Saturday, November 28, 2009

Doctor Who -- The Daleks are Coming! The Daleks are Coming!

It's a holiday weekend, and I owe the Valley two Doctor Who's. After you eat and shop, kick back and enjoy some old school sci-fi.

Let's follow the First Doctor in his second Adventure: The Daleks. Who are the Daleks? They don't say too much but "EX-TER-MIN-ATE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" Watch them show up for the first time. Then go below and watch the second episode!

25 years later, the Seventh Doctor returned to the junkyard and the vicinity of Coal Hill School to fight Davros and the Daleks (more on Davros and his ties to the Left during the political portion of the Valley). There is a meta reference, see if you catch it. Enjoy!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Essence of Doubt and AGW

If you're reading this this weekend, either you are a fan of The Valley (Thank you!), a Climate skeptic or Climate Change Defender or very bored this Holiday weekend. So, welcome, I hope you enjoyed your Turkey and your shopping.

If you haven't heard or read, a Russian hacker published the Emails of The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit [CRU]. Here are the emails, read 'em and weep.

As a sci-fi geek, I love science; I never understood the mathematical issues to get me through Astronomy, but I understood the Scientist as Skeptic and the Scientific method. Scientists should not be ruled by politics, however in each of the emails, politics defines the debate. This is why putting Al Gore on top of the AGW movement, made some of us doubters. Hint: Not all of us voted for the Former Vice president.

Ask yourself this: Why did the Russian hacker release these emails before Copenhagen? Cui Bono?

The answers to AGW by it's defenders is a Command and Control Economy. For instance, cap and Trade as a check on business, large and small; Carbon Credits for individuals, trying to turn growing Countries (and First World Countries) into Luddite havens. Where has this been practiced before? Hint: the same country under a different name dealt with Command and Control and it did not turn out well.

If you remember the Cold war, do you remember lines for Toilet paper?

The idea behind AGW is that everything must be done NOW! The world is ending NOW! Copenhagen is looking like Kyoto on crack. And why did the Congress during the the Clinton Administration refuse to ratify (95-0, not just Republicans opposed the bill) Kyoto? As James Carville, said, "It's the economy, stupid,"

Even in the Valley, I'm doing an social experiment to prove if Global warming is real. I'm a doubter, I'm a reader. if you want to prove your case (as the Left does with it's Obama defense,i.e. Blame Bush -- Obama and Democrats are running things now and the Left acts as if it's 2005), tell me what exact date Malibu Colony Road will be underwater.

Heck, if someone invites me and two scientists (AGW defender and skeptic) to a party on Malibu Colony Road to debate, I'd like to be convinced. Blaming Bush will not win my support.

There was no need to hide the emails from either the UK's or US' Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] and there was no reason to fudge the numbers; but they were. Scientists should doubt, but they didn't.

Until I see people leaving in droves from Malibu Colony Road, I will not believe it either. If AGW is real, those houses should be empty. But they're not.

My question: Defend or doubt AGW, give me proof why I should listen to your side? What scientific experiment is your proof?

And for extra credit: Can a scientist tell me what exact date will Malibu Colony Road wll be underwater? (I would like a link to your CV if you are, thank you).

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I looked back in the Valley and saw my Two Thanksgiving Posts had missing pictures: One of Reagan and the other of Nixon pardoning Turkeys. Hopefully, the picture above lasts the tests of time.
What am I thankful for in 2009?
1) As always, my family and friends. They stood by me during the Plague Year and Shaking the Disease.
3) Happy Thanksgiving to all my Political mentors in DC (Karv and Todd) and Los Angeles (Gary Aminoff and Matt Robbins)!
4) Happy Thanksgiving to the City of San Diego, the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention! It's a beautiful city and I enjoy knowing the people from there.
5) Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers, those who subscribe and those who don't. Without you, I would be on a box on a Speakers' corner talking into the wind. May you and your families have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why does Conor Friedersdorf support an Anti-Semite?

Andrew Sullivan is his mentor and his mentor has gone after Jews and Israel many times, as I note here.

Real Conservatives support Israel and Jews, why is Conor silent on this?

I guess silence means he agrees with Sullivan.

Again, I have bets that he will work for the Obama Administration as a speechwriter after 2010.

In none of his posts anywhere around the net since 1/20/09 has he gone after Obama or Liberals, thus he is not a Conservative.

My question, why does Conor support Anti-semitism?

Update 11/19/ 10:13AM : Sullivan comes through with his hate for Israel again. He wants to give the Pali state rights without responsibilities.

Such as the responsibility of recognizing Israel; The responsibility of not shooting missiles into civilian territory and the responsibility of building a Government that focuses on roads and schools and not Hatred of Jews (but Sullivan shares the same Hate).

And Conor supports Sullivan's permanent attacks on Israel.

Game. Set match.

Conor, either it is wrong or it isn't.

