Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doctor Who -- Multiple Doctors (again!)

If you're reading the Valley this weekend, Doctor Who double feature theatre is still on!

Tonight, on hand is "Time Crash," (a short) and The Five Doctors!  Enjoy!

Tomorrow, my Evites go out for my 40th Birthday! 

As I told my ex, Toni, I'm lucky there has been no one from the future to try to kill me, so maybe my vision of the world brings true "Peace," 

In my life, I have not had a job that paid over $30,000/year (yet) but I am available (And if you want to buy my writing service, selling out is not a problem as long as I keep my vision and I get paid Nine figures before the decimal point).

Also, I always had roommates.  One thing I want in the coming months is my own one bedroom  apartment.  Since I'm on a HGTV kick, how would my apartment look like?

The Living Room would be decorated with Movie and Americana decorations;

The Bedroom would have a Goth theme;

The Kitchen would have a combination of all three themes; 

And the bathroom? More movie and Americana stuff. 

Throughout the apartment would be political signs, Doctor Who stuff and other interesting things  that I have collected.  Then I can worry about meeting a nice (hopefully, redheaded) Jewish girl who likes Politics, Policy, sci-fi and Goth clubs.

And now: Time Crash

And following up with: The Five Doctors!

Back to serious stuff tomorrow night.  Enjoy your leftovers! 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

So, what am I thankful for?

1)    I am thankful I have a great family who has been there for me during these hard times.  One day, I want to be there for them.  So, thanks Mom and Sis.  Two of the greatest people I know!

2)    I am thankful that I am friends rich (but money poor -- not thankful for that),; I have friends in all walks of life.  From Capitol Hill staffers, to Bloggers, Candidates, politicos, Goths, musicians, actors and actresses.  I wouldn't trade anyone I know -- I am proud of everyone who is my friend.

3)     I am thankful for living in Los Angeles.  Where else can you walk a few blocks and see someone filming and a few blocks later, see a music band practicing?  The artistic canvas that is Los Angeles is a great place to politic.  Rather then integrate intro a system, those who help win here will be able to leave their mark.  I am writing an article and book, so stay tuned.  I am the Luke Skywalker here

4)   I am thankful for the readers on my Blog and those Bloggers  who link here.  Without you, I would be a guy talking to myself, but with an audience, I get feedback.  I want to thank those who work in our intelligence agencies, they work in the dark without thanks, so "thank you!"  I am thankful that we have elections every year, the people speak in America and, whether I agree with them or not, I listen and learn.  The people are smarter then anyone gives them credit for. 

5)     I am thankful for living in the United States, one of the greatest countries in the world.  Some of the greatest people I know are from here, moved here or were inspied by what America stands for.  America is a great place, I cannot see why it is hated.  We have some of the most idealistic and giving people here.  And I love America no matter whom is President. 

6)  And finally, thank you! 

Enjoy your Turkeys, Turducken or Tofurkey with your friends and family!

My question: What are you thankful for? 
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Doctor Who Double Feature

This weekend, spend time with your family and friends. 

If you're spending time reading political Blogs this weekend, I'm sorry to say, you have no life (that sound you just heard are my friends and family jaws all dropping simultaneously).

So, unless war or peace breaks out between now and Sunday, time to kick back in the Valley. And if you have no one to spend your holiday with, pick up your phone, this is not the holiday to spend alone.  Even in Hollywood, there is a dinner at comedy club (here at the Laugh Factory) to keep the starving actors from starving.  

For those who are staying, here is an early Double feature of Doctor Who,  the Two Doctors and the Three Doctors (Do you detect a trend here?)    

This Friday, I send out my Birthday invitations, get ready!  The big 4-0 is upon me!

If you're staying, here is The Two Doctors!

And finally, tonight, The Three Doctors

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend from the Valley! 

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/21/10 Edition

And we get deeper into the experiment......
Let's go over the score so far:
12 Stories produced for the Democrats / 3 Ties/ 1/2 Point for the Right.

Not good for 60 Minutes if they want to claim to be fair to Republicans.  When this season goes on repeats, I am going to send these posts to Rep. Issa and see if there is collaboration between the DNC, the White House and CBS News. 
Now THAT would be a fun experiment (all under oath!).
1) Vicktor Bout: The Merchant of Death -- Armen Ketayan reports on how they captured an arms dealer who was the inspiration for the movie "The Lord of War,"  Mr. Keteyan interviewed, fairly, a staffer from Bush fils post 2004 administration. fairly, simply.  My G-d, 60 Minutes scores a full point for the Right.  (Send in the balloon drop!).  Everyone did a professional job with this piece.  To the DEA and to Mr. Ketayan, all I can say is well done. Full point for the Right.
Here is the intro to "The Lord of War,"  Great movie. 
The last two pieces were non-political, but if Mark Wahlberg wants to get involved with public life, email me.  (I live in his voting district).  Again, Lara Logan brings the beauty.
Most folks I know who are in Republican politics are those who have bounced back.  The stories are always inspiring.   
The score this week?
12 stories for the Democrats/ 3 Ties/ 1 1/2 Stories for the GOP
And we continue next week.... 
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Deadly Assassin

It's Saturday night, time for Doctor Who Theatre! 

