Friday, June 29, 2012

Shades of AG Mitchell: The Contempt of Congress Vote Against AG Holder in Fast and Furious (not the movie)

Here is the Fast and Furious I like:

Here is the Fast and Furious I don't like:

Wide Receiver vs. Fast and Furious (NOT the Movie)

So, harkening back to Watergate, the President allows AG Holder to have Executive Privilege over Fast and Furious documents. 

What did Senator Obama say about Executive Privilege? (and what President Obama says in 2012)

There is a reason that Democrats have a habit of losing more then they win in these post Speaker Tip O'Neill days when there is corruption by the Republicans, they shout to the rooftops; When it is their own, no Democrat Elected or Partisan will ever say "This is wrong," 

Heck, Rep Rangel (D-NY), in trouble with tax issues was just re-elected in his Primary. 

Good job Democrats!

And voters notice these things.  (Hence the tag: Hypocrisy).

So, while Democrats "staged" a walkout during the vote, Brian Terry's death is still unaccounted for......because the President is a Democrat.  

How is President Obama and AG Holder different from this blast from the past?

AG John Mitchell

My question: Don't Democrats deserve to lose the Congress if they cannot keep corruption out of their party?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How CJ Roberts Volleyed President Obama to Score Points Against Senator Obama

This was the news today.  (Oh boy!)

[Here is the Supreme Court's Full Decision]

But anyone understanding Politics (and policy), know that Karma was in play.  If this was a victory for President Obama, they need more victories like this.  A pyrrhic victory.

Battle of Asculum (279 BC)

Let's wind the clocks back to when President Obama was Senator Obama and Chief Justice Roberts was Judge Roberts:

And when it came down to the vote, here is how it occurred:

Seven years later, Chief Justice Roberts held the deciding vote on President Obama's chief piece of Legislation: Obamacare. 

How did it work out?  

(h/t Althouse and SCOTUS Blog for the next bits) 


Taxes have never been popular, see, e.g., Stamp Act of 1765, and in part for that reason, the Constitution requires tax increases to originate in the House of Representatives. See Art. I, §7, cl. 1. That is to say, they must originate in the legislative body most accountable to the people, where legislators must weigh the need for the tax against the terrible price they might pay at their next election, which is never more than two years off. The Federalist No. 58 “defend[ed] the decision to give the origination power to the House on the ground that the Chamber that is more accountable to the people should have the primary role in raising revenue.” United States v. Munoz-Flores, 495 U. S. 385, 395 (1990) . We have no doubt that Congress knew precisely what it was doing when it rejected an earlier version of this legislation that imposed a tax instead of a requirement-with-penalty. See Affordable Health Care for America Act, H. R. 3962, 111th Cong., 1st Sess., §501 (2009); America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009, S. 1796, 111th Cong., 1st Sess., §1301. Imposing a tax through judicial legislation inverts the constitutional scheme, and places the power to tax in the branch of government least accountable to the citizenry.

 (Althouse with Court's dissent)

How does Karma fit in? How was this a Pyrrhic victory?

CJ Roberts sided with the Liberal judges on this vote, but by doing so threw it back to Congress, spacifically the House of Representatives, actually the House Ways and means Committee.  

No matter how the POTUS campaign goes, the House is not flipping.  Thus, the wasted victory.  if the Senate flips too, there goes the Tax and Obamacare.  

If President Obama loses to Governor Romney, the tax and Obamacare loses in the next cycle.  

Maybe Senator Obama should have voted for Justice Roberts for the Supreme Court. President Obama would not have trouble for his re-election.  Karma comes when you least expect it. 

My question: Who won and why?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Come Down to The Monte Cristo in Koreatown and Visit The Best Goth Club in LA!

First a song:

One of my favorite clubs (and one of my favorite venues -- across from Southwestern Law School) just got put under New Management.  Rather then buy a Sunset Boulavard Club where "A" Listers and Reality Stars co-mingle, the new owners think they entice stars down to Koreatown for Hip-Hop where we Goths dance in the dark.

