Monday, March 31, 2008

Stay for a laugh

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There will be a serious post later.

First, take this fun survey.

Now watch this:

And this:

My only question, who's funnier?

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Newspapers and Hollywood: Losing Money together

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This weekend I am taking a Broadcast Journalism Course offered by the Leadership Institute. It is at beautiful Pepperdine University in Malibu. After this course, I might have to re-write my Media chapter in my Non-fiction book.

But, two things to note:

1) Stop-Loss, highlighted as a non-partisan Anti-Iraq war movie, failed at the Box office. It follows a slew of Anti-Iraq war movies losing money domestically.

2) Newspapers, which a majority always find fault with the Right side of the Political spectrum, are having a hard time finding Ad revenue.

There are ways to fix this. It's simple, it's easy and everybody gains.

I) Content is King. If you make Entertaining Content (in Hollywood) and shoe leather Reporting on Democrats and Republicans, people will pay money for your product.

II) Most of the Comments on Nikki Finke's Blog by Hollywood Partisans insult the Conservative and Republicans and Military who are up in arms against Stop Loss. Can someone explain how insulting your audience helps brings in more money?

III) Speaking of not insulting, would it kill your advertising rates in Newspapers to write about good things Republicans do? And in Hollywood, how hard would it be to write a movie where a Conservative and his or her beliefs are portrayed in a heroic light? Let New Line take it up, after all they need a financial winner.

IV) If you must do a funny, Anti-Republican movie, let Independent directors like this guy make the films with a budget. Until then Hollywood, stop sucking down Lattes on the Westside and get out and meet people who don't share your beliefs. It might make better movies.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peace, Personified in DC

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Because so many organizations watch and listen to Conservative Talk radio, I make it a point to hear Liberal (Hate) Talk radio. After I listen, I report. Not unlike Media Matters. Hey, Liberals, you don't want me writing on your guys. Here is the deal: Stop calling our guys and gals: Racists, Fascists, Uncle Toms, and Nazi's and I'll focus on Policy issues.

Anyway, today, I heard on Pacifica radio, an interview with Representative Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) discussing the creation of a "United States Department of Peace" After the discussion, I had to pull over and laugh for a few minutes. Why?

Already in Washington, DC, there is the United States Institute for Peace. The USIP is working on pragmatic ways, between Governments, between warring factions, working with the US Military, to get to a Peaceful solution.

There is "Soft Power" as personified by Trade, Culture the State Department and the USIP; Then there is "Hard Power" as shown by the force of our Military, Economic and Executive power decisions. According to the NIE, the Hard Power used against Iraq, caused Iran to shut down it's Nuclear Program in 2003.

The best definition of "Soft Power"? Four words: Peace for Our Time. Should I repeat the History lesson from those words?

I admit I need some Enlightenment here. But please explain why there is a so-called need for a US Department of Peace when the Collective Security of the United Nations has not stopped any wars or massacres? Will the US Department of Peace have the authority to go into a massacre in a war torn country and get people to stop?

And here is the $1,000,000 question that has yet to be answered: How?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seven Words not spoken by Democrats in Five Years

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When I was a Democrat, I protested President George H.W. Bush because he did not support Democracy in the Middle East. I am still trying to understand why this current crop of Democrats are protesting today. Why?

If they hate war, why no protest over Clinton's Bombing in 1998? or his war in Bosnia?

If they hate Dictatorships, why allow Saddam Hussain to fund three Democratic Congressmen to visit Iraq before the war to say, "Peace for our time,"?

If I read my history books correctly, "Peace for our time," gave the German National Socialist Leader free reign to invade other countries and kill Jews.

Wilsonianism was founded by President Woodrow Wilson. Freedom House was created by Eleanor Roosevelt. Why have Democrats turn their back on both these ideals? Conservatives picked them up instead.

If Democrats want to save the world (i.e. Tibet, Darfur), but they oppose any use of the military, what should America use to stop these massacres from occurring? Harsh language?

Thomas P. M. Barnett, author and blogger of The Pentagon's New Map is a Green Bay Packer fan, a military strategist and a Democrat. Yet, he cites this post, about the benefits of opening up the Middle East to Democracy. Why do no other Democrats cite it?

And finally, why during these past Five years, if Democrats wanted to end the War in Iraq quickly, did they not ask President Bush, "What can we do to help?"

Democrats, I await your answers. Points if you get a Code Pinker to answer.