And your silence on Sullivan speaks volumes.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why the Valley has Already Endorsed Palin for the 2012 Primary

Today is Palin day. Her book hit the bookstores (and a mysterious benefactor has sent me a copy which will arrive next week) [also buy a copy, it helps the Valley] and she is going on a media tour.

Now, why am I jumping the gun for 2012 and saying, "Put your money and votes behind Governor Palin?"

Here's issue one (as McLaughlin would say); Note how Couric opposes Palin on this issue. Watch and cheer:

This is issue two: Governors make better Presidents then One term (or one half term) Senators.

Issue three: The Leftist sexism makes me want to defend her.

Issue four: For the same reason I supported Giuliani in 2008 (see who I cross-endorsed, he fooled me too), I support Palin: She punches back. G-d Bless her. This is why I don't support Romney or Huckabee (well, Huckabee's a Social Conservative, I'm not), they don't point their rhetorical cannons Left. And where was Romney was Palin was under fire? Nowhere to be seen. If he wasn't loyal in a Governing year, how could he be loyal to the rest of us when he is in office? It would be a repeat of watching the current California Governor on a national level.

Issue Five: She is the best defense against Andrew Sullivan's America. (and let's hope he's home in the UK by 2011); No caste system, no misogyny (well, except from the Left), and Congressional power against Executive power, just as the founders wanted. If you want to live in Andrew Sullivan's America, I suggest the Dark Ages

Issue Six: Until the Democrat's stop needing Emmanuel Goldstein's, I would be happy to see the Left melt down when she wins in Nov. 2012. or the Left can stop needing Emmanuel Goldstein's. Nah, that would require them to grow up.

Issue Seven: Her love of America is pure, unlike President Obama who never seems to show it. I like a President who can talk sports (baseball, football); Has anyone ever heard Obama talk sports and politics (i.e. the bill is on the 10 yard line)? Or talk about what makes America great (even overseas)? If you have the speech, please send me the link. That is something I want out of every President of the United States, love of country and respect for traditions.

Issue Eight: Because she was martyred like President Bush, she inspires the loyalty of the rank and file. Every pundit who slams her, slams the Conservative and Republican voters. And we are not happy.

Issue Nine: Reagan was called an "Amiable dunce," for not going to Ivy league schools before he became President. The last non-Ivy President for the Democrats, the so-called "party of the people" was in 1964. So, if you are a Democrat and want to run for the White House, they only accept Ivies. Sorry about that. In the GOP, we accept you if you understand our philosophy and fight for it. Ivy or not.

Issue Ten: The very last one, we now have an African-American president (Woo hoo! About time. Too bad he's more like Al Sharpton then Justice Thomas), it would be good to have a woman one too. And also, I hope to work in her White House in 2013.

Don't be a mindless lemming needing an Emmanuel Goldstein, don't be a hypocrite over feminism issues, Support Palin 2012!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

President Obama Stops Dithering and Joins Osama Bin Laden against the US

Are you shocked? I'm not. I used to be the guy who followed the rules of engagement written by Tip O'Neill. The Left stopped following Tip's rules after December 12, 2000. And look at these protests. The Left said it was OK during the last 8 years to compare American leaders to Nazis.

I mentioned earlier about how President Obama and the Democrats wanted a 9/10 world -- they got it.

I mentioned earlier how the Left wants to continue to prosecute President Bush, are we surprised?

Now with Kahlid Sheik Muhammad [KSM] coming to New York City, members of the Left want to know if it could lead to the last Administration. Know who else hated President Bush and Vice President Cheney? Osama bin Laden; President Obama, with every slam against Bush, joins OBL.

Every time President Obama bows in front a foreign leader, he diminishes us all. Whether it is the Saudi King or the Japanese King, President Obama shows the birthers (whom I don't support) he knows little of America (I just believe that President is either an Evil Time Lord or a Drunk Head of State).

America is about how everyone can succeed.
America is about the common man triumphing against the State.
America is about forgiveness and redemption.

The Democrats and the Obama Administration believes in none of these things.

So, while President Obama dithers over Afghanistan, he is using the KSM trial to go after President Bush. Just like Osama bin Laden. Pundits of the Left are blind to it.

The lawyer, John Yoo (member of the Democrats Emmanuel Goldstein list) wrote this:

KSM is the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—and a "terrorist entrepreneur," according to the 9/11 Commission report. He was the brains behind a succession of operations against the U.S., including the 1996 "Bojinka plot" to crash jetliners into American cities. Together with Osama bin Laden, he selected the 9/11 terrorists, arranged their financing and training, and ran the whole operation from abroad.

Prosecutors will be forced to reveal U.S. intelligence on KSM, the methods and sources for acquiring its information, and his relationships to fellow al Qaeda operatives. The information will enable al Qaeda to drop plans and personnel whose cover is blown. It will enable it to detect our means of intelligence-gathering, and to push forward into areas we know nothing about.

This is not hypothetical, as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has explained. During the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (aka the "blind Sheikh"), standard criminal trial rules required the government to turn over to the defendants a list of 200 possible co-conspirators.

