Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Post Plague Year Rules for Commenting

A couple of things before we begin:

First, here is Winston Churchill's quote that you need to reference:

In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity”

Second, here is what a reference to the Plague year means. Understand, a lot of anger what occurred and the context therein. Now, onto our show.

I once simple rules abouts Comments and commenters, I discussed back in this post. Given how the world (and I) have changed, it is time in the Valley to refresh those rules.

My sister works in the Film and TV Industry, when she is not dealing with folks on set, the rest of us are "civilians," compared to the rest of the people she works for. On the Hill or in politics, I look at people who show every four years who get involved as "Civilians," too. I also learned the rules of engagement from machine politicos a long time ago.

I learned a few simple rules (from democrats), and I lived to see all of them broken. Proud of yourselves? The rules I originally learned:

Never attack a Politician's family under any circumstances (unless they play the role of partisan on the battlefield) or a politician under these three places: Sickbed, Death bed, or Waters Edge. All three were broken in the last 8 years.

The new Rules:

1) Do NOT Comment Anonymously unless you bring something other then insults. I once had a anti-semitic Blogger (who knows nothing of the word Magnanimity) leave an insult comment with no links to his Blog (unpublished). I argue in these posts in good faith. I expect you to do the same as well. If you must argue in the negative, leave a name and a Blog (or if no Blog, a name). Unlike that Anti-semite Blogger I just linked to, I have tolerance for other people's ideas. When you have a Blog, you stand for your ideas, I respect that.

2) Don't call me Treasonous when I've heard you calmly associate yourself with people who wished the assassination of President Bush. I've discussed the loose talk earlier in the Valley. Every thing mentioned there was explained away. No "we're sorry we said that, it won't happen again," No "this was too far," Before I give a radical proposal, I always start with If XXX happens, the I propose YYY. You don't like the proposals, hey, by acknowledging the words said during the last 8 years are OK, you basically said, I could wish for assassination of Democrats too. Karma, live with it.

3) Bring some worth to the Conversation. I don't claim to know everything, but I argue a point, refute it or support it, maybe teach me something new. Stupid people always think they are the smartest in room. Ivy league educations do not confer respectability with me, ideas do.

Now, my rhetoric is amped up, and the Democrats have everything across the board -- what can tone down my rhetoric? If Democrats (Bloggers, comments and politicians all) listen, I might be more open minded to your ideas. For now, no. Here is what Democrats must do:

A) You won. Yet, since winning, I have yet to see any magnanimity from the winning side. And Conservatives and Republicans are supposed to tone down our rhetoric? No, no and no. "In defeat, defiance," If you don't like it, move to Venezuela, their leader there doesn't like opposition voices either. Stand by your views and be Magnanimous.

B) As mentioned before, the movie industry is nearby. Stalker blogs are bad in general. The anti-semite Blogger has never of of Speaker Tip O'Neill and President Reagan after 5:00PM. They became friends after a daylong battle. Stop with the stalking Blogs, like this one and this one. Learn of Speaker O'Neill and Reagan. After the past 8 years, we don't have to reach out; You on the Left do.

C) Most civilians look at whomever in the White House as the party in charge. Understand our defiance and bring back the Old School Rules of Enagagement. All politicians bring their kids on the campaign trail, respect that. If we on the Right went after Malia and Sasha, the way you on the Left go after Palin's children (and then excuse the crassness), we would never hear the end of it. What is needed is a Democratic Martin Luther willing to bring a modern 95 Theses to the Daily Kos, Huffington Post, MSNBC and Air America. Hint: It's already been written. It's called "All Politics is Local," by Speaker Tip O'Neill. Lead by example or STFU.

D) Clean your own House. You don't like Rush or Ann Coulter. I've already written how to lower their audience. By continually needing Republican Emmanuel Goldstein's, we defend our people twice as hard. If you don't clean up your rhetoric, don't be all hissy with ours. Start with the stalking Blogs.

E) There is a troll on the Althouse Blog who never engages but is a perfect representation of how the Democrats and Liberals show no magnanimity. Show me that you on the Left want engagement (We don't always win, neither do you) and not dominance, then I'll listen. Acknowledge when we on the Right are right. Why won't the left clean up their trolls?

Do those things and my rhetoric subsides. Other then that, welcome to the Valley. I await your comments.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Hollywood Passings

True to form, here in Hollywood, we had 3 deaths at the same time. As someone who knows someone close who died, I believe in the term, speak no ill of the dead. There are other times to complain and wonder about people's lives, when they pass away is not those times.

Each person represented a different school of Hollywood: Ed McMahon was the Old School, Farrah Fawcett came from 70's hipness and Michael Jackson was "the King of Pop," I almost got stuck on the Westside due to Michael Jackson's death (I was scouting out Santa Monica for the Encyclicals), but the value in Hollywood is what people bring to the stage and screen. The best Above the Line people have an inner life before they get on stage. Sorry to say, only McMahon had it.

But let us say G-dspeed to Michael Jackson. G-dspeed, Farrah Fawcett and G-dspeed Ed McMahon. Rest in peace.