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Game Plan for 2008

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In my Non-fiction book, I finished my Blogging chapter. If I've linked to your Blog, and you've linked back to me, odds are there are some good words written. Other Blogs, (and if you're a loyal visitor to the Valley, you know who these are) suffice it to say that they are held up as Examples. Want more info? Hit me up in the comments or by E-mail.

By the way, the next Chapter in Non-fiction is about Hollywood. From the Below the Line people, to the Studios, to the Agents. They are being discussed with a Political Bent. I'm halfway through. Only three more Chapters in Part II.

On to more supercilious stuff:

Here is what the rest of the year looks like:

Before Memorial Day: Raise Funds for Apartment and/or Car.

Memorial Day Weekend: Sister's wedding (woo-hoo!)

Summer: Car, then Apartment or Apartment, then Car.

First week in September: Republican National Convention. I'm looking for a Corporate Sponsor. If I can't find one, I will not go. Or if I get invited there by the Republican National Convention, California Republican Party, the McCain Campaign or the Republican National Committee, I'll go.

September 20-21: Blog World Expo. Need I say more?

Mid to late October: Week in Washington, DC. Catch up with friends, Countrymen, and Mentors. Show book around and get advice. Also do the tourist bit on my down time. Nothing is better then sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Monument and watching the world go by.

November 2 and 3: Election Night in San Diego. Why? Because Los Angeles Republicans can't even win a City Council seat; How the hell can they throw a Victory party?

December 16: Birthday.

Let me know if you're interested in meeting me at any of these events (save for the Memorial Day and moves, those are Private). Oh, and sometime before my Birthday, I will finish and go through the first Edit of the Non-fiction book.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are We in a Post-racial America?

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Here is the transcript of Senator Obama's Philidelphia speech on race. And here is the speech:

So, can the discussion move beyond skin color?

First, let me say that Democrats are discovering in Primary 2008 on how to be treated like a Republican. There is the cries of "sexism" from the Clinton camp, and "racism" from the Obama camp. And, of course, the old standby, "Guilt by Association,"

These are charges that Republicans and Conservatives face every campaign season and sometimes during Policy debates. As I posted before, I was a Democrat. If I tar the Democratic Party as Anti-Semitic, it is because as a Republican, I have been called a Nazi. It isn't nice, but it is a tactic.

Democrats, the way to stop these attacks is not to start them. How does this tie to Senator Obama's speech? Keep reading.

In my past, we lived in Queens during the late 70's. In 1975, my family was the only white family in the building. We lived there for a year. And how many families lived in the building? 12 floors of 18 Apartments each. Do the math. I know friends of all hues. I have travelled from Grover Norquist's Wednesday Morning meetings (where there are also differing hues to be seen too) to working in an industry that prides itself in being "diverse and Liberal,"

The truest form of Diversity in the Political battlefield is to debate someones ideas, irregardless of color. Take for instance, Justice Clarence Thomas. It wasn't a Conservative magazine that put him on the cover as a Lawn Jockey (disgusting, no matter who is represented).

It was Senator Reid who attacked the only Black Supreme Court Justice an "Embarrassment," Did he cite Justice Thomas' ideas? No.

Senator Obama's speech is a great first step. He appealed to the 60% inactive public who visits the Political realm once every Four Years. But for the 40% (that include most Bloggers), to move the conversation beyond "White guilt" and "Black Liberation Theology," requires acknowledgement and forgiveness. And out of all this, Redemption.

To move past the first step requires hard work and understanding every one's flaws and ideals. Here is my proposal:

Democrats stop calling Black Conservatives and Republicans "Uncle Toms" and we won't focus on all the Democrats elected in areas such as Anacostia, Jamaica, Queens and South central, Los Angeles and show how poverty still reigns in those areas.

If Senator McCain can run an honorable campaign against Senator Obama, then Democrats (as of last Tuesday) owe Justice Thomas and Secretary Rice an apology. Then we can talk about a post-racial America.

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Three Campaign Models and Game Theory

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Happy Easter! This is going to be one of two posts today (the other will be tonight).

First, one immutable law of politics is to follow Precedent unless there is no precedent. Each campaign has a model to follow:

1) Senator Obama is following the Clinton 1992 model.

2) Senator Clinton is following Christina Fernandez de Kirchner 2007 model.

3) Senator McCain is following the Nicholas Sarkozy 2007 model.

