Monday, March 10, 2008

Cleaning House in New York

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Before we go further, read this post first.

Now read this.

Soon I will be writing of my Political Conversion from Liberal Democrat to Conservative Republican (with a Libertarian streak). My friend's father, Jack Chartier, and his boss Alan Hevesi birthed my early interest into politics. Both were Old School Democrats from Forest Hills (home of AJ's pizza).

When Spitzer went after Hevesi, he burned a lot of Democrats. Then, when Spizer went after State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, he lost any vote or support from the NY State Republicans.

"Mr. Spitzer ran on a platform of raising ethical standards in Albany and revamping the way the gridlock-prone state government does business," wrote the New York Times during Governor Spitzer's inauguration.

Ironically, Spitzer was caught doing something that is not legal in either New York or Washington, DC. Here is Spitzer's statement.

In his term, he neither worked out the disagreements from the Majority Assembly Democrats and Senate Majority Republicans. And as of today, he proved to be unethical. When Spitzer when after Bruno, Democrats pooh-poohed using the power of the State against an individual, yet it was a major complaint during Nixon's term.

I say, WTF is the difference?! I said Spitzer was corrupt months ago. Where was the Goldwater to Nixon moment on this guy? If you can't do it on a corrupt Governor of a Blue State, how can we trust Democrats to clean up corruption on a federal level? They never police themselves.

Tonight, Spitzer resigns. Blessings on his family, but I spit on the former Governor for hurting my friends dad and his boss.

Now why can't Democrats treat Republicans in trouble with same dignity?

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  1. JSF, why is it that republicans get treated differently when they're caught in these sorts of scandals? It's the hypocrisy. The republicans pose as the moral crusaders, so when they get caught looking for gloryhole action in the airport mens room or with a hooker or with their hand in the cookie jar, it packs more punch. If Spitzer was a cultural warrior instead of a crusader against corporate crime, or if he were caught taking bribes from a corporation instead of indulging in sex, I would hope that he would be treated just as badly as Larry Craig.

    Do you get it, or are you poor conservatives still the victims of unfair treatment?

  2. OK, here's checking to see if Blogger will let me post this tonight. I find it really bizarre that these wives keep standing by their husband in these situations. I wouldn't lower myself to that if I were one of these wives. I also think it's just plain stupid to throw away everything for sex.


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