Some videos to remember them by:

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Desktop Rises Again!

My Desktop Computer needed work. I had trouble accessing sites, trying to Blog became a hassle as the Computer slowed up.

Now, all fixed.

I have an important Lunch meeting today (Discussing both California and Republican Encyclicals), but when I return, back to Blogging.

And if YOU have Computer problems, call or write Computer Country. They do a great job. Even though they are based in Burbank, call them from anywhere and see if they can help you.

Computer Country: 818-848-4664

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Music and Conversation

Here is one of one of favorite Peter Gabriel songs:

Tomorrow, I'll get serious again. This past week was fun.

However, sometime this week, the computer needs to be looked at for a day (or so). Since the computer will be gone, no Encyclicals this week. :{

But since I enjoy conversation, here's a topic to discuss:

What is the best Italian restaurant that you have been to? Why? Also, give links to the places you discuss, I would like to visit one day.

Good luck. Enjoy.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/19 Discussion of the Republican Encyclicals


Reagan, Maud'dib and our future leaders.


Part Two begins: Opening the Battlefields.


What is your opinion of these posts?

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The Republican Encyclicals: Opening the battlefields

Karv and Todd,

The inspirational Reagan post was the end of Part One of the Encyclicals. Before we enter Part Two, the battlefields, I want to tell you about a trip I took today.

Living in Los Angeles, and being a fan of the movie Southland Tales, the Venice boardwalk is an interesting place to end up. Other then the Fairfax Farmer's market, this is a great people watching place.

It is cacophonous, musicians of all types play, artists of all types make and sell stuff and finally make a wrong turn and you never know what you can find. Walking the boardwalk, you see some of the prettiest women. It is an interesting scene. Other then noticing the women and the artists, what else did I notice?

Last year, on the same Boardwalk, Democrats always had booths. It was a Presidential election year, but where were our booths? The Venice Boardwalk, beach and neighborhoods should not be exempt from what we are trying to do. While I was walking, I figured out how to win, even here.

Hopefully, every elected official, campaign staffer, ADC member and PC will take this time during the summer of 2009 and work on this project in their areas:

Find out where we get the least Conservative and Republican votes in your area, and figure out how to crack it. How to do that? Well, that's what these next posts, the battlefields are about. The Cycles will be broken up this way:

1 (and possibly 2) : The Ground of the current battlefield -- How it is NOW.
2 (or 3): What the PC's, ADC's and County parties can do.
3 (or 4): How other people within the party (Bloggers, communicators, etc. et. al) can help.
4 (or 5): The Political attack on the battlefield
5 (or 6): How to keep the Battlefield through Governing.

Some parts might not be needed, but this is the map for Part Two. Later, we will return to the Venice Boardwalk, but we have miles to go before we get there. However, if someone has an idea how to crack Venice, this is the place to talk about it. Lunch is on me at the Sidewalk Cafe if I hear the right answer before the Encyclicals return to the Boardwalk.

Before we go into the battlefields, remember what Sean Connery as Malone said in the Untouchables, as we get down to fighting:

Malone: You said you wanted to get Capone. Do you really wanna get him? You see what I'm saying is, what are you prepared to do?
Ness: Anything and everything in my power.
Malone: And *then* what are you prepared to do? If you open the can on these worms you must be prepared to go all the way because they're not gonna give up the fight until one of you is dead.
Ness: How do you do it then?
Malone: You wanna know how you do it? Here's how, they pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone! Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that?
Ness: I have sworn to capture this man with all legal powers at my disposal and I will do so.
Malone: Well, the Lord hates a coward. Do you know what a blood oath is, Mr. Ness?
Ness: Yes.
Malone: Good, 'cause you just took one

The battlefields await.


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The Republican Encyclicals: Reagan Lights the Way

Karv and Todd,

Remember the introduction to the Encyclicals? I mentioned to read Frank Herbert's Dune series. Why? Because, it relates how the Conservatives and the Republicans must look towards their leaders. And it shows what fools these Democrats be.

When Frank Herbert wrote Dune in the late 60's, Reagan was California Governor. By the time of the God Emperor of Dune, published in 1984, President Reagan was running for re-election.

The first Four books of the series deals with Messiahs, real and false, rebellions and ruling, honor and Long term plans. As the media and the Democrats make President Obama a demi-g-d, we know the way to Messiah is not through walking on water, but freeing the people. President Obama would never force out the moneychangers in the temple because, as I mentioned earlier, he will not risk his popularity.

It's great that America elected the First African American President, but the man cannot govern. As the Freman's dealt with the Harkonnens we must continue to fire upon the Democrats. And, if you read the title, Reagan leads the way. How?

I call Reagan our Maud'dib. He took a defeated tribe, the Conservatives and Republicans and won the White House and the Senate in 1980 when no one thought he could. He was humble in office (like our Duke Leto I, President George W. Bush -- he was under attack like Duke Leto I since December 12, 2000. Luckily our Duke Leto I survived) and Reagan, like Maud'dib, knew that he to honor his own leader. As Maud'dib had the old school Freman leader Stilgar, Reagan had Nancy and they worked well together.

