Monday, September 25, 2006

Two Cheers

Sunday, my sister ran in the Nike 5k Run Hit Remix in downtown L.A. She came in at 47 minutes and 12 seconds. Way to go!

Today, my friend Jonathan released his band's album, The Trophy Wive$. If you want to order an Album, contact them at 323-462-7155. Good luck!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

First they came for the Jews....

I have written and re-written about the rise of Anti-Semitism by the Left. This includes posts by the Daily Kos and James Wolcott. The Democrats are going down past the tree where Luke met Vader in Empire Strikes Back don't they see they are becoming more like the German National Socialist party by their actions?

First they came for Lieberman, then the Path to 9/11, who or what is next?

Read this post for more detail.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Evil Comes to the United Nations

Chavez and Ahmedinajad.

The majority of delegates cheered in while both men gave denunciations to Bush and the state of Israel.

At what point can we call the United Nations the
League of Nations?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Left thinking Right

The Euston Manifesto was originally created for European Leftists, to help bring them back from the edge. Now, there is an American version.

What are the odds that the Kossites,, Firedoglake and James Wolcott will also be signatories?

I am betting 2 -1 odds against the core of the "New" Left (after 1968, every 20 years thereafter, a "new" left is created) will not sign. If they follow, there is hope yet for the two party system.

Otherwise, the Dems will die a 40 year death in the Minority because of their BDS.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An encounter with BDS

What is BDS? It is known as Bush Derangement Syndrome [coined by Charles Krauthammer]. Now, to give my background, I did not like President Clinton, I didn't like his wife either during the '90's. However, I shook his hand once and was very civil. Whenever the Presidential Motorcade drove by, I still saluted.

How many Democrats would do the same for President Bush?

The reason I bring this story up is because of an encounter with an acquaintance (who will go by the name of D--) at Canter's two weeks ago.

Sat. 2:00AM, My friends are talking this and that and the subject of California's Governor race comes up. Eventually D-- gets to the Presidential level and says
"You still support him? Why? He hasn't done anything good for the country!"

I give my reasons why (supporting Israel, helping the GOP Caucus, and fighting the terrorists in Iraq rather then in Los Angeles) and he disregards those issues as unimportant. They are MY issues. Important to me, yet unimportant in his eyes.

BDS coarseness the political debate. After all the abuse any activist (or non-activist who votes for President Bush) gets from the Kossites and James Wolcott, why should they push the lever for a Democrat?

Politics is made of people. For all their flaws, I have found very few who think only of themselves. At the Federal level, if you think only of yourself, no one will support you (unless you live in the House of Clinton). Bush has made mistakes. He isn't perfect, but then neither was Clinton. There is a film in Toronto about a "assassination" of Bush. Would it be fair to do a film assassinating Hillary?

This is a level of discourse that must stop by 2008. If not, there might be a second Civil War. Guess which side has all the guns? So, please all you BDSers, please calm down.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

In memoriam: Donna Marie Rothenberg (d. 9/11/01)

I am part of remembering the 2,996 who died on 9/11. On 9/11, none of us are Republicans or Democrats, Southerners or Northerners, East Coasters or West Coast. Instead, we are all Americans.

Here is what the New York Times wrote about Donna Marie Rothenberg, who worked for AON Corp in WTC Tower 2, on October 27, 2001:

"As a birthday present a decade ago, a friend placed an inquiry in a New York magazine, seeking a proper suitor for Donna M. Rothenberg, a widow in her early 40's. A gentleman named Edward Schmall responded with a letter carefully crafted to attract her interest. It changed his life.When Ms. Rothenberg eventually moved into Mr. Schmall's apartment in the Flatiron district, she brought more than two cats. She brought wondrous experiences from having lived in Europe, Asia, and South America. She brought a gift for cooking. She brought a zest for life that was reflected in her colorful wardrobe; "She wasn't somebody who wore a lot of black," remembered her cousin, Susan Sullivan.She also brought the reassurance that she would be there for crises small and large, from Mr. Schmall's battle against smoking to his sudden collapse while in California. Ms. Rothenberg, a global affairs executive for the Aon Corporation, was 53 when she died, and the man she met through a personals ad so long ago now struggles to reconcile his blessing and his loss. "What I couldn't do, she did well; what I did well, she did better," he said. "She filled in all my gaps."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Newspeak: INGSOC Modern Language: Democrats

Orwell predicted the rise of INGSOC. However, the party name is now the Democrats.

Why this response? ABC is editing The Path to 9/11. The Democrats are sending history down the memory hole.

How else are the Democrats like INGSOC? Let me count the ways. They purge their party members (Lieberman), re-create history (the Path to 9/11), and have an inner and outer party that demands obedience. The modern democrats live in a state of permanent war against their own countrymen rather then against the enemy who struck on 9/11. (Iraq, by the way, is a battlefront on the War on Terror -- if we don't fight them there, where would you have the suicide bombers go? Universal Citywalk?) If the Dems get back into power, then America will see a real fascist state emerge (first propagated by Huey Long [D-LA]).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The path to The path to 9/11

I'm back. Are you tanned, rested and ready for the fall? Let's kick off the season with a TV show....

According to Hugh Hewitt, President Clinton and his staff have called Robert Iger, CEO of Disney and ABC. Why does this call make the difference?

Because this call is about censoring scenes from the ABC movie: The Path to 9/11 . From what I understand, this movie doesn't make either Clinton's or W's administration look good prior to 9/11. And seiously, who among us was really prepared for 9/11? Globalization in the 90's meant the Internet not Insurgents.

To stop this Censorship from happening. contact Robert Iger at these address':

The Walt Disney Co. (ABC):
Robert Iger, CEO 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521
ABC, Inc:818-460-7477


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