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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Is Jose Aguilar of RPLAC really a Democratic Party Mole?

It seems that I am not the only Lonely G-d who demands sacrifice

Someone sent out emails asking us not to endorse a candidate for tomorrow.  Follow my FB and/or Twitter feed for more at the Endorsement meeting. 

Now, onto my sacrifice.

Is this Jose Aguilar?

Or is this a better image of Jose Aguilar?

In the science fiction world, there are always tests to see if an Artificial Intelligence can think independently.  Whether it was the Voight-Kampff test of Blade Runner or the Turing Test of Neuromancer, how one distinguishes human from Bot is still something we are working on. 

Many intrepid Liberal reporters and Bloggers go onto Face book of Republican candidates and Parties to see how their supporters act.  One needs only read Memorandum  to see that what goes on Facebook can end up in an opposing campaigns book tomorrow. 

To understand Jose Aguilar, you have to read (or see the movie) 1984 by Orwell.  He, like I have written about Democrats, needs his Two Minute Hate:

Like any good Liberal, he hates neo-cons.

Let me show you:

1) The Nation magazine (Left Wing) Hates Neocons;
2) The American Prospect (Left Wing) Hates Neocons;

3) MSNBC (Left wing) Hates Neocons; and
4) Crazy mass murderers Hate Neocons.

These are the people that Jose Aguilar has aligned with. 

When Aguilar follows Former Rep. Ron Paul's words to the letter, one must ask, is he human or is he a Democratic Party Mole?

Even the Liberty Crowd gets sick of his paranoiac ravings, he has no place in RPLAC unless he understands that Neo-CONSERVATIVES are part of the Republican (i.e. RPLAC) Coalition.  Los Angeles needs a Republican win and I look down upon any person who wants to kick people OUT of the party.  I converted to the GOP in the Summer of 1992, I have voted for more Republican POTUS candidates then Aguilar, he should leave the party if he hasn't followed suit.

If Aguilar wants to fight Neo-Cons, he should quit his position on his Central Committee, fly to DC and join a Democratic Peace group that fights neo-cons. Until then, Los Angeles has the second biggest population of Jews.  

Yelling "NEO-CON," in a crowded Face book room opens up any ally of Jose Aguilar's to charges of Anti-semitism.  

Anyone can say there is bad in the world, anyone can copy and paste articles, but it takes a Human to think about creative solutions that adds more allies.  Children call names, adults work with others to find solutions.

I ask the Liberty Coalition (Nick Hankoff is a person I can work with) and the RPLAC membership to start questioning Aguilar's role. 

If he is not adding anything to building a coalition to help Republicans win in Los Angeles, why is he allowed to write on our Facebook walls?

Only RPLAC members can comment here. 

And Jose Aguilar, here is your questions: 
1) We know you want to rid the world of neo-cons, but what is your vision (NOT Ron Paul's, YOURS!) of the GOP and Presidential Foreign Policy?
2) And then tell us: what is your role in RPLAC?  You anger more people then if President Obama blocked off Olympic Boulevard again.

The Lonely G-d has fed.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Obama Doctrine? More Like Year of the Four Emperors

69 ACE, Year of the Four Emperors, or President Obama's Foreign Policy 2009- Present
  What is the Obama Doctrine?

Can it be quantified?

Can it be debated like the Bush fils Doctrine (which was FDR's and Wilson's -- both Democratic Presidents, funny that)?


Ukraine in flames
Venezuela on Fire

Or can we finally say, with the world burning, that President Obama's worldview is a failure?


Iran, 2009
Watch the Fires.....

Nero to Galba:  Democrats and Senator, then President Obama -- Anti-Bush and not much else.

After 9/11, President Bush and the Republicans on the Hill staked their belief on an old Democratic Party policy:   America believes no person should live under the yolk of Freedom, not the whims of a Dictator.  That was what FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ believed.  The current crop of Liberals and Democrats opposed President Bush throughout his whole term.

Because the partisans acted crude upon the transfer of power, it begat the opposition conference later that night.


The Year of Four Emperors began in flames. Nero burning Rome and his subsequent suicide.  For the first time since the rise of Augustus, there was a power vacuum.  Rome, looking for a champion, found Galba.  He had put down an anti-tax riot in Germany.  The Praetorian Guard, as Nero fell, supported Galba. 

Galba entered the Eternal City to cheers on January 1. 