In Los Angeles proper, Bars and clubs close at 2:30 (in West Hollywood where the Terminally Hip are, they close at 2 and the West Hollywood police lock down Sunset), and because we Goths might look frightening and scary, we are left alone (And as is our nature, we leave others alone too -- Grover Norquist would be proud) . If it turns into a Hip Hop club, the chaos that is Hollywood (not even talking paparazzi in West Hollywood) will stretch to Koreatown.  

So, this is my first appeal, please come down to the Monte Cristo this weekend and enjoy yourself.  Meet the writer of this Blog and dance to some great tunes. I enjoy the dark Stylings of DJ Xian and DJ Amanda Jones, you will too.

Consider this post an invite to a meet up of Valley readers.  Meet, and ask yours truly any question about current affairs (I respond well to bottled water -- Hint, Hint).  And please help keep the Monte Cristo open as a venue for Goths. 


And a final tune to enjoy.

Prepping the Battlespace Against SCOTUS and Election 2012

Sun Tzu wrote:

"Thus a victorious army wins its victories before seeking battle;
 an army destined to defeat fights in the hope of winning," 
 -- Sun Tzu, Art of War, pg. 97

What James Fallows, former President Carter (D) speechwriter, blogged yesterday shows the lengths that some in the media will go to build a battle space. This was the original title: 5 Signs the United States is Undergoing a Coup.

Followed by this: 

How would you describe a democracy where power was being shifted that way?"

When I was at American University, I was studying under Allan Lichtman for my senior history thesis. My thesis was about Ambassadorial Appointments during Watergate.

The question I posed, could two branches of Government work with each other even if they were at war with each other?  To appoint Ambassadors (or Federal Judges), the executive chooses the name and the Senate votes on the candidate.  First via Committee, then the whole Senate.  Thus, there would have to be some cooperation between the Branches if things (such as appointing Ambassadors during the begining of a Second Term) fall apart between the Players, not the Institutions.

In Nixon's time, yes they could.  The fact that I wrote it just before the Clinton Impeachment shows the power of my ability to get the pulse of what's next.  And here's a dirty little secret about the Clinton Impeachment: The players played their roles, but no one Hated Clinton.  Clinton did not hate the Congress -- they had to work together.  (see paragraph above).

As a partisan, I know exactly when the breakdown occured with the Judicial system: When Borking was coined and Thomas was lynched.

Who attacked Bork and Thomas, thus destroying the Trust of the Third Branch was untoachable from Politics?

Repeat after me:  Democrats.

And don't think we on the Right forgot how they were (and still) treated.

In politics, sometimes you win elections, and then sometimes you don't.  What I have been seeing from the Left since December 2000, is that they cannot fathom ever losing.

It's why, when it comes to Filibusters, the process was fine against blocking President George W. Bush Judicial nominations but, now filibusters are horrible because they block the Obama Administration goals.

Partisans are also hacks, but I would respect the Democrats more if they understood any door they open to oppose the Right can be used by the Right.  Or as I say simply: Don't like it? Don't start it.

The other problem with Democrats can also be summed up by Sun Tzu:

"If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril," 
-- Sun Tzu, Art of War, pg. 84

If SCOTUS becomes politicized, remember is was the Democrats who opened that door.

And wait, before Thursday, you will see the Liberal Talking Point "The Radical Roberts Court," Just watch.

My question: Why don't Democrats understand how Elections work and Law of Karma?

UPDATE 6/25/12 8:02 PM PST: Welcome back Instapundit Readers!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Miami Vice (1980's)

In High School, I owned a Yellow "Crockett" jacket because I was a big fan of  Miami Vice.

Like this, but in yellow
Tonight, while I celebrate more numbers coming in for my Election (5,269 votes. Yes, 5,269! Votes!) at Ruin, I give you a night of Miami Vice, music and episodes.

Some posts for this week:

1) Fast and Furious (of course);

2) Romney and Tampa 2012; and

3) The American Space (colonies and ships), Part 1 of 3.

