Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reasons to Remain on the Right

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It's a good day. Governor Spitzer resigned. Karma reigns supreme.

Also, two things of note:

First, in an act of disrespect to the work done on the floor of Congress, Code Pink, again, interrupts the business of Government. At what point will the Left put these people in Check? There are places in DC to protest, I list them in my Gnome Logic Post (of which Code Pink suffers from):

However, when Congress is in session, whether in Subcommittee, Committee or on the Floor, let them work.

I don't like Pelosi's Congress, but let them work, then complain. If Code Pink disrupts Congress again, their house in DC should be investigated by the Department of Homeland Security. Until Code Pink grows up, get them the Hell out of my Congress.

Secondly, Playwright/Director David Mamet wrote this article in the Village Voice about his slow conversion towards the Right. Note how the Left Wing comments call him a racist, fascist, authoritarian for disagreeing with them Senator Lieberman (ID-CT) was kicked out of the party for disagreeing on one issue. Conservatives and Republicans have disagreed with Senator McCain for years and now he is the standard bearer.

Because Conservatism believes in Sin and Redemption and modern Liberals do not (How have Liberals treated Larry Craig?);

Because Conservatism supports Israel's right to exist, and the Code Pinks, the Pacifica radio listeners, Huffington Posters, Daily Kos diarists and commenter's, and the current crop of upcoming Democrats do not;

Because Conservatism believes Freedom is not just for White, Upper Class folks who live on the Coastal cities or Europeans, or Eastern Asia, but for everyone including the Middle East and in Africa. But Modern Liberalism does not believe in extending that franchise.

When Democrats can disagree agreeably, then I might look Lot's Wife.

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  1. JSF, two quick things.

    1) For more intelligent comments disagreeing with Mamet's conversion to right libertarianism, check out Metafilter's thread.

    2) You either have to stop referring to yourself as having a libertarian streak or stop demanding draconian punishment for those who you disagree with. Really, that's the opposite of anything remotely resembling libertarianism.

  2. Jason,

    It's just that I am very offended by Code Pink. There are many protesters, but they respect that Congress is a place of work and rules.

    Code Pink has no regard for either. If they continue to shout down, attack people who disagree with them, than what happens to my freeedom of speech?

    As long as Medea's crowd continues to believe in "Free speech for me, but not for thee," then I will change my reaction against Code Pink.

    But unless Code Pink are put on notice by someone on the Left, there is a danger of radicalizing me.

    Not unlike the 99th Congress, which gave "the Bloody 8th" and in turn begat Newt.

  3. JSF, we've had this discussion before. Congress are our employees and we the people are their bosses. When your employee does a bad job, sometimes the boss needs to go onto the shop floor and chew them out for it.

    So you're basically saying that while you disagree with the radical left and their tactics, they have enough power over you to make you turn your back on the basic tenets of democracy? I understand how they get under your skin, but I think that's kind of their point. Step back, take a few deep breaths, look at the big picture, and think rationally about it.


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