Now let's break it down:

1) Senator Obama is doing things within the Democratic Primary and caucuses that are new. No one tells him that "It's been done before," or he doesn't listen. Like Clinton 1992, he cited "Change," as part of his campaign. And by being "new" he won the most Delegates. If he wins the nomination, the Feminist and Clinton partisans sit out.

2) Senator Clinton has not released her Tax Returns, her husband's donors to the Clinton Library or been open about her campaign as to who released damaging tools against Obama. (You can blame the Right Wing all you want, but Senator McCain has not allowed the Right to go personal; Only the partisans off the Structure do not follow. And think logically, who gains from Race issues during a Primary campaign?). For Senator Clinton to win, she has to overturn the popular votes in a majority of States using the Super Delegates at the Denver Convention. If she wins the nomination, the African American and Youth vote sits out. That's less than the Feminist and Clinton partisans.

3) Tell any Republican or Conservative that McCain is a continuation of President Bush and you will be laughed in your face. Most Washington Reporters don't get that. Yes, he supports the war on Iraq, but throughout the aughts (the '00's), he has opposed, blocked or made life tougher for President Bush. If it weren't for Rush going off the reservation with "Operation Chaos" the Democrats still would not be battling. can he win? If the Democrats spend Primary money until August, he has a good chance.

Now let's do Game Theory:

Senator Clinton wins the nomination -- African Americans and Youth votes sit out. African American voters cheated out of one of their own, looks to do "Operation Chaos" within the GOP too. Clinton's negatives + Democrats feeling betrayed = President McCain

Senator Obama wins the nomination - Clinton partisans and Feminists sit out. If he wins it early, it becomes a fight; If it lasts to August, Senator McCain wins.

Senator McCain can raise money and travel to our International allies until the Democrats figure out what game their playing. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans are not playing a zero sum game.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You don't want to read this post if you live in the DC Beltway

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If you live in the DC area, I would not recommend doing anything below. I would also not recommend linking to this post.

Now, I wouldn't recommend contacting the Capitol Police at 202-224-5151 and telling them that Code Pink, based at 712 5th St., Northeast is planning to disrupt Congressional work.

And I wouldn't call the DC Fire Department at 202-673-3206 and tell them there are too many people staying at 712 5th St., Northeast and how dangerous it is for children living there. And I would especially not make this call at 3:00AM.

And I would not call the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] at 1-866-347-2423 about finding a list of people who gave $600,000 in 2006 within Fallujah for "insurgents", that originated at Code Pink's discretion. I would not tell DHS that Code Pink raised money against the United States and should be investigated.

Of course I would not endorse anything above, unless, say, Code Pink stops interrupting work on Capitol Hill.

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Lessons from the Conversion

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Here is Part One.
Here is Part Two.

I hope you enjoyed reading them. The technical knowledge is going into the book, Messages from the Valley, that I'm writing now.

But there were some lessons that I learned, from both the Right and the Left that should be carried by all Americans:

1) We have one President at a time. Disagree and dispute with the President, that is fine. But if a president you do not like is in office, you still respect the office and never give outside enemies tools to hit our President. This was learned in NYC, from the Left. They didn't like President Reagan, but America voted for him, and they know that America does right in the long term. Even when I was in DC, and I disputed with President Clinton (whom I liked less when I was a Republican), I still saluted if I saw the Presidential Motorcade. Today's Left forgot that lesson.

2) The smart, elitist folk who laugh at your guy, be it Speaker or President, will look back and defend them when the next guy of yours comes along. Remember Truman. This came from the Right. Every Republican since Eisenhower has been called, "Stupid," or "Warmonger," When the next Republican comes along, the folks that opposed the last Republican, say, "The last republican wasn't as [Fill in the Blank]" Look at how the Left treated Reagan. And Truman was laughed at by the NY Press, and was never given his due when in office. Not until Nixon's Administration was he remembered fondly. It happens every time. Except for Franklin Pierce.

3) Have fun protesting. For work to get done, it requires people to sit in a room and hash out an agreement. If you want your views listened to, don't protest people who go to that room. Talk to them. This, ironically, comes from the Left. In 1991, it was important to Protest before the Gulf war. After it started, why protest on why it started? I learned about the art of Lobbying and Logrolling again. Surprisingly, this works better than yelling at people and calling them "Evil," "Stupid," or "Warmonger,"

4) Congress is a place of work. People from all over the country come here to see their National Legislature do their jobs. This is the people's House. Anyone who comes in to harm it should not be listened too. Only Congress can shut up Congress. This is from the Right. As I mentioned in an earlier post on where to protest, I repeat: Let Congress work. When the "Bloody 8th" occurred, Karma responded within the rules and regulations within Congress. Rebel all you want, but if you shout down Congress (or their visitors from the Executive Branch), you are shutting down my First Amendment rights.

