Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maybe I should Rent a Tuxedo Next Year....

Yes, its Oscar night.  But I don't really care.

However, I am doing laundry nearby.

How nearby? Look at this map:

View Larger Map

So, until next year.....

Taco, Puttin' on the Ritz

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Night Before the Oscars, A Movie!

I am about 4 miles away from the Kodak theater; I am 2 miles away from Kat Von D's High Voltage tattoo and I am minutes away from Beverly Hills.

In other words, the Oscars define Los Angeles.

And if you are in Hollywood tonight and tomorrow (I pick up my friend Ron from that area), here are the closures:

And this weekend, I will write some light stuff in honor of the Oscars.

Tonight, let's watch a movie!

Dracula (1931) Bela Lugosi

Dracula (1931)  on Vimeo.

Enjoy the film!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Occupy #HeadDesk! Election 2012 means the Don Surber Rule is in Effect

While I have been busy working on Los Angeles Politics, I see the Republicans around the country have lost the plot. 

What is the story of 2012? Read the Surber Rule:


I cannot believe State Governments are getting pulled in too.  When you Govern in an Election year and break the Surber Rule, every State GOP candidate is attacked. 

Here is Los Angeles, the way to win is Social Libertarianism.  If you must tack to the Social issues, tack this way. If you advocate freedom for all, no one will fault you.  Los Angeles will be up for grabs if Elected officials and candidates stick to the Surber Rule.

Here are a few charts to keep handy:

How Obamacare works

 Candidates, Elected officials and politicos! Follow the Surber Rule!

My question: How do Republicans find our way back? 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 30th CD Debate at Temple Judea (Election 2012)

Sorry for the delay, but now I'm back!

You can see throughout the video where Berman directs Lowenfeld of the JJLA.

Now, watch and enjoy:

Berman/Sherman v. Reed (Missing Susan Shelley)

Here are some things I noted at the debate:

1) Lowenfeld was directed by Berman. He helped the candidate with questions and allowed Berman to ramble on without checking him.

2) Sherman was the idealist of the bunch; But he seems to be able work across party lines.

3) Both Sherman and Berman are SOPA sponsors.  Berman has no clue how the Internet and Blogosphere work. Susan Shelley can run against that (so should RPLAC)

4) The only way to handle Iran from Sherman/Berman is sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.  How's that work in Iraq?

5) Sherman is willing to go against Obama, Berman is the Establishmenterian (backed by the JJLA). Reed declares "independence," from GOP. Think on that.

6) Berman is boring.  He knows nothing of the Technological future, the damage Obama is doing with Israel and the Valley.  Sherman at least tries.  He understands economics.

7)  Sherman is following the MA Senate race with regards to super PACS -- Berman (with help from Lowenfeld) comes up with excuses, excuses, excuses.  No one called him out on it.

8) If Berman can work across party lines, why can't he get the Federal Highway Bill out of Committee? He can't.  

9) When it comes to Medicinal Pot, Berman was lost.  Sherman understood and Reed also supported.

10) I cannot emphasize this enough, the JJLA questioner, Lowenfeld was in Berman's pocket.  Just watch the video.

11)  Sherman will fight against Obama for Israel; So would Reed and especially Shelley. NOT BERMAN -- HE WILL NOT OPPOSE PRESIDENT OBAMA ON ANYTHING.

12) Berman was old! Shelley (and even Reed) were young.  So was Sherman.  The younger generation understands how the modern world works. I pity the JJLA for backing a dinosaur.

12 Notes for 12 Tribes. 

My question: When will Lowenfeld go fight the anti-semitism of KPFK?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Did Jonah Lowenfeld of the JJLA allow Rep. Berman Pull His Strings at the Temple Judea Debate?

This and many other questions will be answered tomorrow when I post tonight's transcript.  

(and I will interview Susan Shelley who deserved to be at the debate -- if Lowenfeld could think for himself)

2/22/12 9:09PM UPDATE: Had to do some work on the Laptop today.  It took up most of the day.  Three posts upcoming.  The 30th CD Debate post will be the first immediate Post.

While you wait, here is a question:

Why is the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles more comfortable with the Anti-semites of KPFK then with supporting (the many) Jewish Republicans like Susan Shelley? 

Answer: It was seen in the debate, Lowenfeld is on a pawn of LA Democrats, thus "No enemies to the Left,"

Friday, February 17, 2012

Please help Some Friends of Friends

Even in a large city like Los Angeles, some scenes are like small towns.

When the news of a Hollywood shooting and arson came across the transom, it affected a lot of people within the LA Goth scene (including some friends who I know)

Here is the news story:
A shooting and fire Thursday afternoon at a house in East Hollywood left two people dead, including the gunman, and three others seriously wounded.
Authorities said the incident was the result of domestic violence. The wounded, two women and a man, all in their 30s, were each shot in the upper torso. They were hospitalized in serious condition, but officials said all three are expected to survive. All were conscious and able to talk, police said.