In essence, this list was a sketch of American intelligence on al Qaeda. According to Mr. McCarthy, who tried the case, it was delivered to bin Laden in Sudan on a silver platter within days of its production as a court exhibit.
Bin Laden, who was on the list, could immediately see who was compromised. He also could start figuring out how American intelligence had learned its information and anticipate what our future moves were likely to be.

For a preview of the KSM trial, look at what happened in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker who was arrested in the U.S. just before 9/11. His trial never made it to a jury. Moussaoui's lawyers tied the court up in knots.

All they had to do was demand that the government hand over all its intelligence on him. The case became a four-year circus, giving Moussaoui a platform to air his anti-American tirades. The only reason the trial ended was because, at the last minute, Moussaoui decided to plead guilty. That plea relieved the government of the choice between allowing a fishing expedition into its intelligence files or dismissing the charges.

Consider Zacarias Moussaoui. He was the so called "20th Hijacker of September 11," And consider his trial. As a defendent, the can go into intellegence files and go after those who watched their deeds.

Would the Left stand up to KSM if his trial lawyers (or if he represents himself) wants to bring on former VP Cheney or President Bush into the trial, will they stop it? Will the Left stand up for President Bush?

The answer can be found in President Obama's actions. He never says anything good about President Bush nor do his supporters.

The Left are playing a dangerous game that was last played in the Roman republic. Call the next actions of the Democrats, Liberals, and President Obama: the end of the American Republic 3.0.

Pompey and his Senate wanted to destroy Caeser. They wanted hm to give up his troops and his power with nothing in return for defeating Gaul. Caeser did not cross the Rubicon on his own. he had his troops and we have ours.

Think of all of the Bush and Palin supporters if the KSM trial does go after the last administration The solution is simple:

After KSM goes after Bush, from coast to coast, we on the Right and our friends with the Second Amendment and our friends in the military (taking their equipment) crosses the Potomac and confronts Pelosi and Reid. If the left wants to keep this Republic, they must defend those whose beliefs are different.

Or would the Left follow President Obama, who is following OBL's hatred against Bush?

The question is simple: Why does President Obama and the Left follow OBL in their hatred of Bush?

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doctor Who -- An Unearthly Child

The very first episode of Doctor Who was shown on November 23, 1963. I have never seen the episode, but it laid the groundwork for a 40 year old series with over 200 shows. What American sci-fi show has ever caught up? None of them!

And now, enjoy William Hartnell and the first adventure in the TARDIS -- I'll be watching along with you.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th! Welcome back to the 9/10 World brought to you by AG Holder and President Obama

Let's review:

A) AG Holder (and by default, President Obama) are bringing Kahlid Sheikh Muhammed [KSM}, designer of 9/11 to New York City for a trial;

B) President Obama is still "dithering," on what to do with Afghanistan other then to leave it;

C) Because of Political Correctness and fear of cries of "Raaaaacist," Major Malik Nadel Nasan was not recognized as trouble at Fort Hood. So a blind eye was turned and people died;

Does anyone else but me remember the 90's? Let's take a ride on the Wayback machine:

After the Soviets wee kicked out of Afghanistan in 1989 (the invasion began during the Carter Administration after the Hostages were taken in Iran), America cut funding and interest in the region.

During this time, the Soviets became the Russian and the Afghans continued their Civil War. There was no structure in Afghanistan and it became a failed state. Then, during the second term of President Clinton's Administration, the Taliban took over.

The Taliban are not known for their championing of civil rights of women or gays, just like the Islamic republic of Iran, yet most on the Left would choose to cheer the Taliban or Ahmadinijad over an American Republican President.

In this failed state, Osama bin Ladin and Al-Queda made base camps and then declared war on the United States. Hear that: OBL declared war on the US in 1998.

During the 90's there were attacks on Soft targets and hard targets of America. The Clinton Administration prosecuted the bombers of the 1993 World Trade Center. While the trial was going on in NYC, terrorist plans were being hatched in Afghanistan.

Let's leave the wayback machine and ask some questions of the Obama Administration:

1) Does the Obama Administration care what happens to Afghanistan if we leave? What if it becomes a failed state again?

2) Even though OBL was convicted in absentia, plans for 9/11 occured after the trial, as if it had no effect, is President Obama ready to accept dead Americans on his hands because of his actions?

3) Will any Liberal or Democrat answer the above questions?

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

35 Things Conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans Need to Do for 2010 and 2012

We on the Right, who stand for Free markets, free ideas and free people need to battle everyday until we win the next two elections (and every election thereafter). There is already a break-up of the Obama coalition of 2008 (that's another post).

