Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Two Fundraising Dinners

Karv and Todd,

To do anything in the political realm, you need money. Candidates need ads? Money. Spread the message about a plebiscite? Money. The list goes on....

The local ADC's and County party need monies year-round because local issues have their own timetable, without regard to the federal Elections; Thus the locals need to always have funds. Here is one idea that was passed to the LAGOP last week:

In the Winter months (Jan - Mar), the County GOP holds Reagan-Lincoln Dinners to raise funds for the First two fiscal quarters.

Politics is supposed to be fun, so after campaigning for whatever candidate or issues that are important, the County holds the Reagan-Lincoln dinner to celebrate their successes. And the people who helped them get there.

At the dinner, there should be a Major Speaker, either from the National level, State or County -- the person should be experienced and the person introducing the main speaker? He or she should be the person in the area we are highlighting for bigger things.

Thanks to the PC's and their volunteers, tickets for the dinners will be sold. The best volunteers (or PC's) should be given free tickets (2 only) for the Dinner. All ADC members should sell tickets to other groups within the area. The ticket prices should be weighed by district finances, employment in area, and amount of Elected GOP in the area. The more Elected GOP in the County, the higher the prices (because, after all, when Republicans are running things, business' hire and operate).

And every ADC and PC should use the dinners to "Adopt a Democrat (or decline to state)," Invite our friends who are neutral or wavering in their beliefs about the Left. Pay their way, and after meeting with real, live actual Conservatives and Republicans, they might actually re-register. Do this after the first year of dinners.

For the Summer, hold George W. Bush- July 4th Dinners. These dinners are held between May through August (It doesn't have to be July 4th, but tie it to a local issue as well). Monies raised here will be used for the latter two fiscal quarters of the year. This is for election season, so the Counties (and ADC's and PC's) will be ready.

Some may even ask, why highlight President George W. Bush? Because, history has shown he supported the GOP even when times were bad (thus providing precedent for the named "President Bush Rule,"), he opened the door to Freedom in the world where there was none; and finally, after 8 years of attacks by the Left, when they come around showing support, we can tell them we support our people no matter what you throw at us.

At some point the left will try to use President George W. Bush against us (as they have tried with Goldwater), the answer is simple: Read this post and ask where was their support when he was in power? Game, set, match.

And during the year, Counties and ADC's can throw together events for local heros and charities. As I mentioned earlier, the voters will not go to us, we should go to them. And when they do come over, we should give them a nice entertaining dinner twice a year.

Final Encyclical for the cycle: How all these parts work together.


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