Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How President Obama LOST Election 2009

Sometimes at the Valley, I get ahead of the news, and sometimes I analyze.

Last year, all the media and the Democrats were talking about "40 year Democratic party Re-alignment," Sorry, Charlie. This year's election proved that theory false. let's break it down and then show how it was President Obama's fault:

Virginia Elections: if you want to know how people feel about their Leaders in the Beltway, the first studies is Maryland and Virginia. This year, like every first year after the Presidential, Virginia had major elections. Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and House of Delegates. How did the Democrat re-alignment hold up?

A) In the House of Delegates (the Lower House), the Republicans picked up 7 seats, the Democrats picked up 2;
B) Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney general (all Statewide Elections): All 3 seats won by Republicans. And Obama brought his people onboard Deed's campaign to try to get a win. Obama failed here.

New Jersey Gubernatorial race: Again, Obama campaigned here and tried to keep former Senator, now Governor Jon Corzine in office. However, let's go to Clifton B's Blog and see how that all changed. I used to live in Ocean Township and Clifton lives in New Jersey today and the cause of the Democrats fall (as well as being incumbents) can be found in the corruption in the State. And Obama's help did nothing to change that view of Democrats. If you want to know NJ Political news, read Clifton B.

NY-23: Even though the Democrat, Bil Owens won; NY-23 is history repeating itself. Does anyone remember the CT 2006 election? The nutroots deemed Senator Lieberman not Liberal enough, so he was primaries and lost by 4%. Lieberman won as an independent in the General Election, but the nutroots laid the groundwork for 2008.

When Rep. McHugh was appointed by Obama, the NY State party, run by Mondello, appointed Dede. She was a Democrat in disguise. Few of her positions were Conservative or even Moderate Republican. Hoffman jumped in. And with a month to go, Palin endorsed and NY-23 bnecame the demarcation line for 2012. (Also, read the great Robert Stacy McCain reporting directly from NY-23). I know one thing that RS did not know, Mondello lost the Long Island machine in early 2000, why was he chosen to lead?

The Conservatives and Tea Partiers have done their dry run supporting Hoffman. But before you say, "Small tent," Look -- over there! Liberals are trying to purge the Blue Dog Democrats out of office. All we Conservatives and Tea Partiers want is smaller Government and a less corruption; all the Liberals want is more power.

I suggest the Left clean the Congress of their corruption or there will be blood come Election 2010. Even that might not help.

The problem with President Obama is that he always campaigns, he is always looking for publicity. If he actually Governed and made hard choices that might anger people, he would be known as a leader instead of a "Ditherer," Obama wants to be loved, and as a leader during elections, that will not happen. Had Obama governed as a "post-racial," "Post-Partisan," President, we on the Right would not be surging.

Keep President Obama in the White House until unemployment drops below 5%, that's free advice. And also, enjoy dissent. Until President Obama acts as President, the Democrats will lose. Obama owns Election 09 and 10.

If the Left does not like it, resign, let the Right run things.

My question:

Did the Lieberman purge help the Left ready themselves to attack the Blue Dogs?

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM PST

    Joe Mondello Is DeDe in light disguise.
    Mondello is single-handedly responsible for ruining the NYS Republican party. He has deliberately orchestrated the Republican losses of every, I SAID EVERY, federal, state and local election since D'Amato.
    He's a disgrace and Pataki should have kicked his fat as out of the party when he had the chance.
    The RINO cowards that propped him up all of these years are the real losers.


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