However the path that led to Reagan's victory in 1980 and again in 1984 has changed. Because of Reagan, we had Speaker Gingrich win back the House in 1994. But these are new days and we need to find our Duke Leto II. Not because he was G-d Emperor, or that he stayed in power for almost 4,000 years, but because he had a long term plan for mankind. Our next leader must also be far seeing.

In this new era, we are the Freman tribes working in our Sietch's, surviving and paving the way for our leader who will help build a Galactic Empire. Reagan found the Conservatives and Republicans as we spent years from the Goldwater debacle re-building. We must re-build, messiahs come when we pave the way. The Fremans kept on surviving long before Paul Atriedies ever came to Aarakis. Elected officials prove themselves over time and become leaders in their deeds, not just words.

Herbert wrote Dune Messiah as a way of taking down the myth he created in the original book. Conspiracies and hubris defeated Maud'dib. Luckily, it never affected Reagan because he remained humble. The best leaders are.

We must never forget Reagan's humor or belief in mankind's freedom. But we can't wait for the "next" Reagan either. Build the party, build a majority, the leader will find us.

And at the end of the Fourth book, mankind was free from the ideas of Emperor's or Messiahs. That is what we Republicans and Conservatives strive for. We are the Freman.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Presidential Profiles in Courage

Ever hear that song, "Hey, now, what's that sound, everybody look what's going 'round,"

Well, look at Iran, post-election:

And what did President Obama say?

Normally, I'm a Legislative geek. Congressional Speeches, Conference committees? I totally geek out just as if I was following a Doctor Who episode. But, in studying Presidents (and voting for them), I look for one answer: What will the future (or incumbent) president sacrifice his or her popularity for a cause greater then themselves?

President Kennedy (D-MA) wrote a book, Profiles in Courage, detailing Legislators and Executives (not Presidents) who stood up against the popular and did what they thought was right. Since I was born in 1970, let's go President by President from there, and see who actually stands as a "Profile in Courage,"

President Richard Nixon (R-CA) -- The world's most famous Anti-Communist. Alger Hiss, anyone? In his first term, using Realpolitik, he opens up China and during his re-election, made detente with the USSR. Hence the term: Nixon to China.

President Ford (R-MI) -- Pardoned Nixon when everyone wanted a hanging party. His decision saved the US from another civil war.

President Carter (D-GA) -- Peace treaty for Israel and Eygpt. The last good deed he did for the Jews.

President Reagan (R-CA) -- Stood up to the Democrats and defended Freedom Overseas (Contras and Afghanistan) against the USSR. Stood up to his own staff when they told him to temper his words, he said at the Berlin wall: "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall," Bravery against the popular culture and his own staff (Ivies all compared to Reagan) to stand for freedom.

President George H. W. Bush (R-TX) -- Drew a line in the sand against Saddam Hussein when there were people opposed to using the military for Kuwait. In the end, he made the right choices. Except for taxes.

President Clinton (D-AR) -- I got nothing. He sacrificed people to keep his popularity up. No bravery here, keep reading.

President George W. Bush (R-TX) -- Sacrificed his popularity for Democratizing the Middle East, even when the world (and the Democrats) are screaming for Realpolitik. This week, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, said this week he was right. A true mensch.

As far as President Obama is concerned, it costs him nothing to say, "I support the people in Iran and their struggle," America paid for the sins of 1953 in 1979. Time to stand up and be counted Mr. President.

My question, to all the Liberals and Democrats, since President Obama, with a majority proof Congress will not overturn DOMA and DADT for his allies, why would he stand for up for non-Obama voters in Iran? What will he sacrifice his popularity for?

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woo hoo! The Lakers won!

Yes, I am truly (in a small way) an Angeleno: I am happy the Lakers won tonight against Orlando. Basketball is not my favorite sport, Football is (Go Washington Redskins!), and baseball a close second (Go Yankees!).

Well done Lakers! (Video of the Final Game 5 later)

Not game 5 -- but the Trophy:

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank you for hating President Bush, You re-elected President Ahmadinijad

Growing up during the back end of the 1970's, I remember writing on the blackboard how many days the American Hostages in Iran (taken from an Embassy -- The Islamic Republic proved that Diplomatic niceties didn't work in 1979) were held.

Anybody remember the Bush Doctrine? Democracy overseas to defeat terrorism was the basis of his post-9/11 foreign policy. During Bush's Second Inaugural Address, he expressed how important it was.

Now during the last Administration, the Democrats, who once believed in Democracy in the Middle East in 1990 and 1991, showed their belief in Nixonian Realpolitick over Wilsonian Idealism. Eventually, they elected a President who felt Realpolitick was better then Democracy Overseas. At least President Bush rid the world of a Dictator and wanted to re-build a failed state. (But the Democrats always think Saddam Hussain was a better man then Bush)

To quell the Arab League, President Obama pushed Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop building settlements and to not worry about Iran. And, President Obama gave a speech in Cairo -- transcript here. Full speech below:

How was the reaction of the Cairo Speech different from this moment in History?