From the moment Democrats took over the Capitol, hatred of Republicans and Bush colored their policies. (i.e. House votes on Obamacare; Senate Votes on Obamacare)  

The Praetorian Guard (the media) and the Democrats hailed President Obama and never asked an important question before inauguration day:

President Obama, What is your foreign policy?

Galba to Otho: The Arab Spring and the Missed Chance


On the way to Rome, Galba took from the towns near the Eternal City.  Being known as someone who stopped an pro-tax General, he took from the people he needed support from.  The troops under him were not brought into positions of power and some reforms were taken away from the public.

 By January 15, Galba was killed by the Praetorian Guard.  Enter Otho.

And Otho's rise started a trend that ended around 293 (the Year of the SIX Emperors): Bribing the Praetorian Guards.

After the rise of the Tea Party and the loss of the House in Election 2010, President Obama  used the IRS to intimidate the opposition (Democrats opposed using the IRS for political use in 1973, not anymore).  Overseas, the Arab Spring erupted.

Iran and Egypt called for freedom. What did President Obama do?

Say sweet nothings about nothing.

In Egypt and Iran, the Arab Spring shifted to an Arab winter as the protesters were killed.

Democrats gave up standing for people under the thumbs of Dictators; Modern Democrats work with Dictators. FDR rolls over in his grave. 

****Side Note: President Obama went to war without UN or Congressional authorization in Libya to depose Gaddafi. It worked, but the side effects were worse then the cure.  See next chapter.

Otho to Vitellius: Dead Ambassadors and Putin playing Chess over Syria


Otho's power was limited to the army and the Praetorian Guard.

Otho understand the mechanics of  overthrowing an Emperor, just not understanding the mathematics of Ruling. The people and the Senate were already missing the (somewhat) stable Julio-Claudians.   Galba left a Chief of Staff in charge in Germany by the name of Vitellius.

Vitellius and his veteran troops were advancing on Rome. Otho offered a few peace agreements but with the weapons of support of the military behind him,  Vitellius ignored them.

In March, outside of the town of Cremona, Italy, both men fought. Vitellius won and Otho, following suit, committed suicide.

April 16th, 69 ACE,  Vitellius entered Rome in Triumph.

In 2012, President Obama was cruising to re-election.  He ignored the multiple embassy attacks (on the anniversary of 9/11!)

What is galling to us on the Right, if the Democratic policy is more diplomacy, why the jokes about Benghazi? Very few American Ambassadors died in her history, but Democrats don't care.

And of course, Syria.

Obama drew a line in the sand against Assad, then allowed Putin to save Assad.  Thus, the word of President Obama and the Democrats in foreign policy meant nothing.  

Vitellius to Vespasian: Dominoes Fall as Putin Rises


On April 17th, the Roman Senate appoints Vitellius Emperor.  

During his short reign, he expanded the bureaucracy to include knights as well as freedmen.  Also, no Centurion could sell his service to escape the military.

Unfortunately, augurs and debauchery destroyed any goodwill for Vitellius' reign.  When Vitellius took power on the anniversary of the very First Sack of Rome (390 BCE), the Eternal City was concerned.  The partying did not help the Cities coffer's either.

In response, many of the Eastern Armies backed Vespasian. Vespasian was the Roman General during the Judean (Jewish) Wars.  His son, Titus was there at Masada in 71 ACE.  As Rome was without leadership, the military saw this veteran as a way of stabilizing the Empire.

Vespasian held onto the grain in Egypt, cutting Rome off from its supply. The Slavic Legions backed Vespasian as he marched closer to Rome. Supporters of Vespasian battled partisans of Vitellius outside of Cremona, Italy. Guess who won?

As Vespasian entered Rome, his troops found Vitellius hiding;  They [Vespasian's troops] executed Vitellius on the Gemonian stairs.

On December 21, 69 ACE, Vespasian founded the Flavian  dynasty.

President Obama has talked and talked.  But for the nations near Russia's sphere of influence, there are no protective weapons (Poland and Ukraine), and the EU is dependent on Oil from Gazprom.  To President Obama, the Tea Party and Republicans were worse then a foreign power that can attack allies.

When Putin brought the Russian military into the chaos of Ukraine,he knew there was nothing that President Obama could do or would do for American allies.  In foreign policy (and politics in general), if you don't have your Word, you have nothing.  

President Bush might have been flawed, but he protected America's allies by being feared. And also giving his Word and not going back on it.

What President Obama has done is played the role of the Galba, Otho and Vitellius.  He tried hard to protect his own power while the world burns and his Word means nothing.

