Monday, June 08, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: County Parties -- Our Bloodlines

Karv and Todd,

Now that we discussed our Lead people on the ground in every Electoral District, it is time to talk about the County Parties.

If you live somewhere in America, you live in a County. Counties are the best representation of voting trends. If one County votes Democrat, it might spill over, it is the job of the County party to be on the front line of Conversion and attack.

The County leaders who I railed about in the California Encyclicals are long gone, a new generation is leading the way. This post is also to help these new leaders find their way. Ready? let's go.

What is the job of the County party?

1) Endorse every Republican candidate who wins a primary -- The only ones who don't fall under this auspices are racists and anti-Semites, oh, but that's the Democrat's party problems. Unless the candidate shows signs of turning off voters, endorse them.

2) Stay in Contact with Local and State media -- self explanatory.

3) Sponsorship of Countywide events - Voters won't find us, we have to go to them.

4) Hold County Conventions -- Before we send people to the Republican National Conventions (Hopefully, our future candidates), or State Conventions, the County should hold it's own Convention twice a year. Discuss strategies, tactics and candidates and how to improve all of them.

5) Organize with Lobbying groups on an issue by issue basis -- Influence the State's Governance, and also help the ADC's Lobby their own towns.

6) Maintain the alliance of all different ranges and groups within the party -- If you can't do this, you cannot lead. There is no other way. If there is breakdown or chaos within the County, the Democrats win.

7) Groom candidates for Office in the County and in the Towns -- from City Councils, mayors to Dog Catchers, find a way to train them for the elections. Help them win the campaign and help them Govern.

8) Promote issues to State Parties, the National Parties, and the ADC's -- What's good for your County is good for your candidates and good for winning the next Election. Be proactive in promoting your Counties issues and your people.

9) Promote Local candidates to the State and National Parties -- The best candidates will start as Precinct captains, help out in an ADC and then get elected. As they rise, promote our cream two cycles ahead. They will be ready before the Democrats will.

10) Keep our cannons pointed at the Democrats Year Round -- Never let them get ahead on any issue. Have a war Room ready and waiting. Hold your fire on major Holidays.

11) Patronage for County Employers -- same rule as as for the ADC.

12) Hold Reagan-Lincoln Fundraising dinner in the winter and President George W. Bush-July 4th Dinners in the summer -- An upcoming Encyclical this Cycle.

13) If an Emergency happens in the County, put the ADC's to work with the Democratic ADC's to help their fellow citizens -- Here is where Bi-partisanship and neighbors come together. Plan it and make it work. The new LAGOP has already started the seed for this idea.

14) Keep the County office centrally located and make sure ADC's (the franchises of the County party) are open -- If we are seen, we are heard, if we are heard, we are listened to, if we are listened to, our neighbors will vote for us. This is not rocket science.

And that's it. People move up from the ADC's to County or from national to County and/or State. At the level of the ADC's and County, their should be familial atmosphere in working with each other.

If we know our Towns, our Cities, our Counties, and our neighbors always see us, we win.

Next Encyclicals: Precinct captains, their job and the fundraising dinners.

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