Now, the Democrats always say they care for people overseas. Under Realpolitick, the world is a chessboard. The people today living under Dictatorships or failed States are but pawns to be played upon that same board. Today's Democrats subscribe to that option. Sorry, but true.

I have complained here that President Obama does not know how to Govern. If President Obama and the Democrats really cared, there was something they could have done with the Iranian Presidential Election in 2009:

Right now, President Ahmadinijad was the incumbent, he controlled the vote counts and he had three opponents. Any political tactician can tell you, if you split the opposition, the incumbent wins.

What President Obama should have done, if he believed in protecting Israel, our Democratic ally in the Middle East and if he wanted to open relations with a freer Iran: He should have sent Carville, Begala and Axelrod to support ONE candidate against Ahamadinijad. But because President Obama cannot govern or has any fixed principles to fight over, Ahmadinijad won.

Because the Democrats spent 8 years of hating Wilsonian idealism, they have no standing to say Obama's talk won anyone over. A country that takes over an embassy will have no problem rolling over an American President who does stand for anything in foreign policy.

This is what hate gets you -- President Ahmadinijad by way of a weak American President.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Advancing Towards Fort Sumter

I discussed this earlier, and I wasn't listened too -- so, here we go again, but now I am sending out the warning shots. Dismiss it at your peril.

Let's look at history first. In the secession crisis of 1860-61 in the US, South Carolina left the Union and the United States left a Military Fort in the jurisdiction of South Carolina. It was Fort Sumter. The Confederates warned the Union troops they would fire; when diplomacy failed, the Confederates fired for 34 hours on April 12, 1861 on Fort Sumter. The Union lost Fort Sumter and it took Four years (and a lot of critics from the Democratic party) but President Lincoln won back the territory and saved the Union (can I get an Amen?).

Now let me introduce to a quote from one of my heroes, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill:

During the Tea Party Protests, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper made fun of the protesters, and so did MSNBC and a few other outlets.
Two months later, on June 1st, Playboy Online had an article about hate F**king women of the Right (sounds like rape to me -- where was NOW?). Playboy took the article down (but did not fire the writer), but the Politico left the article online for a little longer.
And for over a year, I have been discussing in the Valley the love of the Left and Anti-Semites and their shared hatred of Bush. Chickens....coming home to roost, but no one on the Left ever wants to admit being wrong here. There are no modern William F. Buckley's in today's Left.
After the shooting, the partisans on the Left (and their allies in the media) immediately blamed all of the Right (and then added "The DHS report was right,"). Two Establishment writers in the media, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, and Paul Krugman of the New York Times, both men well known for their hatred of President Bush and Republicans, said Conservatives, Fox news and Republicans are to blame. Hypocrite, thy name is Robinson and Krugman.
Tonight, my friend Donald Douglas, has a post that has been on all the lips of the Right: Is there a coming Civil war? Not between North and South, but between Right and Left.
Remember the Churchill quote? Since January 20, 2009 (heck since December 12, 2000), no Democrat has ever shown Bi-partisanship, post-partisanship or magnanimity. As the examples above show too, even the media shows a lack of understanding and respect for the Conservative and Republican side of the equation.
Now this is my message to everyone on the Left, Democrats, Progressives and
media friends:
Ever read Langston Hughes, A Dream Deferred? With no sign of the promised post-partisanship, or magnanimity from President Obama or any his partisans or friends in the media, it is causing some of us to literally, explode.

Do you want to stop the separation between Right and Left? Republicans and Conservatives lost the last election, but unlike the Left for last 8 years, we are not whining about it. In fact, speak to any True Conservative or Republican and we will agree that it is a great day for America that we have our first African American president and family in the White House. But, when you have Evan Thomas, editor of Newsweek, calling him a demi-G-d, we on the Right have a duty to ask: What the fuck?

Heck, in Churchill's quote: In defeat, defiance. Is dissent now un-patriotic after the loose talk of the last 8 years? Until the members of the Press and the Left realize how ung-dly they were to other Americans who disagreed with them, you have stoked an upcoming fire. History did not begin on 1/20/09 and nothing we have seen since then proves that you do anything but hate our guts.

I have a test for all Liberal Trolls on other Blogs: I ask, name 3 policies of the past two Presidents (Bush II and Clinton, Obama and Bush II after his term) that you support. No one on the Left can perform this easy task. Anywhere. Anytime. I can and do.

Throughout the Valley, I have at theory that the Left needs an American Emmanuel Goldstein -- I have yet to be disproven of this theory. You want Conservatives and Republicans "to calm down," well here is a hint: Stop turning our people into Emmanuel Goldsteins. There is no step back from this.

And if you deny us magnanimity, post-partisanship and a place to be heard (which is why Fox and talk radio do well), where do people go when they feel the System in all it's Establishment is against them? The last time the New York Times endorsed any Republican was President Eisenhower. Again, deny us our dignity.

