Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Praise of Chairwoman Barnett of RPLAC

At the last RPLAC meeting, everyone heard the sad news that Jane Barnett was stepping down in November.

First off, let me say without Jane at our lead, Los Angeles would not be primed for 2012 and beyond.

Alsmost a decade ago, we couldn't field a candidate once Rep. Rogan left the scene.  Now, thanks to Jane's leadership, we had Lydia Guitterez fight hard for her seat on Community County Board (she's a teacher and a great person, vote for her next time she is on the ballot!) and without Jane, there would have been no Battle in the South Bay with Craig Huey (Mr. Huey, take a bow).

And without Chairwoman Barnett, Election 2010 would have been a lot worse.  She stood up for our candidates across the basin when no one else would. 

We are breaking through in 2012 because of her.  And she will be missed. 

Chairwoman Barnett raised a large family, has worked in DC and LA and has re-built RPLAC to fighting shape.

She fought and beat cancer (which shows she can fight anywhere) and she is a sometime reader of the Valley.

In your going away, I want to raise a glass to toast Chairwoman Barnett:

May the Road Rise With You! 
May you always have happy days!
May the GOP reward you for your good work with an Ambassadorship to some warm place! 

Three Cheers for Chairwoman Jane Barnett!

From your favorite Conservative Goth Blogger, Social Liberterian and Angeleno,


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  1. Jane is a true conservative warrior for good. I am rewarded for knowing her. Jane, I wish you great success in what ever you go on to do. God bless you.


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