Tonight's episode is The Deadly Assassin.  A tale of Doctor Who's archenemy: The Master and his race, the Time Lords.  This was first introduction to The Master and the Time Lords for me.  On an early Bronx BBS service, that was my nom de plume. (After he returned to full form later in the seriesYes, that was on a Commodore 64.

My late father and I would go up to the Bronx for meeting of the BBS.  I also arranged a meeting at a New York City Science Fiction convention with a bunch of sci-fi geeks.  I was already an event planner in High School! 

(And if you look on the sidebar, I'm still available to work as one)

For the article I am writing, I am 1,300 words into a 5,000 word piece.  Hopefully, it will be a main article in January or February.  Again, thanks to Robert Mc Cain for walking me through this.  The article has a few purposes, hopefully, it will succeed in all three.  (Cross fingers, say prayers). Stay tuned.

And now, a story of Politics, regeneration and evil reborn.  Now, the Deadly Assassin

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Friday, November 19, 2010

First Annual Marsha Tookey Golden Bear Awards

Now, let's have a tune to start the second part of our show:

Randy Newman, I Love L.A. at the 2002 Lakers Ring Ceremony

First, you may ask, who was Marcia Tookey?  I knew her when she was on the 43rd AD Central Committee.  She was one of the many behind the scenes people who got stuff done.  She believed in creating an organization from top to bottom that cannot be beat.  I subscribe to that vision.  She knew Nancy Reagan when she was in Sacramento and in the White House.  No one could ever question her dedication or her energy.  I look up to her even to this day.

Let's hope when we take back Los Angeles, people remember to thank this great woman.   
 Now, presenting these awards is the lovely and talented Kim Kardashian.  A woman with class and style, thank you for being here. 

First some of the people working at the magnolia office and those who worked with me getting the Southland Fundraiser off the ground:

Helen Fagin has a thankless job of manning the phones and being the front line of information and support at the Magnolia office.  So, let me be the first to say "Thank you," 

Next up is a slew of players who were there to help: so, stand up Ryan Panzerello, Matt Schumsky, and Matt Robbins.  And from San Diego, a warm round of applause for Jonathan Buettner!

Now, I want to present an award for someone who worked very hard around the city to make sure her candidates did well.  If you have her on your campaign team, you have a professional worth any Presidential advisor, so give a loud round of applause to Susan Abato

Here are some candidates worth voting for again (and again, and again...), we start with Merlin Froyd, a true mensch; Mattie Fein, a fighter; John Colbert, Tea partier and backed by Palin herself; Kathleen "Suzy" Evans, making sure the home front is covered, and Carly Fiorina for putting up a good fight! 

And a special award for three men in the 30th CD race who fought hard and supported each other after the Primary: David Benning (he has my vote in Election 2012), Ari David and Robert Flutie. keep an eye on these three men, they will go far.    

And the top row of activists here in Los Angeles County: Of course, Gary "Mr. Republican," Aminoff; John Cozza,  Alex Burrola and I hope everyone who reads this blog promotes and supports Chairwoman Jane Barnett and her team on December 11, 2010 for another term.  She fought hard when things were at their worst, she cares about her people and she wants to win.  Spread the word far and wide. 

And can we add a kick-ass National Committeeman Shawn Steel?  He deserves to be backed from the Southland to the deserts from the Northern Redwoods to the Southern Border.  Inspirational and a fighter -- thank G-d California and Los Angeles has his wisdom, because we need it out here. 

Now some great Bloggers who deserve this award:  Dan Blatt of GayPatriot for working the Fiorina Senate race; Joy McCann of Little Miss Attila for coming in and helping with the Southland Fundraiser in the final act, and Richard McEnroe of Three Beers Later for bringing the funny.

And finally, the out of staters who did not give up on the Southland:  Robert McCain of The Other Mccain, the force behind the Southland Fundraiser; Pam Geller for being there for the Valley and playing a major role in the Southland Fundraiser; and finally Former Governor Palin for supporting Jane Barnett.

Thank you all for being here and accepting your awards!   And thank you Kim Kardashian! 

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The First Annual Mike Murphy Rotten Orange Award

First, let's get in the mood for this award:

Bad Religion, Los Angeles is Burning (live)

These awards are for those individuals or groups who made Election 2010 a midnight shoot-out rather then a surf on the Red Tidal wave going through the country.  Everyone who gets this award tonight will also be given a way to get out of this for the next Election cycle.  

Tonight, these awards will be handed out by Lindsey Lohan (betwen courthouses and rehabs).