Democrats and Liberals, you own the Establishment. You call us "racists," for disagreeing with President Obama, and you forget that we on the Right love our First Amendment Rights and our Second Amendment Rights. Change your tune or Fort Sumter might come sooner then you think. We hear you, but we need you to hear us.

And my question, what are you doing to stop the next American Civil War?

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 6/10 Discussion of the Republican Encyclicals

Last time, I forgot to turn on the comments. So here, are two issues to be discussed:

I) Who speaks (or does not) for the GOP and Conservatives?
II) Building from the Ground up.

First Cycle:

Who Speaks for us and why?

The President Bush Rule;

The 3x3 Rule;

Who does not speak for us?

Meghan McCain and Andrew Sullivan

Second Cycle:

The Assembly District Committees [ADC's]

The County Parties

The Precinct Captains

Two Fundraising Dinners: Reagan-Lincoln and President George W. Bush-July 4th

Tying all the groups together.

Discuss -- where am I right? Where am I wrong?

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The Republican Encyclicals: Tying the PC's, ADC's, and County Parties Together

Karv and Todd,

I once read a story by Clive Barker, the horror writer, called "In the Hills, the Cities," The stories main characters (a Gay European couple on a driving tour through Eastern Europe [To quote Seinfeld: Not that there is anything wrong with that,]) are not our focus, but what they encounter.

Two fictional cities, in the midst of former Yugoslavia, go to battle against each other -- not with swords and guns, but they build themselves into large versions of man. Each pulley and person are integrated and does its job -- the Town becomes a Giant.

What does this have to do with PC's, ADC's and County parties? We have to make them work like those fictional cities in the story. With each person in our local areas, we create a Giant.

It begins with a Volunteer, who walks into the ADC office and offers to help. The Volunteer works with our PC's getting votes, selling tickets, and helping both groups grow the District. After two election cycles, the Volunteer can become a PC.

As a PC, the person works with the other PC, running and finding more volunteers. The PC's get to know the people in their District -- if anyone has a problem with Government or business', they get the ADC or above to intervene to help. remember, voters always ask, "What have you done for us lately?" Our PC's are to be the answer.

Our PC's must find the richest people in the District and always stay in touch with them. It will be up to the ADC and/or County Chair to comvince the High Income people to become donors to the Local GOP. When they get to know us, and see how much we help, then they can donate to our national candidates (who should have come up from the PC's and ADC's from other places in the country).

If a rich constituent who supports us wants to run for office, ask them to show their support for two election cycles before they run. Why? Our people will get to know them, and we then have someone who follows the 3x3 Rule and the President Bush Rule.

And it is up to the PC's and ADC's to promote Bloggers who help on their side. The State and County Parties should highlight and support the local Bloggers. offer trades, such as we'll help you with XXX, if you post about YYY. A win-win with a dose of publicity. It can be done.

Twice a year, two fundraising dinners are held for everyone in the County. Twice a year, the County party holds conventions. The familial atmosphere allows ideas and polishing candidates through. Monies are raised, candidates come forth.

And in the end, we win. The locals bring forth people who will play on the National stage, but because we did such a good job at this level, we build a 40 year majority (or longer) in Congress and in the Statehouses.

The next Cycle of Encyclicals will be about the GOP and the media, and what we can learn from President Reagan.

Keep reading and publicizing these posts!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Shooting at Washington's Holocaust Museum

As a Jew, who is a child of Jews, I know a little about Anti-semitism and people who are anti-Jew. In fact I've documented on here many, many many, many times when anti-semitism reared it's ugly head (with no response from any of the major media).

As a member of the Right (who used to be Left), I know that Social Conservatives love Israel, the people in all levels of the Conservative and Republican movement (with very few exceptions) also love Israel.

I have also been to two Holocaust museums in my lifetime: Yad Vashem in Israel, and the Holocaust Museum in DC, where the shooting occurred today. First, let me say my prayers to Stephen Tyrone Johns, the guard who was killed at the Museum.

The rhetoric of the shooter matches the rhetoric comic out of Sonali Kolhatkher (of KPFK - no Conservatives there) and Andrew Sullivan. I blame the shooting at the feet of the Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, and Sonali Kolhatkher. The blood at the museum is on your hands.

Update 9:18PM: Again, I'm proven right. Here is the Washington Examiner story. and the money quote:

"For example, he unleashed his hatred of both Presidents Bush and other "neo-conservatives" in online essays. As even some "progressives" such as the influential Adbusters magazine publicly admit, "neoconservative" is often used as a derogatory code word for "Jews". As well, even a cursory glance at "white supremacist" writings reveals a hatred of, say, big corporations that is virtually indistinguishable from that of anti-globalization activists.

"James von Brunn's advocacy of 9/11 conspiracy theories also gives him an additional commonality with individuals on the far-left.,"

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The Republican Encyclicals: Two Fundraising Dinners

Karv and Todd,

To do anything in the political realm, you need money. Candidates need ads? Money. Spread the message about a plebiscite? Money. The list goes on....

