Tuesday, August 31, 2010

America is not Weimar; The Tea Party People are Voters and Lefties stopped speaking "Truth to Power," in 2008

I will fisk President Obama's Iraq speech tomorrow. 

Since Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin held their rally this weekend, I have read some of my Lefty friends on Facebook and the comments from Washington Monthly and other Liberal sites, and they all (talk about mindless lemmings) repeat::

A)  America is turning into the Weimar Republic and

B)  Blame the Koch Brothers (as per this New Yorker article) , Freedomworks and Matt Kibbe (whom I knew when I interned for Rep. Dan Miller) for the "NEW" rise of the Right.

Allow me to quote Dr. Cox from Scrubs here:

Liberals are looking for some nodal connection for why their "40 year Democratic majority," stopped rising.

Read and learn.

Why did the Democrats hold a 40 year majority [in Congress] in the past?  Simple. They loved America as it is, and they never demonized other Americans for disagreeing with them.  When corruption (and a burgeoning cable market) exposed the corruption, the Democrats were thrown out.

Modern Leftists (they are not Liberals, a Liberal would argue for Beck's and Palin's speech rights anywhere) cannot believe there is opposition.  Again, simple answer.

Oh how Liberals threw their feces at President Bush during the last Administration for ridding the world of a dictator.  Once upon a time, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives all celebrated liberating people from despots.  Now, no more.

Modern Democrats like President Obama and  former presidential candidate Senator John Kerry carry water for dictators in the early 21st Century.  I have yet to be convinced otherwise.

Why is America not like the Weimar republic? Because we have a working 200 + year old Legislature and Constitution that allows the people to voice their concerns (But Liberal Intelligentsia want to rid America of the Senate, the Filibuster and the Electoral College).  The Weimar Republic died stillborn because the Germany (after WWI) had no easy way to transition to democracy before the market fell.

You cannot succeed in American politics without building coalitions of your own party, Independents and some of the other party.  If the Democrats don't like the opposition, convince the public.

But remember, the Conservatives are the Party of car salesmen and the Leftists are the intellectuals.

And Liberals inhabit journalism and Hollywood.  So, if you want to be a Luke Skywalker fighting the Empire (I'm more of a Han Solo* type), join the Right.  If someone in Hollywood or in journalism wants to be true to their philosophical beliefs, two words: Question Authority.  That includes Democrats in office.

But they don't.  So, we in the Right Blogosphere and Fox news cover that function. 

 Now, let's conclude with the Tea Partiers. 

Who usually shows up every election in every city? Not young hipsters or rock stars, but older and wiser citizens who have time to follow the News.  When the Town halls exploded last summer, not one Liberal ever said, "Hey, maybe the public doesn't like this,"

Leftists think they are Right 1000% of the time.  They never think they're wrong.  Good luck selling the public on your views if you are never wrong.  People hate corruption but they hate know-it-alls more. 

In 2008, President Obama won the public on being a post-partisan figure who could build coalitions.  He sold himself as post-racial.  Neither of those things occurred.  So, if the public is soured on democrats, does that mean the public that voted for Obama two years ago are all "RAAAAACISTS?"

No, no and no.

The Tea Partiers are Americans who woke up to politics in 08 and are not happy with the direction the Obama Administration is taking this country.

And all those funders? The Republican party is the party that supports commerce, not the Left.  Again, demonizing funders only makes us defend and support them more.  Listen to Pacifica or Liberal talk radio, they despise corporations and commerce.  Hence, the support.

America is not Weimar Germany, but the current ruling class are looking like pre-French revolution royalty.  And Liberals defend it.

My question: Why do Liberals want unity when their person is in the White House  and never offer when the positions are switched?

 * For those who know, Han shot Greedo first.  Damn you George Lucas!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Eighth Doctor

It's like the Peter Cushing  movies, where the Canon was changed around.  It came and went in 1996, but I missed it.  :{

Meanwhile, today was a case of double rally's in DC -- Governor Palin and Glenn Beck vs. Al Sharpton's.
See Robert Mc Cain's and Smitty's work on both rallies.

