Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Posts of 2007

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The Valley Endorsements for Iowa and New Hampshire are here.
Happy New Year! This was the year the Valley expanded from being a monologue to a dialogue. Last year, Malcot (under a different pseudonym then) and ChessNovice were my only real readers; Now I'm pleased to have Aurora, Jason and newly arrived Donald Douglas. The comment sections are not of Althousian lengths yet, but the Blog has a lot more readers (and subscribers) now. First, a thanks to all for reading and commenting!

Here are the Best Posts of 2006. Now onto 2007:

12. The South Park Gnomes and the Anti-war groups share the same logic.

11. Comparing a Doctor Who episode to America's foreign policy in the War on Terror. This was linked by Thomas P. M. Barnett of The Pentagons New Map

10. Modern Presidents and the Julio-Claudians -- The Theory.

9. What is Institutionalism?

8. The introduction of the term: Goldwater to Nixon moments; And how Democrats never chastise their own (unless they break ranks by differing against the war).

7. The rights of Bloggers and their Real estate in Cyberspace. This generated the most visits in one day thanks to links by Althouse and Donald Douglas.

6. With the dollar in flux, it might be worth it to take a look at George Soros' true reasons for backing Democrats. It's not all about the war.

5. Reviewing 300 and the comparisons to America's foreign policy. SPARTA!

4. My vision of Modern Conservatism.

3. The Democrat's Anti-Semitism Cycle: The Heathlander and his love for Hamas; Anti-Semitism within Kos and Kos not discussing Anti-Semitism within his own Blog. The latter post was linked by Michelle Malkin.

2. Two posts: Why Hillary Clinton shouldn't win; Why Ron Paul shouldn't win.

1. The California Encyclicals. How the GOP can take back California. Read them all. (Prologue, Burbank 1 and 2, Los Angeles 1 and 2, California 1, 2 and 3, and Coda)

Before I close out the year with some music, my questions are:

A) Which is your favorite post? Is it on the list?
B) What do you enjoy about the Valley? What can make it better?

Now, Memory Gospel by Moby. The song was in the movie Southland Tales. The video here is just peaceful -- May everyone have a safe and successful 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Martyr for Democracy

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Here is the Valley's Endorsements for Iowa and New Hampshire.
Benezhir Bhutto was killed yesterday. In the tribal wilds of Pakistan, two weeks before an election. Her death affects two countries elections.

Some bloggers and radio hosts are calling this "An Archduke Ferdinand Moment," As always, the Left blames President Bush first before blaming Al-Queda (This is the same part of the Left that finds no fault with President Ahmadinijad).

In my last post, I proposed that Peace would come through Democratic nations. By always standing against President Bush's foreign policy of exporting Democracy, the democrats brought down America's standing in the world. At some point partisanship must end at the foreign policy line. If Republicans can do it during the 90's, what is stopping the Democrats today?

President Musharref is a flawed leader; So was Bhutto. The last time a leader held on tenuously was the Shah of Iran in 1979. Do the Democrats want another failed state (like Afghanistan -- Charlie Wilson's War ended in 1989, the Taliban arrived in 1994), Theocracy or Dictatorship?

Bhutto died to free her people from the chaos of Military Dictators and the chaos of Islamic Theocrats; She stood up when no one else would. Can any Democrat stand for Democracy as well or does your hatred of President Bush mean no other country deserves it?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peace on Earth?

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Here is the Valley's endorsements for Iowa and New Hampshire.
Merry Christmas! As we are near the end of the year, we think of good cheer and Peace on Earth. When I was Bar Mitzvahed at the Western Wall in 1983, I saw the three Religions in Jerusalem acting on their best behavior for their individual holidays (Ramadan, Hanukkah and Christmas).

A few weeks back, I was on the Venice Boardwalk where a college kid asked me to do one thing for Peace (for a college assignment, he had to ask people to do "something" for Peace [He told me he was a student at UC-Berkley]). Had I posted than, it would not matter. But, with Christmas, I have to ask, what does it take to make Peace on Earth?

Peace is not just an absence of war or people thinking the same thing (as Liberals want the rest of us to do), but allowing Wilsonianism to spread, bringing freedom from those under Dictators and Theocrats. Back in the 19th Century, Europe was considered beyond hope (save for England) because of it's insular leadership. Three centuries before, the Church and Sovereigns controlled how the masses were led (or died). What forced Europe into the modern era where Democracy runs unfettered? World War Two.