So, if you want to promote Freedom, whether it's trade, less taxes or less dictators overseas, here is what needs to be done domestically. Ready, choose one or more to work on. Get your friends involved:

  1. If you're a candidate or a Blogger, get in touch with your local ADC and County Central Committee. Work with them every Election.
  2. Build Coalitions and make friends with other branches of the Party. If you're a Libertarian, help a Social Conservative. And vice versa. Again, get strong for 2010 and 2012.
  3. Defend our Communicators (i.e. Rush, Levin, Beck, etc.) and point your rhetorical cannons Left. Listen or subscribe to their podcasts. They offer the Rhetorical cannonballs.
  4. Read these books: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin; Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin; and The Federalist Papers. Good beginnings.
  5. Contrary to future Obama speechwriter, Conor Friedersdorf there is no reason why Andrew Sullivan, Anti-semite, breaker of laws, destructor of the Body Politic (by going after Governor Palin's family) and Ivy league snob, should remain in America. If you have any contact with INS (or former Bush Administration officials), call in the favor by kicking Sullivan out of the US. This will become a question for "Meet the Candidates," A Private Bill in a Republican majority will work too. If Conor or Sullivan want to complain, refute all the charges laid in the Valley or STFU.
  6. Work with the City of San Diego and the San Diego Republican Party to hold the 2012 Convention there. Why? Brief answer: Military town, protests can be controlled and beautiful weather with the West Coast sun will give us the wind at our backs when Governor Palin takes the nomination.
  7. Read the First Cycle of the Republican Encyclicals.
  8. 60 Minutes spends every Sunday making ads for the Democratic party. Here are the editors, find them and talk with them. If you can't convince with niceness, we strike harder. Make teams, especially if you are in the NY/NJ/CT area.
  9. Newsweek writes the Obama message of the week. As above, find their editors and get to know them. Ask nicely first, if they can't see our side, ask harder at their house.
  10. Fareed Zakharia is the International Editor of Newsweek and has a CNN show. However, because he was allowed to Hate Conservatives, Republicans, President Bush and Governor Palin and has an Ivy Degree, he is allowed a platform to hate Jews and Israel. Get him off both platforms.
  11. The commenter's at the Washington Monthly want us to be silent (and they do not allow anyone from the Right to comment), the commenter's at Think Progress want everyone on the Right dead. Promote these "views" on your Blog or to the independents during election time. Watch the fun ensue.
  12. Read the Second and Third Cycles of The Republican Encyclicals
  13. Donate to the candidate of your choice before you give the NRCC, NRSC or RNC.
  14. Do a fundraiser for your candidate. After the primary, do another fundraiser for the winner.
  15. Adopt a Congressional District outside your state. Help them.
  16. Help put on a fundraising dinner for your County party. If there is none, start one.
  17. Know your Assembly District Committee. Help them win elections.
  18. Make friends in areas the Right is not supposed to win. Help build a network of friends and invite them to help out in the district. Maybe your friends will be future candidates.
  19. Defend your allies, pre and post primary. Don't be like Conor who never defends a Conservative.
  20. Columbia Journalism Review is run by Victor Navasky, former editor of the Nation. To this day, he helps fund raise for the Nation. This is known as "Conflict of interest," Let Breitbart and Instapundit know and tell them to shout it from the rooftops.
  21. Always hit the Tip jar (and read) of RS McCain; Read the lovely and talented Pam Geller; Follow Dan Riehl and Professors Jacobson, Reynolds and Althouse. They know more then the NYT.
  22. Donate to the President Bush library. We need to support honorable men like him.
  23. The Left likes to turn our people into "Emmanuel Goldsteins," And they need their "Two Minutes hate," Call them out on it -- especially if the media joins in. Here is a sign for our next Tea Party protest: DEMOCRATS = INGSOC. ORWELL WAS RIGHT!
  24. Advance Publications is using subterfuge to destroy Republican candidates. Bankrupt them or buy them before 2012.
  25. Subscribe to the Valley of the Shadow.
  26. Listen to Reagan's speeches for inspiration.
  27. If any Hollywood or Broadway actor attacks the Right, do not spend any money for their films or watch their TV shows. Support any actor or director who understands the Right. Read Big Hollywood for more.
  28. Volunteer for a campaign, be it local or national. Meet new friends, get battle-scarred against the Left.
  29. Donate to Fischer House for our Military.
  30. Read Congressional Bills before your Congressman does.
  31. Understand to win policy that the Right needs to build coalitions. Help build one locally for your State Elected officials and National ones too.
  32. Treat the left the same way they treated Bush and Palin. Should they apologize or treat our Elected officials (and us) better, then we can be nice. Until then, this is Karma.
  33. Use the Scientific Method when dealing with Climate Change/Global warming supporters. Again, keep on looking at the Real estate Values of Malibu Colony Road. if they don't move, why should you worry?
  34. Write "Letters to the Editor," of your local paper. Edit Wikipedia.
  35. Hire me to help in your Political campaign as a writer/researcher or fundraiser or hire me to work on Policy, with an emphasis on Appropriations. I am available in Los Angeles (San Fernando valley), San Diego, or Washington, DC.

