Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Runaway Train

As we take the train ride to spring, here is a great movie written by the Great Director Akira Kurosawa starring Jon Voight (Pre- Angelina Jolie) and Eric Roberts (Pre- Julia Roberts and Pre-Eighth Doctor Who). I saw this with my dad in Forest Hills.  We both liked the movie. 

While I head to the Goth club tonight to dance, I have a few posts in pipeline for this week:

1) Musicians and Politicians;

2) How Romney won from Super Tuesday to Delaware;

3) How Governor Romney can get the Valley to sing his praises (with a Southland view);

4) The Praetorian Media failure during the Obama Administration;

5)Why Democrats are going to fail the Congressional Elections this Fall (Hint: One thing);

6) ?????????????????????????????

Now, a tune:

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Midnight Special

And now, enjoy Runaway Train!

Runaway Train (1985)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The I, Claudian Theory of Modern Presidents (2012 edition)

Way, way back in the dark hallways of the Valley is a post I did in 2007 called:

The I, Claudius Theory of Modern Presidents.

It came about because I love reading Ancient Roman History (especially between the Republic and the Empire) and since I always find parallels to modern times (see the Catiline Post for example), here is one of the early hits.

Now, read on how I decided which of the Julio-Claudian's each president stood for and why. Let's time travel back to 2007:

"If you follow history, read... I, Claudius (the book or the miniseries). During this time, I re-read Suetonius' The Twelve Caesars to back up my theory of modern Presidents as representatives of the Julio-Claudian's. Here is the theory:

"The Augustus: Augustan Presidents deal with civil strife, internal threats and defer the limits of the office as Augustus limited the Empire. They are controversial in their time because they change the structure of Government in some way (i.e. Augustus had his Triumvirates, then Empire). Augustans limit outside attacks to maintain the Republic.

"The Tiberians: Tiberian Presidents maintain the Republic from their successors, yet go to war with the Political class. Tiberius almost allowed a coup by his Chief of Staff, Sejanus and allowed himself to fall into a decadent atmosphere on his island villa on Capri. The general public loves a Tiberius, but the political class knows (or is harmed) by his sins.

"The Caligula: Caligula seemed like a relief for the political class after Tiberius, they were wrong. Caligula cared about neither Empire or civility. Where Tiberius' sin was to take from the political class by force, Caligula by madness. The public is also destroyed by a Caligula's madness. There have been no Caligula Presidents since FDR.

"The Claudians: Literary and literate. Claudius expanded the Empire to Britain and kept the finances flush. A Claudian President re-builds the Republic after internal troubles and expands into the literary sphere as well. The Political Class looks down upon them as "not being good enough," These are the theoreticians of Presidents. Woodrow Wilson was one.

"The Nero: Neros enjoy the stage. If their way is not accomplished, then hell literally breaks loose. The Republic teeters from Nero Presidents.

"Now from FDR, here is how I see the theory play out:

Truman -- Claudian
Eisenhower -- Augustan
Kennedy -- Tiberian
Johnson -- Claudian
Nixon -- Claudian
Ford -- Augustan
Carter -- Nero
Reagan -- Augustan
Bush I -- Augustan
Clinton -- Tiberian
Bush II -- Claudian"
Time to look at the Reign of Obama and compare him to the above.  Ready? 
 President Obama is not an Augustan. 

Why? Civil strife has grown be it from the Occupy folks or the Cry Wolf folks.  Either way, a long hot summer is upon us in this Fourth year of the Obama Reign.

President Obama is not a Tiberian

Why? He does not go to war with the Political class -- he attacks any supporters of his opponents. Or allows his partisans to attack the families of his opponents (Palin, anyone?).  He is not decadent in the sense of Tiberius' Capri, but keep reading.  

There are no Caligula Presidents since FDR.  (No Democratic Blogger can say that)

President Obama is not a Claudian.  

Why? He has shut down the space frontier and the fiscal house of the USA is not in order.  For all his blame of his predecessor, President Obama was hired to fix the problem, not blame anyone.  Saying "It could have been worse," does not help unless some Media figure has a window into Alternate worlds.  I don't see any, do you?

President Obama is a Nero. 

He parties every Wednesday while the economy of the US (and Europe) fail. Maybe the GSA and Secret Service followed the President's lead. 
 Does he come up with ideas? No, he sets up an "Enemy of the State," (be it the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist or whomever) and blames them Even with a full on supermajority Democratic Congress to help him, Democrats have not passed a budget since 2008.  Or fixed the Unemployment rate.  