Our Vespasian: Not until 2016  

Vespasian, winner of 69 ACE

America will not have a calming influence in Foreign Policy until a Republican wins the Oval Office in 2016.  Say what you will about Republican Presidents, the world does not burn when they are in office.  As the last Empire (as it were), America is supposed to control the lighter. 

Now?  We are still in the summer of 69 ACE. 

And remember, if Secratery Clinton and Democrats don't care about the lives of Ambassadors or Intellegence Agents, maybe they should not be put forward.  

My question: Is President Obama Galba, Otho or Vitellius? 

***BCE: Before Common Era
***ACE: After Common Era

March 2014 Gothy Muse (With a Tip Jar)

'Tis the begining of the month, and as always, the Valley needs some funds to continue.

Please hit the Tip Jar if you can.  

And to start out the month, a lovely Gothy Muse named Cervana Fox from London, England.  She is well known for her tats and her flaming Red hair.  By the way, Cervana means 'Red' in Czech. 

See, you even learn something from these Muse posts!

 Before you enjoy the pictures, please see about donating here (Or over there --->)


Now, Ms. Cervana Fox!

In Inked Girls Magazine
Beautiful Fox with JD shirt

Back tats
At Ink it Up Magazine

What happened there, you have to find for yourself..

A Rockabilly Pose....
If you like her, follow her Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan page and website!

Thanks again for hitting the Tip Jar!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Late February 2014 Metal Muse

Since I miss the 1st (see last post), I owe the Valley a Muse.  The surprise here is that I have met and interacted (and found her nice and beautiful) with her. 

She is not Goth (but she hangs around the scene), but she is tough and awesome.

Her name is Metal Sanaz; She is Persian, and is bringing Metal to the masses.  She actually was part of Operation Myspace in Kuwait.

Here is her bio.

Now, some pictures of someone who can break your heart and eat it too!

Publicity Shot

Modeling her own Clothing Line

Event at the Playboy mansion 

At the Sunset Blvd. Music Festival

Just say "Thank You,"
In Vinyl

Among the troops in Kuwait for Operation Myspace

This woman is rocking out for Freedom in Iran.

Freeing the people of Iran, one Guitar lick at a time

Follow her website, twitter feed and Facebook page.

A great Metal Muse and wonderful person.

Next Muse on March 1st!

Back from the Dead (Literally!)

I have been dead for a while, blame this year's Swine Flu.

Baron Samedi brought me back!  Watch out world!

From the 1st to the 17th, I was almost dead, brought back alive by Voodoo and some Lovecraftian Spells. 

During the time I was under, I read about the Fall and rise of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil); watched the Fall of the 12 Colonies and the escape of Galactica (2004 version) and saw the rumors of the Yellow King.

Now that I am back (and back for good), first some music, then a Flashback to the past about....

Black Angels "Young Man Dead," From True Detective (Ep. 1)

Now,  for those who remember, "In Search of..." Starring Leonard Nimoy :

Enjoy the Valley! 

My question: How was your February?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Henry Waxman Retired (Or Why JSF's Writing in the Valley is always Right)

This is a David and Goliath story, or even a Cinderella Story.....

This is the story of how Yours Truly toppled a Congressman.

During the Bloomfield v. Waxman race, circa 2012, I did some research and found out for over a decade, Rep. Waxman has NOT lived in the Southland, but in South Maryland.

 In the corrupt world of pragmatic politics, you can be a few blocks/miles away from your district (unless your district covers a lot of miles) and be forgiven; But you cannot live outside the State.  It says it, right in the US Constitution:

Article 1, Clause 2:  
No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

Hence this post.

(With major help from Instapundit!)

And today, Rep Waxman retires.

If you are a Republican seeking this seat, contact me or other members of the 50th Assembly District ASAP.

If you have a good background, you can win.  This is what I do.

One Lone Blogger (JSF) vs. the Waxman Machine

My question: What is your David and Goliath story?

Thanks Blackmailers Don't Shoot!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family (And Soon to be Family) Celebrations!

More important then Politics is family. 

First, let me congratulate my Sister on her engagement. I am very proud that she met a nice guy and great musician.  How great?

My future brother in law just won a Grammy today.  He is with the Ben Harper Band and he considers my sister his Muse. (That's awesome!).

First, let's watch Ben Harper's band play (with the great Bluesman Charlie Musselwhite):

(As soon as the Video of Ben Harper winning the pre-show becomes available, I'll put it in - until then, here is another great song by Harper and Musselwhite)

Here is the album, Get up! on iTunes.  Pick it up. 

