Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Hallow's Eve Movie Night -- Nosferatu

It's Halloween! The season for my Gothy brethren to bask in the world catching up with us!

Now that this bad month is over (Does anyone know if Mercury went Retrograde this month?), I can now get back to Blogging.

Tonight, I will be at the Monte Cristo celebrating the season (see above).  Hope to see you there!

And a lesson from this month:

If you're a friend, be a friend.  Don't spill stuff in confidence to win a virtual argument.  It may gain you a third heart attack.

And now, the classic silent from Germany, Nosferatu!

I will be back to Blogging this week! Get ready!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saying a Prayer for My Mom

Another reason Blogging has been light this October is because my Mom is having surgery today.

The lead up (and the drama of last week and the many weeks of driving around the city) took up most of my time.

So, say a prayer for my Mom (and hit the Tip Jar too).

Here is a pic of my Mom down in San Pedro

Coolest Mom ever! Wish her well today.

 And here is one of her favorite bands:

The Beatles, Twist and Shout (Live in Shea Stadium)

If you have my email or phone, give me a shout.

I am waiting here at Glendale Adventist.


UPDATE 10:00PM 10/27/11: Before I left Glendale Adventist, I saw the Doctor.  he called my Mom "A trooper," and she's going to be alright. (Yay! And there was much rejoicing!).  I bring her to her home tomorrow so she can rest.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Future of Campaigns (in LA, CA and the USA)

The core for any election is the Precinct captains.

And they need all the help they can get.

A 19th Century ideal should be met with 21st century technology in the coming decades.

I am happy to know someone who is working to bring the Southland into the future with Campaign technology.

If you're a Campaign manager, Party leader (or National Chairman) or candidate, watch this space. 

Her name is Lillian Cavaliarii, and she is on the 50th ADC with me.

More news to follow. Watch this space!

 Doctor Who, Timey-Wimey technology

Friends Over Party Labels 2: Jason Buckley

First time I wrote about this, I did it to protect my friend Alexandra and her Dad from the New York Post.

They did indeed stop after I wrote the post.

Lesson: Don't doubt the Power of My Words.

Motivational Poster Maker

Now, after a crazy week where I was betrayed by someone whom:

A) I trusted since he was a friend of a friend (thus I knew him in real time);
B) I did a major favor for him against his bete noir post-election (with a possible hit to my own reputation) without even a "Thank you," or benefit of the doubt on anything, in return;

However, this post is about a guy who disagrees with me on just about everything politically, yet is a good friend.

We both operated in DC as interns, me on the Hill for Rep. Zimmer (R-NJ-12) and Rep. Dan Miller (R-FL-13) during the 90's, and he was at the Democratic National Committee for the 2000 Election.  He stood up for his beliefs (even when he disagreed with his own party) and made a cool movie (Buy it)

He was here at the earlier iterations of the Valley, and I'm proud to call him a friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jason Buckley, IT guy, musician and humorist.

As a partisan, he gets that politics is people.  Jason is a professional in the field (even as he denies that he isn't); he can argue for issues and make me the butt of the joke so even I can laugh.

We've had some knock down, drag out fights, but he always respected my humanity (and the humanity of the people I'm trying to work with), so yes, my friend Jason "gets it,"

I think we're like "The Odd Couple," of California Political commentators: he settled down with a family in the Bay Area and I'm looking for a cute Goth girl to settle down with.  I support his goals to make lots of money to support his family, and he supports my goals to work with the California Republican party and Republicans on the Hill and (eventual) White House.

We don't have to agree on political visions to be friends, we just have to agree to support each other in our goals.  

Last week, I posted a Day by Day comic and we both laughed at each other for our disagreement.  That's the way the world works.  I don't have to agree with him, or vice versa, but we work towards our goals, supportive of each other.

While he is a big fan of #Occupy Wall Street (he is supporting #occupyOakland -- or occupying folks who agree with them, that's another post) and I am a tea partier, he gets that America lives under a Two Party system.

Now, if it were up to me, Apple, Lucasfilms or Google would hire him for 6 figures tomorrow.  (Hint hint).