Now, some songs:

Jan Hammer, Miami Vice Theme

Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight

And now,

Miami Vice, The Pilot

Miami Vice, Heart of Darkness

Enjoy your summer!

The Scouring of the Shire (LA Primary Election 2012 Edition)

Unwelcome Return by Alan Lee 
Now it's time.

The final numbers are coming in from LA Votes and 6 of 7 of my friends made it into the 50th GOP Assembly District Committee.  

However, in an ironic situation, I won, but the PaulBots have run through RPLAC (mostly in the San Fernando Valley), knocking out three of my friends -- Sue Abato, Val Cymbal and Nancy Spero. And they forced out Chairman Hauter and her husband from the next cycle. They took 47 seats throughout the County. 

Hence, in my fight against Democrats (and Establishment Republicans who don't give money to RPLAC or CAGOP), I now have to focus on my home ground for competency.  PaulBots are not known for their people skills. 

The PaulBots targeted the Establishment and the Ground Level Republicans (and they are also doing it around the country).  

Thing is, this is the third attack on RPLAC by the PaulBots.  

1) A lawsuit against the Barnett Board during Election 2010 -- when we could have won. The Paul people have never apologized or conceded that they did wrong.

2) Cheating during a CAGOP Convention by double booking people to win a straw poll; and finally

3) One of the PaulBots, Dani Rasconi,  who was already in a Central Committee, happily produced an Anti-Israel video. Mind you, Los Angeles, has the second biggest population of Jews in the United States. (New York City being first). That's put her in alliance with KPFK, a progressive radio station.  

Progressives on KPFK  Republican or Libertarian

Yet most PaulBots choose to follow Progressives rather then Republicans.

PaulBots = Progresives and Obama Supporters
I've been in the Republican party longer then Ron Paul at this date.  I switched from Democrat to Republican in 1992 and never switched anywhere else.  Paul jumped from Republican to Libertarian to Republican again (and expected to win after attacking President Reagan in 2011).  Like Mordor, one does not come back in and expect to be Leader.

As someone who is able to campaign among the LA Goth scene, here is hint Paul people: They are like me, Social Libertarians, but you mention being a Paul supporter, and they think you are nuts.  Paul's isolationism and attacks on the Federal Reserve do not show "Truth to Power," they show craziness. 

When I move from the Goth scene to RPLAC, I am listened at both places because, I want Republicans (especially Social Libertarians) to win and I understand what my friends in both clubs are looking for in their politicians.  

 Even though I am probabaly playing Sam Gamgee in my loyalty to my mentors and RPLAC, here are a few things I expect from Paul Supporters now operating in RPLAC and again, after December:

Defeating Saruman (Paul) in Los Angeles or the Battle of Bywater
I) Raise funds for RPLAC or you will not have any candidate victories.  Don't act like PaulBots, act like Republicans when it comes to raising funds.  Anyone can look at that poster in the middle and wonder, why should any funds be given to people who couldn't support the Republican 2012 Presidential candidate? 

II) Do NOT make supporting Paul a litmus test for any activist or candidate -- you subtract more then you gain. And as a so called "neo-con" who is a Social Libertarian, I have read the Constitution too -- so have others. Do not insult Local Republicans or there will be no support outside of your own circles. Politics is about building coalitions not subtracting the less pure (which is why we on the Right have a shot against President Obama this year.) 

III) Back in the early to mid 2000's, there was a corrupt couple running RPLAC -- the Boyds.  They are gone now.  Don't complain about what isn't and create something lasting so that even non-Paul supporters can support RPLAC.   And don't act arrogant.

My question: Do Paul Supporters have RPLAC's best interest in mind? Why or why not?

Friday, June 22, 2012

If President Obama is Fundraising from the 1% of Hollywood, Where's the #Occupy crowd?

Let's peek into the Hollywood Reporter:

Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, is not known for hanging out with the Hoi Polloi. watch her ad for President Obama's re-election campaign.

Does this sound like a woman who takes the Subway during Rush Hour? 

Expect until Halloween, that the Westside of LA and the Upper East Side of New York will be filled with Obamajams.  


