Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night POP

Sorry for the small break -- I have been supporting two campaigns for the Primary (and one for the CRP State Convention).  Which campaigns?

and finally:

Support all these three campaigns!

Now, what is POP? 

First a little taste of what is going on a few blocks from here:

Preparing Hollywood and Highland's Kodak Theatre for Oscars 2011

Now, let's POP!

1)  Fires in Libya, the Burning Middle East and North Africa -- Policy --  If the Obama Administration has a definitive foreign Policy, I'm sure it would be in play here.  But there is no Obama Doctrine:  Wilsonianism is despised because Bush fils took that route; Nixonianism is alive and well within the modern Democrats because, in the end, they are more comfortable with dictators then populist uprisings (see: Protests, Tea Party)

2)  Koch Brothers as Emmauel Goldsteins -- Politics -- I keep banging this drum because it's seems truer everyday.  Would the Democrats or their allies ever say, "Hey, maybe people don't like our policies or tactics?" NOPE.  They always need someone to blame; Be it Nixon, Reagan, Bush (fils or pere), Palin or the Koch Brothers.  I've come to the realization that Haters gotta Hate

3)  Snow in the San Fernando Valley -- Overwrought -- Is it Global warming? Climate Change? Or some other name next Tuesday?  Looking at this editorial in the Washington Post (the freaking Washington Post!), all I can say is madness is catching.    

 Let's end with a tune.  The next post is coming soon!

Oingo Boingo, Just Another Day, (Live Halloween '93)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogging from a Dying Borders in Sherman Oaks

I am a book reader - and when I have little funds, I like hanging and socializing in Book stores.
With Borders Books closing up shop around the country, it means there is one more empty Storefront on Ventura Boulevard (How is that Obamanomics working out for you?).  It started a few years ago with Borders closing first at Santa Monica Promenade.  From the ocean to the Valley, the red tide comes in.
Boo! Hiss!
I love bookstores and the people I meet there are usually able to hold a conversation (sorry this is Los Angeles, conversation is not a skill highly prized out here sometimes).  Also, I enjoy camaraderie of finding people who like reading the same stuff I do. (Political books, History and Biography, sci-fi and Graphic novels)
The lights are dim at the coffee shop on the second floor, prices are slashed for items that are a mess.  There is no rhyme or reason to keep order when even the idea of holding open a store is in doubt. 
Why does Barnes and Noble survive while Borders flounders? There used to multiple bookstores until it was a fight between the last two giants on the Brick and Morter block (Think Octavian and Marc Antony at Actium-- except here Antony won)Barnes and Noble adapted to the new technology, while Borders (from their Progressive beachead in Ann Arbor) looked down upon the new Media and new tech. 
Amazon was the wall that broke down between the two fighters.  New technology speeds as per Moore's Law, infomation travels faster then a book page, the loser laughs at the new tech and pays later.
So, goodbye to an old friend! I enjoyed spending time here and meeting people. 
However, if you want to help me with my Amazon wish list, be my guest.  The sound of turning paper is a great sound. 
My question: Does Borders closing affect you too?
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The Heart of Art in Los Angeles (with Pop tArt) -- Lenora Claire

When Pop tArt opened, I went.  Among the level of hipness and cool, I was definitely out of place.  But as someone who is a confirmed Social Libertarian (and someone who appreciates art), visiting Lenora Claire, curator, and PoptArt's owner, Phyllis Natividad (Phyllis, standing right, pic Left; Lenora, standing Left, pic Right) was the best thing to do. 

I asked Lenora Claire (if I could, I would spend multiple bandwidth on how beautiful she is....) questions about art, Los Angeles and future showings at the gallery.   

I first asked Lenora on how she got involved in Los Angeles' art scene:

Lenora was born in New York and moved out to Los Angeles at 6 months.  She has been a local girl since then. She is former Goth (yay!) and Valley girl.  And even though she spent her whole life in Los Angeles, she doesn't drive. 

She started first as a journalist, and then became a curator.  Because of her background in the news, she was able to get support of editors around town to promote the  different artwork she curates.

The first big art show was Golden Girls Gone Wild  (NSFW, but an interesting link), it was for Lenora, "..a chance to show that older people are still sexy,"  It was a breakthrough at her gallery World of Wonder. 

Growing up, she was a big fan of Olivia's artwork (shown in Playboy), and eventually, Lenora ended up in one Olivia's artwork too (see below)

My next question for Lenora was how the Los Angeles Art scene compares to other cities:

Lenora said, "In Los Angeles, it's cheaper to be an artist here.  You can work in the studios as a set designer during the day, and work on your art after.  Los Angeles is a city defined by artists." 