Fitst, Mike Murphy, campaign consultant andwho the award is named for, gets the first award.  Why?  Let's start at wrote this:

"...[T]he demographics of America are changing in a way that is deadly for the Republican Party as it exists today. A GOP ice age is on the way."

He wrote that in 2009, ready to say "there is no more GOP,"  Well Mr Murphy, some of us have been fighting while you live fat and happy in the Hollywood Hills.  You sold out Poizner for Meg Whitman's dough and you never work with the Movement Conservatives or the on-the-ground folk.  Getting 15%  for every Meg Whitman on the air, plus your usual fees doesn't make you rich, it makes you a Judas

(And if anyone has his address, I know a few Southland Republicans who would like to knock on his door)

For Mike Murphy to get out of the doghouse, all he has to do is a simple thing: Donate 75% of his Meg Whitman commercial Money to every Los Angeles Central Committee and the LAGOP on December 11th, 2010.  If he doesn't, well, it will be the second annual Mike Murphy Rotten Orange awards in 2012. 

Our next winner of the Rotten Orange is Meg Whitman herself.  She never had the decency to visit any Los Angeles club (neither County nor San Fernando nor the Westside).  I brought up that fact to Maya Buki (who shares this award) and it was not factored in.  Dissing the locals, going negative at the beginning of the Primary are bad things.  Not showing up in Los Angeles to campaign until a month before is even worse. Buying up every ones support is the weak way of winning; Earn it. 

And when the fall of the Southland Fundraiser is written after Thanksgiving, it will point back to these two women

For Meg Whitman, if she stays out of California and national political life forever, I will accept that as an apology.  In any Republican Administration, be an Ambassador to somewhere cold.  For Maya Buki, get away from Whitman and help other deserving women candidates in the Southland (I know a few, all good people).  Find an Assembly candidate first, have her win, then work it. 

Next on the list is the Governator.  After using the Party structure to get elected during the recall and again in 2006, how does he re-pay the activists?  By completely ignoring them and making California's fiscal situation worse.  He is not loyal to anyone but himself.  How much effort and time was wasted by the CRP backing the Governator's schemes?  How about we keep the Governors away from the party structure unless they earn it?!  We all got dragged down by him and he never even came out to support any Los Angeles club. 

If the Governator shows up for the Los Angeles County Party meeting on December 11, 2010 and supports all the clubs with a large check, then we can put him in our history books.  Until then, the Governator should remain Persona non Grata

This next one hurts, because, I, individually, expected this person to stand up and help me with the Southland Fundraiser even in it's darkest times: Chairman Ron Nehring

I knew him as former College Republican Chair at SUNY-Stonybrook, after I converted from being a Democrat to a (then) Liberal Republican. As I spent the past two years, online and off, trying to promote Los Angeles as a battleground, a phone call would have made the differenceHad he picked up the phone and said what I needed to do to make it a reality (or help me work with the New media for the Southland after the fundraiser fell), I would be more forgiving.

But, nothing. 

I will tell all my Blogger friends from one of this fruited plain to the other to not endorse Ron Nehring for RNC Chair at any time.  I will send this message out far and wide

How to get out of the doghouse?  My birthday party is on December 18, 2010.  Show up for the first act and convince me to support you in your cause, and make damn sure you support me in my future endeavors, and we will have an agreement.  If silence, then no support.  Ever.

And finally, the out of stater who gets the Rotten Orange: 
Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, currently of Washington, DC, by way of  San Francisco and Baltimore.  She does nothing for California, The water runs dry in the Central valley, as speaker, she nothing.  Good thing the Democrats kept her as leader or Election 2012 for the House would be harder. 

Someone help Lindsey Lohan off the stage! 

My question: Who do you think hurt California and Los Angeles' chances for Election 2012?

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Los Angeles and California GOP Election 2010 Awards Night!

Here in Los Angeles, we have the Emmys, the Oscars and the Grammys

Now, tonight, we have the Rotten Orange for those who have hurt politics in the Golden State and the Southland.

And for those who did good, the Golden Bear. 

There are even a couple of out of staters who join in as well.

So, in the spirit of the Southland, let us walk the Red Carpet and go into the Wiltern theatre and enjoy the show!

And now, an only in LA tale......

View more news videos at:

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fixing Illegal Immigration: The Hard Way

Everyone is looking at the symptoms and not the cause.

Illegal Immigrants are all throughout Los Angeles and other states (like Arizona), some of them are the nicest of people.  G-d bless 'em, all they want is to help their families get a better life.  You can't hate on people trying to do that.

But by looking at fixing illegal immigration is the wrong way. 

Here is my answer: Stop the criminal and corrupted elements in Mexico and make it a fiscal and crime free haven for families and people to live.

