Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Democrats, Meet INGSOC; INGSOC say "Hi!" to the Democrats

Democratic National Convention 2012

I enjoy reading good, meaty sci-fi books; When it comes to sci-fi movies, I go for the weird and shallow. Right now, I am in the midst of the Dune series. When I was younger, I was influenced by Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm as I studied history.

Here's the thing, Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, not a guidebook.  Yet, Democrats are taking the wrong lessons from the book.  The modern Democrats (and friends in the media) have used 1984 as a way to run their party.

Its like the Star Trek episode, "A Piece of the Action,"

Follow me down the rabbit hole....

INGSOC...I mean Democrat Party structure
 The most obvious difference is how many non-Ivy league supporters move up in the Democratic Party.  For a so-called "Party of the people," the Democrats have established themselves in the homes of the 1% (Malibu and Beverly Hills have voted Democrat since 1972).

The OWS crowd? They are in the Outer Party -- tools to be used by the Inner Party.

Don't believe me?

Where are the anti-war protests? Even though President Bush got rid of a dictator (Saddam Hussein), no Democrat would ever support the Republican President doing what they protested 12 years before.

Even though there are drones and a rush to war in Libya (and rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), there are no anti-war protests.  Not even on KPFK.

Point 2 -- the Democrats ALWAYS have need for an Emmanuel Goldstein (the list) and a Two Minute Hate. 

Two Minute Hate by Orwell

When you hear a Democrat say they stand for "Free Speech," or "Free peoples,"  realize this: No they don't.

Did the anti-war crowd care about the Iraqis under Saddam? Or about Afghanistan's populace under the Taliban?

So, they don't care about "Free people,"  

And if the Democrats were not so obsessed with needing Emmanuel Goldstein's, they could have solved America's economic problems during President Obama's first two years.  

Let's get to "Free Speech,"

Have any Democrats today ever defended the right of Fox news or Talk Radio to exist?

We on the Right would rather there be more speech, not limited speech. (save for the PaulBots)

My question: Why do the Democrats model themselves after INGSOC and not Speaker Tip O'Neill's Democrats? 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Reign of Fire

For some reason this week, I am cocooning.  And this is while I am reading Children and the G-d Emperor of Dune.

If I'm following Leto II, then maybe I'm preparing a Golden Path for humanity too (actually, just Los Angeles, but I think large and long term too.  Thank G-d I don't have Sandworm skin)

Before the movie, here are this week's posts:

1) 1984 (the book) and Today's Democrats.  Orwell warned us all;

2) Issues to run and win in the LA Basin if you are on the ballot (as is yours truly for June 5th);

3) The Meta Issues of this Election (thank you TV Tropes -- very addicting site)

4) Catching up on the Republican Primaries from Super Tuesday Onward. What does it all mean?

5)  ??????????????????????

Now, enjoy a movie with Dragons, a young Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey (another Washington Redskins fan).

First, a song, then the movie:

Chemical Brothers, Golden Path

Reign of Fire (2002)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Support the Zombie Apocalypse! Stop it with Voter ID!


Last post dealt with Bots (PaulBots), this time we focus on Zombie Voters.

Before I explain to you the Zombie issue, lets focus on what you need a legitimate ID for:

Ways to stop the Zombie Menace
If you say "Someone cannot get an ID because its hard," forgets that to go through day to day stuff, you occasionally need some ID to live. 

Now, if these states calling for Voted ID add a "Poll Tax," or "Literacy test," then yes, call them out for being racist or anti-commoner (and call the DOJ), but for Voter ID?  That dog won't hunt.

Because of Voter ID's, even the Zombie Apocalypse can be stopped (I'm a Goth, just run with it)


Romero's Land of the Dead (2005) Or Voters in YOUR County

It was well known in 1960 Chicago, that Zombie Voters affected that elections (the Chicago machine); And again in Washington State in 2004 and the most well known sighting of Zombie Voters occurred during the Minnesota recount of 2008

And even G-d himself does not know how many Zombie Voters were involved in the Tammany's control of New York City. 

