Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Last post of the year (On day 2, the best of 2011 will be published along with an Endorsement of whomever is in the Primary).

If you're here, and nothing to do tonight (I'm going to the Monte Cristo, as always) enjoy this movie (and have a great 2012).

Desperado by Robert Rodriguez

From Crackle: Desperado

If you're reading this part, this is just some goals I want to achieve in 2012. 

Ready? Go!

  1. With Chairman Del Beccarro: I want to work doing New Media (and other work) at the Magnolia Office of the California Republican Party.  
  2. With Chairwoman Hauter: lead RPLAC's new media attack on the Democrat establishment in Los Angeles 
  3. With National Committeeman Shawn Steel: In Tampa next August, I want to be a California Delegate and New Media. 
  4. That Right in the Dark becomes known (Thanks in advance Robert McCain and Lady of the Manners)
  5. Stop Couch surfing and find my own place along the Miracle Mile
  6. Own an iPad2, Internet phone and/or laptop with more memory
  7. Find a beautiful Muse to be with.  
OK, that's it! I going out! have a Happy new year and may 2012 bring you all your dreams and goals!

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina: How to save the Republic (and Republicans) in One Move

The Earth spins and some months have more important spins then others.

In a few days, the Iowa caucuses begins and then comes the New Hampshire and finally the South Carolina Primary.

Or, in other words, Welcome to Primary Election 2012! 

The Iowa caucuses are under attack from the Occupy Movement and others who want to put their hands on the scales.

Because I know Iowans and New Hampshirites are pragmatic and smart (hence, they are the first in the nation every four years), there is a way for them to strike a blow for "Local Yokels," over Establishment Republicans (like National Review -- not reliable Wm. F. Buckley Conservatives).


First in the Nation!

The great thing about the Iowa caucuses is that they are run by their local County leaders.  Yay!

In the mix of Iowa are Social Conservatives who can go for Senator Santorum (RS McCain's favorite candidate) -- but might I suggest those in the Straw poll write in Governor Sarah Palin?

I trust you folks in Iowa; While Democrats and Republican Establishment types want to break your Caucus -- I say, you earned it.  

And might I suggest every Iowa Party Representative check voter names at the door.  Zombie Occupiers and Vampire establishment types will try to disrupt. 

The Iowa caucus is important. 

Please write in "Governor Sarah Palin," in all 99 Counties.  

You will receive many thanks for this Californian! 

New Hampshire

First Primary in the nation!

To the First Primary people, I know you're going to vote for your favorite Son, Governor Romney (we're not big fans of him here in California because he hired Meg Whitman's staff).  However, for those who want to break the tide, write in Governor Sarah Palin.  

Again, please write in Governor Sarah Palin.

And if you see DatechGuy in your neck of the woods, get him a Fez! 

South Carolina

Even though we here in the Southland have little sway in the Republican party, I know you folks in the Carolina's do. 

Just like I told the Iowans and New Hampshirites, please write in Governor Sarah Palin. 

Why do this? 

Here are my three reasons,:

  1. She is not caught on video throughout the multiple debates.  I live in LA; And if you do not know what AVID is, let me put it simply: The White House, Democrats and their Media allies can edit all of those debates as they see fit.  Again, by not participating, no one can attack Palin's words or edit them.
  2. The Left and their media allies have attacked her person, her Governorship and her family.  To be crude here, they have "shot their wad," in attacking her.  She still stands.  The other candidates (save for Speaker Newt) have no idea how the media will play handmaiden to the Obama Administration next year.  She was in the line of fire -- she survived.  Help her.
  3. The Establishment Republicans want a Moderate Republican.  That Moderate republican is Governor Romney (with his Meg Whitman staff). In 08, the Republicans put forth a Moderate named Senator McCain and he got no support from the same media that wails: Where are the Moderate republicans?  This year, trust not the establishment.  Write in Governor Sarah Palin.

My final message:

Please write in Governor Sarah Palin in your State.  She can win a general. 

