Because he spoke truth to power (since other comedians and Media won't).
"No, I can't do that either, Mr. President!"

Governor Romney's Acceptance Speech

See you at the next post!


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