The local ADC's and County party need monies year-round because local issues have their own timetable, without regard to the federal Elections; Thus the locals need to always have funds. Here is one idea that was passed to the LAGOP last week:

In the Winter months (Jan - Mar), the County GOP holds Reagan-Lincoln Dinners to raise funds for the First two fiscal quarters.

Politics is supposed to be fun, so after campaigning for whatever candidate or issues that are important, the County holds the Reagan-Lincoln dinner to celebrate their successes. And the people who helped them get there.

At the dinner, there should be a Major Speaker, either from the National level, State or County -- the person should be experienced and the person introducing the main speaker? He or she should be the person in the area we are highlighting for bigger things.

Thanks to the PC's and their volunteers, tickets for the dinners will be sold. The best volunteers (or PC's) should be given free tickets (2 only) for the Dinner. All ADC members should sell tickets to other groups within the area. The ticket prices should be weighed by district finances, employment in area, and amount of Elected GOP in the area. The more Elected GOP in the County, the higher the prices (because, after all, when Republicans are running things, business' hire and operate).

And every ADC and PC should use the dinners to "Adopt a Democrat (or decline to state)," Invite our friends who are neutral or wavering in their beliefs about the Left. Pay their way, and after meeting with real, live actual Conservatives and Republicans, they might actually re-register. Do this after the first year of dinners.

For the Summer, hold George W. Bush- July 4th Dinners. These dinners are held between May through August (It doesn't have to be July 4th, but tie it to a local issue as well). Monies raised here will be used for the latter two fiscal quarters of the year. This is for election season, so the Counties (and ADC's and PC's) will be ready.

Some may even ask, why highlight President George W. Bush? Because, history has shown he supported the GOP even when times were bad (thus providing precedent for the named "President Bush Rule,"), he opened the door to Freedom in the world where there was none; and finally, after 8 years of attacks by the Left, when they come around showing support, we can tell them we support our people no matter what you throw at us.

At some point the left will try to use President George W. Bush against us (as they have tried with Goldwater), the answer is simple: Read this post and ask where was their support when he was in power? Game, set, match.

And during the year, Counties and ADC's can throw together events for local heros and charities. As I mentioned earlier, the voters will not go to us, we should go to them. And when they do come over, we should give them a nice entertaining dinner twice a year.

Final Encyclical for the cycle: How all these parts work together.


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The Republican Encyclicals: Precinct Captains -- The Heart of our Operation

Karv and Todd,

There was a reason we Republicans and Conservatives laughed at the concept of "Community Organizer," in 2008. It is because we know that the strongest towns and cities are tied together by individuals, who are acting out of self-preservation make their communities better.

Everywhere you find a Community Organizer, it is a part of a city that has no cohesiveness, where lives are cheap and business is scarce, like Cabrini-Green in Chicago. Eventually we Conservatives and Republicans will breach the Urban areas, but that is a future Encyclical Cycle. Instead, we focus on the people who get the neighborhoods and the ADC's working together: The Precinct Captains [PC].

The basic job of the PC is to knock door to door and judge the ground for our candidates and bring out the voters on Election Day. That's it. In my eyes, it is not enough.

What do I see our PC's doing?

Well, for starters, in every precinct there should be 2 PC's. Why two? When I was a Democrat, it always took two PC's to work an area. In Long Island, the old Republican machine did it too. The concept of "two heads are better then one," works at this level -- if one PC is a white collar guy, the other should be Blue collar; if one is older with a family, the other younger, etc. et. al. It increases the reach of our PC's (who in turn, work for the ADC's).

The PC's other job is to build a volunteer network throughout the precinct. When there is a campaign for an issue or a candidate, the volunteers get activated and knock on doors, speak to their neighbors and know when their neighbors are panning something and get others to join in (i.e. yard sales, block party).

And when the ADC's and County party holds events, it is the PC and volunteers to sell tickets to their neighbors.

The PC's are the heart of our organization because a PC will pluck a volunteer, who in turn, becomes a PC (and the original PC works on an ADC), who goes to the ADC and, after each election, each challenge, each block of the majority that is being built, the person can also be offered (by the ADC) to run in their district. The proof will be what they do to help us win. Creativity, loyalty and discipline are all that we ask for.

When the PC's are not working on an election, the ADC should keep them active to help out with the Policy people in the ADC, also to generate interest in local issues (the side the ADC and County wants), and finally, sell fundraising tickets for candidates and the County and ADC.

Also, the PC's must be available if their neighbors are having trouble with any level of Government. They listen to the ideas and allow the ADC (or Counties) to take care of their constituents.

Finally, the PC's must target the biggest donors and the richest people in their area. What happens next? That is discussed in the last Encyclical in this cycle. Keep reading.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Going Nowhere Fast: Government Motors and Chrysler

Since President Obama has been running the country, 2 of the three Domestic car companies are struggling or dying.