If you think there is no problem with a Zombie Voter, remember that Zombie Voters can take your name out of the voters list and vote as if they were you.  Unless you like people taking your Credit card number too, I would be shocked that even Democrats are fine with this. (Maybe they are)

Like Max Brooks (son of funnyman, Mel Brooks) and his Zombie Survival Guide, here is:

1.  If you vote, show a proper photo ID 
1A. If you vote by mail, also make a copy of the photo ID.  

Thus, the Zombie Voter cannot claim to be you.  If you turn into a Zombie Voter, the red tape will kill you, kill you for real.  

2.  Make sure your County Party and Assembly District Committee [ADC] clears the roles of the Zombie Voters and the Moved Away Voters;
2A.  If you are involved with your County and ADC, help them with your Precinct.  Zombie Voters can come from anywhere.  Even the house next door.  

Clearing the rolls is done every cycle.  If you hear couch fainting, that's Democrats trying to find another excuse. 

3.Be a Poll Watcher on Election day to make sure no Zombie Voters walk in -- check their ID (used for check cashing, Credit card using and catching a plane).  Every living human being has one.  Zombie Voters have fake ID's.
3A.  Make sure when you vote, the poll watchers check your ID.   If not, or it looks like you have voted already (when you didn't), the Zombie Voter got ahead of you.  Call and contact you local County Party and State Election Commission.  

Poll watchers do a thankless job during elections.  Thank them.

Its easier to stop Zombie Voters then actual Zombies (or werewolves or Vampires [Hint: NO SPARKLES]).  Zombies you have to hit in the head and make sure they don't get up to eat you or your brains.  

Zombie Voters can be stopped by having photo ID's, just as you would need to buy alcohol,  but you are saving Civilization every time you use it.  

My question: How else do you stop Zombie Voters? And why do Democrats have Zombie Voters as a protected class of citizen?

**Thank you Zombieland!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Libertarianism and Social Libertarianism Does Not Need Ron Paul

When this news hit from the MO Caucuses (h/t The Other McCain):

I have debated with Paulbots on many Facebook walls.  There is a difference between a Paulbot and a Paul supporter. 

A Paul supporter is someone who works within their local party for other candidates for Libertarianism -- Paul supporters can be found within Assembly District Committees  helping build their local branch to support Libertarian leaning candidates.  These folks I have no problem with.

A PaulBot does every political (and non political) thing for Ron Paul.  Mind you, Ron Paul has never governed a state (as Governor Gary Johnson did) or ran a federal agency, so if Paul wants to run for POTUS, all I hear is talk.These people are not Libertarians, they are a member of the Cult of Personality like Obamabots or Scientologists.

For those PaulBots too stupid to understand what a Cult of Personality is, let me teach you:

Living Colour, Cult of Personality

Cult of Personality (Noun): a cult promoting adulation of a living national leader or public figure, as one encouraged by Stalin to extend his power.

In other words, PaulBots only promote Ron Paul, not Libertarianism. 

To promote Libertarianism, that means you promote candidates who pursue freedom for all.  A Libertarian Republican would stand up against Romney's blandness and Santorum's Social Conservatism.

Nope.  PaulBots yell "Paul, Paul, Paul," like zombies.

I fight within the GOP and against Democrats when they err on the side of less freedom (Try being a club owner in Los Angeles if you want to deal with rules and regulations).  PaulBots only fight for Ron Paul.

No joke.

While Governor Gary Johnson governed as a Libertarian, the PaulBots refused to support him.  Why? They are PaulBots first, Libertarians second.

If Paul jumps over to the Libertarian party this year, shouldn't the RNC kick his son out of the Party?

My question: Where are the Libertarian Republicans that are not PaulBots? 

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Even though I promised a return to Blogging, my twice a year (on the east Coast, four times a year) change of season cold came roaring back.  The fact that it came roaring back at night allowed me to joke on Facebook that I either had lycanthropy or Vampirism. (I'm a Goth and a fan of the US Being Human series, so, yes, I will joke about that)

But today is St. Patrick's day -- a day of fun and drinking (make sure you have a designated driver or a cab to take you home if you do).