Two people I know in the Goth scene (friends of mine) know some of the people in the house.

So, I am asking Goths and non-goths alike to please support this charity:

Thank you.

Why is the Los Angeles Jewish Journal Scared of Susan Shelley but not KPFK?

I'm a Jew.  A secular Jew (who loves being a Goth and working  Politics and Policy in LA and DC), but a Jew nonetheless.

For my Bar Mitzvah, I was at the Western Wall -- the most Holiest place for Judaism.

Since I've been a Republican (switched in 1992), I've seen how the Left treats Jews and Israel.  Heck, KPFK is filled with Obama supporters and they are comfortable attacking Israel, AIPAC and Netanyahu.

Now, last weekend Susan Shelley, who is running for Congress against the -ermans (Berman/Sherman) came by to the First Right in the Dark Meeting [Goths and GOP folk].  She spoke of social moderation and fiscal responsibility of the Government.  She is short but she scares the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

Why is that?

Heck, is it because the backers of the Jewish Journal [JJLA] support Rep. Berman, thus Democrats first, then Jewish candidates?

The most important behind the scene person in Los Angeles Republican Power Politics is my mentor, Gary Aminoff.  last I checked, he was more Jewish then me.  And Jews are active throughout RPLAC.  from the beaches to the Valleys.

Susan Shelley, who has received many endorsements for 2012 (Mark Reed, G-d bless him, was a good candidate in 2010.  But until he gets supported by Susan Abato, should let Shelley run this cycle. The Valley will support Mark Reed for any other position this cycle), yet the JJLA refuses to recognize her.

However, JJLA is more comfortable with KPFK then with Susan Shelley.

(the last time JJLA stopped Anti-Semitism on KPFK was in 2007! Good job JJLA! KPFK hasn't stopped though.)

Does JJLA have a "No enemies to the Left," in their writing?  It appears so if they are forgiving of KPFK's Radio Intifada and others (Radio Uprising and Ian Masters) but have no room for Susan Shelley to be involved in this weekend's debate.

My question, why does JJLA look askance at KPFK's Anti-Semites but never praises Jewish Republicans in Los Angeles? And Why is JJLA afraid of Susan Shelley being involved in the Congressional debates?

My answer: JJLA sees no evil in the American Left, no matter how many Jews support the GOP.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

KPFK Hate Speech II: Ian Masters "Dog Whistles," Anti Semitism and Hates Republicans:

If you want to talk Hate Speech, listen to KPFK: They have Morning shows which Hate Israel; Uprising Radio which Hates Jews and non-Liberals (and non-Liberals without an Ivy education) and Alan Minsky is riding this tiger. 

But in the late afternoon, between 5 and 6 PM, they have hired someone who "Dog Whistles," his Hatred for Jews and Israel (and non-progressives).  Like Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Sullivan and Sonali Kolhatkher, their Hatred of Jews is considered fine since they hate Bush and Palin.  Add to this this list, Ian Masters.  He is also an ex-pat. 

Meet Ian Masters:

On his show (like every show on KPFK), he only speaks to people whose views matches his own.  But he thrives on going after Netanyahu, AIPAC and Majority Leader Cantor.  

Hence, the Dog Whistles.  Masters and the KPFK staff don't explicitly say "They hate Jews," but it can be inferred by their (especially Masters and Kolhatkher) targets.    

Why is Hannity and Fox doing better then KPFK and Masters?

Simple, they understand in a two party system to have people from both sides debate the issue.  Masters would never allow on any Republican from RPLAC or the Los Angeles based Tea Party -- it might break his stereotypes in his head. 

Los Angeles has the second biggest population of Jews in the United States -- but that doesn't mean that Alan Minsky supports the ONLY Jewish state in existence.  He allows Masters to use his Dog Whistles against the Jewish State and their supporters. 

Liberals used to be about Free Speech (Masters wants to shut down FOX) and the party of failed haberdashers and teaching school graduates.  

Masters would look down upon both men and he would throw a fit of how Truman and the UN recognized Israel's right to exist.  And since Masters already hates Republicans, he would have hated Kissinger and Nixon's support of Golda Meir in 1973.  

Three people that Ian masters Hates: PM Meir (L), President Nixon (M), Henry Kissinger

My question: Why is Alan Minsky comfortable with the many Jew haters on KPFK? 

Help the Valley get to Burlingame and Tampa (And help YOU in return!)

Look to your Right ---->

If you see the Billboards of the Valley (1), that is where I promote my friends' business. If I know and like you, I will happily do this.  A gift from a poor Blogger.

Now, look at Billboards of the Valley (2).  

As I wrote upward, I am a poor Blogger.  There are political events all over Los Angeles -- I can get to those.  But at the Political Conventions is where I can do the most good, for your business and for my writing.