Let's start with General (now Government) Motors:

My last car was a 2001 Chevrolet Metro and it struggled getting from here to there. It always needed a fix, either tires, belts, or something. Now, when GM declared bankruptcy June 1, 1,100 GM dealerships were already scheduled to close, does it help the dealers in any way?

And President Obama has a 31 year old, Brian Deese (who no experience selling cars or building them) leading the direction for GM's solvency (even through he never ran a company either).

And for Chrysler:

Over at Chrysler, they are closing 789 dealerships. Justice Ginsberg of the Supreme Court put a hold on Fiat's buying Chrysler to enter the American market. This is not a good situation for a company that has been around since 1925.

Here are my questions, if you in the auto industry, even better.

1) When a dealership closes, how many jobs (and other things) are affected by it's closure?

2) There are ancillary business' related to GM and Chrysler, what are they and how many people do they employ? Are they affected by both failures? And do the affect of job losses spread to every state?

3) If you work in the Car Industry, do you have any faith in Brian Deese? What new cars will arise from the ashes and would you buy, sell or build them?

4) What would be the car you think Americans want to buy? Will anyone step and create that new company?

Thanks for all who answer.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: County Parties -- Our Bloodlines

Karv and Todd,

Now that we discussed our Lead people on the ground in every Electoral District, it is time to talk about the County Parties.

If you live somewhere in America, you live in a County. Counties are the best representation of voting trends. If one County votes Democrat, it might spill over, it is the job of the County party to be on the front line of Conversion and attack.

The County leaders who I railed about in the California Encyclicals are long gone, a new generation is leading the way. This post is also to help these new leaders find their way. Ready? let's go.

What is the job of the County party?

1) Endorse every Republican candidate who wins a primary -- The only ones who don't fall under this auspices are racists and anti-Semites, oh, but that's the Democrat's party problems. Unless the candidate shows signs of turning off voters, endorse them.

2) Stay in Contact with Local and State media -- self explanatory.

3) Sponsorship of Countywide events - Voters won't find us, we have to go to them.

4) Hold County Conventions -- Before we send people to the Republican National Conventions (Hopefully, our future candidates), or State Conventions, the County should hold it's own Convention twice a year. Discuss strategies, tactics and candidates and how to improve all of them.

5) Organize with Lobbying groups on an issue by issue basis -- Influence the State's Governance, and also help the ADC's Lobby their own towns.

6) Maintain the alliance of all different ranges and groups within the party -- If you can't do this, you cannot lead. There is no other way. If there is breakdown or chaos within the County, the Democrats win.

7) Groom candidates for Office in the County and in the Towns -- from City Councils, mayors to Dog Catchers, find a way to train them for the elections. Help them win the campaign and help them Govern.

8) Promote issues to State Parties, the National Parties, and the ADC's -- What's good for your County is good for your candidates and good for winning the next Election. Be proactive in promoting your Counties issues and your people.

9) Promote Local candidates to the State and National Parties -- The best candidates will start as Precinct captains, help out in an ADC and then get elected. As they rise, promote our cream two cycles ahead. They will be ready before the Democrats will.

10) Keep our cannons pointed at the Democrats Year Round -- Never let them get ahead on any issue. Have a war Room ready and waiting. Hold your fire on major Holidays.

11) Patronage for County Employers -- same rule as as for the ADC.

12) Hold Reagan-Lincoln Fundraising dinner in the winter and President George W. Bush-July 4th Dinners in the summer -- An upcoming Encyclical this Cycle.

13) If an Emergency happens in the County, put the ADC's to work with the Democratic ADC's to help their fellow citizens -- Here is where Bi-partisanship and neighbors come together. Plan it and make it work. The new LAGOP has already started the seed for this idea.

14) Keep the County office centrally located and make sure ADC's (the franchises of the County party) are open -- If we are seen, we are heard, if we are heard, we are listened to, if we are listened to, our neighbors will vote for us. This is not rocket science.

And that's it. People move up from the ADC's to County or from national to County and/or State. At the level of the ADC's and County, their should be familial atmosphere in working with each other.

If we know our Towns, our Cities, our Counties, and our neighbors always see us, we win.

Next Encyclicals: Precinct captains, their job and the fundraising dinners.

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The Republican Encyclicals: Assembly District Committees -- Our Backbone

Karv and Todd,

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Now that we're all established into our summer rhythms (New Interns, silly stories from the media), it's time to get back to the Encyclicals. This round, we discuss the most important people in the party and how to make their job easier.

No, not just our elected officials; No, not just our ex-officios or our communicators, but the members of our Assembly District and County Committees. They do the thankless jobs of getting their friends and neighbors out to vote every Election Day.

Where can you find Assembly District Committees [ADC]? In Ocean Township, in Sarasota, in High Bridge, in Burbank, in Sherman Oaks, in Brooklyn, and everywhere in the Country. The ADC's have a lot of members in a high population area (i.e Brooklyn) or in a small populated state (i.e. Montana), but the ADC's are the main engine of our Organization.

