Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions 2014

As the sands of 2013 roll out, let me at least tell you some goals I have for 2014. 

I got into Pragmatic Politics as a means of getting things done. There is a reason I read Sun Tzu "The Art of War," and have studied up on Chess again; I know where I stand ideologically and have fought to defend it against my own on the Right and the Left.  I want my ideas and ideals made real, that requires many tools.

One of which is waiting for a personal Chess piece to move.  Once that Chess piece moves (and makes my life a little easier), the writing will flow again.

First some resolutions.....

  1. Fix my teeth and fix my eyes -- it will upgrade some charisma points; 
  2. Go swimming in a local Gym -- I have a belly, time for it to exit.  And swimming doesn't feel like exercise, just Zen.
  3. Drink some more V8 again.  Quick health in a drink;
  4. Write off-blog -- either non-fiction or fiction as a book. A smart Muse I know is published and I read her book.  That inspired me. 
  5. Find some steady writing and/or analysis gig;
  6. Keep cleaning -- I have lots of books and lots of clutter to clean; and 
  7. Take a class in Stage Acting.  Why? For what I need in the Political realm, I need to learn how to walk into a room and hold it. Watch any Shakespeare play and understand.
Now, the goals:
  1.   Find a Muse.  
  2. Travel back to Washington, DC for a class at the Leadership Institutre and visit friends on Capitol Hil and around the Beltway;
  3. Rise within RPLAC and the CAGOP;
  4. Take a trip to see San Diego again; Politics, beaches and Filippi's Pizza Grotto!
  5. Meet Stan Lee; I would love to have a date with the beautiful Bai Ling, and ride a sailboat on the Pacific Ocean facing the Southland coast. 
  6. Run for an election if a spot opens around here (a low position, I'm not running for Mayor anytime soon); and
  7. Stay close to my friends and family.  Without them, I could not write for you.

Thanks for reading.  I should be back to the Valley very soon.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Birthday Lament or Why the Valley has Been Quiet

Hello again! 

'Tis my Birthday, and I think I owe it to all of you why I have not (and continue to) not write.

Five Summers ago, I dealt with the plague year.  Unlike say, an anniversary or a Birthday, this was not something I like to remember. I spent the time past Halloween (as I am a Goth) and beyond taking stock of a few things:

1) Am I proud of the person I became?
2) Am I on the way ton achieving my goals?
3) What is missing in my life?

The first two were easy to answer. 

For business reasons, sometimes I must drive through Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.  If you drive by once or twice, it does not sink in.  I spent weeks driving past the sad and decrepit. In the second major city of the United States, the poor exist with no shelter and no home.  (Santa Monica and Venice, Liberal cities both, also have their share of homeless).

Around October as I continued this drive, I learned to appreciate what I already have.
I appreciated my close friends and my family. 
 I might not have much in the wallet, but when I do, I try to give a little.  
G-d knows I am not perfect, but all I can do is try.

Question two was complicated by the writers block on this very part of Cyberspace.  I am a writer and a Politico, who was not writing.  However, as December rolled in, I found a position worth campaigning for here in the Miracle Mile. That's the easy part.  Finding a paid position where I write, a little harder, but also came this December, a lead or two.

But question two of the writers block? I thought (and still think) the answer lies in question three:

After question one, I cared little about "Stuff" I like books, music and tech.  All three have a way of coming together so that was off the table (Humbleness has its rewards).

No, my heart and body knew it was missing a Muse to dance and dream with.  The last Muse was a girl named Neko....

As you can see laughter was a part. We had one date and then nothing.  Don't let the Deathrock look fool you, she had a Heart of Gold and the humor of Monty Python with Zombies..  Much laughter throughout. I miss her. 

Another Muse has to deal with a Cyberstalker. As I rise throughout the Political Realm, I will hurt him for what he has done to my friend. We had some laughter on her Birthday, it is enough to say any girl who is smarter then me is always a Muse. 

The chasing and the losses made it hard to write.

As I enter the Age of 43, I will promise to return to the Valley more often.  I get the way Pragmatic Politics works; I know the difference between Rhetoric and Reality; And finally, I don't Hate Democrats as I was one, but I also have to fight within the Republicans for my views as well.  