Romney is McCain writ large.  

My question: Who do you plan to support this Primary season?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Sorry, if I haven't been Blogging.  But I have some stuff I'm writing off-stage.

But if you are here, enjoy this Christmas cheer!

Grinch (1966) Part 1

Grinch part 2

Grinch Part 3

Enjoy your family and friends today!  Be thankful!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Would You Care for Some Tea? How the Tea Party Beat #OccupyWallStreet

As I am a Doctor Who fan, we have to start with this video:

Now that winter's coming and Election 2012 is rising, we can look back and laugh at the Occupy crowds.

The Tea Party has them beat for the next few cycles.  Why?

Let's start with The Daily Show's take first:

For a group that cares about the "99%" I'm not hearing solutions for the "99%,"

From the news of the Occupy Oakland, it seemed it was not about the Middle Class but causing riots; In Occupy LA, its not about the poor, but about owning the real estate in front of City Hall (for free!).

Meanwhile, in Election 2010, the tea Party groups got organized and took over the local levels of the GOP (seen here in Los Angeles in many places).

Anyone can get to a Tea Party event, you didn't need a tent. 

And ironically, the Left who spent two decades complaining about Social Conservatives could not stand these Fiscal Conservatives.  Conservatives come in a few flavors, hating on both makes you a plain Hater -- not a partisan who can things done.

When you call for a Jacobin Revolution, the words of John Lennon need to ring forth:

During the time of Occupy, I didn't see new people (i.e. Independents and Republicans) join up, I saw the same folks who spent 8 years Hating (there's that word again) President Bush over Saddam Hussein. (Side question: Where were the anti war protesters during the rush to war without Congressional Authorization with Libya? Hypocrites)

The Tea Party movement brought in independents and Democrats who questioned "Where was their Government going?"  No revolutions here, just people who wanted their Government to not Overreach.  That's it.

Time magazine (the folks who hired Anti Bush, Anti Palin and Anti Israel writer Fareed Zakaria) decided to make this year's Person of the Year, the Protester. 

Daleks have more capability to create things then the Occupy crowd (yes, the Daleks are fictional but the Truth remains what have the Occupiers done for the 99%?  Anything? Bueller?). The Tea Partiers changed the Republican party back to a Fiscal Conservative one -- the Occupiers were pawns of President Obama.  

Yes, pawns.  let me show you:

From Reuters September 1, 2011 (Fourteen days before Occupy Wall Street started):

"About a quarter of the $18 million Romney raised in the second quarter came from the financial sector, while 4.4 percent of the $48 million Obama's campaign raised came from that group, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Employees at the five biggest U.S. banks made the list of Romney's top 20 donors, while just Goldman Sachs made it onto Obama's contributor roll.
Wall Street money has been moving away from Obama and Democrats since 2010, in part fueled by Obama's harsh criticism of banks and financial overhaul legislation he signed last year, which banks say is burdensome."

Something Liberals and Media do not understand: We on the Right support the flow of Commerce.  Turn on KPFK and hear what Liberals really think about business. Hint: They don't support them.  

I await the day the Occupy folks actually do something for the poor, while the Tea Party is taking Government off of people's back. 

Maybe the Occupiers can find where the Anti-war protesters went?

My question: Why do the Occupy people want to attack business' rather then President Obama?  Are they in his pocket?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reflections from Birthday 41 -- and Three Passings

I'm just coming down from the enjoyable long birthday.  I had many toasts, many Amazon gifts [Thank you Viktor, Gabriela  and Nathan](And if you want to celebrate, here is the list) and much fun.

The Birthday Dinner was a quiet one this year.  I guess Saturnalia is not as celebrated as I thought.

The Weekend Before at Ruin: (L -R) Janeen, Ron, Jeff and Denice

The Night Before the Actual Day: Two Muses and I: Samantha, Julia and I

Because my birthdays comes up against the Jolly Fat Guy Who Gives Presents (and Birthday for the Messiah for those religious minded among us), it is always a challenge to get a group together this time of year.  As this was an odd numbered Birthday (41), I believe the Star Trek Movie Curse applies to this year. 