Do you have any rules that can work for Right and Left activists that you learned?

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Conversion, Part Two

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Here is Part One.

In College, my Cynicism of Ground Level politics faded to Idealism. My last year at Nassau Community College was the year of the Gulf war. Like every young Liberal Democrat student, I went out to protest.

Our issues at the protest were simple: Why didn't President George H.W. Bush support Democracies in the Middle East? Imagine my surprise twenty-five years later, the protests are about now: Why aren't we negotiating with Dictators and Theocrats?

At the time I was a Liberal, it meant that people should be liberated from tyranny, FDR was the guide back then. I question who modern Liberals follow now.

Than I transferred to SUNY-Stonybrook. Out in Long Island was a Republican Stronghold. During my time on campus, I became a Student Senator and than a University Senator.

This was also the year of the 1992 election. Here is where I started to question the foundation of Democratic thinking.

1) As a University Senator, I had to argue whether the Campus Police should have guns to protect the students. This was before the LIRR Shooting. When it came to discuss the issue in the University Senate, most Professors and Administrators (Liberals all), rather than look at pros and cons, were reflexively were against it. And when a Student Representative of the University Senate called for a vote, the meeting adjourned before any vote could be taken. I was shaken.

2) Then-former Governor Jerry Brown came to campus during the Primaries. It was my Swan Song before switching. Gov. Clinton was sounded like a re-fried Dukakis and Mondale (Ferraro representated Forest Hills and like every kid in 1984 in Forest Hills, cut out to see the event on Austin Street), so I didn't see anything new about him. When Brown came to campus, it was the Democratic staff with him which caused rumors to start flying. How back in 1992, the Liberal wing of the Democratic party seem to not a whit about Israel's survival. These were people in their 20's and early 30's, and word spread after Brown left. But the damage was done.

I called and let my parents know I was switching. Yes, they were surprised, but they accepted. I was going into uncharted territory.

Finally, around Summer Break, after I switched, Jack Chartier asked me when I was over at his house, if I wanted to switch back and help Hevesi? I declined. I'm sure someone can write the Alternate History on that Point of Divergence.

What happened next? Well, I'm writing a book about what I learned (both Dem and Rep). Also, I cite Aurora, Donald Douglas, and Jason's Blog there too.

As a Republican, I've traveled from Liberal Republican to Conservative, but my views never changed much from when I was a Democrat. For instance, Wilsonianism was originally a Democratic idea; So was supporting Israel. Since than, I've followed the party that believes in those things too.

Did you take a journey from one party to another? Why or why not?

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Conversion, Part One

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I've danced around the issue long enough. But a combination of returning to my writing (fiction and Non-fiction), and New York Politics in the news (with a slack in the Presidential primary), means this is a good time to tell everyone how I went from a FDR backer growing up in NYC to a W supporter (even) today.

***Before we begin, a dirty joke from my friend's family (who will be discussed here) up in NY: Why did Governor Spitzer go to prostitutes? Because Silda was a Spitzer.*****

I grew up in New York City during the 1970's. That meant drugs were available on most street corners; City services were failing and crime was rampant. When John Carpenter made Escape from New York and the X-Men entered the Days of Future Past, New York was falling apart. Visions of a NYC dystopia seemed not too far off.

My parents were young activists; Neither of my Grandparents weren't. Both Grandfathers were Union men. Before my Dad met my Mom, he spent a year at the Pentagon working for General Westmoreland. The next year, he went to Saigon and worked in communications. Then, he went back to Queens and worked for a Olivetti, a typewriter company.

When my Dad got back from Woodstock to see The Who, he met my Mom at the office on Park Avenue. After dating for two weeks and two days, they got married on Halloween. A week later, they protested in front of the Pentagon. A year later, I showed up (1970).

As they got older, my Mom remained active for a while. She volunteered for McGovern, and in 1976, she worked for Carter. My Dad drove a Checker cab and sold land in Pennsylvania for Oil and Gas leases during the Oil shock.

