Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Reagan Lights the Way

Karv and Todd,

Remember the introduction to the Encyclicals? I mentioned to read Frank Herbert's Dune series. Why? Because, it relates how the Conservatives and the Republicans must look towards their leaders. And it shows what fools these Democrats be.

When Frank Herbert wrote Dune in the late 60's, Reagan was California Governor. By the time of the God Emperor of Dune, published in 1984, President Reagan was running for re-election.

The first Four books of the series deals with Messiahs, real and false, rebellions and ruling, honor and Long term plans. As the media and the Democrats make President Obama a demi-g-d, we know the way to Messiah is not through walking on water, but freeing the people. President Obama would never force out the moneychangers in the temple because, as I mentioned earlier, he will not risk his popularity.

It's great that America elected the First African American President, but the man cannot govern. As the Freman's dealt with the Harkonnens we must continue to fire upon the Democrats. And, if you read the title, Reagan leads the way. How?

I call Reagan our Maud'dib. He took a defeated tribe, the Conservatives and Republicans and won the White House and the Senate in 1980 when no one thought he could. He was humble in office (like our Duke Leto I, President George W. Bush -- he was under attack like Duke Leto I since December 12, 2000. Luckily our Duke Leto I survived) and Reagan, like Maud'dib, knew that he to honor his own leader. As Maud'dib had the old school Freman leader Stilgar, Reagan had Nancy and they worked well together.

However the path that led to Reagan's victory in 1980 and again in 1984 has changed. Because of Reagan, we had Speaker Gingrich win back the House in 1994. But these are new days and we need to find our Duke Leto II. Not because he was G-d Emperor, or that he stayed in power for almost 4,000 years, but because he had a long term plan for mankind. Our next leader must also be far seeing.

In this new era, we are the Freman tribes working in our Sietch's, surviving and paving the way for our leader who will help build a Galactic Empire. Reagan found the Conservatives and Republicans as we spent years from the Goldwater debacle re-building. We must re-build, messiahs come when we pave the way. The Fremans kept on surviving long before Paul Atriedies ever came to Aarakis. Elected officials prove themselves over time and become leaders in their deeds, not just words.

Herbert wrote Dune Messiah as a way of taking down the myth he created in the original book. Conspiracies and hubris defeated Maud'dib. Luckily, it never affected Reagan because he remained humble. The best leaders are.

We must never forget Reagan's humor or belief in mankind's freedom. But we can't wait for the "next" Reagan either. Build the party, build a majority, the leader will find us.

And at the end of the Fourth book, mankind was free from the ideas of Emperor's or Messiahs. That is what we Republicans and Conservatives strive for. We are the Freman.


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