Tuesday, February 27, 2007

POP #1 (Reboot)

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In the Valley, there are posts known as POP's or Policy or Politics. This is a Gumbo of different issues that occur during the day or week. Politics is not about getting electing (Politics), but about Governing (Policy). Eventually, I hope to work on the Governing side.

Here is the New POP:

1) Global Stock Market dip due to China - Policy - Back during the 1980's, the big worry was about Japan overtaking the American Economy. There were even books written about that fear. Then came the Asian Flu and Recession and Cyberpunk went the way of Woodstock. China is following Japan's lead. I await China's recession.

2) Leftist reaction to Vice President Cheney's survival - Politics -- What is wrong with these people? As an Institutionalist, I believe America needs to support the pillars of our Constitutional Republic. I might not have liked President Clinton's policy or person, or even Speaker Pelosi, but since they won their respective positions, I then wish them well but work on policies supporting my views. But this? The Outer Party of Democrats would rather tear down these Institutions when they don't have them, then be civil. It is time for the Grand Old Men of the Democratic party to bring back civility. God help us if something happens to this current administration, I will blame The Nation and American Prospect magazines.

3) Vice President Gore's Home of Carbon Emissions -- Politics -- The rule for rich democrats is: The rules apply for thee, not for me (i.e. see Kerry)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The State v. Conservatism

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I'm back! Here is a post regarding my view of Conservatism:

Being a Conservative....means you don't hang out with the "Cool" people in society. (Ask yourself this, how many Conservative movies get made in Hollywood?) Trust me, it is harder to be a Conservative in a Blue State(s), then to be a Liberal in a Red one. But, what sort of issues made me a Conservative? Truth be told, I have a Libertarian streak, but in the real world, Libertarians never get elected. Republicans get elected, not Conservatives or Libertarians. Here is why:

1) State as Mammon. The same State that can fund you, can also determine how you live (speak to any Welfare recipient). If you see the State as benevolent (i.e. WPA works during the Depression), you also depend on a Caesar. If you know your Emperors, there were good ones, such as Augustus, Claudius and Marcus Aurelius, but there were bad ones as well. To be dependent on the State put the individual at the mercy of an Augustus or a Caligula.

2) The Individual v. the Mass. In every pre-1977 Sci-fi Universe (and that includes Star Trek), the mass of men are decided by the rule of a few. Conservatism fights for the right of the individual to say "No!" Don't believe me? The rule of law in a Socialist Society (where the far left of the Spectrum ends up), is based on the mass' rights over the individual. I remember pictures of Soviets waiting in line for Toilet paper. If the State deems Toilet Paper is not essential, then the individual loses.

3) The Nanny State. I don't smoke. I even cough when someone smokes. Sometimes I ask my friends to put out their cigs, sometimes I ask for one. But when the State comes in and orders you....well, the best description is the Government brings a Gun to the table when everyone else brings cards. In NYC, the nominally GOP Mayor Bloomberg signed a law stopping Transfats. OK, but what if Avacados are discovered to be bad for your health, then what? The State is based on whims of people (other then you) who control your life. Conservatism believes in Man's fallability, Liberalism expects perfection from birth.

These are my main beliefs. There are differences with the Social Conservatives, but I can fit easier into a room with Christian Conservatives who disagree with me then with Liberals who believe I should be sent to a Gulag for voting for Bush.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Running towards daylight

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In about 2 weeks, I should have a desktop at home to work with. I am also waiting for my laptop to arrive from the cold Michigan winter. As Phil Collins sang, "Out of the Darkness and into the night," However, I want to discuss a few issues here:

1) The return of the Doha Round? Free trade faltered on the shores of Agricultural subsidies. What issue do you think will bring the parties back? I personally see the Core Group of Countries (as described by Thomas PM Barnett) as a Free Trade zone where products pass through with less paperwork and more profit.

2) Pelosi's Plane. Doesn't this create Global warming? But then, how does Global warming explain snow in Malibu?

3) Also, I am looking for a substitute Blogger for when I am lacking a computer. The job pays only in publishing but I am looking for someone right-of-center to fill in occaisionally. Please email me if interested.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Black Cat in a Dark Room

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My computer is still down. There is a decision regarding rebuilding a Dell from 2000 or get a new one. Also, I am waiting on a Laptop from a friend. When I resume, there will be more posts.


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