Compared to New York City, artists have a freer hand in LA.  "In NYC, artists struggle to survive," Lenora continued.

In San Francisco, the art is influenced by Silicon valley and the Venture Capitol out there.  Thus, the art scene errs more on the side of Manga and anime. 

However, in London, with the economy doing better then some cities in the States, there is more funds for artists but less of a free hand in their work.

My final question was: How does your art break through the very busy Los Angeles social scene (between the music scene, the TV and movie Industry showings that occur daily in LA)?  For my political people, read this carefully....

Lenora said "It is about bringing Art to the public," With YOUR FACE HERE (the current show at Pop tArt), she is allowing people to be photographed by Austin Young and placed on the walls of the gallery.  "With the pop culture hook, many people show up and are interested," In fact, "YOUR FACE HERE allows people to buy a place in Pop culture,"   

In short, she brings the Art to the people.  It is a lesson those of us in the Political world need to understand, get the people involved, and give them something to appreciate that they know, and even in Los Angeles, the people will enjoy.

Here are future exhibits at Pop tArt:

After YOUR FACE HERE is "RealiTease," which brings reality stars to shine on the walls of the Gallery.  Will you see Snooki and Kim Kardashian?  Keep watching this space.

After "RealiTease," is Mi Vida Local which is art done by Cholos.  They are a part of Los Angeles culture, and Lenora wants to show their influence.  Again, watch this space.

I was even honered to have this picture taken with Lenora Claire.  She is truly, "The Heart of Art in Los Angeles," 

There is much more surprises ahead, get to Pop tArt and see them all.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day 2011

Whether you're Republican or Democrat;
 Or Liberal, Conservative, Anti-War or Tea partier;
Let us celebrate that we live in the Greatest Republic in the World.

America has had quiet transfers of power for over 200 years -- pretty good odds. If you don't like a President, you can always vote against them next time.

But to carry a theme, Presidents are people.  They are not perfect, but if you use one standard for one president, hold the next one to the same standard.  Not that hard.  I do it all the time.

Enjoy the pics Valley people!

President Teddy Roosevelt, The Right of the People to Rule

My question: Who is your favorite and least favorite Presidents?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winning LA the Easy Way: Being a Social Libertarian

I love being in the Goth scene.

And I enjoy working with candidates, Bloggers and Politicos in RPLAC and the CAGOP.

There is an article soon to be in the American Spectator in April (after I go to the CAGOP Spring Convention with Robert McCain in March) published on RPLAC and CAGOP

While there is a lull in the Political season (except in the Upper Midwest, North Africa and the Middle East), let me explain what I mean by Social Libertarianism. 

First of all, I am not a Paulbot (either father or son).  In most issues, I am a simple Conservative.(If you want to read from a cool Libertarian, follow Aaron Proctor's  Blog and Twitter feed), but when it comes to social issues, I don't believe Government (City, State, Federal) should get involved.

But being a professional Politico who understands Politics AND Policy, to get things done within the Republican party and on the Hill, I NEED to work with Social Conservatives.  I don't agree with a lot of their views, and I'm sure some don't follow mine, but being professionals and friends, we find ways to work together. 


But I know what I believe, and my role in politics is to push my vision behind the scenes. 

What issues? Government and mental health (first hand experience), the concept of a William Gibson's Chiba City in a US City as a lead in to the Technological Singularity, supporting the survival of Israel (as a Jew, yeah, that ranks very high on my list) and supporting Democracies over Dictators


Now winning in LA requires a few things: Thinking like an Artist, being available for local issues, having a foot in the Music and TV/Movie Industry and being a Social Liberterian.

For me, the answer to my beliefs lies within the Declaration of Independence,:

Look at the highlighted words: Consent of the Governed occurs after every election.  As long as we have elections, the Republic is in good hands (even if the voters disagree with me.  That means I have to win the debate next time). 

And for this post, the words that matter are: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Or you can watch this video from when I was a kid....
Schoolhouse Rock, Fireworks

In the Goth scene, there are all manner of folk (some NSFW friends but I won't link them here); In Los Angeles, there is West Hollywood, Hollywood and Venice Boardwalk -- you can't win these areas with Social Conservatives.  Sorry, but it's the truth..

There are people who do many different things in Los Angeles on the way to, from or during their jobs. As long as everyone is legal and consenting, what concern is it of the State?    