One of the earliest lessons I learned in Life was Loyalty.  Any Muse who had my Heart will always be supported for them to persue their dreams and support since I gave a piece of myself willingly. 

Let me end here by saying to get back into writing I might do a silly post or two. Writing was my first love. 

Joseph Conrad's life and story "Heart of Darkness," inspired me.  Politics, from national to local (those I've been involved with) are my upriver.  The fiction tales will occur after I have achieved some more goals and become financially secure. 

Let me conclude with a song.  It haunts but it's my life right now:

Thanks for reading.  

My question: What do you like about the Valley?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en! Enjoy the Day of the Dead!

Sorry I've been away....IRL intrudes and I must answer the call.

I try not to be a writer (or Politico) only living within those worlds; Decisions, easy and hard have been coming through in the past month. 

My apologies.

2013 is a crap year for my writing.  2014 will be better, but let's finish the year FIRST. 

Since I am a Goth, I enjoy this day.  (How did this happen? It helps when your folks elope on Halloween in 1969, thus even before I was born, I was on the pathway to the Dark Side)

And since I owe my readers a little something, enjoy a tune and a movie.

You know it, you love it: George Romero's Day of the Dead (1985).

First a tune:

Now, the Dead walk and the Government fails in The Day of the Dead!

Next post: The American Polity and the Zombie Apocalypse.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October 2013 Tip Jar (With another Gothy Muse)

It's the beginning of the month.

I have a State Convention to get to next Saturday -- so any support on the Tip jar will be helpful.

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This week's Gothy Muse is Mia Kirashner, a Canadian Jewish actress who has starred in The Crow: City of Angels and 30 Days of Night; both movies we Goths love.

So, please hit the Tip jar.


And now, the lovely Ms Kirashner!

The Crow: City of Angels

Her Tats during the same movie

As Vampire Lillith in 30 Days of Night

Maxim shoot

Razor Magazine Cover shot

Beautiful Gothy Muse in a Red Room

Mia, beautiful in Black and White

Currently in "Defiance" on Syfy

And you can follow her career here. This is her Twitter feed.

Once again, Please hit the Tip jar.  

Thanks for reading the Valley!!

Zombie Apocalypses and Conference Committees: How Democrats Lost the Argument

Well, the Government has shut down and there is no Lovecraftian Nightmare rising from the depths.  The Earth is still spinning and America will still wake up on Tuesday Morning.

Still not happening on Tuesday

Let's wind back the clock a bit:

When Obamacare passed, it was a pure Democratic Party Bill (H: 220 - 215 ; S: 60-39  111th Congress).  When the Bill passed, it was over 2,000 pages long with Speaker Pelosi saying "We have to pass it to see what is in it,"  

Then came the revolt of the Tea Party, fiscal based Conservatives (and regular citizens) who opposed the Bill, worked within the system to get members elected to Congress.  Those Congress members were elected to oppose the Obamacare bill and the Democratic Party hypocrisies.

Yet, Democrats view Republicans as Zombies, but Modern Democrats ARE Zombies.

How are Modern Democrats like Zombies?

 Literally, from the rise of Governor Palin (if not the years of President George W. Bush) to the Tea Party until even a few hours ago on the Hill, the Democrats bargaining position has been to act like Zombies.  They would rather attack the personal then find ground to negotiate policy.

Would you want to work with someone who harangues you for a mistake that they did (not passing budgets, passing a law that changes America by many degrees with only party line votes and  not picking up the phone to work out differences)? 

Would you want to work with someone who spends all their demonizing you ( If you can't say a good word about Speaker Boehner AND President Obama, you demonize!)?

And finally:

Could you work with someone who so demonizes your Moderates (McCain and Romney) then refuses to acknowledge others vote for their opponents that they refuse to talk to you?

At least Zombies are open about destroying you; Democrats want diversity on the outside but none of thought (Don't believe me: Ask Former Senator Lieberman who was thrown out of the party for working across the aisle).  Zombies move slow and their only goal is destruction (Speak to Governor Palin on how Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan treated her -- hence why I wait for apologies from Democrats for their rhetoric on war on women if they cannot even kick out Sullivan).  