Here is what galls me, Sharpton caused the Tawana Brawley crisis in New York State with no care of who he hurt, yet Liberals always give him a slide.  I harken back to Malcom X's statement of "Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it,"  Don't get me quoting Stokely Carmichael on Rich Liberals.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is a radio host and Fox News opinion maker who is chastised by the Left for communicating his message. The attacks on Governor Palin matches those against Reaagan, Bush pere and fils  and Eisenhower before they were elected. President.  I am a Mark Levin fan -- damn you Lefties for making me defend Beck.
A true Liberal would quote Volitaire: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

But they don't. 
My question: Where are the Free Speech Liberals?  
Now, enjoy the 1996 Doctor Who movie!

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At Play in the Fields of Ideas

The end of Summer and the beginning of Fall has never been a time for anything to begin; But in this time before Congress Re-convenes, let's have some fun in the Valley.

There are some policy ideals I want to push and some experimentation within the Blog.  One post tying President Obama to the film "Southland Tales," is in the queue.  Time to be resurrected. 

I will also tie some of my writing to the Tip jar.  What and how? I'll write it before September 14th.
And since this is an odd numbered year, I will be focusing on the Politics of Los Angeles and how the GOP can flip this city. 

And by the Fall, I will be doing a weekly segment on "Fisking 60 Minutes,"  If they use their airtime to flog Democrats and Democratic policy proposal's, it will be read here first.  So, CBS: play fair and so will I.   Don't anger active partisans, look at Will Ferrell's career after he attacked President Bush.  His movies barely hold the top spot after 2008. 

Enjoy a tune and let me know what ideas you think are worth discussing.  And before I close this piece:
Happy Birthday Sis!  May all your Birthdays be happy and great!  Your Big Bro.

Ideas and ideals, discuss.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winning in Los Angeles (Late Summer Edition)

Summer in Los Angeles is dying a hot death; But all the Political campaigns in the Southland should be revving to go. 

Here is some more advice to help get all the Republican candidates in Los Angeles into the "Win," category by November. 

First, a tune to get psyched:

Ready? Let's go!

1)   Not Just a Traffic jam, but an Obamajam:: Speak to people who were caught in the 5 hour Obama Traffic jam (yes, call it that).  And let's note the guest list:

A host of California pols, including former Assembly Speaker and CD 33 candidate Karen Bass got to "hang out," in the president's words, with Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hollywood big shots at the Los Angeles estate of "The West Wing" producer John Wells.

Elected officials in attendance included: Democratic Reps. Howard Berman, Brad Sherman, Barbara Lee, Joe Baca, Laura Richardson, Judy Chu and John Garamendi, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council President Eric Garcetti. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, a former congresswoman, also attended the fundraiser.

As you walk your district, let your constituents know who held them up Monday after work.  For those who weren't there, ask 10 people who were before commenting on this issue.

2) How the crap in Venice flows:   Here is a very local issue that translates into votes in every district.  G-d bless the people who want to live "off the grid," but when their lifestyle affects home-owning (or apartment renting) residents of your district, ask if they like the status quo of a Democratic run Los Angeles where no one cares. 

If this was in anyplace but Los Angeles, home owners and renters would stand up.  Find examples in your area where taxpayers are subsidizing a decline in neighborhood standards.  Trust me, stories like this can be found from the Valleys to the Ocean.

3)  There is no backup, so think like Spies: Whitman's people have made promises to the Southland that were not backed up (When the Southland Fundraiser was in final discussion, Whitman's people had a "plan" to fight in the Southland -- Has anyone seen it yet? Robert Mc Cain will write more on this story come Fall); With the end of the Southland Fundraiser this cycle, publicity and funds must be done on your own. 

As I mentioned in the last post, False Flags are flying courtesy of the Left.  Be ready for them  As a candidate, your team (be it one or many) should think like spies.  Los Angeles is our Jericho and in your campaign, you need hornblowers to shout your good deeds and how long your opponent has been in office (and after a certain length of time, corruption can easily be found).

In your district there are stories of your opponent, either ignoring their constituents or reneging on them. Find those tales.  Seriously, has anyone seen Rep. Waxman walking on Wilshire Boulevard the past summer? Game, set, match

4) Tolerance for whom?  In the NYC Mosque struggle, the Left is citing "Freedom of religion,"  Strange how they said not word one about the former Los Angeles seal and the amount it cost the city to re-do every sign and paperwork because it had a cross. 