Most Presidents rely on Wall Street if they do a good job.  By threatening to send Occupy Wall Street to the bankers unless they funded his campaign, President Obama turned off a spigot by acting like.......

Forget Citizens United, forget Super-Pacs, remember that in Election 2008, it was after McCain-Feingold campaign Finance reform passed (with a lot of support by the Democrats) that....

When Senator Obama had a chance to follow the structures of McCain-Feingold or go against it to raise amounts not relegated by the law, Senator Obama chose the latter. 

The fact that Romney can raise more is Karma -- Senator Obama should have followed Senator McCain's lead in campaign finance.  He would not be going to Hollywood and New York City every other month. 

This is what a "Man of the People," looks like:

President George W. Bush, not loved by H'wood -- but by the Commoners

Whenever I hear how the Left represents "the People," I always ask, did they win the last election?  

You cannot represent the people if the "people," don't like you.  And Anna Wintour and George Clooney are not "the people,"   

I might be a partisan, but I also recognize that "the people," are around me.  I need to listen to them if my friends hope to win elections. 

I expect Occupy Los Angeles to protest the next Obama fundraiser, right?

My question: Why do Democrats love the Above the Line people but not us commoners? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

If Democrats Had Only Listened to Yoda, There Would Not Be Electoral Blowback. Too bad.

Or "The Nixon Mistake," 

Let us ponder some Philosophy from the Great Jedi Knight, Yoda:

Or, simply:

"Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side are they. Once you start 
down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny..."

Do you know how I became a Republican?

It's what the subtitle above hints at.  During the formative years of my life, I grew up in New York City, a bastion of Liberal Democratic thinking (with a touch of pragmatism from a City Council that did not want to lose Wall Street to other states even during the worst of times.) and within that thinking was Nixon = Devil.

Let me repeat, because you can substitute Palin, Cheney, Bush (Pere and fils) and now, Romney:

Basically, if this guy was so bad and Evil, I should research him and find out how that happened.  I chanced upon Stephen Ambrose's Nixon (all three volumes) and learned "The Nixon Mistake," the Democrats had employed. 

This was in the Summer of 1992.

President Nixon was a man, a human being, very flawed, and possibly cheated from victory in 1960.  Then came the crazy times of 1968 with riots and assassinations and (a still) Kennedy loving Press working against him.  

He wasn't the devil.  Nixon was a man, with flaws.

As long as Democrats continue to employ INGSOC tactics such as needing an American Emmanuel Goldstein, they will continue to ignore human nature.

The reason why the original Star Wars Trilogy was awesome to the nth power was because, not only were you dealing with Politics and mysticism, Droids and spaceships, but (a young!) George Lucas understood Human nature. 

During Luke's training, he sees a vision of his friends in trouble at Cloud City.  Yoda (and Obi-Wan Kenobi) consul him not to go -- what does Luke do? 

He does the opposite of what his mentors say to do

How does this play in the real world of Politics?

The core of an intelligent human is the idea of curiosity and learning (not just school learning) -- if there are people saying "Don't read X!" or "Don't listen to Y!" or "Don't watch Z!" in the end, people will watch, listen and read what is forbidden. 

Heck, one needs only read the story of Adam and Eve on how forbidding human nature did not work.  

Romney, for all his faults, is another moderate Republican.  Just like Senator McCain.

One does not run Massachussets being a Social Conservative (or win in Los Angeles either with the same notes).

As long as Democratic partisans make the "Nixon Mistake," of denying Human nature, Republicans will win.

As long as Democratic partisans Hate against Republican activists and Electeds, the independents will investigate what is being told is a "forbidden fruit,"

So I say, you want to join the Rebel Forces? Sign up to be a Republican.

My question: Why do Democrats never listen to Yoda? 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Open Letter to Dr. John Deasy, Chairman LAUSD, Part 3

Dear Dr. Deasy,

Within the Political Blogger community, there is a saying when one wants to convey shock at stupidity. It is Whisky Tango Foxtrot? 

Seriously, after all these months, whisky tango foxtrot? 