Zombies spread by virtue of their bites; Democrats have spent time since the election mocking those state and constituents that don't vote Democrats.  Zombies at least don't care who you are, Democrats do. 

Nut up or Shut Up Senator Reid!

Senator Reid and President Obama have one thing to do to stop the shut down: 

That's it.  

And stop insulting Republicans and Tea Party members -- you'd be surprised at how fast things get done.

My question:  How will the Democrats learn to not act like Zombies and be civil with Republicans if they want things done?

Monday, September 30, 2013

President Obama and Senator Reid yelled "Shark!" when they meant "Parrot!"

[I have been away working on the Ground here in the Southland -- Apologies for dropping out of the Blogosphere]

Here is a quote from a Great Movie:

As I mentioned earlier, Senator Harry Reid is Yog-Sothoth  (from a Strossian Laundry series standpoint); In Charles Stross' Laundry series, an offshoot of the British Intelligence tries to stop people from using codes and numbers to call up nasty creatures from Lovecraftian depths.

And since Senator Reid took over as Majority Leader, he refused on many occasions to pass Appropriation bills in favor of Continuing Resolutions.

Had Senator Reid and the majority Democeats in the Senate followed throuh with the FULL Appropriations process, we would not have the "Sequester," nor would we be where we are today.

And here is a lesson for the Senate Majority Leader on how to pass Budgets:

Now, if you know the other party is standing on Principle (as is the Republicans) on a law it doesn't like, calling them "crazy," and denying their view is not going to win you any friends.

After the rhetoric of how Democrats acted in the streets and in the Congress during the Bush Administration, the laws of Civility are on hold until someone remembers that History did not begin on 1/20/09.  And like Newton's Third Law, their actions (especially President Obama not picking up the phone to Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party Caucus but with Iran!) then and now cause reactions.

Sorry Democrats and media, you don't get to call the Republicans tune anymore.

Yes, the Republicans oppose Obamacare.  But, my late father always said: Bring something to the table.  The House GOP has done that, where is President Obama's and Senator Reid's counter-offer?

Allow me a quick two tales on how this can go:

1) One post I wrote here in the Valley upset my friend Charly.  We emailed back and forth and it took a semi-colon to save face for everybody.  Charly and I discussed through emails why it did not work and what she was looking for and what I was looking for, everybody won. She clearly valued friendship.

2) Another post I wrote here cited my ex-friend (her choice) Marie.  I cited her for her beauty in a political post. She cut me off because she valued partisanship over friendship.  I have always been available to talk too.  I write directly from my brain to the brightness of Cyberspace.

End of Tale) Always, always, always, as with Charly above, I have said: if there is an issue talk with me. Talking  (or emailing or trying to hash out differences) was a bridge too far for Marie.   Just because I am active partisan does not mean I am not a person.  

Moral of the Story) Now the Democrats can either play the role of Charly (a cool person who valued getting things done) or Marie (who scored points at a friendship's expense).

If the Democrats are trying to score points at the Republicans expence, here is some news:

The House passed the Continuing Resolution;
The Senate needs to pass theirs;
And Senator Reid needs to call a Conference Committee.

Either we can disagree agreeably or the Rhetoric amps up even higher (to the detriment of us all).

My question: What do the Democrats gain by angering the Republicans? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember, Remember, the 11th of September....

No, I will say any words here.  I will let the videos and pictures speak instead.

On September 11th, we are all Americans.


The attack on the Pentagon

And the final words:

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Valley Endorses Susan Shelley for Assembly for the 45th AD Special Election

The West Valley is hot in the summer; It's 10 degrees or more from where I am blogging tonight.

Because it is Politics, the Heat of the summer burns even brighter.

First, let me introduce you to a map of the 45th Assembly District (CA):

The Valley from Sherman Oaks west is very Jewish; As someone who lived in the Valley, yes, I know. I even have relatives on that side of the 405 (parts of Ventura blvd are just as Jewish as Fairfax Blvd in the city).  To deny the Valley's Jewishness is to deny Los Angeles as a haven for upcoming actors and musicians.Heck, the former chair of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club is Jewish and knows how to fight in the San Fernando Valley.  Check to see who he backs.