Propriety is not a world Liberals use unless it is to shut up Conservatives. 

That's it for tonight -- enjoy your holiday, but the fight starts today!

My question: How ready are you for the fight in the Fall? 
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Campaign Season has begun! The False Flags have Risen!

In spy craft or campaigning, the term "False Flag Operation," are meant to be operations that look like the deed was done by the opposition, but in truth, done by parties on the same side. 
Two stories, on the same day, came out showing the Democrats using trickery when arguments won't do. 
Let's start with the most obvious one:
"The suspect who firebombed Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office last week was reportedly a disgruntled progressive activist employed by the democrat. An unnamed source familiar with the case released the information. Suspect Chris Powers reportedly was upset because he did not get paid so he firebombed the Carnahan finance offices at 2 in the morning."

Last summer the Left was blaming the Tea Party for the suicide of a census worker (And it was the the investigative talents of Robert McCain who proved the Left wrong)

And now the less obvious case:

(h/t Memeorandum)

"But as often at the intersection of politics and violent crime, the story doesn't appear to fit any easy stereotype: The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is — according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International — a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York."

What he did was wrong; but he worked for a PRO Ground Zero Mosque group.  Who told Enright to do this so that "Evil Conservatives, etc." can be blamed?

Because time and again, Leftists (not Liberals)  HATE Conservatives more then they hate those who practice Sharia law.  If Conservatives and former President Bush stood up against it, Leftists will rather support Sharia law then American Conservatives. 

For all those who run campaigns in the Southland, be ready!

My question: Why do Leftists always need to do False Flag operations? 

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hot City, Cool Town

I'm going to do two posts tomorrow, but tonight, in honor of the Heat Wave striking the City of Angels, Two songs to enjoy;

First, some Lovin' Spoonful

And now, Billy Idol:

And the debate question to heat you up again: 

Under President Obama, the unemployment rate has stayed above 8%; Under President Bush, 5% Unemployment was the norm; In Bush's term, the Unemployment rate started rising after the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, my questions are simple: When do Democrats acknowledge their role in the unemployment crisis? Are Democrats responsible for anything?  Before you answer, read the linked charts.

Have at it.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Paean to Pamela Geller

[This is a post about someone I consider a friend; If you have nothing nice to say about this post, stay quiet. I will delete if need be.  Same goes for any post about my friends]
The great and talented Pamela Geller was the ONLY person I wanted to speak for the Southland Fundraiser.   She can inspire a crowd (as in TX); She is able to draw a crowd in support of her causes [Stop Islamicization of America] in New York City -- and she doesn't have a band nor is she an actress.  That is charisma and passion.  And she was the Tripwire the Ground Zero Mosque has to go through.  She is a one-woman Newsmaker. 
When the Southland Fundraiser returns in the Election 2012 cycle, it will still be Pamela Geller speaking at the Reagan Museum
I am reading her book, The Post-American Presidency, and she is a great writer.  I'll review it when I'm done. 
We in the Right Blogosphere have a saying in 2010: The women of the Right [Governor Palin, Rep. Bachmann and Pamela Geller] have more balls then the men.  She fights and she fights hard.  As a former New Yorker, I would stand by her in any fight. (aned like any true New Yorker, she knows how to fight).
So, consider this a tip of the hat to a great Blogger, fighter and friend.  When I am working at the California Republican Party, I owe her a nice dinner in Los Angeles.  It would be an honor. And I will always smile at the thought of her singing "Happy Birthday," on my last birthday.  The prettiest, smartest woman of the Right Bl;ogosphere sang to me.  I couldn't stop smiling for a week.
Keep reading Atlas Shrugs and support my friends in the Blogosphere.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doctor Who -- Seeds of Doom

Saturday night in the summer, time for another Doctor Who feature!

Tonight is the episode Seeds of Doom.  If you ever meet me, I shy away from salads and greens.  Why?  This episode scared the crap out of me, especially towards the end.  And you will see why I'm a city kid, not one for the country. 

The beginning of the episode might have inspired John Carpenter's "The Thing,"  Scary. 

