Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Democrats of 2006 = Republicans of 1995

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The band Styx once sang on their Kilroy was Here album, "Haven't we been here before?" and, indeed we have.

The Republican majority of 1995 worked on Reforming Washington via the Contract with America, but they forgot to do some housecleaning work that Congress' get paid to do: Appropriations.

The tenuous Democratic majority of 2006 is angry at President Bush, so opposed to the Iraq war and Wilsonianism (Have the modern Democrats supported any Wilsonian endeavor since 2000? Find me the Democratic sponsored [not co-sponsored] bill), they have passed two Supplememtal bills and a Defense Appropriation bill.

In Appropriations, there are 13 bills every fiscal year. And the modern Democrats, in their anger, passed only one. Tell me again how Speaker Pelosi was going to " ready to lead with civility and bi-partisanship,"

Now every Democratic reader, explain to me how passing 1 Appropriation bill by mid-December shows competence. I might be waiting a while. This is a true "Do-nothing Congress,"


  1. They're letting their hatred for the Republicans block their logic to the point where they can't function as a viable entity. They're not doing their jobs and it's all about out of control anger or sheer spite.
    The American public must be frustrated. I wonder now if they wish they'd not voted for these people.
    It doesn't bode well if we do get a good leader in 2008. You've got a group of saboteurs in government who are going to make life hell for any decent leader until they're finally voted out.

  2. JSF, while I'm no member of either of these two political gangs, I'll take the current "nothing" over the last 6 years of "something" in a heartbeat! And as long as anyone but Hillary wins in 08, we'll be seeing plenty get done once this national nightmare of Bush is over. If Hillary is president, the gridlock we could see would make this congress and Newt's revolution look like an episode of Friends.

    While it's obvious that we both agree that Hillary would be the most polarizing of the democratic candidates, who do you think would be the most polarizing of the republicans? I don't see any of them bringing out quite the levels of vitriol from the other side as either Clinton or Bush. Which one do you think could best heal the ever-widening rift (without taking viability into consideration at all).

  3. They're letting their hatred for the Republicans block their logic to the point where they can't function as a viable entity.

    Oh Aurora, how incredibly ironic for you of all people to complain of hatred for the other side blocking logic! Have you read your own comments lately?

  4. Jason, au contraire, I believe my pure, unadulterated hatred for all things Marxist (and its many mutations)gives me a clarity of vision that those on your side of the fence can only dream of. That and a good shot of Johnny Walkers ;)

  5. Ahhhh, I get it. Your hatred is good but everybody else's is bad. You've got about as much clarity as a brick wall, ya loon!


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