Playing the Political Game under the Prop 14 rules, the game is to get 50% + 1 to not have a runoff.  However, to get a Republican in the runoff, we need someone who has played the Outside game. 

What is the Outside Game?  Visiting everyone from all Political stripes and getting their support.  Ms. Shelley has done that and more.  She has ben endorsed by the Right (Howard Jarvis Group of Prop 13 Fame) and the Moderates (Los Angeles Daily News) and the common businesspeople of CA-45 (I've read her endorsement list, its staggering).

She is a fighter, a doer and a thinker.  We need candidates of her quality to represent Los Angeles in Sacramento (Dare I say, of all Political Stripes?).  And she is a people person, that goes a long way in making deals to making sure Californians are not burdened with any more taxes.  

Here is Ms. Shelley in a debate at the SFVRC:

And here is the Howard Jarvis commercial:

There are three reasons the GOP has a hard time winning in a winnable city like LA:

1) People cannot get over their losses and move on -- you lose a cycle, everyone should act like football players at the end of a game (post-primary and Post-election - exception: High Level staffer from POTUS and Governors' campaigns who cannot keep promises) and fights against the Left period.  Anything else personal BS.  I heard from multiple sources of a person doing this. No names here.  But this person must move on or the Valley will be lost.  There are more cycles, more election. She wins, everyone wins.

2)  No one is reading and adapting to the Demographics.  Social Conservatism will not win you in the City or the Valleys of Los Angeles.  What works in LA will not work in the Inland Empire or Texas.  Or to quote Speaker Tip O'Neil (again): All Politics is Local

3) No candidate in the Assembly race has built any coalitions. To win ANY Political race, coalitions are needed.  Ms. Shelley has ably performed that goal. 

On September 17th, if you live in the 45th AD in the West San Fernando Valley, Vote for Susan Shelley!

Fractured Legalese:  JSF is a member of the 50th GOP AD.  He is doing this Endorsement individually and solely without consulting or lobbying anyone else of the 50th AD GOP.  This is JSF's Endorsement and no one else. 

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Rise of Little Men and the Fall of New York as the Center of America's Politics

Dicebat Bernardus Carnotensis nos esse quasi nanos, gigantium humeris insidentes, ut possimus plura eis et remotiora videre, non utique proprii visus acumine, aut eminentia corporis, sed quia in altum subvenimur et extollimur magnitudine gigantea

[Bernard of Chartres used to say that we are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.]
-- John of Salisbury, 1159

POTUS Election 2012 Blue = Obama(i)/ Red = Romney

Once upon a time, New York (Up)State was Republican (as was Long Island) and New York City was Old School Liberal.  Then after the rise of Senator Clinton (D-NY) and the cheater Mayor Bloomberg (D then R, then I), the NYGOP faded from memory. 

And the fact that New York Politics used to be provenance of Great Men and Women died in November 2000. 

Here was my beginning in Politics ( Parts 1  2  3); Old School lessons and men and women who had a sense of their History as New Yorkers and keepers of the City and State.  When Spitzer went after my Old Mentors, he went after the Last True New York Politicians (But since I went to High School, I would say give  Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills) a shot at high office -- I'm a GOP in Los Angeles, what can my words do?).

Spitzer and Weiner were not like the politicians of old.  Both Roosevelt's understood the media of their day. They also understood how not to be hypocrites no matter if they raised their own funds or inherited them.

Mayor Koch, Mayor Giuliani; 
Governor Pataki; Governor Hugh Carey; 
The teams of Senators Moynihan and D'Amato and Senator Javits and Senator Kennedy.  
These were the Tyrian Lannister's of their day.

And the modern New York City and State Politicians (I am looking at you Wiener and Spitzer!) are like Peter Dinklidge in this clip:

And what we on the Right should ask:

2010 Senate Blue = Schumer (i)/ Red = Townsend

Where has the NYGOP been since 2000? They haven't won squat.