Now, history repeats itself in the Middle East. There are many words written that Islam is not compatible with Democracy. These words come from comfortable Liberals who never have to worry about their Life, Liberty or property. But there are Muslims promoting the idea of free peoples and Democracy within the Middle East. Even religious scholars write on how Democracy promotes understanding.

I have discussed here that Code Pink has done nothing to create peace. Nothing. Sometimes the methods (i.e. the barrel of a gun) by the Bush Administration are controversial, but the end result is what matters. What proof do I have Democracy works? Read Thomas Friedman's (not a neo-conservative) Golden Arches Theory of Conflict prevention.

Since 1970 (when I was born), no two Democracies have gone to war. That's a long time. But Dictators and Theorcrats should not be given comfort and aid, yet that is what Code Pink does for Peace. The true Peace-loving organization in the world is Freedom House. Here is the map of Freedom today. Every country, every person should be free; Then there will be Peace.

What is your vision of Peace on Earth?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Valley Endorses....

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On January 3 is the Iowa Caucuses; January 8 is the New Hampshire Primary. I wrote earlier that I would endorse Presidential candidates for the primary and guess what? Here we are. To help your own decision, take this quiz.

Since I believe in the two party system (unlike the folks at CNN, HuffPo or Daily Kos), I will endorse one Republican and one Democrat (even though I vote February 5 in the Republican California Primary). I hope all Blogs follow suit. It's lazy just to pick your own side, but also be positive about the opposition too as the race gets heated.

First, the Democrat side. As I mentioned here, I distrust Hillary Clinton. She goes after personal attacks when policy would do fine. She hasn't said anything on what she will do with the Presidency. And can someone name me one bill she passed in the Senate?

In my posts, I bring up issues that I hope would be expressed and taken up; Surprisingly, one Democratic candiates camapign read my post on American Exceptionalism (The GOP believes in it, Democrats don't). I was happily surprised to hear Senator Obama talking about the subject in terms I would use. Here is his speech in April 2007 in front of the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs. His attacks against President Bush do not sound like he believes it; He understands you have to cross party lines to get work done (unlike some Speakers and Senate Majority Leaders of the 110th Congress I could name).

The Valley endorses Senator Obama in the Democratic Primary.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for: The Republican Primary. I will go down the list and explain why I am not voting for some of the others, and then why I have chosen my candidate.

Gov. Huckabee is the Clinton's candidates for the Republicans. In California, the Democrats interfered with the Republican primary in 2002. Why should we give them that power? And was it a coincidence that Newsweek and the New Yorker highlighted Huckabee three weeks before the Republican caucus' during the same week?

Rep. Ron Paul allies himself with isolationists and thinks we are in 1919 again. His supporters are off the GOP Reservation and are cheered on by the Democrats and Andrew Sullivan. Again, I don't want Democrats choosing my candidates.

Senator McCain is a great man; However, he created McCain-Feingold which limits grassroots supporters from getting involved in campaigns. Too often, he attacks other Republicans and is not a support in the Senate when things get tough. The purpose of the Primary is to have a handshake between grassroots and establishment; McCain disdains the grassroots. May he be the Secretary of Defense in the Republican Administration though.

Governor Romney seems to be the Establishment's candidate this year, as evidenced by Hugh Hewitt's backing. I don't dislike Romney because of his Mormonism (and religion is not something I would judge a candidate on anyway) but because he does not stand for anything. Anyone can Youtube what Romney said in his campaign against Senator Kennedy (as Tim Russert did this morning on Meet the Press) and see he holds contradictory views to what he believes today. If it's Tuesday, he believes something different than Monday. However, what worries me more is that he cannot respond to Democratic attacks quick enough; he would get devastated in the General.

I choose Mayor Giuliani for the Valley endorsement. On the political side, he can fight tooth and nail against a media that doesn't like Conservatives or Republicans; He takes the fights to the Democrats and gives no quarter.

On the policy, he took an ungovernable city and made it business and tourist friendly again. No one talks of crime in Times Square or gangs on the subways anymore. His tactics were tough, but against an enemy NGO that believes death is preferable to compromise (Sounds like the modern Democrats, I know), he could rally and fight. He kicked out Yassir Arafat from Lincoln center (even with his Nobel Prize) because of Arafat ordered the murder of Leon Klinghoffer. What Democrat ever stood up to an Arabic despot? And no Democrat should attack his personal life, since that argument was declared moot in the 1990's.

The Birthday Post 2007

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Today, as of 6:58AM, is my 37th birthday. Last night, my friends and I went to a Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant in Glendale; Great food, I highly recommend having Brazilian Barbecue at least once in your life.