The media are his Praetorians (The White House Correspondent Dinner is supposed to make fun of Presidents not their opponents) so whatever pain is going on in the hinterlands, he does not care.  He is setting mobs to do his dirty work in the streets.  

My question: Am I wrong with the comparison? Why or why not?

UPDATE 2:00PM PST: Thank you DaTechGuy for the link!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why did Bob Simon of 60 Minutes do an Anti - Israel Piece? For the Same Reason that Jonah Lowenfeld stays Silent on Anti Israel Rantings from KPFK

If you remember a while back, I did an experiment  called "Fisking 60 Minutes," to see how the producers (and reporters) erred their stories Politically.

I was able to stop halfway through the season when this total came forth:

And the final score for 60 minutes, season 43 in 2010:

16 Stories for the Democrats/ 4 Ties/ 2 1/2 Stories that err on the Right.

So. when Bob Simon did this story on Sunday:

The only conclusion is that 60 Minutes responded to a call from either the White House, State Department or the DNC. This current White House is not supportive of Netanyahu, why should 60 Minutes help Israel?

It reminds me locally of Jonah Lowenfeld of JJLA and his stance on anti-semitism coming from KPFK.  He is too busy helping 71 year old Rep. Berman win elections then he is to stop anti-Israel hate speech in Los Angeles.

The last time Jonah Lowenfeld stopped Anti semitism from the Left was in 2009 (but that was due to others fighting ahead of him).  KPFK continues on with Radio Intifada though.  No Jonah Lowenfeld to be found.  

When Ian Masters released the information about the alliance between Azerbaijan and Israel over Iran, where was Jonah Lowenfeld? No where.

Radio Intifada blasts anti- Israel propaganda every week from North Hollywood, where was Jonah Lowenfeld? No where 

KPFK Morning shows bask in attacks on Israel. Where was Jonah Lowenfeld? No where. 

Only if it affects Liberal politicians does Lownfeld stand up for the Jews.  Same with 60 Minutes. 

My question: Why are Jewish "Journalists," ready to sell out Israel for Liberal (and old) politicians? 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Dog Soldiers

I've had a good week.  

New phone, I helped my sister with something and I met someone new at Warlock.  

So, yes, I'm smiling right now.  

This week, I'm going to Blog some more and work with my local politicos on many things. 

For now, a tune and a movie.

Here is the tune:

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bad Moon Rising (on the Johnny Cash show 1969)

Now, since we dealt with Bad moons -- here is a movie about a Scottish military exercise that turns into a battle.....against Lycanthropes. It also stars Sean Pertwee, son of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee.

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ian Masters will sell Israel's security for Obama's Re-election. Where is Jonah Lowenfeld and the Jewish Journal LA?

Dear David Siegel, Consulate General of Israel, Los Angeles,

With President Mahmoud Ahmadinijed denying the existence of the Holocaust and Israel, as well as building Nuclear capabilities to attack Israel to advance those beliefs, why is the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles [JJLA] turning a blind spot to KPFK and Ian Masters' attacks on Israel?

When Israel made a coalition of protection with Azerbeijan, Ian Masters rushed this to the air with no concern of Israeli lives.  And the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles remains quiet while KPFK and Ian Masters broadcast hate speech directed at Israel. Heck, Ian Masters attacks Israel to protect President Obama -- yet, JJLA is silent.

Mr. Masters is more concerned with President Obama's re-election then the missiles flying from the Gaza Strip or Iranian Nuclear Missiles directed at the only Jewish state in the world. By Mr. Masters openly supporting President Obama's re-election (and other radio hosts as well), KPFK and the rest of the Pacifica Radio networks cannot claim to be a 501(c)3 during fundraising.

I hope the Jewish Consulate will speak to the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and wonder why they are unconcerned about anti-semitism from the Left and President Obama supporters, rather then support Israel's allies from the Right.

I also hope that the Jewish Journal starts supporting the younger and older Jews who are active in the Republican Party of Los Angeles [RPLAC] and hires them to write; Instead the JJLA is supporting a 71 year old member of Congress rather then a younger Jewish woman whose influence will last longer .  Berman does not even understand how the Internet works!  JJLA refuses to support any Jewish Republicans! 