That's the pitch, here's the script for it:

Crime is rampant along the border because of the cartels and corruption
This Administration will not do anything about it (neither did the last one, but President Bush was friends with his equal across the Border), so let's plan it for a President Palin Administration.  (Go on, laugh, Reagan was laughed at too in the 70's).
There will be a breaking point with the Border; An American (or multiple) will be hurt or killed and then action will be desired.  Think Stanford in Marvel Comics Civil War. 
As always, Democrats and Liberals will say "No to any (Republican) War!"  But these are the same people who were quiet when President Clinton did not go to the UN to bomb the Yugoslavs.  The Anti-war people are quiet on the drone attacks in Afghanistan right now. 
The anti-war people don't hate wars.  They hate Republicans.  And Liberals will side with Foreign Dictators first over an American Republican President every time.  
Hopefully, our friends in the dark and the military will have a plan (based on Iraqi Nation Building) to go into Mexico and clean it from top (The Government) to Bottom (The cartels).  Since Mexico is a neighbor, the whole process should take 6 years.  And we establish Military bases on both sides of the Border to keep the peace. 
And on the domestic front: have the Feds legalize Pot for Bar use only (just like drinking and driving), and have the DEA work with State Government too to make it safe.  In Pot bars, it can be taxed, but you can't go to work or drive any car afterwords.
And by the time America leaves Mexico, the corruption and the cartels will be gone and thus, Mexicans will feel at home, again, safe with their families, in Mexico.
My question: What is your solution? Would this plan work? 
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Lonewacko -- The STUPIDIST Political Blogger

California week starts here, with a Southland Blogger who whings a lot and has no clue how Politics works. 

Heck, Jason and Doug, feel free to make fun of this Blogger. 

Let's start with Lonewacko's Blog:

1) NO BLOG ROLL  -- Thus an island, alone, on the 'net.
2) No links to other Bloggers -- Again, an island.  Why link or support  when Loneewacko can't link?
3)  Hates on Glenn Reynolds "Instapundit," who gives "Instalanches" to help other Bloggers -- he gets it. I've never heard of a Lonewackolanche. 

Now let's have some fun, here is a typical Lonewacko comment found all along the 'net:

"The results were caused by, among other things, low turnout, the Dems cratering with the "white vote", fewer young people voting, and in general a decision to send a message to DC. They weren't caused by people suddenly deciding to be GOP or libertarian teaparty types, no matter how delusional the latter group wants to be.

"And, the long-term trends are against the GOP due to the mass immig. that their leaders worked with the far-left to bring about. GWB is responsible for 5 million new illegal aliens and they might end up voting and their U.S. citizen children certainly will. And, the leaders of the teaparties also support mass immig. In other words, the teaparty base is following people whose policies reduce their power (in addition to raising their taxes). Stupid? Yes, the teaparties are incredibly stupid, even if those who are using them tell them otherwise.
"Because teapartiers are vile idiots (see the link to follow) I have to point out that there's a 99% chance that any replies to this comment from 'partiers will be full of lies and smears. That's who they are and what they do. No teapartier has ever been able to present a valid, logical counter-argument to anything I've ever written. Instead, all they can do is lie and smear. That's part of the reason why I encouraged everyone to hold their noses and vote for every one of their opponents. And, I'm basing that on covering politics for over eight years in over 9000 posts. I have never seen a more malignant group than the teapartiers. See my site for all the details."

Lonewacko is referring to this post:

 I'm also making these specific recommendations:

* I very strongly urge everyone to vote for or encourage others to vote for Mark Kirk. The last thing we should want is his opponent in the U.S. Senate. Yet, the teaparty "patriots" are largely ignoring that race because they feel that Kirk is a RINO.

* I also urge everyone to vote for or support Tom Tancredo for Colorado governor. That's a three-fer: it would be a strike against illegal immigration supporters, the teaparties, and the GOP establishment. (Note that some leaders are part of two or all of those groups).

* UPDATE: I forgot to add another person I urge you to vote for: Jan Brewer.

* In every other race, vote for the Democrat. That includes Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer.

So, Lonewacko's ONLY issue is hating Illegal Immigrants and he is willing to vote every Liberal (who support the Right to make every Illegal Immigrant a voter) in to shoot down the Tea Party, a band of Fiscal Conservatives..  Confused? Don't be, here is the next episode of Lonewacko idiocy!

"This guide briefly explains how to ask politicians and political leaders tough questions. These are the types of questions that politicians fear, the ones that will reveal the flaws in their policies and their lies. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is completely corrupt and refuses to ask really difficult questions. That means that the rest of us have to fill in the gap. After asking one of your questions, upload the response to video sharing sites and promote it."

Dude or dudette, politicians are people.  People who have a lot of friends who vote for them.  They are elected because they know how to get past stupid (or "smart" questions).  Heck, before you even sit in a room with a politician, they might fill the seats with their partisan allies so you won't be able to ask your "smart," question. 

In politics, it helps to understand human nature.  Not something Lonewacko understands.

Another sign of not knowing your fellow American voters:

"Leaders of the Tea Party "Patriots" and the New American "Patriots" - together with the gay group GOProud and Tammy Bruce - have written an open letter to the GOP urging them to avoid "social issues". Instead, they want the GOP to concentrate on their message of "economic freedom".