Later this week, I'll hear news from the California Republican Party San Diego Convention. I keep on being invited to help the Democrats here in LA or DC, and I consistently turn them down.  Why?

My views don't flip on a dime; My friends on the Right actually believe what they stand for.  There is no parsing or threading a needle.  I still don't know what the Lefts foreign policy is.  Is it isolationism or Nixonianism?  They hated Bush fil's Wilsonianism, so the Democrats don't believe that.  

To quote the great Christopher Walken in Rundown, "Enlighten me!"  Show me the actions behind the words. 

Now then, imagine plants (and any gardens you have) rebelling.  That is the essence of "The Seeds of Doom,"  Only the Doctor and Sarah Jane (with an appearance from UNIT) can save the world.  

You will never look at your salad the same way after this episode!  Enjoy!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dancing in the Dark

It's August -- the so-called silly season of Politics.  The Mosque in Manhatatan is a serious issue (Build it somewhere else other then by the WTC site, problem solved); So is the aftereffects of traffic in Los Angeles by President Obama (Vote GOP if you want less traffic jams in the city) and finally, should there be more Republican Goths working on the Hill, National and State Committeesr? I think yes.  How about you?  

In the real world, the CRP Convention is this weekend and Robert Stacy Mc Cain is doing a two part series on California and Los Angeles politics.  This is part one.  Friends and allies are down there, I will hear the news when they return.  And if you are in San Diego, visit Fillippi's Pizza grotto. Damn good food.

And since it was so damn hot today, let's follow the words of "Wear Sunscreen," tonight:

So, in honor of the silly season, dance to these songs to your heart's content.  You can almost always find me on the dance floor at Ruin/Malediction to these songs (and if you want to meet the author of the Valley, find me there)

First tune, The Church -- Under the Milky Way Tonight:

Second tune, Chameleons UK -- Swamp Thing:

Third tune, Dead can Dance -- The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove:

Fourth Tune, Peter Murphy -- All Night Long:

Fidth and final song: V.A.S.T -- Touched:

(Hat tip to DJ Xian Vox who helped me find some of the songs)

The comment section is yours, what tunes do you dance to?

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Monday, August 16, 2010

President Obama made My Job Easier Tonight

All Presidents travel; all Presidents go to fundraisers in "friendly" cities; and all Presidents need security. 

I have lived in DC and NY, so Presidential motorcades are old hat for me.  Like Rosty, I respect the position (hence, I will call Obama depending on what he does, "Harold Saxon," or "Zaphod Beeblebrox," and I make it a rule never to go after politicians families). But what Presidential staff (more on this further down the post) shuts down Los Angeles for 5 hours angering everybody from the East Side to the Westside?

Tonight I was supposed to meet up with Gonzo Journalist Robert Mc Cain and the talented and charming Pamela Geller (who was the chosen speaker of the Southland Fundraiser).  My Mom ended up on the Eastside below Olympic and I had to pick her up.  A trip taking 10 minutes (at most) became a long, long wait.  And the crazy thing, her bus was within sight of the Bus stop close to her house. 

So, from what I understand, Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire Blvd were shut down.  And so was La Brea and a lot of East Side streets.  To top it off, the local police doing their job had no control over where they were.  There were many people who were sick or just trying to get home who were inconvenienced tonight. 

Now, who deserves the blame?

Not President Obama.  Nor the secret service.  And in the duel between Federal vs. local, the POTUS is a federal, so local officials rarely have a say. 

The blame actually starts with John Wells who decided to have it on a Monday, during Rush hour.  Look at his guest list.

Who is in charge of the POTUS visit? The Advance Office

Let me read you some of Bradley Patterson's book, The White House Staff:
 -- The White House Staff, Bradley Patterson, Jr., pages 242-243

And a few years ago, when I was trying to bring President Bush to Burbank, I spoke with the Political office (which works in tandem with the Advance team on political trips, such as tonight), and here is what I was told:

"We want to bring the President to town with major publicity at the event and no problems for people not going to the event.  Votes and political capitol are lost if that happens," 

My friend at the White House Political office has moved to other venues, but his words surely ring true today.

Now what do I do?