Use this list as a guide, and while the Left deals with dictators and anti-Semites, remember this:

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

This picture was taken of Australian and American troops at The Battle of Hamel, in France. This was one of the last offensives in the First World War before Peace was declared on 11/11/18.

The year after World War I ended, President Woodrow Wilson did two things:
This Veterans Day (heck, every day), rise up and support your local heroes, wherever they may be. Also, please donate to Fisher House for all the good that they do.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Setting Up "Meet the Candidates"

Election 2009 is over -- time to get ready for Election 2010!

As promised here in the Valley, allow me to introduce "Meet the candidates,"

Meet the Candidate - Any Conservative and/or Republican candidates from the Southland and San Diego to your part of the country will be highlighted. Email me and I will promote your candidate, from Dog catcher to Congress, and their fundraising site. 2010 here we come!

But there are pre-requisites before I interview your candidate:

1) I need a recommendation of the candidate by one local Blogger and one local activist.

2) The candidate must be involved with the local Conservatives and Republicans before Nov. 2008 (or the OK from the activist in your area).

3) The candidate must have a working relationship with any or all: County Central Committee, their local Assembly District Committee and Precinct captains (+1 of the Central Committees).

4) A website with a place to donate. After the Valley introduces the candidate and interviews him or her, the link will go up for people to donate.

5) If you reside in the Southland, I am the local Blogger, and I need the recommendation from Gary Aminoff who works at the LAGOP and the San Fernando Valley Republican Club (where you can find me). San Diego, I have other contacts.

Ready to begin? Good! 2010 awaits!

Is there a candidate that you think I should interview?

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20 Years Ago Today: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

20 years ago, there were Nation States against nation States and the world was a chessboard between Communism and Capitalism.

The Berlin wall was erected during the Kennedy years to keep dissidents inside the sphere of influence of the Stasi and their allies, the KGB. The twilight of my teenage years were spent watching the two giants, the US and USSR, fight each other.

In 1993, I went to see Checkpoint Charlie, scene of many spy novels. What caused the Berlin Wall to fall? One American President's belief in Democracy overseas.

Today, there are still dictators overseas and in parts of the world both Nation States competed for. The question today is: Does this current President believe in Democracy Overseas? If so, how?

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Doctor Who -- Horror At Fang Rock

This is the first Dr. Who I ever watched. Watch, enjoy and comment. Every weekend, a new Who in the Valley. (unless you want Eugene Delacroix paintings?) Discuss anything you like.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Fort Hood Shooting -- What is to be done?

In the Blogosphere, there are Blogs you turn to when certain news stories come across the wire:

When it is internal Conservative/Republican Politics -- Go to The Other McCain;
The intersection of Gay Rights and Conservative Politics -- GayPatriot;
Someone to call BS on political rhetoric from all sides -- Althouse;
Understanding Politics, Policy and their real world usage (and parliamentary or political tactics) : The Valley of the Shadow!

When a story such as the Fort Hood shooter comes across the wire, I start with the Mudville Gazette; They are soldiers who have a ground eye view of what is going on in the military.

With Fort Hood, they have the detailed minute by minute information of what happened. Read it and understand.

Here is President Obama (Transcript):

Then there is the Blogs where they look deeper into stories. May I introduce the lovely and talented Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs? She is investigating the background of the shooter. Atlas Shrugs is also studying Honor Killing of young girls and women in the States and in Europe. Is there a pattern?

When Al-Queda (via Osama Bin Ladin) declared war on the United States in 1996, he said this:

The regime is fully responsible for what had been incurred by the country and the nation; however the occupying American enemy is the principle and the main cause of the situation . Therefore efforts should be concentrated on destroying, fighting and killing the enemy until, by the Grace of Allah, it is completely defeated. The time will come -by the Permission of Allah- when you'll perform your decisive role so that the word of Allah will be supreme and the word of the infidels (Kaferoon) will be the inferior. You will hit with iron fist against the aggressors. You'll re-establish the normal course and give the people their rights and carry out your truly Islamic duty. Allah willing, I'll have a separate talk about these issues.

Military targets (such as USS Cole and Fort Hood, perhaps?) and soft targets (Two Embassies in 1998 and the Twin Towers in 1993 and 2001) are all on the table. By forcing Al-Queda to fight in Iraq, the taliban and Al-Queda could not force the US military down the Khyber pass. Iraq was America's battlefield. Afghanistan was the Democrat's choice of battlefield.

If Al-Queda is hiding among our troops, then what? Is President Obama ready to defend America from a Fifth Column?

Once there is a place to donate money for those fallen at Fort Hood, I will put it in the sidebar.

As I asked in the title, what is to be done? What are your ideas?
Can President Obama and the Democrats defend America? How?
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How President Obama LOST Election 2009

Sometimes at the Valley, I get ahead of the news, and sometimes I analyze.

