Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Tying the PC's, ADC's, and County Parties Together

Karv and Todd,

I once read a story by Clive Barker, the horror writer, called "In the Hills, the Cities," The stories main characters (a Gay European couple on a driving tour through Eastern Europe [To quote Seinfeld: Not that there is anything wrong with that,]) are not our focus, but what they encounter.

Two fictional cities, in the midst of former Yugoslavia, go to battle against each other -- not with swords and guns, but they build themselves into large versions of man. Each pulley and person are integrated and does its job -- the Town becomes a Giant.

What does this have to do with PC's, ADC's and County parties? We have to make them work like those fictional cities in the story. With each person in our local areas, we create a Giant.

It begins with a Volunteer, who walks into the ADC office and offers to help. The Volunteer works with our PC's getting votes, selling tickets, and helping both groups grow the District. After two election cycles, the Volunteer can become a PC.

As a PC, the person works with the other PC, running and finding more volunteers. The PC's get to know the people in their District -- if anyone has a problem with Government or business', they get the ADC or above to intervene to help. remember, voters always ask, "What have you done for us lately?" Our PC's are to be the answer.

Our PC's must find the richest people in the District and always stay in touch with them. It will be up to the ADC and/or County Chair to comvince the High Income people to become donors to the Local GOP. When they get to know us, and see how much we help, then they can donate to our national candidates (who should have come up from the PC's and ADC's from other places in the country).

If a rich constituent who supports us wants to run for office, ask them to show their support for two election cycles before they run. Why? Our people will get to know them, and we then have someone who follows the 3x3 Rule and the President Bush Rule.

And it is up to the PC's and ADC's to promote Bloggers who help on their side. The State and County Parties should highlight and support the local Bloggers. offer trades, such as we'll help you with XXX, if you post about YYY. A win-win with a dose of publicity. It can be done.

Twice a year, two fundraising dinners are held for everyone in the County. Twice a year, the County party holds conventions. The familial atmosphere allows ideas and polishing candidates through. Monies are raised, candidates come forth.

And in the end, we win. The locals bring forth people who will play on the National stage, but because we did such a good job at this level, we build a 40 year majority (or longer) in Congress and in the Statehouses.

The next Cycle of Encyclicals will be about the GOP and the media, and what we can learn from President Reagan.

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