I publicize ways for the CAGOP and LAGOP to win in my hometown of Los Angeles.  I am the guy who says "If Obama can't fix an oil spill, how can he do Health Care?"  and now I get to say, (and I expect all my candidate friends should say it too):

"If President Obama and his staff are so smart, why couldn't they get through Los Angeles without causing havoc?"  

Did the Advance Staff ever think about taking the 10 Freeway to get across town? Or even care about those stuck in their cars during Rush Hour for 5 hours? I think not.  

My question: Has a Presidential event ever inconvenienced you? Tell me the tale.  

UPDATE 8/17/10 10:05AM PST: Mulitple links!  Thanks to Gateway Pundit, Riehl World View, Robert Mc Cain American Spectator Blog, and Memeorandum!  I still want to meet the great Pamela Geller though :{

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Brain of Morbius

It's time for Doctor Who feature night! Tonight is The Brain of Morbius.

News from near and far:

1) I had a great lunch with Robert Mc Cain, Richard Mc Enroe, Dan Blatt from GayPatriot, Joy Mc Cann of Little Miss Attilla and  Mattie Fein (no relation), running in the 36th Congressional district.  There is a problem in LA GOP politics and it falls on one person's lap.  Expect a firestorm before next week's convention.  Heh. 

2)  Pamela Geller, the speaker of the Southland Fundraiser, will be in town on Monday.  Of course I'm going to say "Hi," to a class act.

3)  Some friends and family are having a rough time, I'm trying to help myself and my family and friends.  Say prayers tonight. 

And now The Brain of Morbius, a Doctor Who episode of  Time Lords and zombies. 


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Why the Southland Fundraiser was needed in Los Angeles

The great Gonzo Journalist Robert Stacy McCain is in town and staying in the San Fernando Valley. 
He was in town less then a day when he picked up this news item:
I then called up the Daily Breeze to explain this email:
Sent: Aug 11, 2010 12:58 PM


Don’t call or e-mail us – we’ll call you if we’re interested. And if you haven’t got it yet, we’re not interested. And stop sending the same messages to my co-worker Art as well

Thank you.

My question to the Daily Breeze was simple, this is an election year in a country with a functioning two party system, why the attitude?

First, I spoke with Stephanie Woo (Extension 6619), editorial page editor,  who said, "No comment," and then referred me to the City Editor, Frank Suraci (Extension 6621),  who couldn't answer the question and hung up quickly.  In confirming Mr. Suraci's quote, he claims not have seen it and not have talked with Mr. Green.  Asked to defend ot oppose the quote, Mr. Suraci said, "What do you want me to say?"

Now, if you are a consistent reader of the Valley, then you understand I was working hard to put "The Southland Fundraiser," into practice.  Part of the Southland Fundraiser was credentialing Bloggers as reporters because of the attitude of The Daily Breeze and the Journolist.

We live in a Two party system, it is not the Fourth estate's job to pick sides for the public.  Report the facts and let the people decide.  

But we who are on the Republican partisan battlefield know the press are not the referees of old, but partisans like ourselves.

Back to you, Robert Mc Cain!   

And a side note: Rep. Harman's husband bought Newsweek magazine.  Can some journalist yell "Conflict of interst!"

Nope, thought not.   
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ghost of Rostenkowski and the Old School Rules

Former Rep. Rostenkowski of Chicago has died.  When I interned on the Hill during the 103rd Congress, I saw him walking towards the Cannon tunnel to the Capitol.  Also, I read two books about the man: 

A)    Showdown at Gucci Gulch - Rep. Rostenkowski and the 1986 Tax Bill
B)    The Ambition and the Power - Rep Rostenkowski and the corruption of the 100th Congress under Speaker Wright (D-TX)

And to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same:

Now, for Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats, the ghost of Rostenkowski, who represented corruption in his own time, can be used again for all the corruption and heavily partisan, 111th Congress.

The Democrats were thrown out in 1994, after 40 years,  because of corruption, the GOP Congress was thrown out for the same reason in 2006, and it looks like the Democrats did not learn their lesson the first time.

I have yet to hear a Liberal say: We are corrupt or we are wrong.  Look at Bell, California -- look at credit rating of Democratic run Los AngelesHubris comes to the Left after they lose.  Never duringThey'd rather hate Conservatives then stand beside them.