"Obviously, what they want is incredibly poor strategy and in line with all the other stupidity surrounding the tea parties movement."

So, according to Lonewacko, everyone in America is stupid for not following his/her issue, but he is not allying with anyone because they are stupid for not supporting his/her issue. 

Politics is about coalitions.  Lonewacko shows ignorance of his/her own local politicos.  Does Lonewacko know who is the Chair of his or her local Central Committee? Has Lonewacko built any coalitions to bring his/her issue to the fore? Heck, does Lonewacko KNOW HOW to build a coalition?

NOPE -- thus, Lonewacko is the stupidest Blogger on the Whole Political 'net. 

Even in the Blog Post describing Lonewacko's main issue: Stopping Illegal immigration shows no understanding of how Politics and policies work. 

My question: Why is Lonewacko an idiot when it comes to Politics and Blogging? 

 UPDATE 9:01PM PST: Hello Insty Readers!  Explore and enjoy the Valley!  And I also fixed the font too! 
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Monday, November 15, 2010

California and Los Angeles Week Returns!

I'm writing my article on my laptop -- some information from the article will spill onto the Blog this week.  
What happened and why?  Keep reading.  
I'll also tackle some other issues un-related to Los Angeles and California.  Again, keep reading.
Gipsy Kings, Hotel California

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Fisking 60 Minutes 11/14/10 Edition

Before we start, let us wish Smitty (of the Other McCain) a safe journey to Afghanistan.  He is in the Naval Reserve and is being called up.. He always linked to the Fisking 60 Minutes posts, so please say prayers and wish him well.

And Smitty, if you are ever in the City of Angeles, look me up! 

Now let's continue with the experiment.....

A little tune:

Tokyo Police Club, Nature of the Experiment

The score so far:
 Now let's do yesterday's 60 Minutes:

Shale Gas Drilling: Fire Leslie Stahl!   For all the talk the Left has of "exploring other avenues for energy," they seem to have a problem with whatever alleyway America goes down.  Shale Oil is discussed, then Halliburton is Emmanuel Goldsteined, then Lesley Stah takes the Enviromental Lobbyists words as Gold.  Will Lesley Stahl ever investigate how Enviromental lawsuits are holding up shovel ready jobs? Of course not, it is easier to attack Halliburton.  Fire Leslie Stahl!  This story is another point for the Democrats. 

Haiti: Great story; Finally no "White Man's Burden," but it shows Haitians trying to help themselves and the corruptness within the nation.  Byron Pitts did a good job until he brought President Clinton into the story.  What? Are there no Conservatives who care?  I call Bull.  A 1/2 point for the Tie.  So close, so close. 

Staff Sgt. Giunta's Medal of Honor:  A good story to a great man.  Non political and made me proud.  Keep Lara Logan for the eye candy though

Andy Rooney on Pollsters: At 120 years old, he doesn't understand that people don't vote for Democrats outside of New York City. Rooney never said any complimentary words about the last Administration.  He should have been fired years ago.  Here's who should replace him.  Another point for the Democrats. 

The current score:

12 Stories produced for the Democrats / 3 Ties/ 1/2 Point for the Right.

Get ready for next week! 

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Hand of Fear

It's the weekend! Time for another Doctor Who classic!

Tonight is a weak episode (sorry, they are not all good -- just differing degrees) called the Hand of Fear.

It was a forgettable piece except for the fact Sarah Jane Smith leaves the TARDIS

In other news, this week I will be writing my magazine piece on Los Angeles and Election 2010.  Some posts I write this week will seep through from the article.  If you see me at a Starbucks typing away, say "Hi!" 

Also, I have two proposals to write this week after the article is done.  

1) Book Proposal, a follow up to the article I'm writing -- this is for Robert McCain
2)  Ideas for the next CRP Chairman (and my job within) -- this is for Gary Aminoff.

Stay tuned on both those subjects.  

And now, The Hand of Fear!  

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bringing Reagan Country back to Los Angeles: Here's How to Support the Valley

First, a hat tip to Doctor Who fan/Axis of Fedora newswriter/Political Blogger DaTechGuy for letting me copy the idea and also Gary Aminoff for signing off on this. 

My skills are in Writing, Researching Lobbying and Event PlanningYou can hire me (or my Blog) for any of these subjects. 

And this post will give Ad rates for the Valley as well.

Why do I say "Bring back Reagan Country?"  Los Angeles was won by Governor Reagan a month before I was born, and I am determined to make it happen again. 

While I am working on that project, here are some ways to help me help you so I can help myself. 

Remember, my view is from a Conservative Republican (with a Social Libertarian streak) who is Jewish, Goth and an activist.  I can write reports neutrally (not posts), but I err on the Right. 

Hit the Tip Jar to Pay.
Email me beforehand, and I will send a receipt email that I have received payment.  

