Thursday, November 12, 2009

35 Things Conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans Need to Do for 2010 and 2012

We on the Right, who stand for Free markets, free ideas and free people need to battle everyday until we win the next two elections (and every election thereafter). There is already a break-up of the Obama coalition of 2008 (that's another post).

So, if you want to promote Freedom, whether it's trade, less taxes or less dictators overseas, here is what needs to be done domestically. Ready, choose one or more to work on. Get your friends involved:

  1. If you're a candidate or a Blogger, get in touch with your local ADC and County Central Committee. Work with them every Election.
  2. Build Coalitions and make friends with other branches of the Party. If you're a Libertarian, help a Social Conservative. And vice versa. Again, get strong for 2010 and 2012.
  3. Defend our Communicators (i.e. Rush, Levin, Beck, etc.) and point your rhetorical cannons Left. Listen or subscribe to their podcasts. They offer the Rhetorical cannonballs.
  4. Read these books: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin; Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin; and The Federalist Papers. Good beginnings.
  5. Contrary to future Obama speechwriter, Conor Friedersdorf there is no reason why Andrew Sullivan, Anti-semite, breaker of laws, destructor of the Body Politic (by going after Governor Palin's family) and Ivy league snob, should remain in America. If you have any contact with INS (or former Bush Administration officials), call in the favor by kicking Sullivan out of the US. This will become a question for "Meet the Candidates," A Private Bill in a Republican majority will work too. If Conor or Sullivan want to complain, refute all the charges laid in the Valley or STFU.
  6. Work with the City of San Diego and the San Diego Republican Party to hold the 2012 Convention there. Why? Brief answer: Military town, protests can be controlled and beautiful weather with the West Coast sun will give us the wind at our backs when Governor Palin takes the nomination.
  7. Read the First Cycle of the Republican Encyclicals.
  8. 60 Minutes spends every Sunday making ads for the Democratic party. Here are the editors, find them and talk with them. If you can't convince with niceness, we strike harder. Make teams, especially if you are in the NY/NJ/CT area.
  9. Newsweek writes the Obama message of the week. As above, find their editors and get to know them. Ask nicely first, if they can't see our side, ask harder at their house.
  10. Fareed Zakharia is the International Editor of Newsweek and has a CNN show. However, because he was allowed to Hate Conservatives, Republicans, President Bush and Governor Palin and has an Ivy Degree, he is allowed a platform to hate Jews and Israel. Get him off both platforms.
  11. The commenter's at the Washington Monthly want us to be silent (and they do not allow anyone from the Right to comment), the commenter's at Think Progress want everyone on the Right dead. Promote these "views" on your Blog or to the independents during election time. Watch the fun ensue.
  12. Read the Second and Third Cycles of The Republican Encyclicals
  13. Donate to the candidate of your choice before you give the NRCC, NRSC or RNC.
  14. Do a fundraiser for your candidate. After the primary, do another fundraiser for the winner.
  15. Adopt a Congressional District outside your state. Help them.
  16. Help put on a fundraising dinner for your County party. If there is none, start one.
  17. Know your Assembly District Committee. Help them win elections.
  18. Make friends in areas the Right is not supposed to win. Help build a network of friends and invite them to help out in the district. Maybe your friends will be future candidates.
  19. Defend your allies, pre and post primary. Don't be like Conor who never defends a Conservative.
  20. Columbia Journalism Review is run by Victor Navasky, former editor of the Nation. To this day, he helps fund raise for the Nation. This is known as "Conflict of interest," Let Breitbart and Instapundit know and tell them to shout it from the rooftops.
  21. Always hit the Tip jar (and read) of RS McCain; Read the lovely and talented Pam Geller; Follow Dan Riehl and Professors Jacobson, Reynolds and Althouse. They know more then the NYT.
  22. Donate to the President Bush library. We need to support honorable men like him.
  23. The Left likes to turn our people into "Emmanuel Goldsteins," And they need their "Two Minutes hate," Call them out on it -- especially if the media joins in. Here is a sign for our next Tea Party protest: DEMOCRATS = INGSOC. ORWELL WAS RIGHT!
  24. Advance Publications is using subterfuge to destroy Republican candidates. Bankrupt them or buy them before 2012.
  25. Subscribe to the Valley of the Shadow.
  26. Listen to Reagan's speeches for inspiration.
  27. If any Hollywood or Broadway actor attacks the Right, do not spend any money for their films or watch their TV shows. Support any actor or director who understands the Right. Read Big Hollywood for more.
  28. Volunteer for a campaign, be it local or national. Meet new friends, get battle-scarred against the Left.
  29. Donate to Fischer House for our Military.
  30. Read Congressional Bills before your Congressman does.
  31. Understand to win policy that the Right needs to build coalitions. Help build one locally for your State Elected officials and National ones too.
  32. Treat the left the same way they treated Bush and Palin. Should they apologize or treat our Elected officials (and us) better, then we can be nice. Until then, this is Karma.
  33. Use the Scientific Method when dealing with Climate Change/Global warming supporters. Again, keep on looking at the Real estate Values of Malibu Colony Road. if they don't move, why should you worry?
  34. Write "Letters to the Editor," of your local paper. Edit Wikipedia.
  35. Hire me to help in your Political campaign as a writer/researcher or fundraiser or hire me to work on Policy, with an emphasis on Appropriations. I am available in Los Angeles (San Fernando valley), San Diego, or Washington, DC.

Use this list as a guide, and while the Left deals with dictators and anti-Semites, remember this:

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  1. Yes, if you don't want fascism ... work together. I'm tired of libertarians bashing the Republican Party (collective). Some Republicans might deserve bashing. Most deserve nudging in the right direction.

    As I write, we are battling on BE. If you win, you deserve it.


  2. I am tired of Republicans and Democrats both bashing Libertarians. I am often told I am throwing away my vote, but the only vote thrown away is the vote not cast. On another note I am super excited to see others leaving comments, I was tired of talking to myself. I would hire you to run my campaign were I running, but I am not running at this time so it's moot. Additonally I think your list is well thought out.


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