Mom, me and Ron (L - R) on Saturnalia
Waiting outside Bar Sin with another Nightshade
I've taken some time off Blogging to just "Think," and find stuff to be humble about before the New Year begins.

I'm lucky to have good friends (Goths, Politicos and Bloggers) and a great family;

I'm happy that I have a Code of Honor that helps keep my head above water in a business (Politics) that can turn on a dime;

I'm blessed that I have the Power to Write and express my views in a place (The Valley) that people see and like;

I'm happy to live in Los Angeles and to give my fellow Republicans and Conservatives a leg up to do the (somewhat) impossible: Flip this City from Blue to Red;

I'm lucky that I have understood my Genius/Madness gene and used it to my advantage;

And finally:

I'm lucky for all of you for reading this.

Now, there were three passings that should be mentioned on a Political Blog such as the Valley.

For each night, for each passing, I will say a few words:

December 16, my Birthday, Christopher Hitchens:   

Christopher Hitchens was an iconoclast -- he supported the Iraq War because it meant one less dictator in the world and he was a militant atheist determined to knock G-d off his pedestal.  He attacked the Clintons, Kissinger and Mother Theresa.

He wrote as I do here; The Truth as he sees it, 

G-dspeed Mr Hitchens (whether you believe in Providence or not)

December 17, Saturnalia, Vaclev Havel

An artist and Dissident who believed in Democracy -- Havel is Hitchens squared.   During the 90's, he was the "coolest," Western President (See! Politics is just like High School) -- but he stood on the side of Freedom for all.

G-dspeed President Havel, continue to write plays for an even better audience.

December 18, Kim Jong-IL

And here is the only thing worth saying here:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Who sits in the William F. Buckley Chair of Conservatism?

William F. Buckley, Father of the Conservative Movement w/ President George W Bush (2005)
It seems since William Buckley died, there have been a few figures who want to decide who gets to be a Conservative.

Here's a hint that you are not William F. Buckley material (riffing off of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a Redneck if..."): 

1) If you think your Conservatism is the ONLY Conservatism in existence and use that to support  Anti-Israel, Liberal Democratic Presidents -- YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE. (Andrew Sullivan);

2) If you spend your time writing Anti Republican pieces in Magazines that have never supported Republicans under fire -- YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE (David Frum);

3) If you never campaigned (either walking or calling) for a Republican candidate or never built a coalition for a Republican idea then write who should or should not be a Communicator for the Right  (and also support Anti Israel writers such as Andrew Sullivan) -- YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE (Conor Friedersdorf)

4) If you write a column in a newspaper that has not endorsed Republicans for President since the 1950's, YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE (David Brooks)

And finally:

5) If your career as a Republican Columnist is about attacking other Republicans, YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE (Kathleen Parker and Jennifer Rubin)

So, who deserves to sit in the William F. Buckley Chair for Conservatism?

Here are a few basics that we Conservatives should look for:

A) William Buckley ran for office.  Yes, he lost, but he put his views out there.  Anyone who wants to sit in judgement of other members of the Right cannot be a journalist, but a candidate first.

B) Buckley spent his life, loving (in his first book) and supporting America (in the CIA), expats need not apply.  The American culture has something few expats understand -- hence why Sullivan and Frum are on the outs.  If you are an expat in politics, 95% of the time, you work for the Democrats (but with Frum and Sullivan, that's a given)

C) If you are not a communicator (i.e. Rush, Levin or Hannity), come up with a better show or leave them alone.  Every party needs Fire Breathers, they provide a role so those in the trenches of politics can do their job. Heck, Buckley supported Rush.

D) If you are a candidate or on a candidates staff and dis the Conservative new media, you are not a candidate worth voting for.  Buckley saw the rise of Talk radio and brought the Establishment behind this New Media.  Where are the funders for DaTechGuy, RS McCain or even the Valley? Romney, not a Conservative, nor worthy of the chair. 

