Friday, November 27, 2009

The Essence of Doubt and AGW

If you're reading this this weekend, either you are a fan of The Valley (Thank you!), a Climate skeptic or Climate Change Defender or very bored this Holiday weekend. So, welcome, I hope you enjoyed your Turkey and your shopping.

If you haven't heard or read, a Russian hacker published the Emails of The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit [CRU]. Here are the emails, read 'em and weep.

As a sci-fi geek, I love science; I never understood the mathematical issues to get me through Astronomy, but I understood the Scientist as Skeptic and the Scientific method. Scientists should not be ruled by politics, however in each of the emails, politics defines the debate. This is why putting Al Gore on top of the AGW movement, made some of us doubters. Hint: Not all of us voted for the Former Vice president.

Ask yourself this: Why did the Russian hacker release these emails before Copenhagen? Cui Bono?

The answers to AGW by it's defenders is a Command and Control Economy. For instance, cap and Trade as a check on business, large and small; Carbon Credits for individuals, trying to turn growing Countries (and First World Countries) into Luddite havens. Where has this been practiced before? Hint: the same country under a different name dealt with Command and Control and it did not turn out well.

If you remember the Cold war, do you remember lines for Toilet paper?

The idea behind AGW is that everything must be done NOW! The world is ending NOW! Copenhagen is looking like Kyoto on crack. And why did the Congress during the the Clinton Administration refuse to ratify (95-0, not just Republicans opposed the bill) Kyoto? As James Carville, said, "It's the economy, stupid,"

Even in the Valley, I'm doing an social experiment to prove if Global warming is real. I'm a doubter, I'm a reader. if you want to prove your case (as the Left does with it's Obama defense,i.e. Blame Bush -- Obama and Democrats are running things now and the Left acts as if it's 2005), tell me what exact date Malibu Colony Road will be underwater.

Heck, if someone invites me and two scientists (AGW defender and skeptic) to a party on Malibu Colony Road to debate, I'd like to be convinced. Blaming Bush will not win my support.

There was no need to hide the emails from either the UK's or US' Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] and there was no reason to fudge the numbers; but they were. Scientists should doubt, but they didn't.

Until I see people leaving in droves from Malibu Colony Road, I will not believe it either. If AGW is real, those houses should be empty. But they're not.

My question: Defend or doubt AGW, give me proof why I should listen to your side? What scientific experiment is your proof?

And for extra credit: Can a scientist tell me what exact date will Malibu Colony Road wll be underwater? (I would like a link to your CV if you are, thank you).

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