Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Democrats, Meet INGSOC; INGSOC say "Hi!" to the Democrats

Democratic National Convention 2012

I enjoy reading good, meaty sci-fi books; When it comes to sci-fi movies, I go for the weird and shallow. Right now, I am in the midst of the Dune series. When I was younger, I was influenced by Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm as I studied history.

Here's the thing, Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, not a guidebook.  Yet, Democrats are taking the wrong lessons from the book.  The modern Democrats (and friends in the media) have used 1984 as a way to run their party.

Its like the Star Trek episode, "A Piece of the Action,"

Follow me down the rabbit hole....

INGSOC...I mean Democrat Party structure
 The most obvious difference is how many non-Ivy league supporters move up in the Democratic Party.  For a so-called "Party of the people," the Democrats have established themselves in the homes of the 1% (Malibu and Beverly Hills have voted Democrat since 1972).

The OWS crowd? They are in the Outer Party -- tools to be used by the Inner Party.

Don't believe me?

Where are the anti-war protests? Even though President Bush got rid of a dictator (Saddam Hussein), no Democrat would ever support the Republican President doing what they protested 12 years before.

Even though there are drones and a rush to war in Libya (and rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), there are no anti-war protests.  Not even on KPFK.

Point 2 -- the Democrats ALWAYS have need for an Emmanuel Goldstein (the list) and a Two Minute Hate. 

Two Minute Hate by Orwell

When you hear a Democrat say they stand for "Free Speech," or "Free peoples,"  realize this: No they don't.

Did the anti-war crowd care about the Iraqis under Saddam? Or about Afghanistan's populace under the Taliban?

So, they don't care about "Free people,"  

And if the Democrats were not so obsessed with needing Emmanuel Goldstein's, they could have solved America's economic problems during President Obama's first two years.  

Let's get to "Free Speech,"

Have any Democrats today ever defended the right of Fox news or Talk Radio to exist?

We on the Right would rather there be more speech, not limited speech. (save for the PaulBots)

My question: Why do the Democrats model themselves after INGSOC and not Speaker Tip O'Neill's Democrats? 

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