Saturday, March 17, 2012

Libertarianism and Social Libertarianism Does Not Need Ron Paul

When this news hit from the MO Caucuses (h/t The Other McCain):

I have debated with Paulbots on many Facebook walls.  There is a difference between a Paulbot and a Paul supporter. 

A Paul supporter is someone who works within their local party for other candidates for Libertarianism -- Paul supporters can be found within Assembly District Committees  helping build their local branch to support Libertarian leaning candidates.  These folks I have no problem with.

A PaulBot does every political (and non political) thing for Ron Paul.  Mind you, Ron Paul has never governed a state (as Governor Gary Johnson did) or ran a federal agency, so if Paul wants to run for POTUS, all I hear is talk.These people are not Libertarians, they are a member of the Cult of Personality like Obamabots or Scientologists.

For those PaulBots too stupid to understand what a Cult of Personality is, let me teach you:

Living Colour, Cult of Personality

Cult of Personality (Noun): a cult promoting adulation of a living national leader or public figure, as one encouraged by Stalin to extend his power.

In other words, PaulBots only promote Ron Paul, not Libertarianism. 

To promote Libertarianism, that means you promote candidates who pursue freedom for all.  A Libertarian Republican would stand up against Romney's blandness and Santorum's Social Conservatism.

Nope.  PaulBots yell "Paul, Paul, Paul," like zombies.

I fight within the GOP and against Democrats when they err on the side of less freedom (Try being a club owner in Los Angeles if you want to deal with rules and regulations).  PaulBots only fight for Ron Paul.

No joke.

While Governor Gary Johnson governed as a Libertarian, the PaulBots refused to support him.  Why? They are PaulBots first, Libertarians second.

If Paul jumps over to the Libertarian party this year, shouldn't the RNC kick his son out of the Party?

My question: Where are the Libertarian Republicans that are not PaulBots? 


  1. I'm a Paul supporter and a Gary Johnson supporter!

  2. I think there are many of us, it's just that the Paulbots get all the press. Brooke here for example seems to be a real person and not a zombie bot of some kind. I'd have voted for Ron Paul if I thought he could beat Obama.


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