Congrats to my sister, her fiance, and Ben Harper!

Cheers from the Valley!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 Movie Night -- Screamers (1995)

Since I am back (and before I attack the Left, as is my wont, I am trying to fix  Republicans at all levels first), it's time to enjoy a movie. 

War without end, Peter Weller and machines taking over the planet.  Formerly a Phillip K. Dick story, now Screamers!

Why this film?

As I mentioned, if RPLAC cannot get together, things will fall apart.  And if you're looking countrywide, there is a Tiberius like attack on Right activistsPragmatic Partisans will get the connection; Ideologues will not.  

Screamers  is where society will land unless alliences are formed .  More on this during the week.

First a tune....

Now, the wasteland:

Next post, I deal with the changes at the RNC Winter Meeting. 

Stay tuned!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Does RPLAC Stand Together and Fight? Or Shall the Democrats take the Ring?

I was going to put together a campaign this season, but I had to cancel those plans because of a breakdown between the Two Groups within RPLAC:

1) The Liberty Caucus -- Ron Paul Supporters; Paulbots, Conspiracy theorists and Paleoconservatives. These are Idealists; and

2) The Reagan Caucus -- Most of the RPLAC Leadership and many of us who have spent years in the trenches fighting battles within our own party and the Democrats.  The Reagan Caucus is working with the Real Tea Partiers across the Southland, the San Fernando Tea party and the Beverly Hills Tea party to name two. These are Pragmatists.

The Liberty Caucus is made up of people who will follow the words of Former Rep. Ron Paul over the leadership of any other Republican. Many of them refused to vote for the Republican Presidential candidate in 08 and 12, because Rep. Paul did not win the primary (I've had many conversations on FB with such people).  They espouse a Fortress America standpoint and almost hatred of working with foreign allies; The Liberty Caucus would rather strike at Republicans first (as Ron Paul did against Reagan in 1986) then work with them.  Cue Cult of Personality by Living Color.

Even Social Conservatives know the value of alliances.  Not the Liberty Caucus. 

Secondly, the Reagan Caucus are made of people who worked with many coalitions and are trying to bring Los Angeles back to Republican hands.

Instead of a Fellowship to destroy the Democrats, RPLAC is in a Civil War.

How did we get here?

I. Promises, promises

Before the re-structuring meeting, the Liberty Caucus promised Future Chairman Vafiadesthat they would work together to form a United Caucus.  After having Three Liberty Caucus members on the board (unopposed), the Liberty caucus reneged and worked on adding a Fourth (Arturo Alas) during the same meeting.

In politics and policy either you have your word or you don't.  This first moment defined the Liberty Caucus -- willing to renege if it suits their purposes.  Boromir did the same thing to the Fellowship when he chose the Ring over the goal.

The Reagan Caucus was not amused. The Unity Caucus was dead.

II.  Breaking the Fellowship, meeting by meeting

There have been many meetings where it breaks down into chaos because a Liberty caucus member will not follow the ruling of the chair; 

There have been many meetings where the Liberty Caucus would rather go to war with Republicans then build a coalition to defeat Democrats;

There have been many meetings where the Liberty caucus refuses to understand protocols.

Each time, it leads RPLAC away from being able to help candidates and makes it harder to gain ground during this election cycle.
The Three Hunters, lost in Middle earth or post-election 2014 if the Liberty Caucus continues

 And this past week, Stan McClain (Liberty Caucus) sent out an email to every RPLAC member attacking Chairman Vafiades (Reagan Caucus).  This is not the way to build a coalition. Where is the give from the Liberty Caucus?

The Goal of the Reagan Caucus within RPLAC is to win more seats for Republicans from the Valleys to the Ocean.

The goal of the Liberty Caucus is to frustrate the Reagan Caucus and RPLAC from doing its job.  Rather then work with Gandalf, Saruman looked out for himself.

The Liberty Caucus wants Isengard and the Shire; I want to win Los Angeles.  

III. Sending the Eagles to Mordor 

By rights, I should be in the Liberty camp. I am a small-"l" Libertarian (see "Commerce, democracy and Rock & Roll,) but their attacks on neo-cons, Israel and a false belief in a Fortress America scares me from their camp. (Heck, Reagan was a neo-con!) 

Liberty to choose means freedom to be who you are.  If the current Libertarians weren't part of a cult of personality, again, I might have joined them.

And because a local Liberty group cannot work with the 50th GOP Assembly District committee, I cannot run until that bridge is fixed. Their is too much infighting not enough pointing our sticks at Democrats,  Oy!

