Friday, December 28, 2007

A Martyr for Democracy

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Benezhir Bhutto was killed yesterday. In the tribal wilds of Pakistan, two weeks before an election. Her death affects two countries elections.

Some bloggers and radio hosts are calling this "An Archduke Ferdinand Moment," As always, the Left blames President Bush first before blaming Al-Queda (This is the same part of the Left that finds no fault with President Ahmadinijad).

In my last post, I proposed that Peace would come through Democratic nations. By always standing against President Bush's foreign policy of exporting Democracy, the democrats brought down America's standing in the world. At some point partisanship must end at the foreign policy line. If Republicans can do it during the 90's, what is stopping the Democrats today?

President Musharref is a flawed leader; So was Bhutto. The last time a leader held on tenuously was the Shah of Iran in 1979. Do the Democrats want another failed state (like Afghanistan -- Charlie Wilson's War ended in 1989, the Taliban arrived in 1994), Theocracy or Dictatorship?

Bhutto died to free her people from the chaos of Military Dictators and the chaos of Islamic Theocrats; She stood up when no one else would. Can any Democrat stand for Democracy as well or does your hatred of President Bush mean no other country deserves it?


  1. Jason,

    We left the world along twice in modern history:

    1919 - 1939 and

    1993 - 2001.

    Both times, agents of change came to bring the war to the civilized world. The best way to destroy terror is not allow it to grow.

    Under Theocrats or Dictators, terorism grows and spreads. See also failed states.

    It would be nice to ignore the world, but with the civilized state's economies tied together, we can't ignore the edges.

  2. JSF, then let's just take 'em all out! If we're going to be this imperialist power that runs the world, anything short of complete annihilation of the troublemakers is just a waste of time, lives and resources. So fuck 'em! They just want to kill us and each other. If we're the kind of country that meddles in the affairs of the rest of the world, why be half assed about it? I'm voting for any candidate who promises to nuke the entire rest of the world on the first day in office!

  3. Jason,

    Haha. But seriously, when America turned it's back on the world, the chaos that was upriver (Conrad, Heart of Darkness reference) found it's way to civilization.

    When I hear the Left say, "let's take them all down," I notice it is an imperial mindset.

    The Late British Empire had a saying from it's upper class: The Wogs don't deserve [Blank]. Most Liberals already have freedom and Democracy (How many were arrested during the past 7 years?), financial security and homes; What about the rest of the world?

    The best way to deal with that part of the world is not just to play Poker with the Dictators and the Theocrats, but Chess. Between carrot diplomacy (do this and more money) and stick (or our troops will move in from your neighbor/the sea/etc.) will create a more peaceful world.

    Did you read Thomas Friedman's theory yet? As there are civilizing influences, commerce and peace occurs. The Idi Amin's are rare, but with a secure foundation, they would be able to throw him out.

    It is a long process, but I would like to see a free Middle East (not hostile to Israel) and a wealthy Africa. Why? Because peace and wealth spreads too.

  4. Ah Who killed Benazir Bhutto? Everyone did. She had potential to be a strong figure but she was cut down because of the cultural environment we all live in. Even the West let her down. Now of course everyone is freaking out trying to figure out how to replace her. Why not avoid the fuck up in the first place? Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  5. I have heard many people argue in favor of a direct correlation between the efforts of Charlie Wilson in Afghanistan during the Afghan-Soviet War and the events beginning with first bombing of the WTC in 1993 and subsequent events involving terroistic organizations based in the Pakistan-Afghan border.

    However, these arguments like many similar theses are eaiser to support in hindsight.

    Perhaps as a collective the West does bear a degree of responsibility for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto as they did for the assassination of Indira Ghandi in 1984.

    The question I find myself asking in the wake of Benazir Bhutto's assassination is the following:

    If the United States and the European powers had engaged in a program of nation building and institution construction in Afghanistan after the conclusion of the Afghan-Soviet War could the course of world events in the last two decades have been altered or mitigated in some fashion.

  6. JSF, the best way to deal with that part of the world is to make a parking lot out of it. These people have demonstrated over and over again that the only thing that they are good for is killing each other in the name of their stupid imaginary friend in the sky and I'm sick of our good and brave people having to die needlessly because these people are a bunch of barbaric asshats. If it's true that left to their own devices they'll figure out a way to kill us, then there's really only one thing to do and we have the tools to do it. No more halfassed solutions that bite us in the ass decades later. Lets git 'r dun!

  7. Jason,

    They come looking for us because we are the biggest nation on the planet with influence.

    If you can't complain to the Government in your country (or, in a failed state, without one), where can you go to make a statement? Go after the biggest power on the block.

    I believe too much in people to give up on them (This is where I see Conservatives believe in Redemption and Liberals do not).

    Even if you are serious, how many anti-war folks would come out and stop that from happeneing?

    Power to free people is a good thing -- Lincoln was under assult from Democrats for trying to do the same thing in the 1860's.


    President Bill Clinton had a chance in the 90's to come in and influence Afghanistan and bring it out from failed state status, but he chose not too. His Nation building process was in Haiti, Somalia and Yugoslavia -- And Haiti and Somalia scared him from going further. He left the haitians and Somalians to their fate.

  8. JSF, I think this goes beyond liberal vs conservative. Take a look at history. The human race has demonstrated that it cannot live in peace for extended periods of time. That's why in order to truly have peace we have to rid the world of humanity (and those animals, too! Have you ever seen what those things do to each other?). At the very least, we should use total world annihilation as a threat to the rest of the world. Give them 30 days to stop killing each other or we kill everyone.


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