Friday, June 22, 2012

If President Obama is Fundraising from the 1% of Hollywood, Where's the #Occupy crowd?

Let's peek into the Hollywood Reporter:

Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, is not known for hanging out with the Hoi Polloi. watch her ad for President Obama's re-election campaign.

Does this sound like a woman who takes the Subway during Rush Hour? 

Expect until Halloween, that the Westside of LA and the Upper East Side of New York will be filled with Obamajams.  


Most Presidents rely on Wall Street if they do a good job.  By threatening to send Occupy Wall Street to the bankers unless they funded his campaign, President Obama turned off a spigot by acting like.......

Forget Citizens United, forget Super-Pacs, remember that in Election 2008, it was after McCain-Feingold campaign Finance reform passed (with a lot of support by the Democrats) that....

When Senator Obama had a chance to follow the structures of McCain-Feingold or go against it to raise amounts not relegated by the law, Senator Obama chose the latter. 

The fact that Romney can raise more is Karma -- Senator Obama should have followed Senator McCain's lead in campaign finance.  He would not be going to Hollywood and New York City every other month. 

This is what a "Man of the People," looks like:

President George W. Bush, not loved by H'wood -- but by the Commoners

Whenever I hear how the Left represents "the People," I always ask, did they win the last election?  

You cannot represent the people if the "people," don't like you.  And Anna Wintour and George Clooney are not "the people,"   

I might be a partisan, but I also recognize that "the people," are around me.  I need to listen to them if my friends hope to win elections. 

I expect Occupy Los Angeles to protest the next Obama fundraiser, right?

My question: Why do Democrats love the Above the Line people but not us commoners? 

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