My message to County and State parties:

Your Liberty Caucuses cannot be trusted.  They work for the Paul's not the GOP.  It is time for Chairman Priebus to have a meeting with both Paul's and discuss what the words Loyalty, Trust and Alliances  MEANS because Liberty Caucuses within the GOP have none of these qualities. 

We can win against the Democrats if we are UNITED!

And what can be done fix RPLAC?

I suggest a meeting between the head of the Liberty Caucus and Chairman Vafidates at the CRP offices in Burbank with the CRP and RNC consul there (Might I add Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon?).  

Work out a deal.  If the Liberty Caucus reneges (again), RPLAC can rid themselves of a disloyal group. 

But as I've been told many times, Social Conservatives make deals, Paul Supporters care nothing for alliances.

Liberty Caucus, prove me wrong. (And someone tell Jose Aguilar that there are no Neo-Cons under his bed! They are members within RPLAC!)

My question: Why do the Paul supporters work to undermine Republicans, not Democrats?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If you want to be a Republican Governor in California, Remember the Lessons of 2010!

This first (real) post of the year deals with something I care very much about:

Who will run for the Top of the Ticket in California (influencing the Down Ticket here in the Southland)?

Within 72 hours, one candidate dropped out (Abel Maldonado), another helicoptered in (Neel Kashkari) and another maintained his ground (Tim Donnelly). 

The last Gubernatorial Election, we had a policy maker with no Political experience win the Primary (repeated on a national level in 2012 with the same team!) against a candidate who worked within the Party Structure who built connections. The Party Guy lost and we all lost in 2010.

Lesson 1) Money does not win elections; Ground support and loyalty does.

What made 2010 frustrating was that we were sending a green candidate against a Democrat with years and years and years of campaigning experience under his belt.  We face Governor Brown again.  He knows the Dirty Tricks to play, we should not to send a JV candidate against a Super Bowl Veteran (sorry, but Governor Brown is experienced). 

Lesson 2) Candidates for the Top of the Ticket need experiences in winning and losing campaigns.  If you never run, one low blow will knock you out of the Election.

Also, 2010 was a Tidal year.  For all the work that came from the Whitman campaign, she was the wrong messenger when we needed to FIGHT THE POWER! Heck, the GOP owns no major positions in CA, we are the rebels and the underdogs, if you are not singing that tune, you've given the game away.

Lesson 3) The biography of the Gubernatorial candidate will be the message as well as the Policy espoused.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking your past and present has no bearing on Democratic Party attacks.

What galled me about Whitman's team was how they spent no time or Political Capitol dealing with the local activists. Poizner went into the lion's den of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club; into the headwinds at the SDGOP and also met with everyone at RPLAC.  Whitman's people spent no time making nice with the local activists who could have helped.  We know how that turned out.

Lesson 4) If you are unwilling to go into Thunderdome with your own activists and take the hard questions, you will lose the General Election.  Win the Primary by winning the activists.  Money does not win them, only how well you do under fire.

And finally, look at this map of California:

Election 2010 Whitman (Red) v. BROWN (Blue)

 We own the outer counties, to win the Central Valley, talk about the Delta Smelt and to win in LA, look at the traffic on the 405 and 101.  There is saying among Old School Republicans here in CA: Governor (and President) Reagan did not win State (or Country)wide, he won precinct by precinct.

Lesson 5) Don't take any vote for granted, and use the local activists to help you get into areas most Republicans are not campaigning in (yet).  Fight for every vote as if you were behind 20 votesAnd be sure to have people making sure each vote is legal! 

My question: What lessons would you give to the CA Gubernatorial candidates?

Thanks for the links Blackmailers Don't Shoot and The Other McCain!  

Returning with a Rule 5 (A Gothy Muse, of course!)

As I mentioned before, a piece is slowly moving into a place to make it easier for me to Blog.

Since I've been away, I owe a Rule 5 for my Blogging friends.  No Tip jar tonight, that's only at the front of the month.  Enjoy this post, some local politics right after.

Tonight's Gothy Muse: Morticia Addams from the Addams family!

The Original

Carolyn Jones (1)

Carolyn Jones (2)

Anjelica Huston (1)

Anjelica Huston (2)

See you in the next post!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions 2014

As the sands of 2013 roll out, let me at least tell you some goals I have for 2014. 

I got into Pragmatic Politics as a means of getting things done. There is a reason I read Sun Tzu "The Art of War," and have studied up on Chess again; I know where I stand ideologically and have fought to defend it against my own on the Right and the Left.  I want my ideas and ideals made real, that requires many tools.