To celebrate, here are two tunes and a movie:

Dropkick Murphy's I'm Shipping up to Boston

Flogging Molly, Salty Dog

In the Name of the Father (1993)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rules for Political Activists and Firebrands

First off, let me say, yes Rush Limbaugh went too far and I'm glad he apologized.

Now, if you please, denounce this too:

However, Ms. Fluke is a Political Activist, trained for a non-binding House Committee hearing hosted by Speaker Pelosi; Rush Limbaugh is the Rights Political Firebrand and until Mike Malloy gets off the radio, the Left is not short of them either.

Each person has a role on the Political stage -- only closed minded people would deny either a place in it.  (Again, have you ever heard Mike Malloy's Hate Speech? -- If he can wish for the Right to die, should I return the favor?)

Since I have been busy writing something for RPLAC and CRP, my time has been taken away from the Valley -- now that I have returned, here are the rules for both, the Political Activists and Political Firebrands.

Thank me later.

Rules for Political Activists

Lenin -- Political Activist

Speaker Gingrich -- political Activist made good

1) If you go up on Capitol Hill and testify about sex -- don't get butthurt when people attack on that score.  I have yet see anyone of the Left decry the above video.  So, yeah, that story is in play.  If I could have counseled Rush, I would have said attackMs. Fluke for being an activist.  

If I testify about building a Death Star (for you Star wars geeks), I expect Star Trek fans to attack me for not using the Borg Cube. And don't lie about your age on the Hill -- you will be found out. 

2) Accept you are an Activist and act accordingly.  Sometimes that means accepting apologies, unless you are politicising that too.  Trust me, fire comes from both sides.  In an Election year, both Democrats and Republicans are like Napoleonic Ships firing at each other at close range.   

3)  Keep your own shoes clean.  I have a Code of Honor, if there is any questions, I refer to it.  Ms. Fluke only operated by one code: Advance the Democrats.  However, it backfired.  

4)  Know your role.  When you advance a cause, you are a symbol.  Act accordingly.

5)  Study the Policy you are promoting.  Nothing is worse then hearing a Hollywood actor make a mistake about policy.  If I testify about the Death Star, I better know all about it -- inside and out.  

And now,

Rules for Political Firebrands

1) Dance on the line of good taste, but don't cross it.  

2) Always make sure the Political people have your back.

3) Never wish anyone death or harm -- whether you are an R or D. Karma comes back and bites you back.  

4) Have Principles to fight for.  I stand for Commerce, Democracy and Rock and Roll.  If you are a firebrand, stand for a belief. (Heck, that goes any Politico person at all levels.) 

5) Be entertaining!

My question: What rules fit for either group?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Return of the Blogger!

Last week was slightly busy and slight dramatic (partially my fault on the latter), but like Nixon, I am tanned, rested and ready to return to the Blogosphere.

Nixon, tanned, rested and ready, on the campaign trail, 1968
Here are a few things to look forward to this week:

A) Super Tuesday and beyond -- what's next for the GOP POTUS candidates?

B) Rules Political Activists should live by

C) Social (and regular) Libertarianism does not need Ron Paul

D) Why the RNC should invest in Los Angeles and the CRP (and RPLAC/CRP should invest in Bloggers)

E) More bad tales about the 501c3 KPFK

F) ????????????????

And since I've been away unexpectedly (but I did get to see Vicktor and Bettie from Vegas -- Cool Goths and loyal readers of the Valley), here is a movie to enjoy.

This is Metropolis.  You've heard about it, you've read this histories, now enjoy.  See you tomorrow!

First a song:

The Church, Metropolis

And now, Metropolis! 

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Romney's Triple Play and Useless Win

Romney is running ahead in the past few states.  .

On February 28, there were two contests, Arizona and Michigan. Let's see how that turned out:

Orange = Romney
Mitt Romney 216,805 47.27%

Rick Santorum 122,088 26.62%

Newt Gingrich 74,110 16.16%

Ron Paul 38,753 8.45%

Orange = Romney/ Green = Santorum
Romney's dad, George Romney, governed Michigan during the 60's, so Romney was coming home to this Industrial state.