Let's go rate by rate:

Posts on the Valley

$30    One Post

$60    Two Posts

$90    Three Posts

$120   Theme for Week of posts

Research papers

$150     Issue Study
             3-5 pages

$150     Regional Electoral and Political Race Study
             3-5 pages **

$750     How to win on issue or Political race.         
              5 - 10 Pages

$500     Both Research (Issue/Region + Winning) papers   
             9 - 15 pages

** If you are away from the Southland, let us discuss Transportation and Hotel with Wi-fi.  I will need access to local Politicos for answers. 

Event Planning

$350  Plan a One or Two Tier event for your organization (+10% net ticket sales)

$1000 - $1500  Plan and set up Two or Three Tier event for your organization  (+10% net ticket sales)


$150  Issue Study
          3-5 pages

$500   Issue study + How to win
           9 - 15 pages

$2000 (Stipend) +500 (Fee)  Federal Issue Study (+ winning) with face to face interviews on Capitol Hill **
** When I am based in DC for your project, I stay at the Hotel Harrington.  I fly into Dulles the weekend before to shake off any Jet Lag for Monday and Tuesday.

Advertising in the Valley

Until Blog Ads takes up the Valley, these are my rates. 

You can sponsor different parts of the sidebar or get an individual place determined by how long you want to be hosted by the Valley.

All Pay Pals paid after Ad is up, at the beginning of your cycle.

$50      Daily Rate

$100    Weekly Rate

$200     Month to Month rate

$800     Six Month rate

When I start doing speeches in Los Angeles, then I will add those fees as well.

Thank you all for participating. 
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Sidebar Mews

If you look over here  ----->

I've updated the Sidebar!  Links to great posts, information and other cool things.

Tonight, I'm doing my Rate post. 

For now, enjoy the music while I put the posts together. (Doctor Who will be after the rate post!)

Massive Attack, Teardrop

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

On November 11, 1918, World War I came to a close at 11:11AM. Here is the history of Armistice and Veterans Day. 

Today, in America, we celebrate Veterans day.

Let us celebrate all our soldiers and veterans!

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Sun Tzu on Elections 2010 (National)

Next week, I will talk all about Los Angeles and California -- I've had my conversations, the detail comes later. 

Now, how did the Democrats lose their supermajority in the Senate and their House majority?

As always, Sun Tzu has wisdom that travels the centuries for us to understand. 
"Therefore I say: ' Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are about equal; If ignorant of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril'"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg 84

Throughout the 111th Congress, President Obama and his partisans followed their way and did health care and the Budget even though the public was opposed to the former and they cheated on the latter.  ("Deem and pass," anyone)

The role of the opposition party is to oppose.  Trust me, when I ask my Liberal friends for the Democratic Party White Paper on terrorism written during the Bush years, they never find it.  Why? Because to oppose, you don't need to name your policies. 

Democrats and Liberals forget their own histories of opposing Bush. 

At no point in their opposition did they ever factor in the partisans from the Right and what would occur next.  Speaker Pelosi and the left have called their Republican and tea party opposition "RAAAAACISTS," thousands of times, it loses it's meaning when the Liberals forget their opposition.  (Click the link).

The American Left don't look upon Conservatives, Tea Partiers or Pepublicans as opponents with differing ideas for the American Polity, but as Emmanuel Goldsteins for their Two Minute Hate.

How can you defeat an opposition in battle if you cannot conceive their ideas?  We on the Right understand Liberals and their problem of unintended Consequences.  If you are of the Left, deride and mock and then lose the public is the common strategy.   

"Generally in battle, use the normal force to enagage; Use the extraordinary to win,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg. 91

No one, not even your humble writer, expected the Tea Party. (Cue Monty Python!)  Like everything it had help, but not the help that is theorized by the Left.  Think Iran 1953.

In 06, the Republican party was thrown due to it's Hubris on the Federal Level; A very chastened Speaker Boehner opened up Election Night 2010.

The Social Conservatives were part of the reason the Right went down to defeat in 06 (08 was a cultural effect on the election); The Ta Partiers (when the Left stops screaming "RAAAAACIST," at them) are basically people who are Fiscal Conservatives.  Government is needed for Defense, Roads, and the common good; The Democrats went beyond that. 

Even though the Republicans did not win the Senate, an orgization that did not exist 18 months ago influenced enough elections to take back the lower chamber and become a force in the Upper Chamber. 

And what no one noticed is that Christine O'Donnall, Sharron Angle and Governor Palin took the
fires of hate from the Left while making sure the other States flipped. 

For all the smartness of the left, they did not see that coming.  To quote Glenn Reynolds: Heh. 

When Speaker Pelosi ascended in 2006, here is what she said:

Did she follow through on her promises? NOPEShe had her own Airplane while unemployment skyrocketed. 

Speaker Boehner has chosen to fly commercial.  And he doesn't believe in AGW either. 

The Tea Party gave new life to the GOP, while the Left kept looking for conspiracies. 