E) Final thing: Support the "local Yokels," on the ground.  That is where the Election battles play out.  If we here in Los Angeles and California can have people fund our Party Structures, a new battlefront will open up. 

Even the Ghost of William Buckley can support that.

But, wait! I hear the audience chirping, why doesn't JSF take the Chair?  

Simple, that is not my role.  The person who sits in the WFB Chair must have support from candidates, Bloggers, activists and Staffers.  I am not that person.  

(I want to flip Los Angeles and California and then work on the Hill for an California Congressman or woman doing Appropriations work -- then write books and lobby. Thus, I cannot ascend to the Chair.)

My question: Who should be nominated for the William F. Buckley Chair for Conservatism? Tell me why and what their support base is.

Three Questions for Ron Paul Supporters

I have not chosen my candidate yet. 

But I do have questions for Ron Paul supporters. 

My rules are simple: answer the 3 questions, stay on topic, and explain why I should support your candidate.

Ready, let's go!

1)  Earlier this year, Rep. Paul said if we was not the Republican nominee for President, he would not vote any other nominee for that positionI have already detailed how Rep. Paul has gone against President Reagan -- my question is simple: Will you follow Rep. Paul and go against the Republican nominee if he is not the nominee? Why should any Republican follow your lead when loyalty counts little to him?

Find me quotes by Paul Election staffers that contradict that.  And tell me what you will do this November 2012.

2) I am a Jew and I believe whomever is President, Israel needs to supported against the many enemies from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas -- President Obama has already shown his back to the Israelis, will Rep. Paul support our First Democratic Ally in the Middle East? Or will he follow President Obama's lead?

When you answer this, I need Congressional record and campaign statements please. (With quotes and dates, thank you)

3) For Republicans to win in 2012, funds and people must be invested.  To flip California, the GOP must work in Los Angeles (and give funds to CRP and RPLAC) -- will Rep. Paul support Republican candidates here in the LA basin whether he is the nominee or not? 

Don't tell me that "Rep. Paul has plans...," Link and quote them. 

OK Paul people, convince me!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Doctor Who -- Destiny of the Daleks

Even though the Santa Ana winds struck me with "Bloggers Writers Block,"  I still try to write.  The serious post: American Dystopia, is still being written. 

We are inching closer to my Birthday (and Iowa caucus Time), so I am prepping for next year.

Tonight, enjoy Destiny of the Daleks! 

Four things to note: Look at the Movellens -- this episode was done in 1980, so yeah, very Ziggy Stardust.

And two, Lalla Ward who plays Romana II used to be married to Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor) and is now married to Richard Dawkins. (Dawkins was in "The Stolen Earth," )

Three, Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers Guide fame crafted this season.

And four, there are some Daleks in this episode.  Keep your eyes peeled!

So, whilst I set the pieces in place,  enjoy the Destiny of the Daleks! 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

December 2011 Tip Jar (with My Favorite Gothy Muse)

It's the first of the month, so its that time again.  Again, looking for $300 in the Tip Jar.

And since this my Birthday Month (12/16), here is my Amazon Wishlist -- if you want to go this route. 

This year, I have not been Blogging that much, it will be explained by the end of the month.  As next year is Election (and I hope to play a major role here in the Southland), the Valley will be much more active!  Stay tuned.

And now, my favorite Gothy Muse (for 2011) is:

Kat Von D

Please visit her shop in Hollywood and her gallery, Wonderland, next door.  Her stores are up La Brea, not too far from where I am couch surfing -- do you think I should get a tattoo?

Please hit the Tip jar (or Amazon Wishlist).

Thank you.   Enjoy the pictures.

Kat Von D in Inked

Kat Von D, in her Sephora Ad

/\ Publicity Shot for LA Ink /\

Lost in thought

Thank you! And don't forget to hit the Tip Jar (or Amazon Wish list!)


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