Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are We in a Post-racial America?

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Here is the transcript of Senator Obama's Philidelphia speech on race. And here is the speech:

So, can the discussion move beyond skin color?

First, let me say that Democrats are discovering in Primary 2008 on how to be treated like a Republican. There is the cries of "sexism" from the Clinton camp, and "racism" from the Obama camp. And, of course, the old standby, "Guilt by Association,"

These are charges that Republicans and Conservatives face every campaign season and sometimes during Policy debates. As I posted before, I was a Democrat. If I tar the Democratic Party as Anti-Semitic, it is because as a Republican, I have been called a Nazi. It isn't nice, but it is a tactic.

Democrats, the way to stop these attacks is not to start them. How does this tie to Senator Obama's speech? Keep reading.

In my past, we lived in Queens during the late 70's. In 1975, my family was the only white family in the building. We lived there for a year. And how many families lived in the building? 12 floors of 18 Apartments each. Do the math. I know friends of all hues. I have travelled from Grover Norquist's Wednesday Morning meetings (where there are also differing hues to be seen too) to working in an industry that prides itself in being "diverse and Liberal,"

The truest form of Diversity in the Political battlefield is to debate someones ideas, irregardless of color. Take for instance, Justice Clarence Thomas. It wasn't a Conservative magazine that put him on the cover as a Lawn Jockey (disgusting, no matter who is represented).

It was Senator Reid who attacked the only Black Supreme Court Justice an "Embarrassment," Did he cite Justice Thomas' ideas? No.

Senator Obama's speech is a great first step. He appealed to the 60% inactive public who visits the Political realm once every Four Years. But for the 40% (that include most Bloggers), to move the conversation beyond "White guilt" and "Black Liberation Theology," requires acknowledgement and forgiveness. And out of all this, Redemption.

To move past the first step requires hard work and understanding every one's flaws and ideals. Here is my proposal:

Democrats stop calling Black Conservatives and Republicans "Uncle Toms" and we won't focus on all the Democrats elected in areas such as Anacostia, Jamaica, Queens and South central, Los Angeles and show how poverty still reigns in those areas.

If Senator McCain can run an honorable campaign against Senator Obama, then Democrats (as of last Tuesday) owe Justice Thomas and Secretary Rice an apology. Then we can talk about a post-racial America.

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  1. I think people have to learn to have honest conversations about race and other aspects of American life. I think the Clintons have been acting rather racistly but this goes unnoticed because they are white. Would Bill Clinton have to defend his pastor? How about McCain? No, it's only because Obama is Black that we have this issue. We are not a post racial America, we are very much stuck in the old ways just the methods have changed.

  2. As Malcot Israel says, we are far from a post racial America (or world for that matter). Humans haven't got better at being more inclusive and decent towards others; quite the opposite. And Barack Obama is no person to end all that! If anything, he's only stirred up the hornets' nest a bit.

  3. I think that a world in which, racial and gender bias does not exist is a dream and that such a utopia will not exist in the near future.

    From the nature of the election it seems to me that the candidates have not read More's Utopia, Erasmus' In Praise of Folly or de Tocqueville's Democracy in America.

    Indeed I wonder if any of the candidates can read or have the brains God gave a gnat.


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