Let's focus on what ADC's do now:

1) Lead Precinct Captains within the District (This will be a later Encyclical within this cycle).
2) Liaise with College Republicans, Young Republicans and High School Republicans
3) Liaise with all groups from the different parts of the Party within the District.
4) Give Voting data to the County party.

Here is what else they should do:

I) The Local and State Media -- One member of the ADC should always have their numbers on file.

II) Issues for each Town -- One or two members work on Policy issues just like a Congressional office? Why? For our elected officials (and those running), if the ADC supplies the Policy information, candidates and elected officials can judge the ground better.

III) Speeches to Republican groups, Non-partisan groups, and School classes -- Show our neighbors that Our Cause does help people. The media shouldn't tell our story, we should.

IV) Sponsor events around the District -- Promote Flea markets by neighbors, help with Street fairs, Help and be involved in local parades, Help the Towns with Holidays, etc. The people won't go to us, so let's break out of our realm of politicking and go to them. Our help will be remembered.

V) Help the County party with the Reagan-Lincoln Dinners in the Winters and President George W. Bush-July 4th Dinners in the Summer -- This will also be another Encyclical in this cycle.

VI) Contacts within the State party, State officials, Town and County Government -- This will help the Precinct Captains, again, keep reading.

VII) Patronage to the Employers in the District -- We get people to their dreams, working in something they love, we have their vote and loyalty tenfold. For instance, every ADC in Los Angeles should have people in all the studios and TV Networks. And the more people inside an industry in the district (and spread our people around), the easier our policy people(II) in the ADC can help our candidates.

How many members within an ADC? Base it on population, density and employers in the District.

Also, every few weeks, the ADC should hold meet and greets. Whatever works in their area, rooftop Barbeque's for city folk and beach parties for coastal Districts, whatever works. The more people know us, the less the press can mythologize us.

And very, very, very important: From the ADC's (and Precinct captains), our next leaders in the next generation should rise. Thus, our leaders will already have the 3x3 Rule in effect.

And the County parties? Next Encyclical.


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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kryptonite to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh

Now, you ask, why would a writer/activist of the Right give away how to make Rush Limbaugh lose listeners and Ann Coulter to lose readers?

Because I know, even with this advice, the Media and the Left will not take it. They will ignore it, and think they know best, continue to....well let's show what happens.

I read comics, and the only thing that stops Superman (in all Media), is Green Kryptonite. And even though it will be written here, again, the media and the left will not take the advice.

Now for the Right's Superman and Wonder Woman, Rush and Ann Coulter.

How would Rush lose his audience?

Only one group can stop him: The media. I'm talking to you Frank Rich, Evan Thomas, Jon Meachem, Anderson Cooper, Thom Hartmann, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, CJR, and every person who writes for a failing or soon to fail newspaper or Cable news show.

It's the same reason why Fox News beats all the other Cable News every month.

Politics is a two part equation: Republicans vs. Democrats. Occasionally, an Independent might break through, but only one at a time. Because the media only expresses support for one half the equation (the Democrats), and only reports on one half of the equation (Again, the Democrats), the Republicans ALSO run presidential candidates, then the press do a disservice for anyone interested in Politics and Policy.

In fact, the last election, Senator John McCain only lost by 7.2%. Last I checked, that's not a landslide.

Political people are the most well-read, most knowledgable about Current events then most of the general public. If News Anchors, Publishers, Producers, and Reporters appeals to the Conservatives and Republicans in the audience, and reports fairly, then Rush Limbaugh will lose some audience share.

If you don't think Conservatives and Republicans don't notice the bias, why was the Media Research Center founded in 1987?

How would Ann Coulter lose her audience?

Simple, the Democratic Party and their partisans must not attack Conservatives or Republicans personally or make them Emmanuel Goldstein's. Instead, horror among horrors, attack candidates and partisans on the issues, and she goes away.

As long as the Left shield's Andrew Sullivan's attack on Governor Palin's family, Ann Coulter should speak as loud as she wants.

As someone who enjoys listening to Rush and reading Ann Coulter, I enjoy the fact the Left and the media will not take this advice.

Keep talking Rush and keep writing Ann!

My question: Will the left and the media take the advice? Why or why not?

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Where have I been?

Well, this week was very busy -- some concepts I'm bringing up in this week's Republican Encyclicals might be coming to life. Now, the West Coast is interested in what I have to say.

Issues I brought up during the California Encyclicals are coming to life as well; Thank you Gary Aminoff! For me, I've never seen this happen in my life.

My ideas and theories are being tested -- I was just stunned and smiling for the week, sorry. :{

To make up for my ego overtaking the Valley, let me give you one of my favorite songs, "Seconds," by U2. After Rattle and Hum, U2 went Pop and their music has gone downhill since. Depeche Mode still manages to keep doing what made them famous.

Also, this week I am going to my 3rd Bloggers meetup (first one by Althouse, second one by Aaron Proctor [The Proc], and this one by GayPatriot). Before I move east, I am planning one for the Valley, interested? Please comment and let me know.

While you decide, some U2 at Red Rocks:

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