During the 80's, the family moved to Forest Hills. I met Jack Chartier's daughter (who told the joke above) in High School, and we became friends in 1985. It turned out Jack was running for the City Council Seat for Queens. He was forced out of the race due to Queens Machine Politics.
At 15, during Jack's campaign, I met former Tammany Hall people (They lived in Rego Park). During the next year, I learned a few things from those people:

A) How to re-weigh a Voting machine in the Counting Room;
B) How to Change the Count in the Counting Room;
C) Putting Partisans in crowds and Media to get your point heard;
D) There is no exact numbers after an Election.

I went to High School with Hevesi's kids as well. After a while, I drifted away from Politics (as I
usually do every few years), and got into music, writing, Comics and BBS'. I read Karl Marx and felt cool to be a Communist until I started my first job at Sizzler on Metropolitan Ave. and found a dishwasher lazier than I was who got paid more than I did. Marx lasted three months.

Then, I started College at Nassau Community College and....

[To Be Continued]

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reasons to Remain on the Right

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It's a good day. Governor Spitzer resigned. Karma reigns supreme.

Also, two things of note:

First, in an act of disrespect to the work done on the floor of Congress, Code Pink, again, interrupts the business of Government. At what point will the Left put these people in Check? There are places in DC to protest, I list them in my Gnome Logic Post (of which Code Pink suffers from):

However, when Congress is in session, whether in Subcommittee, Committee or on the Floor, let them work.

I don't like Pelosi's Congress, but let them work, then complain. If Code Pink disrupts Congress again, their house in DC should be investigated by the Department of Homeland Security. Until Code Pink grows up, get them the Hell out of my Congress.

Secondly, Playwright/Director David Mamet wrote this article in the Village Voice about his slow conversion towards the Right. Note how the Left Wing comments call him a racist, fascist, authoritarian for disagreeing with them Senator Lieberman (ID-CT) was kicked out of the party for disagreeing on one issue. Conservatives and Republicans have disagreed with Senator McCain for years and now he is the standard bearer.

Because Conservatism believes in Sin and Redemption and modern Liberals do not (How have Liberals treated Larry Craig?);

Because Conservatism supports Israel's right to exist, and the Code Pinks, the Pacifica radio listeners, Huffington Posters, Daily Kos diarists and commenter's, and the current crop of upcoming Democrats do not;

Because Conservatism believes Freedom is not just for White, Upper Class folks who live on the Coastal cities or Europeans, or Eastern Asia, but for everyone including the Middle East and in Africa. But Modern Liberalism does not believe in extending that franchise.

When Democrats can disagree agreeably, then I might look Lot's Wife.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cleaning House in New York

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Before we go further, read this post first.

Now read this.

Soon I will be writing of my Political Conversion from Liberal Democrat to Conservative Republican (with a Libertarian streak). My friend's father, Jack Chartier, and his boss Alan Hevesi birthed my early interest into politics. Both were Old School Democrats from Forest Hills (home of AJ's pizza).

When Spitzer went after Hevesi, he burned a lot of Democrats. Then, when Spizer went after State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, he lost any vote or support from the NY State Republicans.

"Mr. Spitzer ran on a platform of raising ethical standards in Albany and revamping the way the gridlock-prone state government does business," wrote the New York Times during Governor Spitzer's inauguration.

Ironically, Spitzer was caught doing something that is not legal in either New York or Washington, DC. Here is Spitzer's statement.

In his term, he neither worked out the disagreements from the Majority Assembly Democrats and Senate Majority Republicans. And as of today, he proved to be unethical. When Spitzer when after Bruno, Democrats pooh-poohed using the power of the State against an individual, yet it was a major complaint during Nixon's term.

I say, WTF is the difference?! I said Spitzer was corrupt months ago. Where was the Goldwater to Nixon moment on this guy? If you can't do it on a corrupt Governor of a Blue State, how can we trust Democrats to clean up corruption on a federal level? They never police themselves.

Tonight, Spitzer resigns. Blessings on his family, but I spit on the former Governor for hurting my friends dad and his boss.

Now why can't Democrats treat Republicans in trouble with same dignity?

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Poli Sci-fi Meme 2008

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It's been too serious in the Valley. Let's have some fun.

The Meme starts here. I'm choosing Aurora, Jason, Malcot, Chessnovice, Donald Douglas and Allyn Gibson. Please answer on your Blog. Choose five to pass this Meme forward. Ready, steady, go!