Now, what about these "Old School Rules?"  This is my version of Speaker O'Neill's, All Politics is local.

Here is what John Barry wrote about Rostonkowski in The Ambition and the Power:

"Things had their place; he respected authority and institutions --  the Church, the President, the Speaker
"As in the old Polish neighborhood, an enemy was an enemy, a friend, a friend, period.  George [H.W.] Bush and he served on Ways and means together in the 1960's and were friends.  The day after Reagan was shot in 1981, [H.W.] Bush was scheduled to speak at a Rostonkowski fundraiser in Chicago....[H.W.] Bush could not appear in person, but still honored the commitment through telephone hookup,"
-- The Ambition and the Power by John Barry, Page 94

Can you imagine a Liberal following H.W. or Rostenkowski? Nope, they hate Conservatives too much.

Now "The Old School Rules,"

1)    Americans who are the partisan opposite of you are not "The Enemy," no matter how much you wish it so.  [This is true of the Left unfortunately]  Stop needing Emmanuel Goldsteins' and respect those who choose and honor Public Life.  The Americans involved with politics and policy love their country.  Treat them as fellow Americans, not as Enemies.  Stop calling them "crazy, stupid or Evil,"  They are not.  But you are if you throw those words around.

2)    Politics used to stop at the Water's Edge, but Democrats broke that contract in 1991 and 2002.  Choose one foreign policy to define your Party, Wilsoniansism [Spreading Democracy Overseas], Nixonianism [Playing chess games with Dictators and failed states] or Isolationism [Stay away for all foreigners overseas].  And support the President on this issue, he reads Intel in the AM, you don't.  And if you say "Afghanistan is the real war," Then stand by your words when you gain power.  I have yet to see the Left define their Foreign Policy clearly in opposition or in power, Choose one.

3)   Those dictators or groups that want to attack America or allies, do not give them a seat at a table.  Again, Columbia University gave President Ahmadinihjad a seat, but they can't find a place for Conservatives to speakThe Left cheered Chavez and Ahmadinjad at the United Nations because they hated Bush,.  I have yet to see any active partisan of the Left defend their President when there is an R next to his or her name.  Not Reagan, Bush I or Bush II.  Don't like how we are treating Obama, think twice before you raise the room temperature on a President who has a differing philosophy then you.  Remember, even Rostonkowski respected the presidents he opposed.  If he can do it, why can't any Left on facebook?

4)  Don't say Third parties are needed if you have never voted for both Democrats and Republicans on a Federal Level.  Sorry, unless you can understand and reject both philosophies (and not stereotype either), then don't declare it a loss. The Two parties have different philosophies, only idiots stereotype, but partisans learn.  I have yet to see a Liberal correctly identify the different branches within Conservatism and get it right. 

5)   If you believe in the People, support them whatever their decision.  History has a way of repeating itself.  Election 2000 repeated Election 1960; Impeachment 1998 repeated Impeachment 1974.  The Republicans accepted and moved on, Democrats never did.  The 60% of the populace who don't do this daily, looked, shrugged their shoulders and accepted the decisions.  Democrats never did.   Look at Prop. 8. the people made a choice and the Left tries to overturn rather then convince MORE of the populace why their side is correct.  Nope, the people are stupid according to the Left.  Have you ever noticed the Left NEVER tries to convince people?  Just calls them namesThe Race card is now a Dead Parrot.

6)  Live by your own rules.  If you believe that Government needs more tax Money, open up your wallet and give.  If you beleieve in Global Warming, don't drive a car or live near the beach.  If you want civility done to your people, show it when your side is not in power.  It ain't rocket science, but no Leftie can figure this out.

7)  Finally, do not mock those who are involved.  The Americans interested in politics are interested in the health and well-being of it.  Former Governor Palin, Vice President Cheney and Former President George W. Bush all have their reasons mocked.  Their supporters are mocked.  Why should anyone reach out if they are being mocked? 

8)   Make a promise, stick to it. If you say you have a plan to win in a certain area, let all the candidates and activists know.  And never leave your supporters out to dry.  This one is personal. 

My question: What Old School Rules do you follow or wish to add?