If you run for office in LA, remember the current City Council (and other City Councils) has legislated against clubs, retsurants, renters and owners.  Not Republicans, Democrats.  Think on that, Valley people.

When I was a Liberal Democrat back in NYC, I was a a Social Liberterian, and now, decades later, as a Conservative Republican, the song remains the same

My question: How far should the State go within people's Social lives?

Update 2/21/11 1:33PM: Linked by the awesome (and sweet) Little Miss Attilla.  Thank you!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Two of the coolest and nicest people are spending the day together: My Mom and sis. 

Mom at Malibu

(For a post about the cool and hip Lenora Claire, look back here on Monday)

For my Mom, I want to shout:
Happy Birthday!  to one of the nicest and sweetest people I know.

Paul McCartney, Happy Birthday

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Inception Wisconsin Protest Style

Is it deja vu? Or a dream within a dream?

The protests by the Teacher unions (and the professional protesters called up by OFA and President Obama) in Madison, Wisconsin are almost a bad re-play of the Anti-war protests of the Bush years (both Bushes).  Thus, deja vu.

But, there are layers within the protests just like Inception, here is the trailer:

and just like the Internet meme, here is the Inception trailer made for a few movies (before we get back to Wisconsin):

Inception, Star Wars (IV) Trailer;

Inception, Matrix Trailer

Inception, Dark Knight Trailer;

Had fun?  Now, let's go up the Dream Levels (of the real Inception) of the protests:

The Plane)  Budgetary Problems in the States (see this 60 Minutes piece here) and a large shortfall that the NEW WI Governor Scott Walker (who took office on January 3, 2011) must deal with; Here and here are links to the amount some of the Union heads make, hence the debate;

The City)  On this level, there is the fight betwen Public Employee Unions against Private Workers and business'  As the Public Employee Union leadership reflexively supports Democrats, the new Republicans (with a touch of Tea Party Fiscal Displine) argue against the Carte Blanche of the power the State Unions have.  My state, California, will have this battle come 2012 or when the CA declares bankruptcy, whichever comes first.

The Hotel)  This is the season of Budget battles.  President Obama submitted his FY2012 budget into Congress, but as per the rules, Budget and Appropriations (my specialty), starts in the House of Representatives.  What happens in the states will eventually rise to DC. If the Public Employee Unions lose in multiple States, then their bargaining power (and political power) will not be sacrosent anymore.

The Snow Fortress)  If the Public unions lose in a Progressive State like Wisconsin, then it all falls down.  The is the begining of an endgame for public opinion on State unions and Private workers and who gets to have the tax funds. The Tea Parties main (and only true) goal is Government Fiscal (not social) responsibility.  The State unions are part of that gioal of defining Government spending.

Limbo)  This is the first battlespace for the 2012 Election.  If Obama sways the public here, he wins in 2012. 

The kick will occur when the public makes a stand for either side. 

My question: Who wil wake up first? The Public, the Tea partiers or the State Unions?  

Give me the kick!

(h/t Althouse and husband Meade who are on the doorstep to all the news)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Spies and Their Revolution: Why was President Obama caught Off Guard?

In the darkness lies two groups of people: Those who dance in the Dark, the Goths and those who work in the Dark, the Spies.

What happened in Egypt brings to mind a few questions for the spies:

 1)     After Wikileaks and the Palestine papers, did our Intelligence Agents feel safe to operate in the Middle East?

2)    Do our intelligence Agents overseas feel like the Obama Administration has their "back,"?

 3)   Were our HUMINT only based in the Upper Echelons of Egyptian Government and not among the people?

Right now, the Egyptian Government has fallen, nothing but the Military has risen to take over.  However, the other factor in Egypt (which has been around since 1928) is the Muslim Brotherhood.  With the fall of Mubarak (good riddence!), means all the treaties signed are in the air. 

Meanwhile, what was President Obama's role during the Egyptian Revolution?

On Tuesday the Obama Administration asked Hosni Mubarak to step aside.

On Wednesday they said that transitioning power “now means yesterday.”

On Saturday morning the Obama Administration said Mubarak must stay.

On Saturday evening the Obama Administration said Mubarak should step aside.

On Sunday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mubarak must stay in power.

On Tuesday the Obama Administration said that political reform will be a gradual process.

(h/t Blackfive)

If our friends in the Dark did not know, then it should be time to reform the Intelligence Agencies.  Salt other Government and our Ambassadorships as well as the local politicos in each country. 

