Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Brain of Morbius

It's time for Doctor Who feature night! Tonight is The Brain of Morbius.

News from near and far:

1) I had a great lunch with Robert Mc Cain, Richard Mc Enroe, Dan Blatt from GayPatriot, Joy Mc Cann of Little Miss Attilla and  Mattie Fein (no relation), running in the 36th Congressional district.  There is a problem in LA GOP politics and it falls on one person's lap.  Expect a firestorm before next week's convention.  Heh. 

2)  Pamela Geller, the speaker of the Southland Fundraiser, will be in town on Monday.  Of course I'm going to say "Hi," to a class act.

3)  Some friends and family are having a rough time, I'm trying to help myself and my family and friends.  Say prayers tonight. 

And now The Brain of Morbius, a Doctor Who episode of  Time Lords and zombies. 


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