The next post, I will discuss my endorsements. Here is a little history of December 16. For now, here some things I still want to do in my life.

  1. Write and publish books on politics, policy and fiction. I got my Gateway laptop on Friday; I am planning on writing two books next year -- one fiction and one non-fiction.
  2. Ride the Orient Express, the Trans-Siberian railway and Amtrak across the US.
  3. Work for the UK Conservatives under David Cameron and work under a Republican majority in Congress as a Legislative Director in a House or Senate member office.
  4. Ride a horse through the Khyber Pass.
  5. Work for a Presidential candidate (not incumbent) in New Hampshire as a strategist or advisor.
  6. Settle down, have a family and buy a house in McLean, VA.
  7. Be quoted in the political section in the Washington Post; Written about in the Lexington section of The Economist.
  8. Get some items from my Wishlist.
  9. Have a dinner party with Aurora, Jason, Chessnovice, Malcot, Donald Douglas and Ann Althouse to discuss politics and blogs.
  10. Work in a Republican White House Chief of Staff's office during a first term.

Those are my wishes when I blow out the candles tonight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Democrats of 2006 = Republicans of 1995

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The band Styx once sang on their Kilroy was Here album, "Haven't we been here before?" and, indeed we have.

The Republican majority of 1995 worked on Reforming Washington via the Contract with America, but they forgot to do some housecleaning work that Congress' get paid to do: Appropriations.

The tenuous Democratic majority of 2006 is angry at President Bush, so opposed to the Iraq war and Wilsonianism (Have the modern Democrats supported any Wilsonian endeavor since 2000? Find me the Democratic sponsored [not co-sponsored] bill), they have passed two Supplememtal bills and a Defense Appropriation bill.

In Appropriations, there are 13 bills every fiscal year. And the modern Democrats, in their anger, passed only one. Tell me again how Speaker Pelosi was going to " ready to lead with civility and bi-partisanship,"

Now every Democratic reader, explain to me how passing 1 Appropriation bill by mid-December shows competence. I might be waiting a while. This is a true "Do-nothing Congress,"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The American Harold Saxon

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As a sci-fi geek, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (old series and new). The last trilogy of stories in season three tied into my love of politics. First, a video to introduce The Right Honorable Harold Saxon:

In the UK, someone even found comparisons with Gordon Brown. The question is: Who in American politics resembles the mysterious Harold Saxon? Most of the Democrats running are scions, but whom?

It boils down to this: Who was unknown in American politics until 1991?
*The same person had somehow turned $1,000 to $100,000 with few transactions;
*The same person runs stalking horses in both Republican (after all, he is from Arkansas) and Democratic Primaries (Has Richardson really gone against her?);
*She looked at Republican FBI files (illegal);
* She has enough money so her Bloggers can pay people to write comments on other Blogs;
*The same person has no story of their childhood beyond college;
* The same person gives an evil cackle when she is contradicted;
* No member of the press (especially CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC or CBS) asks her tough questions (In fact, both CNN/Youtube debates were platforms for her campaign).

Unfortunately, if Hillary Clinton wins, there is no Doctor to save us from her wrath. After all, Keith Olbermann will help direct her secret police. Don't believe me? He is, after all, compiling a list.

My question to you is: Do you trust Hillary Clinton? If not, what will you do to stop her campaign?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The NIE - All is not what it seems

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During the Cold war, there was no news of the National Intelligence Estimate [NIE]. Nothing in the Post Cold War era. Now that the NIE posits a theory that works against President Bush, the usual suspects are happy. (Yet, why do the Democrats choose to align themselves with President Ahmadinajad rather than President Bush?)

Even though the writers of the document are biased against the President; Even though there were no Diplomatic councils in 2003 between US and Iran; Even though there is reason to suspect that President Ahmadinijad still wants to destroy Israel (like Hitler, he announced his plans), if it is Anti-Bush, the Democrats support it?

As I've mentioned earlier in this Blog, Israel will not be supported by Democrats and the CIA is working against the current Administration. If, according to the NIE, Iran supposedly stopped it's Nuclear Program in 2003, with no Diplomatic meeting from the US, what happened in 2003? It stopped around the same time Libya gave up it's weapons. What did the Democrats do in 2003 that caused Peace? Hint: Democrats did nothing and it required Stick (TR's: Carry a big Stick) diplomacy.

So I ask: Are the Democrats willing to stick with President Ahmadinijad or stand with Israel?

Writers v. Producers or How much is my show worth?