I hope your office sees Susan Shelley as a future Congresswoman instead of looking to the past like Jonah Lowenfeld.  
Mr. Siegel, I hope your office does not turn a blind eye to the anti-semitism of KPFK as JJLA does.  

Thank you for your time.



"Never Again!" 2012

Today is Holocaust Remembrance day (and April 24, we also remember the Armenian Genocide).

As a Jew, it is my duty to pay heed to these dates.  But, there are better people who can speak on this atrocity.

PM "Bibi" Netanyahu at AIPAC


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The TV Tropes Election (President Obama Edition)

Election 04 was the first birth pangs of the 'Net; Election 08 gave Americans the first steps of the 'Net warriors and Election 12 is the first full election that can be fought and won (or lost) on the 'Net.

I have told the California Republican Party (and the Republican Party of Los Angeles) how important it is to have a web presence at all times (especially during an odd numbered year) -- I hope after June 5th, I will be at the Magnolia office working to make it real.

And the web has grown too, I used to geek out to IMDB (and here in LA, "Are you on the IMDB?" is also a pickup line), then to Wikipedia and now to TV Tropes.

What is TV Tropes?

TV Tropes gives the Meta story of what is within the story (and it also very addicting).

Here is an example, this is from Dracula (of course!):

Count Dracula — the Big Bad. He's Affably Evil, at least at the beginning of the novel.

Now, my turn.

Here are the TV Tropes for Election 2012:

Cry Wolf (i.e. RAAAAACISTS!!!!!Eleventy!!): After four years of calling everyone who does not support President Obama "Racists," (that includes Hillary! supporters, Republicans and Tea Partiers), how can anyone believe what Democrats or MSNBC say about this issue ever again? 

Strawman Political: How many times has President Obama blamed his predecessor? It's gotten so, we joke about it on the Right:

Or blame Congress (even though he had LARGE majorities in the House and Senate in his first two years to do ANYTHING).  NOW, he wants Congress to follow him!

Barbarian Tribe - How Republicans, Democrats who don't support President Obama and their supporters are portrayed (I'm not doing Godwin here!) [And a side note: This Trope has been done to Republicans since 1964]

His Story Repeats Itself - President Obama is still trying to catch the rising tide of 2008.  It's not there anymore.

Lowest Common Denominator -- If the Democrats start attacking Romney's religion or Cry Wolf again, they (and President Obama) have run out of arguments.  (Or if you attack the wife and kids of Romney, President Truman would not be pleased) 

Corporate Corrupt Executive and Eat the Rich:  Two tropes that tie into President Obama's strategy for 2012.

1) Any funder of Republicans (or their allies i.e. ALEC) are to be attacked;
2) The OWS movement will attack any person who does not support President Obama and the Democrats. 

I'm looking at riots this summer in Downtown LA either by the "Crying wolf," forces or the OWS movement.  Be ready.

My question: What TV Tropes (from their website) do you think also stand for President Obama's 2012 campaign?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Night Movie Night -- Convoy

Like every Blogger, I took a small break and now I'm ready to Blog.  I will Blog tonight, tomorrow, etc.

Tonight I just got a new phone (now charging), now I moved my technology into the 2010's.  Yes, it is the Droid I'm looking for.

Meanwhile, to kick off my writing Block ending, here is a movie that set the tone of me growing up: CB's, truckers and rebel riders.

In other words, Convoy!

First the song:

Convoy, CW McCall

And now, the movie!

Convoy (the film)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's Hard to Win When You have Your Nose in the Air

Let's start with an anecdote about Liberal Firebrand (and Nazgul) Keith Olbermann:

Under the old generation of Democrats or what I call the Tip O'Neill Democrats, they had control of the House of Representatives for 40 (yes, FORTY) years.  Since 1994, Democrats have found some Emmanuel Goldstein's to blame when they lose.

Repeat after me: Richard Mellon Scaife, Halliburton, and Koch Brothers.

It's not the GOP that is calling for the Two Minute hate in the Political field (again, I am not discussing the differing branches i.e. SoCons and PaulBots, just the rank and file professional Bloggers and activists)  

Like Keith Olbermann not getting along with most of his employers (and looking down upon his staff), Democrats never look inward and say: Maybe its our fault.  

Take the Obamacare case in the Supreme Court -- rather then knowing the arguments coming from Alito or Roberts, the Solicitor General had no answer.  It's not the Court's fault that President Obama's Solicitor general had no defense against Conservative arguments by the Court, it's the epistemic closure!

