Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why are there No Woodward and Bernsteins During Democratic Administrations?

The last Time Reporters Acted like Reporters
Before I became a Blogger and Politico, I studied History and Journalism.

History helps me understand the precedents and earlier debates (and fights) that led to today's battles.

Journalism, I was taught, was always to "Speak Truth to Power," no matter whomever was in Power.

However, given the state of Journalism today, I have yet to see that occur.

When you have a crazy Blogger looking for conspiracies when it is only people who share the same views getting together (as is their wont, Democrats do it too) -- you don't have a journalist, you have a crazy guy on the 'Nets who needs a Doctor. (And not The Doctor -- even he can't help crazy.) [Heck, Hart Williams lives in his Hate so that he cannot sympathize with other Americans who disagree with him and are being hurt -- seriously, the man needs help of a medical kind.]

Here's a hint about "Truth to Power," -- if you are defending a President, you are NOT speaking for the masses.   Heck, during the last Administration, even the Valley did not speak "Truth to Power,"  (But when I went up against the Democratic Congress' of 06 - 08, oh, yes I was).

During most modern Democratic Administrations, most national reporters are looking for a replay of "Camelot," no matter what. If you don't believe me, look at Tina Brown, a born Hagiographer.  

It is not the job of the journalist to comfort the powerful (i.e. Presidents); It is not the job of the Blogger to cry about people who have the same views associating with each other.

It is the job of both to hold the hold Politicians to their words and deeds.  Anonymous drones anyone?

When Neal Munro stood up and challenged the president, he brought back the role of "Speaking truth to Power," back to Washington.  

So, why are there no Woodward and Bernsteins during Democratic Administrations?

Simple, they exchanged their jobs for transcribing rather then reporting.

Thank G-d for the Breitbart bunch (and Robert McCain) for actually investigating Power where no one else will.

My question: Why won't Modern Journalists (and Left Bloggers) hold Democratic Administrations to the same standards of Republican Administrations? [And when will someone send Paranoiac Hart Williams to a psychiatric doctor?] 

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