UPDATE 7:22PM PST: Hello Instapundit readers! Welcome and explore the Valley.  And enjoy your summer. 
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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Android Invasion

It's Saturday Night Doctor Who feature in the Valley!

Since the Southland Fundraiser has given up the ghost (for this Election cycle, 2012 awaits), I am sending out multiple thanks to all those people who helped me out in one form or another.   It's going to take awhile, but if you helped or supported, expect a Thank you.  (or we can all meet at RUIN and I can thank everyone at once, but can everyone from Malibu to Maryland all show up there, nooooo.... /joke)

The consolation prize is a job at the end of August at the Magnolia office at the California Republican Party. Once I'm in, I'll tell you all about on a Doctor Who night.  And since this August, an almost dead month in the Political and policy world (except for the thing with the Archduke in 1914), I might do some silly posts this month.  if something catches my eye, I'll write about it. 

And there are many candidates whom I am helping within Los Angeles, expect their names to show up here this month.

Back to the Who: The cool thing about the Android Invasion is that a companion returns and UNIT is involved here. No Brigadier though.  Even though the story is in the title, I like the way the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane uncover the mystery.  

And now, enjoy The Android Invasion

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

If you want Unemployment to drop, don't ask an Enviromentalist for help

 Through the magic of the Internet and email, a story was brought to my attention.  But since I'm a storyteller (through the Joseph Conrad School of Writing), let me paint a picture with words:

Los Angeles is my home. I usually do business between the Miracle Mile area and the Valley.

And now let's take the same drive through the San Fernando Valley. If you start on San Fernando Road in Burbank and take Burbank Blvd to Hollywood way, there are empty storefronts up and down the blvd.  Take Hollywood way to Ventura Blvd (via Lankershim), and North Hollywood is still building up after years of neglect.  A few modern buildings, but not a lot for the tax base.  

After 18 months in office, do President Obama and the Liberals accept that the economy is theirs as of 1/20/09?  Nope, nothing is ever their fault. EVER.

Now to Reverse Engineer the cause, what does a city like Los Angeles need? Energy.

But according to a memo written by Clean Energy Works, allies of the Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administration, read what they request:

TO: CEW Groups
FR: David Di Martino, CEW Communications

RE: The Big Oil Welfare Tax

DA: July 9, 2010

The coming weeks will be very important for supporters of comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. The opposition, in the form of API and Big Oil lobbyists in Washington, are spending millions on smear campaigns and calling on their cronies in the Senate to do everything they can to continue America’s dependence on oil and prevent a new policy that moves us away from oil and toward a clean energy economy.

The other side is on message and determined to defeat a new energy policy with the tired old false attack that climate and energy legislation is a ―national energy tax.‖ What they don’t want anyone to know is that the American people already have a national energy tax– The Big Oil Welfare Tax - in the form of billions of dollars in subsidies to the wildly profitable big oil companies. That’s right; American taxpayers SUBSIDIZE an industry that earns hundreds of millions of dollars in profits each quarter, and turns around and charges $3, $4 even $5 for a gallon of its subsidized gasoline
CEW is planning to launch a targeted grassroots and media campaign to attack Big Oil for profiting from the Big Oil Welfare Tax and highlight their hypocrisy for calling investments in new technology and renewable sources of energy an ―energy tax.‖ We will target activities in the same states where API’s smear campaign ads are running. We will engage real people to call for action on clean energy and climate and to demand that API and Big Oil stop the smear campaign and get to work on solutions for America’s energy future. We will distribute a tactical campaign plan in the coming days but in the mean time we are providing (below) message guidance on the Big Oil Welfare Tax. Please use this line of attack to fend off criticisms of climate and energy legislation as a tax and use it to put opponents of clean energy and climate legislation on their heels– defending taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil – defending the Big Oil Welfare Tax.
Memos, in and of themselves are harmless. But this memo got to the right (or should I say wrong) ears and that allowed a tax on DOMESTIC Energy companies, BP is not domestic, folks, and they are immune from the upcoming tax proposed by CEW, and pushed by the Democratic Congress and supported by the Obama Administration. 
Empty storefronts and lack of jobs in Los Angeles? Well, damn those evil Republicans who want to make it easier for business to hire without a cap and trade tax!
Forbes follows up on the memo:
In the Obama administration’s 2011 budget proposal, included are provisions to change existing “dual capacity” rules, which are laws that grant tax breaks to American companies who generate income in foreign countries. These tax credits are used to offset the U.S. income tax on foreign income. Plans to change this policy would result in double-taxation on domestic oil and gas producers.

