Saturday, March 29, 2008

Newspapers and Hollywood: Losing Money together

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This weekend I am taking a Broadcast Journalism Course offered by the Leadership Institute. It is at beautiful Pepperdine University in Malibu. After this course, I might have to re-write my Media chapter in my Non-fiction book.

But, two things to note:

1) Stop-Loss, highlighted as a non-partisan Anti-Iraq war movie, failed at the Box office. It follows a slew of Anti-Iraq war movies losing money domestically.

2) Newspapers, which a majority always find fault with the Right side of the Political spectrum, are having a hard time finding Ad revenue.

There are ways to fix this. It's simple, it's easy and everybody gains.

I) Content is King. If you make Entertaining Content (in Hollywood) and shoe leather Reporting on Democrats and Republicans, people will pay money for your product.

II) Most of the Comments on Nikki Finke's Blog by Hollywood Partisans insult the Conservative and Republicans and Military who are up in arms against Stop Loss. Can someone explain how insulting your audience helps brings in more money?

III) Speaking of not insulting, would it kill your advertising rates in Newspapers to write about good things Republicans do? And in Hollywood, how hard would it be to write a movie where a Conservative and his or her beliefs are portrayed in a heroic light? Let New Line take it up, after all they need a financial winner.

IV) If you must do a funny, Anti-Republican movie, let Independent directors like this guy make the films with a budget. Until then Hollywood, stop sucking down Lattes on the Westside and get out and meet people who don't share your beliefs. It might make better movies.

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  1. JSF, to be fair, my movie was anti-republican, anti-democrat, anti-lobbyist, and anti-corporate. Nobody would ever give me a budget!


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