Last year, all the media and the Democrats were talking about "40 year Democratic party Re-alignment," Sorry, Charlie. This year's election proved that theory false. let's break it down and then show how it was President Obama's fault:

Virginia Elections: if you want to know how people feel about their Leaders in the Beltway, the first studies is Maryland and Virginia. This year, like every first year after the Presidential, Virginia had major elections. Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and House of Delegates. How did the Democrat re-alignment hold up?

A) In the House of Delegates (the Lower House), the Republicans picked up 7 seats, the Democrats picked up 2;
B) Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney general (all Statewide Elections): All 3 seats won by Republicans. And Obama brought his people onboard Deed's campaign to try to get a win. Obama failed here.

New Jersey Gubernatorial race: Again, Obama campaigned here and tried to keep former Senator, now Governor Jon Corzine in office. However, let's go to Clifton B's Blog and see how that all changed. I used to live in Ocean Township and Clifton lives in New Jersey today and the cause of the Democrats fall (as well as being incumbents) can be found in the corruption in the State. And Obama's help did nothing to change that view of Democrats. If you want to know NJ Political news, read Clifton B.

NY-23: Even though the Democrat, Bil Owens won; NY-23 is history repeating itself. Does anyone remember the CT 2006 election? The nutroots deemed Senator Lieberman not Liberal enough, so he was primaries and lost by 4%. Lieberman won as an independent in the General Election, but the nutroots laid the groundwork for 2008.

When Rep. McHugh was appointed by Obama, the NY State party, run by Mondello, appointed Dede. She was a Democrat in disguise. Few of her positions were Conservative or even Moderate Republican. Hoffman jumped in. And with a month to go, Palin endorsed and NY-23 bnecame the demarcation line for 2012. (Also, read the great Robert Stacy McCain reporting directly from NY-23). I know one thing that RS did not know, Mondello lost the Long Island machine in early 2000, why was he chosen to lead?

The Conservatives and Tea Partiers have done their dry run supporting Hoffman. But before you say, "Small tent," Look -- over there! Liberals are trying to purge the Blue Dog Democrats out of office. All we Conservatives and Tea Partiers want is smaller Government and a less corruption; all the Liberals want is more power.

I suggest the Left clean the Congress of their corruption or there will be blood come Election 2010. Even that might not help.

The problem with President Obama is that he always campaigns, he is always looking for publicity. If he actually Governed and made hard choices that might anger people, he would be known as a leader instead of a "Ditherer," Obama wants to be loved, and as a leader during elections, that will not happen. Had Obama governed as a "post-racial," "Post-Partisan," President, we on the Right would not be surging.

Keep President Obama in the White House until unemployment drops below 5%, that's free advice. And also, enjoy dissent. Until President Obama acts as President, the Democrats will lose. Obama owns Election 09 and 10.

If the Left does not like it, resign, let the Right run things.

My question:

Did the Lieberman purge help the Left ready themselves to attack the Blue Dogs?

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Monday, November 02, 2009

How President Obama will lose Election 2012

When I'm right, I'm right. Look at this post written during Summer 2008:

With at least 90% of Entertainment people are Democrats and they can't get together to make Movies and TV shows, how the hell can they run Government?

That post was called: Why a President Obama will fail: Look at Hollywood.

And finally, another 2008 post another post with predictions:

If Democrats can't run their own Primary without highlighting an obscure committee during an election, how can they run Health care?

That post was titled: If Democrats can't run their own Election, how can they run the country?

So, as always, the Valley is ahead of the news by saying, President Obama will lose election in 2012, even if there is a Republican Congress, like in President Clinton's case. You read it here first, so subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.

Now why do I say he will lose?

1) President Obama is surrounded by sycophants in the media and in the White House; He knows no opposition, he will lose.

In The Prince by Machiavelli, the author writes:

I DO NOT wish to leave out an important branch of this subject, for it is a danger from which princes are with difficulty preserved, unless they are very careful and discriminating. It is that of flatterers, of whom courts arc full, because men are so self-complacent in their own affairs, and in a way so deceived in them, that they are preserved with difficulty from this pest, and if they wish to defend themselves they run the danger of falling into contempt. Because there is no other way of guarding oneself from flatterers except letting men understand that to tell you the truth does not offend you; but when every one may tell you the truth, respect for you abates.

Is there a magazine where the Obama family has not been on the cover? Has the Fourth estate held President Obama to his campaign promises? Who in the White House ever tells President Obama, "No?"

Because the media and his staff have a light touch with this president, he can be lobbied easily because he holds no core values (hence the expression, "The Harold Saxon Presidency, " in the Valley). The best test of anyone is to have people fight against your values. It strengthens.

Look at what Dan at GayPatriot wrote. When the Blogosphere was young, the Right learned to defend; Now in opposition, it's easy. Most Lefty Bloggers and commenter's only recite rote, and never debate. Heh.

2) President Obama worries more about American Emmanuel Goldstein's, such as Rush and Fox, then Overseas Troubles.