2010 Governor's Race: Blue = Cuomo/Red= Paladino

Here's an idea....the National Commitees (and PACs) stop giving funds to the NYGOP until they have a plan of winning the WHOLE State of New York again.  What cities and counties do they need to win?

2012 Senate Election Blue = Gillabrand(i)/ Red = Long

No answer? 

Until then, RPLAC and the CAGOP have candidates here in Los Angeles  fighting; send money and troops.

My question: Why should the Right spend any money in New York State when they have proven they cannot win?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September 2013 Tip Jar (Meet this Month's Gothy Muse)

As always, this month starts with a beauty from the Gothy world.

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This month, a classic Goth movie had a classic Muse:

Catherine Deneuve -- the movie she was in that has defined us Goths for (two) Generations is The Hunger.

Click here to see her body of work.

And, here is the Tip Jar.  

Thanks for all your help. 

Now, Ms. Deneuve!

From The Hunger

Helmut Newton's photography

From Belle De Jour
A Beauty in Fall

Still Charming in 2013

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Thanks for reading and contributing!

Now, enjoy the Vampire movie, The Hunger!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Syria, Admiral Ackbar knows the Situation Better then President Obama

It seems as the summer heat is rising, the bells of war are ringing:

"President Obama is considering military action against Syria that is intended to “deter and degrade” President Bashar al-Assad’s government’s ability to launch chemical weapons, but is not aimed at ousting Mr. Assad from power or forcing him to the negotiating table, administration officials said Tuesday. 

"A wide range of officials characterized the action under consideration as “limited,” perhaps lasting no more than one or two days. The attacks, which are expected to involve scores of Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from American destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, would not be focused on chemical weapons storage sites, which would risk an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe and could open up the sites to raids by militants, officials said. 

"The strikes would instead be aimed at military units that have carried out chemical attacks, the headquarters overseeing the effort and the rockets and artillery that have launched the attacks, according to the options being reviewed within the administration."

Where once upon a time, the Great Game of War and Diplomacy happened in the halls and fields of Europe, now the fate of the world hinges on what occurs in the Middle East.

However, does anyone know what the Obama Doctrine is?
Is there an Endgame for moving pieces around this area?

Egypt and Libya are on Fire - who is next?


Then let Admiral Ackbar explain why Syria is dangerous:

President Obama is not even following the War Powers Act (enacted by Congress in 1973 and part of the separation of Powers); Nor was it used when he bombed Libya?

Where is President Obama's coalition partners?
What does President Obama hope to achieve with Syria?  Overthrow the Government? To what end?

The fires in Egypt are still lit with no end in sight (also with Libya).

Before the beginning of WWI, the Great Powers fought minor skirmishes in the Balkans.  Eventually, alliances were built; Armies were raised and tensions rose.  All because of the early fights in the Balkans. At least Iraq (both times) and Afghanistan had alliances, what alliances has President Obama created?

Russia is working hard against the United States (with US Intelligence Agency members left with low morale) and holding a very important key (Snowden).

If there is no plan, there should be no war. I support WIlsonianism, if it is followed through by the Democrats along with the Republicans.  Since Thomas Friedman's McDonald's theory has been proven correct, why doesn't the Left follow that?

My question: If President Obama does not go to Congress to get authorization, will there be Anti-war protesters? 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zardoz (Once Again) Speaks to You!

Sorry for the long Summer absence.

Many a time I have been told, if you are under the weather, don't write.  Between multiple car troubles and internal (health) issues, I spent most of the hot days, away from the Laptop (also dying).

So, I'm back!

Let's get this show on the road!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's Laugh Before Monday: Watch DC Cab!

In the midst of a horrible week, I have been watching a lot of movies from the 70's. 

If you haven't felt the stress of last week, I'm impressed.

First some music, then some humor. 

All from the late 70's - early 80's:

Now, some music:

Now, DC Cab! See if you can recognize these stars before they broke through.....

Next post is serious, laugh now and I hope your week is better!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fire Rises while the Zombies Walk: Margaret Prescod's Hyporcrisy and Charles Pierce's Butcher's Bill

"Some [people] just want to watch the world burn!"
 -- The Dark Knight

I live here in the City of Angels.

