Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why the Valley has Already Endorsed Palin for the 2012 Primary

Today is Palin day. Her book hit the bookstores (and a mysterious benefactor has sent me a copy which will arrive next week) [also buy a copy, it helps the Valley] and she is going on a media tour.

Now, why am I jumping the gun for 2012 and saying, "Put your money and votes behind Governor Palin?"

Here's issue one (as McLaughlin would say); Note how Couric opposes Palin on this issue. Watch and cheer:

This is issue two: Governors make better Presidents then One term (or one half term) Senators.

Issue three: The Leftist sexism makes me want to defend her.

Issue four: For the same reason I supported Giuliani in 2008 (see who I cross-endorsed, he fooled me too), I support Palin: She punches back. G-d Bless her. This is why I don't support Romney or Huckabee (well, Huckabee's a Social Conservative, I'm not), they don't point their rhetorical cannons Left. And where was Romney was Palin was under fire? Nowhere to be seen. If he wasn't loyal in a Governing year, how could he be loyal to the rest of us when he is in office? It would be a repeat of watching the current California Governor on a national level.

Issue Five: She is the best defense against Andrew Sullivan's America. (and let's hope he's home in the UK by 2011); No caste system, no misogyny (well, except from the Left), and Congressional power against Executive power, just as the founders wanted. If you want to live in Andrew Sullivan's America, I suggest the Dark Ages

Issue Six: Until the Democrat's stop needing Emmanuel Goldstein's, I would be happy to see the Left melt down when she wins in Nov. 2012. or the Left can stop needing Emmanuel Goldstein's. Nah, that would require them to grow up.

Issue Seven: Her love of America is pure, unlike President Obama who never seems to show it. I like a President who can talk sports (baseball, football); Has anyone ever heard Obama talk sports and politics (i.e. the bill is on the 10 yard line)? Or talk about what makes America great (even overseas)? If you have the speech, please send me the link. That is something I want out of every President of the United States, love of country and respect for traditions.

Issue Eight: Because she was martyred like President Bush, she inspires the loyalty of the rank and file. Every pundit who slams her, slams the Conservative and Republican voters. And we are not happy.

Issue Nine: Reagan was called an "Amiable dunce," for not going to Ivy league schools before he became President. The last non-Ivy President for the Democrats, the so-called "party of the people" was in 1964. So, if you are a Democrat and want to run for the White House, they only accept Ivies. Sorry about that. In the GOP, we accept you if you understand our philosophy and fight for it. Ivy or not.

Issue Ten: The very last one, we now have an African-American president (Woo hoo! About time. Too bad he's more like Al Sharpton then Justice Thomas), it would be good to have a woman one too. And also, I hope to work in her White House in 2013.

Don't be a mindless lemming needing an Emmanuel Goldstein, don't be a hypocrite over feminism issues, Support Palin 2012!

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  1. I am looking forward to a Palin 2012. Maybe her campaign will hire you and we'll have President Palin!


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