Friday, August 13, 2010

Why the Southland Fundraiser was needed in Los Angeles

The great Gonzo Journalist Robert Stacy McCain is in town and staying in the San Fernando Valley. 
He was in town less then a day when he picked up this news item:
I then called up the Daily Breeze to explain this email:
Sent: Aug 11, 2010 12:58 PM


Don’t call or e-mail us – we’ll call you if we’re interested. And if you haven’t got it yet, we’re not interested. And stop sending the same messages to my co-worker Art as well

Thank you.

My question to the Daily Breeze was simple, this is an election year in a country with a functioning two party system, why the attitude?

First, I spoke with Stephanie Woo (Extension 6619), editorial page editor,  who said, "No comment," and then referred me to the City Editor, Frank Suraci (Extension 6621),  who couldn't answer the question and hung up quickly.  In confirming Mr. Suraci's quote, he claims not have seen it and not have talked with Mr. Green.  Asked to defend ot oppose the quote, Mr. Suraci said, "What do you want me to say?"

Now, if you are a consistent reader of the Valley, then you understand I was working hard to put "The Southland Fundraiser," into practice.  Part of the Southland Fundraiser was credentialing Bloggers as reporters because of the attitude of The Daily Breeze and the Journolist.

We live in a Two party system, it is not the Fourth estate's job to pick sides for the public.  Report the facts and let the people decide.  

But we who are on the Republican partisan battlefield know the press are not the referees of old, but partisans like ourselves.

Back to you, Robert Mc Cain!   

And a side note: Rep. Harman's husband bought Newsweek magazine.  Can some journalist yell "Conflict of interst!"

Nope, thought not.   
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  1. ha. You think that's bad? Understanding that the Democratic and Republican parties are only interested in expanding the scope of their power, and truthfully should not be trusted to do anything but the most menial labor, I advocate for third party and independent political alternatives. From that perspective, it's pretty funny listening to Democrats and Republicans complain about their coverage in the press.

    For instance, Herb Peters is the Libertarian candidate for Congress in CA-36, against Harman and Fein. A Google News search does not turn up a signle article with his name in it, even though, as a third party Libertarian candidate, he is almost by definition a superior choice to the establishmentarian stooges of the Democratic and Republican parties.


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