Once upon a time, I grew up among the dilapidated towers of New York City and I saw DC began it's rise after the Republicans returned to Congress after a break of 40 years (without whining about the process).

Also, a few years back, I dated a nice, smart, pretty girl name Toni (I talked to her before I wrote this piece, so only first names.  My Mom is seeing her in August, and I'm seeing her next weekend.  How do I know her? She used to be my neighbor -- so do not give me crap about my ex) who went to Pepperdine University, has a few cats, and happens to be African American.

I will date anyone who is beautiful. As a writer, I see beautiful Muses all over Los Angeles. As a Politico, I look for a Muse to join me in my slow journey to World Domination (from the Southland, of course).

The scene is set.


A few days ago, a trial over what happened one night in Sanford, Florida ended with the Spanish guy getting off for killing an African American teenager.  Both were Democrats.

The laughter ended for many people in the paragraph above.  For others, it gave a chance to build a butcher's bill of grievances and deaths.

I. Charles Pierce's Zombies: The paternalism from a Rich White Guy of Massachusetts

Liberals all. One of Whom is Pierce's boss.

Here is Charlie Pierce's hate filled rant on the day of the "Not Guilty," verdict:

"Some night very soon, if he so chooses, George Zimmerman can load his piece, tuck it into the back of his pants, climb into his SUV, and drive around Sanford, Florida looking for assholes and fucking punks who are walking through neighborhoods where he, George Zimmerman, defender of law and order, doesn't think they belong. He can drive around Sanford, Florida and check out anyone who is dressed in such a manner as might frighten the average citizen who has been fed a daily diet of "Scary Black Kids" by their local news and by their favorite radio personalities, and who is dressed in such a manner as might seem inappropriate to their surroundings as determined by George Zimmerman, crimebuster. He can drive around Sanford, Florida until he spots an asshole or a fucking punk and then he can get out of his SUV, his piece tucked into the back of his pants, and he can stalk the asshole or the fucking punk, the one who is in the wrong neighborhood, or who is dressed inappropriately, at least according to George Zimmerman, protector of peace. If the asshole, or the fucking punk, turns around and objects to being stalked -- or, worse, if the asshole, or the fucking punk, decides physically to confront the person stalking him -- then George Zimmerman can whip out the piece from the back of his pants and shoot the asshole, or the fucking punk, dead right there on the spot. This can happen tonight. That is now possible. Hunting licenses are now available and it's open season on assholes, fucking punks, and kids who wear hoodies at night in neighborhoods where they do not belong, at least according to George Zimmerman, defender of law and order, crimebuster, and protector of the peace, because that is what American society has told George Zimmerman, and all the rest of us, is the just outcome of what happened on one dark and rainy night in February of 2012,"

There is a farm in Worchester, Massachusetts and/or a Private Home in Eastern Massachusetts where Pierce lives. It is probably surrounded by "Keep Out," signs. Does he have his own gun as country men are wont to do?  Does Pierce invite the poor from Boston to the takings of his home?

No, because protection of property and life is not for the peons according to Pierce's Democratic party.

Ever hear of context?
What was going on in his neighborhood within Sanford, Florida that Zimmerman felt the need to protect his neighbors?

By the summer of 2011, Twin Lakes was experiencing a rash of burglaries and break-ins. Previously a family-friendly, first-time homeowner community, it was devastated by the recession that hit the Florida housing market, and transient renters began to occupy some of the 263 town houses in the complex. Vandalism and occasional drug activity were reported, and home values plunged. One resident who bought his home in 2006 for $250,000 said it was worth $80,000 today.

At least eight burglaries were reported within Twin Lakes in the 14 months prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, according to the Sanford Police Department. Yet in a series of interviews, Twin Lakes residents said dozens of reports of attempted break-ins and would-be burglars casing homes had created an atmosphere of growing fear in the neighborhood.

In several of the incidents, witnesses identified the suspects to police as young black men. Twin Lakes is about 50 percent white, with an African-American and Hispanic population of about 20 percent each, roughly similar to the surrounding city of Sanford, according to U.S. Census data.

But it was the August incursion into the home of Olivia Bertalan that really troubled the neighborhood, particularly Zimmerman. Shellie was home most days, taking online courses towards certification as a registered nurse.