Again, The Prince:

Nevertheless, liberality exercised in a way that does not bring you the reputation for it, injures you; for if one exercises it honestly and as it should be exercised, it may not become known, and you will not avoid the reproach of its opposite. Therefore, any one wishing to maintain among men the name of liberal is obliged to avoid no attribute of magnificence; so that a prince thus inclined will consume in such acts all his property, and will be compelled in the end, if he wish to maintain the name of liberal, to unduly weigh down his people, and tax them, and do everything he can to get money. This will soon make him odious to his subjects, and becoming poor he will be little valued by any one; thus, with his liberality, having offended many and rewarded few, he is affected by the very first trouble and imperilled by whatever may be the first danger; recognizing this himself, and wishing to draw back from it, he runs at once into the reproach of being miserly.

Between Cap and Trade, the oncoming foolishness of Public Health Care and Government Motors, people will oppose. But President Obama and the Democrats are not focused on singing praises of any program, only with silencing American opposition such as Rush and Fox.

In President Clinton's first year, he helped the Republican party pass NAFTA; In President George W. Bush's first year, he helped Senator Ted Kennedy's idea of No Child left behind become law. President Bush also lobbied his own party to help Senator Kennedy's vision.

President Obama did nothing to appeal to the Opposition Party. NO-THING. President Obama did not find out what Conservatives and Republicans wanted, so the opposition became louder (plus the residual effect of the Hate laid against Bush and Palin occurred too).

And rather then focus on Afghanistan, he blamed Bush. More opposition from the opposition party. When the Republicans take over Congress in 2010, our memories will be long. And since there was no concession like with President Clinton, no inch will be given either.

3) President Obama does not Govern, but wishes to be Loved as a leader.

Machiavelli, The Prince:

Upon this a question arises: whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, is much safer to be feared than loved, when, of the two, either must be dispensed with. Because this is to be asserted in general of men, that they are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous, and as long as you succeed they are yours entirely; they will offer you their blood, property, life and children, as is said above, when the need is far distant; but when it approaches they turn against you. And that prince who, relying entirely on their promises, has neglected other precautions, is ruined; because friendships that are obtained by payments, and not by greatness or nobility of mind, may indeed be earned, but they are not secured, and in time of need cannot be relied upon; and men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved than one who is feared, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.

Surrounded by sycophants, unable to deal with opposition, yet the need to be loved in America and the world. Each of these flaws in a person are not terrible, but when one is leader of the Free World, it is dangerous.

Because of Obama's wish to be loved, he will never see through the eyes of his electoral (and parliamentary) opponents. By having his people go after Palin without abandon, he generated an anger that will not be sated until he is voted out of office. Because Palin was martyred, because she opposes and knows where the Conservatives and Republicans are going, it will be Karmic majesty if she defeats Obama in Election 2012. No one else matters.

The opposition has found many weakness' to President Obama: Breitbart found corrupted ACORN, some of us noticed that the 60 Minutes Producers are in your pocket and Advance Publications need to be tackled before 2012.

Had any Liberal or Democrat ever thought of being kind to the Right, these attacks would not happen. But again, asking for love means giving some in return. Both Democrats and Obama failed this.

Tomorrow, thanks to Robert Stacy McCain (hit his Tip jar), Hoffman will beat the Democratic candidate and the impostor Republican. Virginia will be lost due to arrogance and NJ will be a fight to the finish. But if there is any corruption at all in NJ, it falls to this President, and will increase his chances of losing in 2012.

President Obama does not stand for any issues. He thinks he is better then most Americans, he is not humbled by being chosen (contrast with former President Bush [either] or Reagan). Obama does not understand the lessons of Icarus. President Obama cannot decide what to do with Afghanistan. Not Iraq, but Afghanistan!

My prediction: Palin will beat Obama 58% - 38% (4% for third party).

My question, Why do you think Obama will fail or succeed by 2012?

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Frank Rich, American Idiot

Would you trust someone whose job is to write about the two party system who always gets one party, their people and their philosophies always wrong? Well, someone fire Frank Rich, the man has no understanding of Republican party politics.

It was the post on Memeorandum this morning.

How many ways was Rich wrong? Let me count them....

1) First, by Rich: "The New York fracas was ignited by the routine decision of 11 local Republican county chairmen to anoint an assemblywoman, Dede Scozzafava, as their party’s nominee for the vacant seat. The 23rd is in safe Republican territory that hasn’t sent a Democrat to Congress in decades. And Scozzafava is a mainstream conservative by New York standards; one statistical measure found her voting record slightly to the right of her fellow Republicans in the Assembly. But she has occasionally strayed from orthodoxy on social issues (abortion, same-sex marriage) and endorsed the Obama stimulus package. To the right’s Jacobins, that’s cause to send her to the guillotine.
Sure enough, bloggers trashed her as a radical leftist and ditched her for a third-party candidate they deem a “true” conservative, an accountant and businessman named Doug Hoffman. When Gingrich dared endorse Scozzafava anyway — as did other party potentates like John Boehner and Michael Steele — he too was slimed. Mocking Newt’s presumed 2012 presidential ambitions, Michelle Malkin imagined him appointing Al Sharpton as secretary of education and Al Gore as “global warming czar.” She’s quite the wit."