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For a month and two days, there has been a strike going on in Los Angeles: The WGA. (Buy their strike swag) They are striking to get more residuals from their performances showing up on different platforms. The Studios (represented by the AMPTP -- the association of Producers) are opposed to releasing any funds for the writers. Come accounting time, writers are last on the list regarding movies, but first on the TV side.

The writer's strike has halted filming around town. All TV shows (one of which my sister and her fiancee work on) have halted. Scripts from five or ten years ago are being filmed (the answer to the Jeopardy question: Where do all the Spec Scripts go?) To follow this strike read Deadline Hollywood Daily and check out this post by Jason.

As a soon to be writer of novels (who hope the rights get bought to be filmed), I like the writers. I honk in support as I pass (listening to Right Wing Talk Radio as I go by). But, here is my trade:
I will support the WGA in their quest for better residuals if they can finally write a script about a Lone Conservative Blogger who goes against a power mad female Democratic candidate and wins. You can also film it in LA and DC. Deal?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

CNN: The not-so-trusted name in News

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We are in a Presidential Primary season (not Rabbit season, not duck season, not Elmer Fudd season either); Democrats are picking their Challenger for November, as are Republicans. In each state, the voting varies but each activist party member picks their champion.

The constant irritant by the Left is how biased Fox News is. Yes, they are biased for Republicans, how many other stations are out there for this demographic? Not CBS (Thank you Dan Rather), not PBS, or NBC, or ABC. On NBC, the head of their Sunday talk show is a former Governor Cuomo (D-NY) staffer; On ABC, their chair is a former President Clinton (D-AK) staffer. NPR does not hire the GOP staffers on the Hill (yet, they receive taxpayer money). And Keith Olbermann on MSNBC does not have debates with people who disagrees with him. He would be the first to call out secret police when the Democrats get into power. Fascism always hides among so-called populists. Don't believe me, see the example of Huey Long. But how many channels can you find Republicans? Little or none. Not even on scripted TV shows.

During the Republican primaries, CNN has proven "the Liberal Bias" is no myth. Going by the rules of the YouTube Debate last week, there were to be questions from Republicans regarding Republican issues to Republican candidates for the Republican Primary. However, it turned into Democratic questions for Republican Candidates on Democratic issues.

Anyone with Google (who co-sponsored the debate) could find out about the questioners. Strange how a channel full of so-called seasoned reporters couldn't find one Republican activist. See the examples above why that is.

During the Democratic debate, CNN placed Hillary partisans among the questioners. If I was an Obama supporter, I would start questioning CNN and force the station to listen to my candidate. I'm just saying.

Also, CNN misrepresented a Conservative organization. This occurs because they know no Conservatives or Republicans socially.

However, right now I am writing a book. One of the issues is how Republicans and Conservatives should deal with the Press. Here is my solution to last until next November:

A) Every non-Hillary political organization must threaten to boycott CNN's sponsors. Money talks.

A1) Every Republican Organization must call into Anderson Cooper's show and get the names of every Producer and Reporter. Repeat with every show on CNN.

B) Each member of these organizations calls each persons and asks a couple of questions:
a) Do you know any activist Democrats socially? (for Dems, do you know any non-Hillary supporters who work there?)
b) Do you know any activist Republicans socially?

B1) If they answer Bb, No, then offer your hand in friendship. Offer to be a source, willing to talk, etc.

C) If they refuse B1, then use every means at your disposal to find out about their family, their friends, their past. call them at home with this information. If they refuse to acknowledge a two-party system exists in the United States by friendship, than force must be used.

Conservatives and Republicans have a right to be heard on CNN; They are on our broadcast spectrum. As taxpayers, we own it too.

Where I've been, where I'm going (iii)

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I try and I try, but I can't get no.....time to post. Hey, hey hey! That's what I say.....

The day job has shifted again; rather than 3 drivers, there is one -- and that one driver is me. By the time I get home, I am exhausted. However, next week might be easier, if it is, more posts. Usually when I get home, I read some blogs (look to your right) and catch up on the stories behind the news stories.

Also, what is going in L.A? The writers strike continues, affecting most jobs around town. Oh, and I will be getting my laptop on December 20 (four days after my birthday). Hopefully by the time I get the laptop, I have the apartment. the latest I hope to have the apartment is to get it by December 31, 2007.

Also, with laptop and apartment, I hope to write two books consecutively. One fiction, and one non-fiction. Aurora, Jason, Chess, and Malcot -- email me if I can authorize interviewing and quoting you for the latter. I'll discuss the rest of it later.

For now, though, another post.


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