And finally:

"A Sovereign cannot raise an army because he is enraged nor can a general fight because he is resentful. For while an angered man may again be happy, and a resentful man be pleased, a state that has perished cannot be restored, nor can the dead be brought back to life,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg 142-3

In 06, the Democrats won the Congress;
In 08, they won full control of the US Government with supermajorities to boot.

Were the Liberal partisans happy with the public? Only when they voted their way. 

Only a few weeks ago, during the campaign, President Obama called the Conservatives, Republicans, and tea partiers who opposed him, "the enemy,"


As long as the Left are always angry (and they are, even when they win), the public will look upon them warily.  A future post will describe how hatred of Nixon and Bush is leading towards a more Conservative wins.

But note: No Liberal has ever said their policies or attacks are ever wrong. 

Will the Democrats learn how to be nice to their opponents (Conservatives, Tea partiers and Republicans) in the wilderness again?  See if Pelosi wins again.

My question:  Why don't Liberals or Democrats ever say they are wrong? On anything?  Or an even better question, do Liberals believe in anything but power (see Iraq, protests,  1991 and 2003 - 2008)?
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mysterious Missile from Mu

(points if you get the reference)

First, let's watch the News report:

Even after a full 24 hours, no one has acknowledged whose missile it is.

And does anyone know of any airplane that flies upwards rather then flying across?!  I've lived near Airports my whole life; In Forest Hills, I saw the planes fly between JFK and LGA,; In Washington, DC, I was within the flight range of DCA and living in Burbank, I lived near BUR.

Was there any Aircraft carriers in the area? No, hasn't most traveled to the east with President Obama?  And the planes fly across not up.

Here are my theories:

1)  Robert Ellsworth  is right!  With President Obama away on an Asian trip, which country, Russian, China or North Korea will whisper in his ear saying, "We shot a missile close to the California Coast.  Next Time it will land in Los Angeles unless....."

Welcome to Power Politics, President Obama.

2)  One of our own Spy Agencies sent a Surface to satellite missile up for whatever reason.  Again, on the edge of the G-20, whomever has the most spy satellites that work, wins.

3)  The old G-ds are coming back and shot a missile to announce their return.  Hello Mu!  Will we send someone from Miskatonic University to investigate? 

Any of my readers who work in the dark have an answer?  

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Monday, November 08, 2010

How to Read a Blog Post

Blog posts are a new writing form.   The best Blog writers have great links, and great Blogrolls. (Without a Blogroll, you are an island with no ports)

Why am I bringing this subject up now?

Some people are reading posts without following through on the links and declaring "Blindness is sight!" Or "I don't know what views XXXX people hold,"  However, if you follow links, these things can be learned.  

Blog reading requires interaction and curiousity. 

Let me show you what I mean:

I could write this:
The Cult of Skaro faced the Cybermen in "Doomsday,"
or I could write this:
The Cult of Skaro faced the Cybermen in "Doomsday,"  Here is a video:

If you click the links above, you learn who the Cult of Skaro is and what are Cybermen.  If you don't click, you don't learn.

So if you claim ignorance, you haven't been reading a Blog Post correctly. 

And anyone who is ignorant of what the Tea Party stands for after 18 months is an idot. It means they do not care about what their fellow Americans believe.   

Thus endth the lesson.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/7/10 Edition

What is the score? 
10 Stories for the Democrats and 2 Ties, but 0 (yes, ZERO) stories from the Conservative, Republican or Tea party point of view. 
Tonight, there is only one story to fisk, and guess which one?
The story about Manny Pacquiao was great and inspiring. Bob Simon told a good story here, nothing to fisk, but a it's nice to say, "Good tale to tell,"
But story 1) Post Election Interview with Steve Kroft was interesting. 
Keep Steve Kroft on for the next season, he actually understood the Republican and Tea Party arguments against President Obama.  Wow.  Just f'ing wow. 

However, Steve Kroft only questioned the words of the President and not the actions he has done.  Steve Kroft began to speak "Truth to Power," but he (or his producers) go week-kneed.  Kroft could have compared campaign rhetoric of 08 with actions during 09 and 10. 
Kroft could have asked about President Obama's rhetoric during the campaign; Kroft has gotten part of what I'm doing here., so hooray CBS news for reading the Valley, but Boo! on you for not going further when a Democrat is in error. 
At some point, there is corruption among Democratic officeholders in the White House and the 111th Congress, when will 60 Minutes investigate those?  If not, then I should stop now and declare (as we do in the Blogosphere) an EPIC FAIL
To any CBS Producer or writer, my challenge is simple: Hunt down corruption in this Administration before you investigate any new House member. 
How do I score this?
10 produced stories for the Left - 2 1/2 Ties - 1/2 point for the Right. 
It's a step.  Now improve
And please get rid of Andy Rooney!  He is 120 years old and does not understand words like "Technological Singularity," "Goth," or "tea partier,"  I already wrote who should replace him.
See you next week!
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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Doctor Who -- Masque of Mandragora

The Election is over -- the Firewall is the challenge, and my 40th Birthday is ahead.

