Thursday, March 01, 2012

G-dspeed Andrew Breitbart

I read the news today, oh boy. 

I am one of the few Right Bloggers who never met Breitbart, but we did contact each other by Twitter and cell.

He was a New Partisan Fighter unlike others -- he went after the Establishment Left, be it Speaker Pelosi, ACORN or the Media.   Breitbart awakened to the Right with the attacks on Justice Thomas (as I was awakened by reading the Nixon Biography by Stephen Ambrose) -- if the Left were really smart and tolerant, he would not have left (nor would I).

When we tweeted back and forth, we would discuss Goth tunes.   Heck, as I begin Right in the dark, we were discussing that he would visit Ruin.  But his unexpected death puts a damper on some things.

Because of Breitbart, I go after the 501c3 partisans of KPFK (and their open anti-semitism).  He is the man who would take on sacred cows of the Left. heck, once upon a time, even Democrats took on Sacred Cows of the Left.

So, I would deem that Andrew Breitbart is the Right's Saint George, clearing the snakes from the Media.

And to remember Andrew Breitbart, here is a song we both grooved to.  Both of us, Conservative Republican Jewish Goths:

Chameleons UK, Swamp Thing

G-dspeed Andrew Breitbart.

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