Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winning in Los Angeles (Late Summer Edition)

Summer in Los Angeles is dying a hot death; But all the Political campaigns in the Southland should be revving to go. 

Here is some more advice to help get all the Republican candidates in Los Angeles into the "Win," category by November. 

First, a tune to get psyched:

Ready? Let's go!

1)   Not Just a Traffic jam, but an Obamajam:: Speak to people who were caught in the 5 hour Obama Traffic jam (yes, call it that).  And let's note the guest list:

A host of California pols, including former Assembly Speaker and CD 33 candidate Karen Bass got to "hang out," in the president's words, with Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hollywood big shots at the Los Angeles estate of "The West Wing" producer John Wells.

Elected officials in attendance included: Democratic Reps. Howard Berman, Brad Sherman, Barbara Lee, Joe Baca, Laura Richardson, Judy Chu and John Garamendi, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Council President Eric Garcetti. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, a former congresswoman, also attended the fundraiser.

As you walk your district, let your constituents know who held them up Monday after work.  For those who weren't there, ask 10 people who were before commenting on this issue.

2) How the crap in Venice flows:   Here is a very local issue that translates into votes in every district.  G-d bless the people who want to live "off the grid," but when their lifestyle affects home-owning (or apartment renting) residents of your district, ask if they like the status quo of a Democratic run Los Angeles where no one cares. 

If this was in anyplace but Los Angeles, home owners and renters would stand up.  Find examples in your area where taxpayers are subsidizing a decline in neighborhood standards.  Trust me, stories like this can be found from the Valleys to the Ocean.

3)  There is no backup, so think like Spies: Whitman's people have made promises to the Southland that were not backed up (When the Southland Fundraiser was in final discussion, Whitman's people had a "plan" to fight in the Southland -- Has anyone seen it yet? Robert Mc Cain will write more on this story come Fall); With the end of the Southland Fundraiser this cycle, publicity and funds must be done on your own. 

As I mentioned in the last post, False Flags are flying courtesy of the Left.  Be ready for them  As a candidate, your team (be it one or many) should think like spies.  Los Angeles is our Jericho and in your campaign, you need hornblowers to shout your good deeds and how long your opponent has been in office (and after a certain length of time, corruption can easily be found).

In your district there are stories of your opponent, either ignoring their constituents or reneging on them. Find those tales.  Seriously, has anyone seen Rep. Waxman walking on Wilshire Boulevard the past summer? Game, set, match

4) Tolerance for whom?  In the NYC Mosque struggle, the Left is citing "Freedom of religion,"  Strange how they said not word one about the former Los Angeles seal and the amount it cost the city to re-do every sign and paperwork because it had a cross. 

Propriety is not a world Liberals use unless it is to shut up Conservatives. 

That's it for tonight -- enjoy your holiday, but the fight starts today!

My question: How ready are you for the fight in the Fall? 
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