After the last post, many people who know me saw my disease make a return (hence the non-writing).  I'm fighting it, it's hard, but that's my life. 

This was a week the number "40" popped up everywhere -- my car hit 40,000 miles, 40 also popped up a few other places too.  Is Providence dropping hints? 

I am working with Robert McCain on the book idea, you will see more of it after this week; I have to have two important conversations first.  With whom?  People who know how politics in Los Angeles works, and if you've been reading the Valley, you can guess one of the names.   

Sometime later this week, I will give my take on the National implications of the Election.  past that, the local effects.   Stay tuned. 

Now, tonight we get back to the Fourth Doctor, season 14 (post Seeds of Doom).  Tonight's episode is The Masque of Mandragora.

The place is Italy, 1500's, on the cusp of the Enlightenment and the Mandragora Helix is there to keep Europe and the world in the Dark Ages.  Unless the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith stop it.  Will  they succeed? 

Watch the Masque of Mandragora and find out!  Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Bricks in the California Firewall

The G-ds of irony usually have a laugh at my expense;

But last night/early morning I heard the laughter.

Since I've spent the time studying the Appropriations process to work on the House side of the Capitol, the irony is the Republican tide hit the country, but skipped California. 

The House of Representatives flipped, but with no new Congressional wins in the Southland.  Irony.

Unlike my friend Doug, I am not whinging in sore loserism (Keep on attacking Bush, Palin and the voters -- how well does that help your cause dude?). Heck, Doug is still whinging over Election 2000 Overtime.  Stop whinging. (And please note, Doug does not whing over Democratic corruption or racism)

I could whing over the loss in the Southland or I can do something -- I choose to fight. 

Or as I like to say: You can either curse the darkness or focus on the light. 

This post is strictly data, even I will be referring back to these numbers.  These are the bricks in the California firewall.  Robert Mc cain knows the people behind the numbers.

Let's get into the data nodes with a song, yes, Rock and roll can save the world:

Blurred Vision, Another Brick in the Wall (Hey Ayatollahs leave those kids alone)

(All numbers from Los Angeles Times Election 2010 info)

Statewide Data

US Senate race:
Boxer , Barbara (i) Dem 3,850,106 52%

Fiorina , Carly        GOP 3,155,681 43%

Attorney General:
 Harris , Kamala Dem 3,292,836 46%

Cooley , Steve   GOP 3,277,998 46%

Congressional races:

CD 25: Santa Clarita
McKeon , Buck (i)  GOP 94,622 62%

Conaway , Jackie    Dem 58,754 38%
519 Precincts

CD 26: San Dimas (Bill and Ted Dude!)
Dreier , David (i) GOP 90,297 54%

Warner , Russ      Dem 61,593 37%
512 Precincts

CD 27:  Sherman Oaks:
Sherman , Brad (i) Dem 84,688 65%

Reed , Mark         GOP 45,255 35%
337 Precincts

CD 28: North Hollywood:
Berman , Howard (i)    Dem 72,501 70%

Froyd , Merlin             GOP 23,116 22%
272 Precincts

CD 29: Pasadena:
Schiff , Adam (i)     Dem 85,335 65%

Colbert , John        GOP 41,435 32%
349 Precincts

CD 30: Los Angeles
Waxman , Henry (i)        Dem 122,107 64%

Wilkerson , Charles        GOP 61,089 32%
461 Precincts

CD 31: Los Angeles
Becerra , Xavier (i)       Dem 62,561 84%

Smith , Stephen            GOP 11,855 16%
237 Precincts

CD 32: El Monte:
Chu , Judy (i)            Dem 65,106 71%

Schmerling , Edward GOP 26,295 29%
311 Precincts

CD 33: Los Angeles
Bass , Karen            Dem 106,432 86%
Andion , James        GOP 16,844   14%
242 Precincts

CD 34: Los Angeles
Roybal-Allard , Lucille (i) Dem 58,502 77%
Miller , Wayne                GOP 17,077 23%
242 Precincts

CD 35: Los Angeles
Waters , Maxine (i) Dem 80,723 79%
Brown , Bruce        GOP 20,995 21%
320 precincts

CD 36: Venice (Hi Sis and boyfriend!)
Harman , Jane (i) Dem 92,214 60%
Fein , Mattie       GOP 54,061 35%
393 Precincts

CD 37:  Carson
Richardson , Laura (i) Dem 69,411 69%
Parker , Star GOP 22,841 23%
333 Precincts

CD 38: Norwalk
Napolitano , Grace (i) Dem 71,932 74%
Vaughn , Robert         GOP 25,225 26%
328 Precincts

CD 39: Lakewood
Sanchez , Linda (i)   Dem 69,025 64%
Andre , Larry          GOP 34,502 32%
313 Precincts

And that's the fact,  Jack.

Study these numbers, I will.

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