This proposal creates an uneven playing field which caters to foreign competitors by allowing them to carry on business as usual, free of this added expense. State-controlled competitors in countries like Russia, Venezuela and China will secure energy sources at our expense.

Double taxation on domestic oil and gas companies? Do you think these companies (such as Occidental here in Los Angeles) want to hire?

What is the Enviormentalists endgame? Last I checked, one enviormentalist wrote a book, "The World Without Us [Human Beings]"  Sometimes, the late George Carlin says it best [NSFW]:

My question: How has the double taxation on Oil and Gas companies affected your hometown?
(h/t:  Bill M, Sarah D.and Institute for Liberty for the subject of this post)
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Situational Ethics by the Left on Two Coasts

When I became a Conservative, at least I knew why I chose to defend policies.  There was a reason, then response.  That's the way humans work. 

And during the Iraq war, the Left kept on saying, "Afghanistan is the real war,"  Well, President Obama and the Liberal intelligentsia have no plans for Afghanistan so they want to leave.  Again, hypocrisy.

Now on the domestic front on two coasts, the Left shows their hypocrisy once again. 

Simply this: How can the Left support a base for Sharia Law in NYC but support overturning a plebiscite for Gay Rights on the West Coast? 

Let's start with the East Coast first.  Pam Geller has been working this story since it's her backyard.  Read and learn.  

There is a reason why it's not OK to protest your cause at soldier's funerals, there is a reason why Germany never built over the Concentration camps, there is a reason why Japan never asked for real estate near Pearl HarborIt is called propriety.  Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.   

But for Liberals, it is not about opposing a base of Sharia law (which doesn't allow Gays or Jews to exist), it is about opposing Conservatives.   See, rather then stand up with Conservatives for propriety, they are siding with the folks who believe in Sharia law to oppose  other Americans.  Again, why does the Left hate other Americans who disagree with their world view?

Now onto the judge overturning Prop 8.  A little background first, I voted against Prop 8 for Conservative reasons.  Marriage, like home ownership and business ownership, is a civilizing process.  If put to a vote, I vote for people to allow the light of civilization to spread (hence my view of spreading Democracies to dictator run or failed states).

But to have a judge to overturn a plebiscite;.Pardon my french, but Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!  If you overturn the voters on a Liberal issue, expect a Conservative to play the same game.  (i.e. look at the rhetoric thrown at Bush over the past decade and stop wondering why the rhetoric finds itself thrown at Obama -- own your hate Lefties). 

If you want support, force another Plebiscite and go among the people and convince them.  That is the beauty of democracy, if you cannot convince, then find a way to get them to see your side.  If you demand lockstep at whatever cost, to quote Lennon: "But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao/You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow,"  

The role of the judicial branch when it comes laws is simple, it defines laws, it doesn't create laws.  That's the role of the Legislative.  By taking the power away of the Plebiscite, California becomes more ungovernable.  Who is going to vote if they know their vote is going to be overturned on a whim?

Again, situational ethics.  Rather then fight for people's votes, the Left takes the road through the Judaical branch.  Not. Good. 

During the Bush years, the Left got in bed with anti-Semites who also hated President Bush's support of Israel. 

My questions:  Does the Left Hate Conservatives so much that they will give them tools to use when the Republicans become the majority on the Hill and White House? And what do Democrats stand for on foreign policy? Examples of the latter please.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Brief Moratorium for the Southland Fundraiser

As of Monday 4 PM PST, the Southland Fundraiser has died, like the Monty Python Parrot

However, in the end, the dream job awaits at the end of August.

I will do some more writing tomorrow night.  The Moratorium will be written after the election, otherwise, if you meet me face to face, I'll tell the tale. 

 And Moby's Memory Gospel that fits the mood:

I have some emails and calls (and some box moving) to do in the AM. 

Thanks to all who helped. 

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