Had Romney NOT won Michigan, his Establishment credentials would have been questioned.

Mitt Romney 409,120 41.07%

Rick Santorum 377,144 37.86%

Ron Paul 115,778 11.62%

Newt Gingrich 65,002 6.53%

(All delegate counts start after Super Tuesday)

Next up, the Wyoming Caucuses.

Green = Santorum/Orange = Romney/ Yellow = Paul
Mitt Romney 822 38.99%
Rick Santorum 673 31.93%
Ron Paul 439 20.83%
Newt Gingrich 165 7.83%

The Delegates are non-binding.  As I said, delegate count AFTER Super Tuesday.

In this Western State, Santorum and Paul put up a fight against Romney.  However, this was a nine day caucus. To be continued....

And last night, the Washington (state) caucuses (also, non-binding):

Orange = Romney/ Green = Santorum/ Yellow = Paul

Mitt Romney 19,111 37.65%

Ron Paul 12,594 24.81%

Rick Santorum 12,089 23.81%

Newt Gingrich 5,221 10.28%

Is it over? Have the Establishmenterians won?

On Tuesday night (where I will be busy in the San Fernando valley), we will find out. 

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Six String Samurai!

We are in the midst of Primaries, once they are closer to California (June 5 -- news about this ballot later on), we'll go back to Doctor Who nights.

First off, thanks to Ed Driscoll who linked me twice this week.

Remember, we on the Right should not focus on Social Issues! Stick with the Don Surber Rule!

Some posts to look forward too:

Sunday Night) The past three Primary and Caucus analysis.

Monday) Who are the True Libertarians fighting in the GOP? Hint: Not Ron Paul supporters

Tuesday, I will be busy in the San Fernando Valley.

Wednesday) Super Tuesday Analysis and 2012's who flunked flank?

Thursday and Friday -- Let's see what the week brings.

Now, here is Six String Samurai, a movie that introduced me to the group, Red Elvises (now Igor and the Red Elvises). They are a local Venice Beach band with a Russian twang.  Cool stuff.

Imagine the Apocalypse with a rock and roll beat and only Buddy Holly can save the world from Slash.  Yes, weird and surreal, but enjoyable.

And now,  enjoy Six String Samurai!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

March 2012 Tip Jar (And a Gothy Muse!)

While today might be rough, today is the day for the Tip Jar.

Please don't forget to hit the Tip Jar! The goal, again, is $300.  Please help the Valley continue by Hitting the Tip Jar.

And this month's Gothy Muse is Emile Autumn, a Gothy inspired Musician who, like yours truly, also deals with Bipolar depression. 

Here are some pictures (and a video) of the lovely Emile Autumn:

Looking Sharp, in the Dark

In Wonderland

Ophiliac Album Cover
Live at the El Rey 2011
Beautiful Publicity Shot

Emile Autumn, Marry Me

Visit her site, buy her book and music.

And please hit the Tip Jar! 


G-dspeed Andrew Breitbart

I read the news today, oh boy. 

I am one of the few Right Bloggers who never met Breitbart, but we did contact each other by Twitter and cell.

He was a New Partisan Fighter unlike others -- he went after the Establishment Left, be it Speaker Pelosi, ACORN or the Media.   Breitbart awakened to the Right with the attacks on Justice Thomas (as I was awakened by reading the Nixon Biography by Stephen Ambrose) -- if the Left were really smart and tolerant, he would not have left (nor would I).

When we tweeted back and forth, we would discuss Goth tunes.   Heck, as I begin Right in the dark, we were discussing that he would visit Ruin.  But his unexpected death puts a damper on some things.

Because of Breitbart, I go after the 501c3 partisans of KPFK (and their open anti-semitism).  He is the man who would take on sacred cows of the Left. heck, once upon a time, even Democrats took on Sacred Cows of the Left.

So, I would deem that Andrew Breitbart is the Right's Saint George, clearing the snakes from the Media.

And to remember Andrew Breitbart, here is a song we both grooved to.  Both of us, Conservative Republican Jewish Goths:

Chameleons UK, Swamp Thing

G-dspeed Andrew Breitbart.


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