On August 3, Bertalan was at home with her infant son while her husband, Michael, was at work. She watched from a downstairs window, she said, as two black men repeatedly rang her doorbell and then entered through a sliding door at the back of the house. She ran upstairs, locked herself inside the boy's bedroom, and called a police dispatcher, whispering frantically.

"I said, 'What am I supposed to do? I hear them coming up the stairs!'" she told Reuters. Bertalan tried to coo her crying child into silence and armed herself with a pair of rusty scissors.

Police arrived just as the burglars - who had been trying to disconnect the couple's television - fled out a back door. Shellie Zimmerman saw a black male teen running through her backyard and reported it to police.

After police left Bertalan, George Zimmerman arrived at the front door in a shirt and tie, she said. He gave her his contact numbers on an index card and invited her to visit his wife if she ever felt unsafe. He returned later and gave her a stronger lock to bolster the sliding door that had been forced open.
---Prelude to a Shooting by Reuters; 

Charles Pierce cares nothing about the rise in Crime at Twin Lakes, Mrs. Bertalan or her infant son.  

His commentators cannot abide ideas from anyone else, and like sheep, they all say how much they love Pierce.  Even the Zombies in Land of the Dead have more Independence of thought then any of Pierce's intelligentsia.

History Lesson (or how Pierce sees HIMSELF!):

White Man's Burden by Rudyard Kipling
Take up the White Man's burden--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.

Take up the White Man's burden--
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain....

And this is a man who wants to be the savior of African Americans?

To Pierce, crime (especially minority on minority) is fine as long as it is NIMBY from where he writes.

And Pierce is proud of the burning fires.

II. Margaret Prescod, Lover of Dictators, Fans the Flames from North Hollywood

I listen to KPFK because if I want to know what the Left thinks, I go there. (Note to Bernard Duncan: Every member of KPFK has no clue about the differences within the GOP, I suggest your crew start speaking to actual Republicans before placing judgement calls on them...especially Ian Masters).

When I listen to Margaret Prescod, I know I am listening to someone who has no understanding of Power, the American system of Government or the logic of opposition to her causes. 
Power (and at every level of American Government, even for the opposition) is about TRADE.  You want help for Haiti? You want support for programs by Republicans? What are you offering in return? Because President Obama offers no "face saving" opportunities (or trade), there is no reason for any Republican to support him.  

When she spends time cheering the death of PM Thatcher and crying over Hugo Chavez; Prescod cannot lecture to any American who votes Republican because of her chosen alliances.

One of my favorite guests on her show (technically, it should be HIS show since he is on so much) is Dr. Gerald Horne. I disagree on many of his stances, but he doesn't praise dictators and if given a chance would actually try to understand Republicans too. 

Prescod takes a rumor and runs with it.  Sometimes out into the streets to go against the Institutions.  What happens when you push against something? Others will push back.

So, for Dr. Horne and Ms. Prescod, here is a few questions for your show on Friday.  
Be brave, discuss it.  I'll even discuss it with you as well if you are open minded:

Since 1965 when LBJ (with the help of many Congressional Republicans), created the voting rights act and the Great Society
And then immediately thereafter came the societal fires of 1968,

1) How has voting for Democrats helped the Black community when there is still High Poverty and High Crime compared to other Democratic Areas or even safer Republican districts?

2) By stereotyping (or even straw-manning) Republican figures, ideas and people, how do you expect them to vote your way? 
2a) When a Republican official does something in your direction, can they expect votes in return?  To quote an old movie Zardoz, "....if there is nothing, then I have nothing to give," 

3)  If you can't build a coalition with Republicans in the United States, what would building coalitions with other countries do? Would it win Americans to your cause?

And Ms. Prescod, stop dancing on graves and hoping the fire rises.  Karma responds badly to those things.

III. Pray for Rain

"The Fire Rises," -- Bane

When I spoke to Toni earlier this week about the Zimmerman trial, she agreed with me on this statement:

"The moment the President got involved, it was over. Zimmerman would win,"  

Now, Mr. Pierce, Ms. Prescod and Dr. Horne are shaking their collective heads.  Here is why.....