One of which is waiting for a personal Chess piece to move.  Once that Chess piece moves (and makes my life a little easier), the writing will flow again.

First some resolutions.....

  1. Fix my teeth and fix my eyes -- it will upgrade some charisma points; 
  2. Go swimming in a local Gym -- I have a belly, time for it to exit.  And swimming doesn't feel like exercise, just Zen.
  3. Drink some more V8 again.  Quick health in a drink;
  4. Write off-blog -- either non-fiction or fiction as a book. A smart Muse I know is published and I read her book.  That inspired me. 
  5. Find some steady writing and/or analysis gig;
  6. Keep cleaning -- I have lots of books and lots of clutter to clean; and 
  7. Take a class in Stage Acting.  Why? For what I need in the Political realm, I need to learn how to walk into a room and hold it. Watch any Shakespeare play and understand.
Now, the goals:
  1.   Find a Muse.  
  2. Travel back to Washington, DC for a class at the Leadership Institutre and visit friends on Capitol Hil and around the Beltway;
  3. Rise within RPLAC and the CAGOP;
  4. Take a trip to see San Diego again; Politics, beaches and Filippi's Pizza Grotto!
  5. Meet Stan Lee; I would love to have a date with the beautiful Bai Ling, and ride a sailboat on the Pacific Ocean facing the Southland coast. 
  6. Run for an election if a spot opens around here (a low position, I'm not running for Mayor anytime soon); and
  7. Stay close to my friends and family.  Without them, I could not write for you.

Thanks for reading.  I should be back to the Valley very soon.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Birthday Lament or Why the Valley has Been Quiet

Hello again! 

'Tis my Birthday, and I think I owe it to all of you why I have not (and continue to) not write.

Five Summers ago, I dealt with the plague year.  Unlike say, an anniversary or a Birthday, this was not something I like to remember. I spent the time past Halloween (as I am a Goth) and beyond taking stock of a few things:

1) Am I proud of the person I became?
2) Am I on the way ton achieving my goals?
3) What is missing in my life?

The first two were easy to answer. 

For business reasons, sometimes I must drive through Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.  If you drive by once or twice, it does not sink in.  I spent weeks driving past the sad and decrepit. In the second major city of the United States, the poor exist with no shelter and no home.  (Santa Monica and Venice, Liberal cities both, also have their share of homeless).

Around October as I continued this drive, I learned to appreciate what I already have.
I appreciated my close friends and my family. 
 I might not have much in the wallet, but when I do, I try to give a little.  
G-d knows I am not perfect, but all I can do is try.

Question two was complicated by the writers block on this very part of Cyberspace.  I am a writer and a Politico, who was not writing.  However, as December rolled in, I found a position worth campaigning for here in the Miracle Mile. That's the easy part.  Finding a paid position where I write, a little harder, but also came this December, a lead or two.

But question two of the writers block? I thought (and still think) the answer lies in question three:

After question one, I cared little about "Stuff" I like books, music and tech.  All three have a way of coming together so that was off the table (Humbleness has its rewards).

No, my heart and body knew it was missing a Muse to dance and dream with.  The last Muse was a girl named Neko....

As you can see laughter was a part. We had one date and then nothing.  Don't let the Deathrock look fool you, she had a Heart of Gold and the humor of Monty Python with Zombies..  Much laughter throughout. I miss her. 

Another Muse has to deal with a Cyberstalker. As I rise throughout the Political Realm, I will hurt him for what he has done to my friend. We had some laughter on her Birthday, it is enough to say any girl who is smarter then me is always a Muse. 

The chasing and the losses made it hard to write.

As I enter the Age of 43, I will promise to return to the Valley more often.  I get the way Pragmatic Politics works; I know the difference between Rhetoric and Reality; And finally, I don't Hate Democrats as I was one, but I also have to fight within the Republicans for my views as well.  

One of the earliest lessons I learned in Life was Loyalty.  Any Muse who had my Heart will always be supported for them to persue their dreams and support since I gave a piece of myself willingly. 

Let me end here by saying to get back into writing I might do a silly post or two. Writing was my first love. 

Joseph Conrad's life and story "Heart of Darkness," inspired me.  Politics, from national to local (those I've been involved with) are my upriver.  The fiction tales will occur after I have achieved some more goals and become financially secure. 

Let me conclude with a song.  It haunts but it's my life right now:

Thanks for reading.  

My question: What do you like about the Valley?


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