However, if they DID know, and President Obama and HIS CIA Chief were in the Dark, the question becomes, who are our Intelligence Agents backing for 2012?

My question: Which is the correct answer?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

At the February 2011 RPLAC Meeting

While the cool Bloggers are at CPAC2011, we who are toiling in the Provinces are still plugging away.
Tonight we are hearing from the LA Reigonal Vice Chair nominees. 
7:06PM Adam Abrahms is speaking and leading so far.  Go Adam! He ends with "Do you feel we have moved forward as LA Republicans better then 10 years ago?" Cheers.
7:09PM Linda Boyd, former RPLAC chair, is speaking.  She is also running.  Light boos as she got up to speak. Talks about her former job as RPLAC chair, defends record.  "If I'm elected, we need to get support from other Parties and counties,"  Light clapping.
7:15 Q's for Abrahms and Boyd. 
7:16: Q1: How do we bring more people of color into RPLAC?
         Boyd: My RPLAC Board looked like LA.  Funded HQ in Lemerk park.
         Abrahms: When Prop A - E failed, it was not due to color, it was because people want the same things.  We need to base it on our ideas, not by color.
7:19 Q2: In my district (Boyle Heights area), no outreach yet -- demographics will beat ground team., what will be your plan?
        JB gets in and invites Questioner to office.
        Abrahms: We are in Santa Monica and we register votes.  Everywhere in LA is important.
        Boyd:  LA has been on offense for a long time.  CRP will make decisions over RPLAC.  
7:23  Q3: What will be done to prop up LA County?
         Boyd:  People know me.  We need two positions on Board instead of one, I will know what to do, etc.
          Abrahms: Points to the Boyds for their service.  The questions, do we feel like we're getting enough? I will fight for what I believe is right.  I brought 34 Young Republicans to Burbank for special elections.  I will fight against party for more funds, more volunteers, etc.  (More cheers)
7:27  JB, if you can go to the CAGOP Convo in March, you can decide.
7:20-30: Internal stuf not being talked here.  RPLAC's secratery and Treasurer talk.   
7:31 - 35: Mark Vifiandes, 1st Vice Chair: The role of the Central Committee member.  (Speech)
        "Once Primary is over, support candidate."
7:36- 40: JB giving detail on how RPLAC works.
                "Say it loud and here at RPLAC," Yay Jane! 
7:40-42: JB details about Prop 14.  (Big smile)
7:48: RPLAC has 14 Delegate slots for CAGOP convo. 
8:00 RPLAC splits into smaller committees.  I will be at Communications Committee run by Terry Rathbun.  More news soon.
8:45: RPLAC Convenes again
8:49: Los Angeles County Pacific Palisades Club is now Chartered by RPLAC
8:52: Vote on Endorsing Abrahms for LA Vice Chair.  (By simple majority vote) Motion passes by 19 votes (Yay!)

8:58  Vote on Endorsing Linda Boyd (By simple majority vote) Motion fails by 12

9:12 RPLAC adjourns for February.  See you in March!

**JB stands for the great Chairwoman Jane Barnett of RPLC
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

13 Keys, Bilbo Baggins and President Palin

When I went to American University in Washington, DC, I studied under Professor Allan Lichtman (yes, the same guy who ran in the MD Senate Primary in 2006); Now, I wasn't the greatest or smartest student, but he wrote a great book that I use to follow Presidential Elections.  And before you begin, here is Professor Lichtman's own prediction in Early 2010.    Now this is the book he (and tonight, I am as well) models  elctions on:

Since I'm on a Lord of the Rings series read, each 13 key (+1 more) will be tied to one of the dwarfs of the Hobbit.  The 14th Key is only for Conservatives, Republicans and Tea partiers, it is not Professor Lichtman's, it's my own.  

Now onto the keys!

1) Did the Incumbent White House increase their majorities? NO, see Election 2010.(Fili)

2) Will President Obama have a Primary opponent? There is talk now, so this works against Obama.  Another negative key. (Kili)

3)  Incumbent party holding the White House? That is the Democrats, and that is a key in their favor.(Oin)

4)  Will there be a Third Party challenge? Yes, see Mayor Bloomberg, No Labels.  Negative against Obama.(Gloin)

5) Is the short term economy doing fine? If unemployment stays on it's present course and of course, the recession ends before October 2012, then this is another key against President Obama.(Dwalin)

6) Economic growth larger then the Last Administration (Long term Economy)?  No, President Obama was voted to get the Economy back on track, no matter what speeches are given, his economy is not growing as much as President George W. Bush's economy after 9/11 and the dot-bomb.   Another negative key. (Balin)

