Monday, June 25, 2012

Come Down to The Monte Cristo in Koreatown and Visit The Best Goth Club in LA!

First a song:

One of my favorite clubs (and one of my favorite venues -- across from Southwestern Law School) just got put under New Management.  Rather then buy a Sunset Boulavard Club where "A" Listers and Reality Stars co-mingle, the new owners think they entice stars down to Koreatown for Hip-Hop where we Goths dance in the dark.

In Los Angeles proper, Bars and clubs close at 2:30 (in West Hollywood where the Terminally Hip are, they close at 2 and the West Hollywood police lock down Sunset), and because we Goths might look frightening and scary, we are left alone (And as is our nature, we leave others alone too -- Grover Norquist would be proud) . If it turns into a Hip Hop club, the chaos that is Hollywood (not even talking paparazzi in West Hollywood) will stretch to Koreatown.  

So, this is my first appeal, please come down to the Monte Cristo this weekend and enjoy yourself.  Meet the writer of this Blog and dance to some great tunes. I enjoy the dark Stylings of DJ Xian and DJ Amanda Jones, you will too.

Consider this post an invite to a meet up of Valley readers.  Meet, and ask yours truly any question about current affairs (I respond well to bottled water -- Hint, Hint).  And please help keep the Monte Cristo open as a venue for Goths. 


And a final tune to enjoy.

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  1. Wonderful review of the best goth club in Los Angeles. I have been a loyal patron at this club for six years, and I can assure you, dear readers, that LADEAD™ (Los Angeles Darkside) presents the finest in goth/underground events.


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