Monday, August 28, 2006

Labor Day Break

It's late and summer is closing down. This is not unlike a Jimmy Buffet or Don Henley song -- tourists going home, closing down hangouts, etc. We survived Iran, but there is the 5th anniversary of 9/11 upcoming. And a month and a half later, elections 2006.

The upgrading is almost finished (that why I posted so little this summer) and I have started writing a book. For now, no new posts till the weekend of Labor Day. Enjoy the sunset from Malibu.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Holding my breath

According to most accounts, tomorrow Iran will do something to bring about the Third Imam. Will they bomb Israel? A terrorist attack in Europe? Biological attack in California via Mexico?

I challenge James Wolcott and the Kossites to explain how they will defend this nation if Iran uses a nuclear Bomb against Tel Aviv. They won't because they can't.

I pray for Israel and the U.S.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Do we need a National Secrets Act?

The person above is Kim Philby. Don't know him? He was the inspiration for John LeCarre's novel, Tinker, Tailor Soldier, Spy. Given all we know about the War on Terror (of which Iraq is a franchise), how do the United States move forward against internal and external enemies?

The ruling ACLU et. al. v. NSA shows again how the Left and the Liberal (the same ones who would purge Sen. Lieberman) would use any means to hinder the intelligence gathering because of their antagonism to President Bush.

Within 3 months, their have been arrests here and over the pond of Muslims who were planning to blow things up. In Florida, they were aiming for the Sears Tower in Chicago; In London, 10 planes over 10 cities.

For all those cheering the ruling (and this means you Ned Lamont), between the release of the SWIFT, the freeing of non-state based prisoners from Guantanamo Bay [Sidebar: Doesn't the Geneva Convention apply to State armies not NGO's?] and the continual complaints about Iraq, how should information be gathered to stop another attack?

The UK has a Official Secrets Act which helped them provide the intelligence to find their bombers. Do we need one here to help us stop the next attack?

Discuss among yourselves....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

POP #2

Welcome back to the Valley of the shadows weekly, Politics or Policy! Here is where we discuss issues (domestic and international) and offer a space, for you, the reader, a chance to talk with the author on them. Consider this an open phone line. Johnny, strike up the band and here we go........

A) Cease-fire Agreement between Israel and Hezbollah or The Return of Bibi - Policy - The agreement created by the United Nations (where the infamous "Zionism is Racism" was made policy). Congratulations United Nations! You have now made a Non-Governmental organization [NGO] equal to a state. All Israel wants (and has wanted until Olmert), is recognition and cessation of hostilities. Neither are offered by this agreement. Because Olmert waited to let loose the IDF in Lebanon, more Iranian missiles flew into the only functioning democracy in the Middle East (Iraq is still in Act One of it's democracy). The cease-fire is a farce. Let me be the first Blogger to say: Bring Back Bibi!

B) Mike Wallace's umbrella - Politics - Mike Wallace of CBS' 60 minutes (home of Rathergate) was very complacent with the Iranian President. He would ask about the statements of destroying Israel but would not follow up. 60 Minutes (and the democrats of CT) are the new Neville Chamberlains. God help us if they are elected. [Ed. note: After Labor Day, the reasons will be posted why the Dem's will not win again in 2006 or 2008]

C) Worse then 9/11 - Policy - When the plot was discovered, Burbank Airport shut down until Noon. But given what we know now, why are the Democrats still opposed to any chance at security? The difference between the reality-based community and the moonbats are those who understand that 9/11 was a continuation of attacks upon America, not an aberration. Iraq and Lebanon are better battlegrounds then Universal Citywalk or San Francisco.

Thank you and good night!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

4 %

I'm stunned. I'm speechless. The Democratic party I grew up with is dead. When I was growing up, the Dem's were pro-Israeli, it had a diverse party (i.e. the "Boston-Austin Connection")[Ed note: This will be discussed later in the Blog], and the men who ran the party had little time for Bullshit.

I grew up a Democrat in New York City, most people born there start as one. Once the last generation of Democrats left public life (Edward Koch, Dan Rostonkowski, John Glenn and, of course, Thomas "Tip" O'Neill), smaller feet walked behind the giants.

Even though I switched in 1992, I still thought of the Dems as a party of adults. Since the Clinton ascendancy, (actually with the death of Lloyd Bentsen) the adults have left the room. Now the Kos kids primaried Senator Joseph Lieberman, the only Jewish Dem up for re-election. The kids are running the show. However, he only lost by 4%. It is his right to run if he so chooses. The hate by the Kos kids are transparent even today.

Until the Dems control their special interests who dictate the party and lessen the Anti-semitism seen in the Huffington Post, Firedoglake, and The Daily Kos, they deserve to remain in the minority. Nor should they win the Presidency in 2008.

Monday, August 07, 2006

May it please the court...?

Here I am, waiting in LA Superior Court to get picked for a Jury or to get sent home. I am reading Thomas P. M. Barnett's book: The Pentagon's New Map: Blueprint for Action. Alongside that, I am reading A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin about the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Rise of the Modern Middle East. The past and the future. What does it all mean?

Simply this: If the Democrats do not lay claim to supporting the War in Iraq (a subsidary of the Global War on Terror) or allow Leiberman to lose tommorow, then the Republican party will hold onto the Legislative (both Houses) and the Executive for at least another forty years.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A lyric of Lieberman

I feel like Aunty Entity of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, after Max reneges and does not kill Blaster.

"What's this?" she said and that's what I'm saying now regarding Senator Lieberman's primary of next Tuesday.

To recap, the New York Times backed Lamont and the Washington Post backed the incumbent. This argument is between Democrats and it's all about how far to defend the Iraq War.

What bothers me, is of all the Democratic Senators to primary, the Daily Kos picked the only Jew who supports Israel and Bush. When I hear a Jew on the radio deriding that "He's too far to the right," Isn't the purpose of the Senate but a place to provide comity from partisanship? Don't believe me? Remember the gang of 14?

If you read the earlier post, Anti-semitism is rising on the left. Let me repeat that: Anti-semitism is rising on the left. If Lieberman falls, here is what the Democrats can expect:

  • The Connecticut Senate goes Republican thus repeating D'amato 1980 or Moynihan '76, both of New York.
  • Bi-partisanship dies in the Senate (The House runs on majority rule).
  • The younger Jews will turn away from the Democrats
  • Pro-Israeli Democrats will turn Republican.
  • And the Democrats will turn into a modern John Birch society -- isolationist and Anti-Semitic.

If you are a Democrat and Jew, know that if the Democrats regain the majority, Hezbollah and Hamas will run rampant in Israel. Do you want that?


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