So even though we disagree, we're still friends. 

That's the way politics is done for real. 

My question: How many political friendships across the political line do you have?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Praise of Chairwoman Barnett of RPLAC

At the last RPLAC meeting, everyone heard the sad news that Jane Barnett was stepping down in November.

First off, let me say without Jane at our lead, Los Angeles would not be primed for 2012 and beyond.

Alsmost a decade ago, we couldn't field a candidate once Rep. Rogan left the scene.  Now, thanks to Jane's leadership, we had Lydia Guitterez fight hard for her seat on Community County Board (she's a teacher and a great person, vote for her next time she is on the ballot!) and without Jane, there would have been no Battle in the South Bay with Craig Huey (Mr. Huey, take a bow).

And without Chairwoman Barnett, Election 2010 would have been a lot worse.  She stood up for our candidates across the basin when no one else would. 

We are breaking through in 2012 because of her.  And she will be missed. 

Chairwoman Barnett raised a large family, has worked in DC and LA and has re-built RPLAC to fighting shape.

She fought and beat cancer (which shows she can fight anywhere) and she is a sometime reader of the Valley.

In your going away, I want to raise a glass to toast Chairwoman Barnett:

May the Road Rise With You! 
May you always have happy days!
May the GOP reward you for your good work with an Ambassadorship to some warm place! 

Three Cheers for Chairwoman Jane Barnett!

From your favorite Conservative Goth Blogger, Social Liberterian and Angeleno,


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watch out for the Feedback!

Sorry if the Blogging has been sloppy.

While I am couch surfing, I had to take my Mom to work, as described here, to San Pedro.  Then she moved closer to her home on Olympic Boulevard at crazy hours, and finally (after post 2) she has returned to where she wanted to be: Full Time at Baudry.

Never doubt the power of Yours Truly using Words as weapons.

And now that I'm spiffed up a bit for my speech in November, time to use those Words to my advantage.

Three Videos and I'm writing tonight.  

Richard III (1998), "The Winter of Our Discontent..." Speech

Robert Plant, Ship of Fools

And how I feel right now...

River Song, When a Good Man Goes to War

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Steve Jobs Said

In my week off, I read that Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, designer of the iPod and iPads (of which I own neither), passed away.

What he said here struck me as true.  To remember Steve Jobs, a post:

Steve Jobs, The Crazy Ones

And of course, the famous Apple Ad:

Apple, 1984 Ad

G-dspeed Steve Jobs.  Thanks for lighting up the technological world.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Bloggings will Now Continue.....

Sorry I took a week off.

I have been working on a few things: A Speech, a Fundraiser and a Goth GOP Group.

The speech I'm giving in November at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club.  

The Goth GOP group is called: Right in the Dark; I just have some paperwork issues to finish. 

And finally, I hung out with my Mom and Sis and saw Ides of March and had Umami Burger.  The movie review is later this week. And if you come to LA, try some Umami!

Now, a tune:

Red Elvises, Boogie on the Beach (from the movie, Six String Samurai)

The Blog posts will now continue until Morale improves!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

October 2011 Tip Jar (with a Twist of Gothy Goodness!)

Hello October!

This is the month before the year before Election 2012. 

As a Goth, this is my favorite month; As a Politico, this is the month before the voters choose.  All hail autumn! 

Since this is the beginning of the month, please hit the Tip Jar.  This month the number is (as always) $300.  Please hit the Tip jar for $300.  Thank you.

This month is the musician Tori Amos.  It's not that she sings Goth, but she was an inspiration for Neil Gaiman's Death in the Sandman series.  She has played the role of Muse to a great writer, so to this Goth, she remains a Muse and earns the role for this month.  (Yes, she is also a Muse for me as well)

And now, enjoy the pictures. 

Tori Amos' Album
Tori Amos performing 
The Artist amd Muse, in repose
Live in 2009

And finally, the art she inspired.  Meet Death from the Sandman:
Tori Amos on the Cover (as Death)
And again:


Please buy her albums, support her charity, RAINN (for sexually abused women and children) and please hit the Tip Jar!


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