Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gametime: The Shadow Primary

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Welcome back to the Political News Network!

First, an overview of Tuesday. Here is Jason's take.

Here is the rundown:

VT: Senator Obama (D); Senator McCain (R)
RI: Senator Clinton (D); Senator McCain (R)
OH: Senator Clinton (D); Senator McCain (R)
TX: (Primary) Senator Clinton (Caucus) Senator Obama (D); (Primary) Senator McCain (R)

After winning 12 states, what happened to Senator Obama? And how was Senator Clinton's campaign brought back from the dead? The word, is Karma.

1) Back in MI, Kos himself posted on how to interfere with the GOP Primary. Since the GOP chose their candidate by Super Tuesday, a few radio talk show hosts (Limbaugh and Ingraham) returned Kos' favor and sent GOP voters in TX and OH to support Senator Clinton. Why?

It comes down to money and support. Senator McCain does not need to raise primary money. He can start raising for the General. If Senators Obama and Clinton continue fighting close to the Convention, that's less money raised for the General. Also, McCain can rebuild his support domestically and Internationally for the General.

2) Huckabee goes Buh-bye. Thus, giving McCain an opening for the fall.

3) Hillary cannot count. Due to proportional representation and Super delegates, Senator Clinton is still 150 delegates behind Obama. Even if she wins the next 12, she still cannot catch up. Will she destroy the Democrats to take power?

Quick advice from a former Dem: Call in the Old Guard. If you want a clean race for the Fall, she has to step down, not Obama. As long as she's in, as long as their are Open primaries, the GOP can keep the blood letting going.

Remember Karma? The 1998 Impeachment was the GOP reply to 1974; Election 2000 Overtime was a response to 1960. This is a response to California 2002.

And it has nothing to do with women running things. If Conservatives still carry a torch for Thatcher, there is nothing a good woman running on her own merits cannot do. Senator Clinton is not running on her own merits. And, like the GOP, there are historical precedents:

Black men received the right to vote first before Women. History is not fair, nor are elections. It is up to the Democrats to recognize that History is precedent.

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  1. I've got no take on it this time. The next few weeks are going to be too busy with life to worry about politics. Spring weather is officially here and that means playgrounds, playgrounds and more playgrounds to make up for a miserable rainy winter. And if there's time, I really want to learn Heart of the Sunrise on my acoustic bass.

  2. The split in the Texas Democratic primary and Texas Democratic caucus has given neither candidate an advantage. The end result is that the stalemate continues.

    However, the primary and caucus also marked the end of the hiberation of the Texas Democratic which on a state wide level has been largely dormant since Ann Richards lost the gubenatorial election of 1994 to Bush fils.

    On the Republican side the results demonstrated the following:

    1. The influence of the religious right on the populace at large has to a degree receded allowing McCain to achieve victory convinvingly because, if Preisent had not run four years ago, and Huckabee had been in the race then his percentage of the vote would have been about fifty percent.

    2. The Republican primary demonstrated that the majority of Ron Paul's support came from his congressional district.

  3. I agree with this post. Hillary is running on "when my husband was in the white house..." and then claiming experience. What experience does she have exactly? This is the first problem. The 2nd problem is this argument that women running things would make it better. I have known you long enough that you know my political philosophy. I think I am more of a war hawk at times than any man has ever been.

    I also think that Hillary needs to realize that people want her to get out. She's playing all happy now, but the reality is she's not who the people want for the nomination. She is welcome to try again in 2012, but even then no one wants her she is too polarizing. I was asking the other day if Obama were to name her as VP would she have him assassinated to take power?

    I think that she will destroy the Democrats in order to take power because she doesn't care about the Democrats. She was a life long Republican, then her husband got into public life and she became a Democrat, and frankly both Bill and Hillary are just opportunistic leaches. They only care about themselves...and power.

    I have total distaste for them, perhaps because we as a team are not that way. I'm waiting for Hillary to start throwing the racial insults, like she did about Obama wearing the Sudanese clothing and then him apologizing for it. I don't think he should have apologized for it.


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