First off, every major organization needs office staff (i.e. CSEA); And every organization needs leaders, but what taxpayer funded organization hires Chiefs at six figures (during the Great Recession , no less) and rids themselves of staff whose job it is to enact policies?  

Do Special Ed parents speak to you directly when they have problems, or do they speak to the staff who can help them? And by getting rid of staff, do you think that no parent or any other person would not notice?

(And if Special Ed parents can speak to you when they have problems, give my Mom's department your cell phone number so you can help them; Rather, then, say, RIF them.)  

Secondly, between the debacle at Miramonte and former Chairman Cortines' sexual harassment case, the funds from the staffs who do good are being sucked away by those who do harm.

What logic is behind that?

Or again, whisky tango foxtrot?

When Republicans stand up and talk about "waste, fraud and abuse," it only takes one Elected to point to LAUSD and ask for reform.  And the press will follow, especially during an Election year.

During this "Great Recession," why are the Chiefs of each department making over six figures of taxpayer funds? Why is Former Supervisor Cortines allowed to suck taxpayer funds away from LAUSD to settle a sexual harassment case?  And if Miramonte took 20 years to find, why are taxpayer funds still going to the guilty?

Dr. Deasy, all you have to do to make things work is talk with Espiee Medellin and help the staffs, the taxpayers and parents of Los Angeles and LAUSD.



Missing My Dad on Father's Day

Yeah, it's Fathers Day -- and I still miss my Dad.

Until I get a scanner (for laptop and desktop), I cannot post any pictures of him yet.

I always called him "O'dad," and he always picked my brain about "What the fuck was going on in Capitol Hill?"  

He went from being a Pentagon Guy to being a Hippie to being a friend of lobbyists so that, in the end, he would always say he was in the "I don't give a shit party,"  In other words, if Dems or Reps did something to help his business, he was happy.

My dad and I would always go fishing off Brooklyn and in St. Croix -- whether I had sea sickness or not, he would cheer me on to get the fish.  For him, fishing was his Zen Time. At my age of 41, I understand.

My Zen Times are walking down La Brea or hanging out on the Terrace of the Monte Cristo.

Silence + Thinking = Zen Moment

OK, before I leave this post, here is a song for my O'dad -- I still miss him

Why are there No Woodward and Bernsteins During Democratic Administrations?

The last Time Reporters Acted like Reporters
Before I became a Blogger and Politico, I studied History and Journalism.

History helps me understand the precedents and earlier debates (and fights) that led to today's battles.

Journalism, I was taught, was always to "Speak Truth to Power," no matter whomever was in Power.

However, given the state of Journalism today, I have yet to see that occur.

When you have a crazy Blogger looking for conspiracies when it is only people who share the same views getting together (as is their wont, Democrats do it too) -- you don't have a journalist, you have a crazy guy on the 'Nets who needs a Doctor. (And not The Doctor -- even he can't help crazy.) [Heck, Hart Williams lives in his Hate so that he cannot sympathize with other Americans who disagree with him and are being hurt -- seriously, the man needs help of a medical kind.]

Here's a hint about "Truth to Power," -- if you are defending a President, you are NOT speaking for the masses.   Heck, during the last Administration, even the Valley did not speak "Truth to Power,"  (But when I went up against the Democratic Congress' of 06 - 08, oh, yes I was).

During most modern Democratic Administrations, most national reporters are looking for a replay of "Camelot," no matter what. If you don't believe me, look at Tina Brown, a born Hagiographer.  

It is not the job of the journalist to comfort the powerful (i.e. Presidents); It is not the job of the Blogger to cry about people who have the same views associating with each other.

It is the job of both to hold the hold Politicians to their words and deeds.  Anonymous drones anyone?

When Neal Munro stood up and challenged the president, he brought back the role of "Speaking truth to Power," back to Washington.  

So, why are there no Woodward and Bernsteins during Democratic Administrations?

Simple, they exchanged their jobs for transcribing rather then reporting.

Thank G-d for the Breitbart bunch (and Robert McCain) for actually investigating Power where no one else will.