The Tip O'Neill Democrats (unlike today's [Howard] Dean Democrats) stood up for Free Speech and were unafraid of the poor and the unwashed.  Whoever has time to bring camping gear in the middle of a city?

If you need a perfect example of Dean Democrats compared to the modern Republicans, let's take a look at two House Speakers:

1) Speaker Pelosi (D-CA):

2) Speaker Boehner (R-OH):

(h/t HoyStory)

So, who flies private and who flies with the general public?  Again, the Left suffering from epistemic closure!

Three stories from the Media show that same closed mindedness to their opponents (NOT Enemies).  Follow the white rabbit....

EJ Dionne in the Washington Post complain about a "coup," in the Supreme Court. ;

James Fallows of The Atlantic writes the same thing!;  and

The Economist followed suit.

Hey guys, I might not have an Ivy degree or good breeding, but I do know that Americans vote every two years on Federal campaigns.  They voted for Bush twice, as well as Bill Clinton twice.  They voted for Democrats to control Congress in 06 and 08, and then the GOP to return in 2010 -- again, maybe the voters didn't like what the Democrats were selling.

When Democrats lose, that's not a coup, that just means you lost this years elections. Don't blame it on the Koch brothers, Halliburton or anyone else, sometimes the voters don't like you.  The Republicans spent 40 years in the wilderness until Election 1994 (Congressional elections not Presidential ones) -- not one Republican thought of changing the rules or the constitution.


We already hear the Democratic policy stated by the media (and those sympathetic, stay tuned).  We rebels know how to fight the Death Star of Media support and Democratic complacency when it comes to the voters.  The Dean Democrats are not the Tip O'Neill Democrats -- look at how they handle losing.

Until Democrats and their media allies (Hey! HBO! Invite some Republican activists from around the country, hear our complaints and just listen.  You might get some more viewers next time!) stop playing the Tarkin Game, the voters will see who flies commercial and who flies private.

Davros, acting like a Dean Democrat in Genesis of the Daleks

My question: Why do Democrats suffer from epistemic closure and not understand Republicans?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

HBO Buys "The Ambition and the Power," Promises to Promote Speaker Gingrich's Rise

Even on Sunday, the news goes on.

Since I live close to Hollywood (and in the Heart of the Industry), sometimes you find things that the general public doesn't see when it comes to films and TV.

And since HBO got "Game Change," wrong and allowed the wrath of Republicans to rise (and kept misogynist Bill Maher to rant and rave), I read news that should make Conservatives (and HBO Nielson numbers) very happy:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO bought the rights to "The Ambition and the Power," by John Barry.  However, instead of focusing on Speaker Wright's fall, it will chart Speaker Gingrich's rise.  David Zucker is directing.  The actors have not been chosen yet.

It is set to be released in January 2012.

All I have to say to that is.............

April Fools!

HBO would never support a living Republican.  What I find ironic is that HBO is willing to write off half the political activists in this country.

The joke is on all of us until HBO appreciates Democrats and Republicans. 

April 2012 Tip Jar (With a Gothy Muse from Being Human)

It's the beginning of the month, so its time to ask: Please hit the Tip Jar.

As always, the number I'm trying to reach is $300 So, please hit the Tip Jar!


Now, I have been watching a cool show on the Sci-fi channel (who ever made the marketing decision to change the name, can I say: stop being stupid!) called Being Human.  

It is a Canadian/US version of a BBC show about a Vampire, Werewolf and a Ghost living under the same roof. These Vampires don't sparkle, so thank G-d for small things.  The show takes place in a Montreal suburb of Boston (cheaper to film there?) and the Werewolves have packs; The Vampires have hierarchies.

The leader of the vampires used to be this bad-ass named Bishop, then "Mother," came back and her daughter Suran took over (How we got there, I will not tell.  SPOILERS!)

Suran is played by the beautiful Dichen Lachman who is from Tibet. She was also was in the Doctor Who spinoff: Torchwood.  

Here are a few pictures of this beautiful Gothy Muse:

as Suren

Feasting in the 1920's
Publicity shot for Dollhouse
In Torchwood
Publicity shot

Looking Beautiful
The "WOW" Picture
Sunday Punch Movie Poster

I hope you watch Being Human and follow this Gothic beauty's Twitter feed.

And please hit the Tip Jar.


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