President Obama is the Power of the state. Mr. Zimmerman was one individual.  
In the myth of America, the little guy always wins. If you don't believe me, you forget how much support Disney has. 

2013 is not 1965.

1965 Disk Drive

2013: Disk Drive? What's that?
The South did have the Busing battles in the 70's (I'm looking at you Pierce);
And poverty still reigns in Black communities while continually voting Democrat (and holding new Republicans to impossible standards).  Violence still reigns.  

And Dr. Horne should note that Charlie Pierce is not offering one iota of platform to Ms. Prescod, I am willing to talk about her in a Los Angeles based blog -- who has your best interests at heart? 
Hint: Not the Liberal from Massachusetts.

 Please stop lighting fires in my hometown -- Riots means the Goths will sack Rome soon.  Guess what? I am a Goth.  Keep that in mind.

Now, my question:   Why do Liberals like to fan the flames of Rioting to the detriments of others?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All You Need to Know about the #Filibuster Game: #Borking and The Bloody Indiana 8th


In the Crying Game, Fergus (Stephen Rea) goes from an IRA Terrorist to someone in love with a London nightclub singer.  The spoiler occurs during the sex scene, Dil is not who she appears to be (played by Jaye Davidson).

Senator Reid forgot his background as a Terrorist in the Minority against President Bush fils nominees and is ready to blow up the Senate to get his way.  There are some surprises Reid will not expect.  

The Democrats, without any principles, are not standing on any today. Senator Reid of 2013, meet Senator Reid of 2005!

This war over Filibustering Judicial (and other) nominees did not begin overnight.  It began, with a flirtation and a dance between Fergus and Dil.  In the House, there was the "Bloody 8th"  What happened in the "Bloody 8th?"

Read the history of the 99th Congress right in the Valley!   

Or refresh your memories of the 80's with this article:

May 2, 1985|United Press International
WASHINGTON — The House, with Democrats standing nearly rock solid, gave a bitterly contested Indiana seat to Democrat Frank McCloskey Wednesday, prompting Republicans to stalk out of the chamber in protest.

 The vote to seat McCloskey was 236 to 190, with 10 Democrats joining the Republican minority to vote against the Democrat. Republican leader Robert Michel of Illinois immediately asked to adjourn the House.

A House-run recount, the first in 24 years, said incumbent McCloskey beat challenger McIntyre by four votes in November`s election -- 116,645 to 116,641 -- and the House voted 229-200 Tuesday to reject a call for a special election.

On a 246-183 vote, the House spurned a Republican appeal Wednesday to order an election task force to count 32 absentee ballots that the Democratically controlled review panel said were illegal.

State officials twice said McIntyre was the winner in the election to represent the 8th House District in southern Indiana, but the closeness of the vote led the House to set up the task force that conducted the final recount.

While we TARDIS'd back to the 80's:

After that musical interlude, we are now in the Senate.  Do you remember the name Robert Bork?

Can you say 'Borking?"

And then what happened to Justice Thomas?

And with Senator Kennedy's speech, new rules and lines were drawn.  But we still did not see what was under Dil's dress yet.  The Democrats had one more play before they showed their true colors:

After Justice Thomas, Republicans still played by the Comity rules in the Senate.  The Democrats felt free to attack any or all nominees of a Republican Administration.

And as we take the slow path (due to a Weeping Angel, because we must weep at how the Democrats stand on no principles destroying people along the way), the Clinton Administration impeachment was not about impeaching, but History repeating (as it always does and will in the confines of the boundaries of DC)

During the President Bush fils Administration, Senator Reid and others blocked many Judicial nominations. Thus, the Filibuster wars began

The fact that Judge Janice Brown and Judge Miguel Estrada are not on the bench today is why the GOP upped the ante after 09 (and Senator Obama own actions stopping Judaical nominations)

There is a simple way to stop this crisis:

Re-nominate every Bush fils Judicial nominee and pass them through the floor of the Senate.  No one will want to oppose President Obama's nominees then.....

If not, Senator Reid will suffer from the Crying Game.

My Question: Why do Democrats forget their own recent history?


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