My question: Why won't Modern Journalists (and Left Bloggers) hold Democratic Administrations to the same standards of Republican Administrations? [And when will someone send Paranoiac Hart Williams to a psychiatric doctor?] 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

While I've Been Away....

The numbers keep rolling in.

At last count, the people who voted for me in 50th Assembly District GOP Committee (an extension of RPLAC and CAGOP) is now 5,011.

5,011 -- I was stunned, shocked, and kept on celebrating since last Thursday. 

The final numbers will come in on Tuesday.  But, 5,011?!

First, I want to say "Thanks! to everyone that did vote for me," And then I just have to say: WOW! 

Then after the celebrations say hello Writers Block!

So, to fight Writers Block, I am doing a serious post.

However, I will add a song and a movie here while I write.


Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cities in Dust

 Faust (1926)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Music before I return This Week

I won my Election last Tuesday (Yay!).  That will be discussed in a post later this week.

During this week, I have to run all over LA (Pacific Palisades, San Fernando Valley [Twice?! Not sure] and Brentwood), so I will be Blogging on the go. 

Last night, I danced and celebrated my victory at Ruin (and with a very cute Muse). So, before I return, enjoy this song.  See you soon!

Don Henley, Boys of Summer

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Message from Wisconsin 1: It's the Message, not the Money

Look at this!

A year after the craziness of the Madison protests, the Left lost. 

(Thank you Ann Althouse for following the whole story!)

And, like clockwork, Ian Masters and KPFK (and other Bloggers of the Left, like tin foil hate wearer, Hart Williams join in the chorus) blame the outcome of Citizens United.

I have a few counters to that argument:

Money does not always win. 

And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Democrats and the Left have no concept of being told "No, we don't like what you're selling!"  In some Elections, you win and some you lose.  That's the nature of Politics. 

Once upon a time, Democrats would work on helping people and remember the role of the taxpayers in any plan.  Nowadays, they want the first half of the debate (helping people) without factoring in the latter (the taxpayers).  Of course you will lose!

When Democrats lose, they look at everyone but themselves. (Just listen to Ian Masters -- its always someone else's fault why the Left can't win!) 

Here's a hint:

If you're running around, tearing up a Capitol Building, making it hard to work and treat the opposition like crap, you are going to lose.

My question: At what point will the Left understand that you lose if you treat people like crap?

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- They Live

Today I was around Hollywood and thereabouts, talking up the Primary and from the youth contingent, a running joke emerged:

Based on the news report from Florida and other states, the joke begins.  Of course, the CDC denies Zombies exist.  We're only in Act I of the movie so far. 

However, on Tuesday, a lot of us watching the polls will be looking out for Zombie Voters.  That's why you need Photo ID.  And then again in November, the same game begins again. 

If the Zombies haven't taken over the world by Monday, there will be a post on Politics and Zombies somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday.

And remember:

Before, John Carpenter's cool cult Movie, They Live, comes a song....

Johnny Cash, When the Man Comes Around

And now,

They Live! (1988)

Friday, June 01, 2012

June 2012 Tip Jar (Gothy Muse Included)

Thanks to all who helped with the Emergency Bleg last month. 

Now, the Valley is back on regular time.  And if Robert McCain, could, from an undisclosed location (and in hiding), donate to the Valley, so can you.  

As always, I'm trying to reach $300.  Any donation will be helpful.  

[Please note if the links don't work, use the Sidebar -->]

This month's Gothy Muse is the beautiful and surreal Bai Ling.  

She has starred in some major Goth movies: The Crow and The Breed (2001).  Also, I give her credit for being in Southland Tales (one of the valley's favorite movies). 

Please hit the Tip jar. Thank you!

And here is the beautiful Bai Ling!

The Crow
Back Tattoo 
Sexy as Serpentine in Southland Tales

Silver Dress, red carpet
Promo Picture
In Tokyo Airport

Please hit the Tip jar! 

Also follow the lovely Bai Ling on her website and her twitter feed.  

Thanks for visiting the Valley!


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