1) President George W. Bush or President William Clinton? You must answer 1a and 1b.
George W. Bush

1a) Give 3 issues why you support your guy:
A) Wilsonianism in the Middle East
B) Increased Congressional majorities throughout two Elections.
C) Supporter of Israel against External enemies.

1b) Now name 3 things good about the other guy.
A) Free Trader who passed and supported NAFTA.
B) Helped begin the "Republican Dozen" years in 1994.
C) Recognized, on December 16, 1998, the danger of Saddam Hussein.

2) Favorite Sci-fi movie?
12 Monkeys

3) Favorite Sci-fi TV show?
Doctor Who

4) Favorite Alternate History story (movie, TV or book)?
Richard III (1995)

5) Best American Legislator? (if overseas, your local Legislators)
Rep. John Boehner

6) Best Foreign Legislator? (if overseas, this is where you can choose American legislators)
I choose two: Bibi Netanyahu and David Cameron.

7) Favorite Sci-fi scene? (Youtube it if you can)

8) Pitch a cross-over between two sci-fi shows/movies/etc.:
Doctor Who lands on The Death Star and has an adventure there.

9) Who will win the Democratic Presidential Primary? Why?
Senator Obama. He has the general votes. The Super-delegates will be lose locally if they oppose the general votes.

10) Will Gordon Brown call an election before 2010?

11) Favorite Steampunk, Cyberpunk or Post-Cyberpunk novel, comic, book or movie?
Strange Days

12) Best Pizza place? Please provide the link.
AJ's Pizza in Forest Hills.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Two Explosions

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Before dawn, an explosion at the Times Square Recruitment Center.

Half a world away and hours later, a Palestinian Terrorist shoots up a Yeshiva.

What do these explosions have in common?

There is sympathy from the Left for the bomber at dawn and the Terrorist in the afternoon. The bomber sent his "We did it," letters to Democratic members of Congress. The "We did it," was taken from the movie 12 Monkeys, so no originality there.

Code Pink, home of Gnome Logic, supported insurgents in Iraq with funds. Where does Code Pink think it's money went? To make toys for poor children? Code Pink also supports kicking out Marines from Berkley.

At what point do we hold Medea Benjamen for Treason? Her group stops business from being one in Congress; She also supports Hugo Chavez and Middle East Totalitarian regimes. yet, Code Pink cannot support "freedom of choice" of people to make the decision to join (or not join) -- if they believe in their arguments, debate thoroughly. Don't shut people up. That is what Totalitarians do.

Listen to Pacifica radio and Code Pink, they believe in the Palestinian cause. I won't mention one Blogger who succeeds supporting the killing of Israeli's who is a Brit who writes on Daily Kos (who has yet to be slammed publicly by any Democrat), but the Left lies in sympathy with the gunner not the victims who were killed.

If anything should come from these two Explosions is: Code Pink should be exiled from the American Coast and be based in Iran. And Medea Benjamen should be arrested and thrown in prison.

If you want real Peace, support Freedom House.

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Gametime: The Shadow Primary

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Welcome back to the Political News Network!

First, an overview of Tuesday. Here is Jason's take.

Here is the rundown:

VT: Senator Obama (D); Senator McCain (R)
RI: Senator Clinton (D); Senator McCain (R)
OH: Senator Clinton (D); Senator McCain (R)
TX: (Primary) Senator Clinton (Caucus) Senator Obama (D); (Primary) Senator McCain (R)

After winning 12 states, what happened to Senator Obama? And how was Senator Clinton's campaign brought back from the dead? The word, is Karma.

1) Back in MI, Kos himself posted on how to interfere with the GOP Primary. Since the GOP chose their candidate by Super Tuesday, a few radio talk show hosts (Limbaugh and Ingraham) returned Kos' favor and sent GOP voters in TX and OH to support Senator Clinton. Why?

It comes down to money and support. Senator McCain does not need to raise primary money. He can start raising for the General. If Senators Obama and Clinton continue fighting close to the Convention, that's less money raised for the General. Also, McCain can rebuild his support domestically and Internationally for the General.

2) Huckabee goes Buh-bye. Thus, giving McCain an opening for the fall.

3) Hillary cannot count. Due to proportional representation and Super delegates, Senator Clinton is still 150 delegates behind Obama. Even if she wins the next 12, she still cannot catch up. Will she destroy the Democrats to take power?

Quick advice from a former Dem: Call in the Old Guard. If you want a clean race for the Fall, she has to step down, not Obama. As long as she's in, as long as their are Open primaries, the GOP can keep the blood letting going.

