Thursday, September 07, 2006

Newspeak: INGSOC Modern Language: Democrats

Orwell predicted the rise of INGSOC. However, the party name is now the Democrats.

Why this response? ABC is editing The Path to 9/11. The Democrats are sending history down the memory hole.

How else are the Democrats like INGSOC? Let me count the ways. They purge their party members (Lieberman), re-create history (the Path to 9/11), and have an inner and outer party that demands obedience. The modern democrats live in a state of permanent war against their own countrymen rather then against the enemy who struck on 9/11. (Iraq, by the way, is a battlefront on the War on Terror -- if we don't fight them there, where would you have the suicide bombers go? Universal Citywalk?) If the Dems get back into power, then America will see a real fascist state emerge (first propagated by Huey Long [D-LA]).

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