Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Late February 2014 Metal Muse

Since I miss the 1st (see last post), I owe the Valley a Muse.  The surprise here is that I have met and interacted (and found her nice and beautiful) with her. 

She is not Goth (but she hangs around the scene), but she is tough and awesome.

Her name is Metal Sanaz; She is Persian, and is bringing Metal to the masses.  She actually was part of Operation Myspace in Kuwait.

Here is her bio.

Now, some pictures of someone who can break your heart and eat it too!

Publicity Shot

Modeling her own Clothing Line

Event at the Playboy mansion 

At the Sunset Blvd. Music Festival

Just say "Thank You,"
In Vinyl

Among the troops in Kuwait for Operation Myspace

This woman is rocking out for Freedom in Iran.

Freeing the people of Iran, one Guitar lick at a time

Follow her website, twitter feed and Facebook page.

A great Metal Muse and wonderful person.

Next Muse on March 1st!

Back from the Dead (Literally!)

I have been dead for a while, blame this year's Swine Flu.

Baron Samedi brought me back!  Watch out world!

From the 1st to the 17th, I was almost dead, brought back alive by Voodoo and some Lovecraftian Spells. 

During the time I was under, I read about the Fall and rise of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil); watched the Fall of the 12 Colonies and the escape of Galactica (2004 version) and saw the rumors of the Yellow King.

Now that I am back (and back for good), first some music, then a Flashback to the past about....

Black Angels "Young Man Dead," From True Detective (Ep. 1)

Now,  for those who remember, "In Search of..." Starring Leonard Nimoy :

Enjoy the Valley! 

My question: How was your February?


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