If Rich actually knew any Conservatives or tea-partiers, he would have known that support of President Obama's stimulus package by any Republican means their job was in danger. And if Rich needs to know about the different branches, he can read this.

Since the loss of November 2008, the fiscal Conservatives have gauined ground within the party. Newewt's idea of taking any or all people with an R by their name is Old School. if you have an R next to your name, know what issues are important. Hoffman did.

2) More Rich: "The right’s embrace of Hoffman is a double-barreled suicide for the G.O.P. On Saturday, the battered Scozzafava suspended her campaign, further scrambling the race. It’s still conceivable that the Democratic candidate could capture a seat the Republicans should own. But it’s even better for Democrats if Hoffman wins. Punch-drunk with this triumph, the right will redouble its support of primary challengers to 2010 G.O.P. candidates they regard as impure. That’s bad news for even a Republican as conservative as Kay Bailey Hutchison, whose primary opponent in the Texas governor’s race, the incumbent Rick Perry, floated the possibility of secession at a teabagger rally in April and hastily endorsed Hoffman on Thursday.
The more rightists who win G.O.P. primaries, the greater the Democrats’ prospects next year. But the electoral math is less interesting than the pathology of this movement. Its antecedent can be found in the early 1960s, when radical-right hysteria carried some of the same traits we’re seeing now: seething rage, fear of minorities, maniacal contempt for government, and a Freudian tendency to mimic the excesses of political foes. Writing in 1964 of that era’s equivalent to today’s tea party cells, the historian Richard Hofstadter observed that the John Birch Society’s “ruthless prosecution” of its own ideological war often mimicked the tactics of its Communist enemies.
The same could be said of Beck, Palin and their acolytes. Though they constantly liken the president to various totalitarian dictators, it is they who are re-enacting Stalinism in full purge mode. They drove out Arlen Specter, and now want to “melt Snowe” (as the blog Red State put it). The same Republicans who once deplored Democrats for refusing to let an anti-abortion dissident, Gov. Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, speak at the 1992 Clinton convention now routinely banish any dissenters in their own camp."

I don't think Rich and the Democrats remember 2006 where they kicked out Senator Joseph Lieberman of CT over foreign policy. In fact, when the Democrats were in the wilderness, I do not remember any policy they proposed over Iraq other then the Neville Chamberlain option (which they are proposing for Afghanistan).

In fact, since December 12, 2000, the Democrats moved Left and threw out the old rules of engagement by Tip O'Neill. Witness the rise of Firedoglake, Daily Kos and Huffington Post. Would Tip be pleased? I say, NO.

If Rich wants to complain on how the Conservatives are treating the GOP, maybe he should put Robert Stacy McCain, Dan Riehl, the lovely and talented Pam Geller, Jim Hoft, and yours truly in his Rolodex.

But if you want to meet closed minded people, look at the Manhattanites. They think they are better then you. And they work in all manners of the media (to be discussed soon). If Rich cannot take the time to know and understand his fellow Americans (that goes for most Democrats too), then they should lose their privileges.

When the Conservatives and Republicans take over Congress in 2011, the Commerce committee should subpoena "Pinch" Sulzburger and see if he puts his paper in tandem with the Democratic party. There might be some RICO issues involved as well.

And Rich? May he lose his apartment on the Upper West Side (or wherever he lives) and be forced to work among Republicans. Who is up for shorting NYT Stock on 1/20/10?
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So much for "Smart Diplomacy," in Afghanistan

While the Obama Administration is reading books about Vietnam to understand Afghanistan (rather then reading books about Afghanistan to understand Afghanistan); While President Obama takes the press to watch the fallen in Dover, Delaware, History moves on without "the best and the brightest," of the Obama Administration.

President Karzai won the Afghan election back on September 16; Now, like Chicago Alderman finding Zombie voters, the Obama Administration days later found issues with Karzai's election. According to the media, there was supposed to be a runoff this week (after America's first off-year elections during this Harold Saxon Presidency).

However, international politics is like Domestic politics in one way: if an American president is seen as weak and vacillating, he usually cannot be counted to support allies with strength (Hello Israel!), thus no one will follow the Presidents lead.

From (G-d help me) Al-Jazeera US, watch and understand:

If the Obama Administration could not make it easier for Dr. Abdullah Abdullah comfortable for a run-off, how can the same Administration keep you healthy?

Former Vice President Cheney said President Obama was "dithering," in making a decision about what strategy to use in Afghanistan. That was mentioned earlier this Summer in the Valley.

President Obama is the Commander in chief. This was the so-called "war of necessity," (Read the speech at the link to show yourself how much Senator Obama understood Afghanistan.) Where is Obama's so called great decision making skills?

Why should President Obama be trusted domestically when his allies overseas are wary of him now?

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