7)  Any major policy Change by the Incumbent Administration? Obamacare.  But this counts as a positive key in the Election cycle because it counts as a "win,"  (Bifor)

8) Social Unrest? We tea patiers are the new hippies.  Another key against President Obama.(Bofer)

9) Any Administration scandal? Journolist -- Ezra Klein and his band of Merry Journalists conspired with the Democratic Party to shift an election.  Why isn't Ezra Klein in jail?  Another negative key.(Bomber)

10) Foreign or Military failure? Any new "Islamic Republic," that appears in the Middle East and North Africa between 2008 and 2012 falls on President Obama's shoulders.  Any "Islamic Republic," that attacks Israel is a Foreign policy failure.  If Afghanistan remains a failed State, that becomes another Obama policy failure.  Another negative key.(Dori)

11) Foreign or Military success? If any of the above does not occur, then this is a positive key.  Until then, this key has not turned. (Thorin)

12) Incumbent Charisma? Yes, President Obama has charisma.  Positive key.(Ori)

13)  Challenger Charisma? This key is a No, unless One person wins the GOP nomination, then it works against President Obama.(Nori)

Let's go over the 13 keys before Bilbo Baggins meets Smaug:

10 Negative Keys and 3 Positive ones.  He will lose in 2012. 

And now, Bilbo (Voiced by Orson Bean) meets Smaug:

And the 14th Key, the lucky number, the Bilbo Baggins of Keys:

14) Did the Democratic Partisans attack Our Candidate for November BEFORE the Primary season?
The only person who has been attacked (under the modern "Dean Democrats,") is Former Governor Palin.  If she was not so hated, the support in the provinces (and the Internet) would not be so strong.

If Governor Palin runs in 2012, she wins. 

My question:  Do you trust the keys?

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Another Reason to Leave AOL

If you know me, you know my email ends in

But in the past few months, AOL Email is faltering (almost weekly) and there is no immediate response. 

I am moving everything (Favorite sites and email addresses) to Google.  But before I crashed last night, I saw the news come over the Twitterverse:

AOL is buying the Huffington Post for $315 Million.

Winning The Future? Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!?

Some of the problems of the Huffington Post is that:

A) It ONLY advocates the Left (Why doesn't AOL buy Pajamas Media too?)  Arianna Huffington is not known the best communicator -- Many on the Right still remember her shallowness during the Gingrich years;

B)  Whenever any Republican is near death or dying, the Huffington Post has to shut down it's comment section because of the Hatred usually expressed there (i.e. Tony Snow);

C)  Hatred of Israel on the Huffington Post is a feature not a bug;


D)  Just becaue there are Hollywood stars who Blog on the site does not make them Policy genius'

Soon, I shall bid adieu to AOL.  This caps it. 

However, if AOL wants to buy the Valley for a few Million dollars, I will gladly accept.

My question: Who will lobby Google to buy Pajamas Media?

Also check out The Other McCain. as well.
And here is Arianna singing to AOL:

(The Music Man, You got Trouble)

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

The 100th Birthday of President Ronald Reagan

During President Reagan's tenure, I was a teenage Liberal Democrat.

Long after I switched parties (Summer 1992 in SUNY-Stonybrook), I saw what made Reagan True North for us Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers.

Here is something to be proud of:

President Reagan was the last non-Ivy person elected President. The last time the Democrats (the so-called "party of the people," ) elected a non-Ivy to the Presidency was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Since then, there has been no non-Ivy Democrats nominated or elected. (Carter went to an elite military school) But if you look at the upcoming 2012 Republican primary, our strongest candidate is a woman who never went to the Ivies. (yes, I support Governor Palin)

On my 39th Birthday, I spent time at the Reagan Museum in preparation for the Southland Fundraiser. 

Here are some speeches by Ronald Reagan that I, in retrospect, enjoyed:

Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing;

President Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address;

President Ronald Reagan speaking to the UK Parliament about Freedom;

President Reagan on the Middle East (1982)

President Reagan on the Challenger disaster;

President Reagan at the Berlin Wall (1987)

President Reagan Farewell Speech 1/11/1989

What is the sign of a great President?

A President who is willing to sacrifice their popularity for an ideal.  Reagan was one of those.

(also see The Other McCain, GayPatriot, Riehl World View, and Cubachi for a round up of rememberence of this great man)**

**To be linked when their posts are up.....

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