Remember Karma? The 1998 Impeachment was the GOP reply to 1974; Election 2000 Overtime was a response to 1960. This is a response to California 2002.

And it has nothing to do with women running things. If Conservatives still carry a torch for Thatcher, there is nothing a good woman running on her own merits cannot do. Senator Clinton is not running on her own merits. And, like the GOP, there are historical precedents:

Black men received the right to vote first before Women. History is not fair, nor are elections. It is up to the Democrats to recognize that History is precedent.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Writers Block and its Causes

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Before I get to the Shadow Tuesday Primary (TX - Caucus and Primary, OH, VT and RI) which will be in the next post, I want to break down the Fourth Wall for a while.

At this moment, I am still suffering from my Writer's Block. Tonight I was on the phone with Malcot discussing why this was going on. She has known me since Election 1996, so there was a little insight.

Suffice it to say, at this moment, I am dealing with a low level depression (that I did know), but it was because I am despondent (that came from the phone call). At this point in my life, I thought I would be more established, more stable and more secure financially than where I am at this moment.

Getting up to work is a hassle -- I see trends in the industry, but no one taps me for my head. I live in the same town as the California Republican Party, but they never returned my calls. Even when I was working on the multi-level, multi-million dollar event. College educated, but struggling.

What I didn't learn in school, I learnt on my own. Street smarts and book smarts. My birthday was three months ago, and I'm still feeling unfulfilled. I want to change the world, but I can't even help myself.

I go to work, I try to succeed, but I feel very alone in my struggle and my lack of achievements. When the Writer's Block hit, I felt it was taking away from my goals. I can tackle almost any problem, but internal ones.

I can do well in DC, but I am barely surviving in LA. I sleep too much and I write too little. I have no desire to get up in the morning or stay awake during the day. I am withering on the vine.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wm. F. Buckley, Karl Rove and me

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Last Monday night, I saw Karl Rove speak at Gibson Amphitheatre. During his speech, he showed what 40 factors are needed to win the Presidency.

He also had nothing to do with the 60 Minutes Story. In fact, he said, why should he worry about an Alabama secretary when he to worry about the 2004 election? Always let it be said that 60 Minutes will go after a Republican first, before analysing a Democrat.

And than on Tuesday, the great William F. Buckley, Jr. died.

In college, I started to watch Firing Line. I read his God and Man at Yale (proving Liberals will not allow Conservatives into the academy). Later, I discovered Blackford Oakes. To balance the miles of Nation articles fed to me in class, I would read National Review (the Corner is linked up on the Right). I am sad to say, I never got to meet the man.

Both men represent different parts of a the Political Sphere. Karl Rove is a mechanic; It is his job to win a Primary and a General. Oh, and Democrats, one unwritten law for mechanics is not to interfere in the other Parties Primary. Grey Davis broke that rule in 2002, and he paid a price.

Wm. Buckley, Jr. is an intellectual. He brought forth ideas. He kicked out the John Birchers and the Anti-Semites from the Republican Party. Even in 1950, Isolationism was anathema to the Republicans. If someone in the Democratic party did the same today, even I would respect them. But the Left has no Buckley. He built the Maginot Line of ideas the Republicans should carry.

Buckley begat Goldwater, than Reagan, than Bush fils. Karl Rove's job is to bring the intellectual debates to the masses. Without Buckley, there is no Rove.

In this Blog, I have cited how hate speech is the provenance of the Democrats and how the Daily Kos have allowed the Anti-Semites free reign in their blogs. I see myself as a bridge between the Buckley's and the Rove's. Intellectual debate is great, a line drawn of legitimate candidates is also good too, but the way to win is also important.

Will the Left find their Buckley? Will they kick out their isolationists and Anti-semites?

Until then, I stand in Buckley and Rove's shadow.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A case of Ennui and a Survey

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Take this Political Survey first. This is from my old Alma Mater, Suny -Stonybrook.

Now onto my ennui.

It spread. I finished Part I of Messages from the Valley (the non-fiction book) -- Four chapters are done, fourteen more t0 go. However, I finished Part I, than I did some more research for my fiction book (Of Armenians and Triumvirates).

And than Writer's Block hit. This was Tuesday.

It spread from books to Blogs.

This week I saw Karl Rove (yes, he is consulting with Obama's and Clinton's campaign ;})and we lost William Buckley. Both will be discussed after I figure out the cause of the ennui.

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