There are many levels of support (from below $1,000 to $10,000 and higher).  Thanks to the magic of PayPal, you can help.

To get to the Burlingame Convention and see some VIP's (and write about them thereafter), I will need some financial help (and again for Tampa this summer).

If you are able to help me, I will promote your business at the bottom of each post (with a post in between others just for your business during the trip).

Also, look below, if I am able to get the use of a Tablet (with your corporate logo on the back), the Valley will be able to promote you from anywhere.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

There are only simple limits:

1) No Anti Semitic organizations -- I'm Jewish.

2) No anti Republican/Anti tea party group -- Read the rest of the Blog to understand why

3)  Make sure your business has a website I can link to or it is all for naught (unless you are altruistic, then many thanks!). 

Email me if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Does the City of Bell and Miramonte Elementary School Have in Common?

Two places in Los Angeles beset by a nasty scandal (Miramonte's is far, far worse); Two separate cities whose potential is being lost daily.

To re-cap, the all Democratic City Council of Bell levied high taxes on their constituents while the monies would end up in the pocket of the same Council and city staff (reminder: all Democrats).

In Miramonte, three (or more) teachers abused the children using BDSM equipment. This went on for twenty years.  This disgusts me on so many levels, I cannot even begin to say.  Thank G-d someone spoke up and its being covered.

Interestingly enough, look at this map.  Bell and Miramonte Elementary are near each other (but that is not the similarity):

View Larger Map

The South Los Angeles neighborhoods (the current 50th Assembly District -- West Hollywood to South Malibu is in the new 50th), which includes Bell and Huntington Park, is majority Hispanic.  That bothers me little to none.  G-d bless them and their families.

The trouble here in Los Angeles is that because these neighborhoods are completely Hispanic, they get taken advantage of by folks who speak two languages. Not Spanish and English, but Spanish and Democrat. 

As I keep working with RPLAC and others within the basin, these two stories are the aftereffects of the Labor Union - Hispanic Leader coalition; LAUSD got the brunt of it and the Bell constituents too.

If  California and Los Angeles made a law saying that all Government work is to be done in English, the many families who come to the City of Angels would not be hurt by those who (in their own communities, in their own language) can take advantage of them. They would have to integrate into the American Polity and community, and their neighborhoods would have less crime.

The core of Republicanism (and Conservatism) is, with the correct tools (i.e. English speakers), corruption like in Bell and Miramonte Elementary would be kept to a minimum. It is about the triumph of the individual against the State - not a slave to it.

Oh, let me remind you that from the LA City Council, to the State Assembly and Senate to the US House of Representatives these two scandal plagued neighborhoods are represented by Democrats.

At RPLAC we are beginning to look for cracks in the Hispanic - Labor Union coalition, I say look what happened in these two cities -- haven't the Democrats done enough damage?

My question: Why do Democrats oppose English Only for Government documents? 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Senator Santorum's Triple Play and Mitt's Maine Muck

Now that "Political week," is over -- let's wind the clocks back and see who won what and how? 

Last Thursday, I was at RPLAC when the numbers were coming in from Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota.

Here are the maps:

Colorado Caucus  2012

Orange = Romney/ Purple = Gingrich/ Green = Santorum
Santorum 26,614 40.31%
Romney 23,012 34.85%
Gingrich 8,445 12.79%
Paul 7,759 11.75%
Others 71 0.11%

Minnesota Caucus 2012

Green = Santorum/ Yellow = Paul
Santorum           44.9%           21,932
Paul           27.1%           13,228
Romney           16.9%             8,222
Gingrich           10.8%             5,272

Missouri (non-binding) Primary 2012

Green = Santorum

Rick Santorum 138,957 55.17%
Mitt Romney 63,826 25.34%
Ron Paul 30,641 12.17

And finally, on Saturday when I was hanging among the Goths (Political and non), came the Maine Caucus.

Maine Caucus 2012

Orange = Romney/Gold = Paul/ Green = Santorum**
**Washington County unable to hold caucus due to weather. (Grey) It will be held Feb. 18
Mitt Romney
  2,190   39.2%
Ron Paul
           1,996    35.7%
Rick Santorum
     989   17.7%
Newt Gingrich  
    349    6.2%

Those are the data points, what does it all mean?

What It All Means

Before Senator Santorum's triple play, there was news on the wire about the Romney - Paul coalition to defeat Gingrich (not knowing Santorum would come from behind).

Then the coalition got to Maine.  Maine GOP Chair Charles Webster declared Maine for Romney. Like the Red Sox and New England Patriots, Maine always backs New England players first.  Just like the rest of New England (I say that as a New York Yankee fan).

A lot of Paul voters are crying "Foul," while waiting for a snowed in Washington County. If the coalition breaks in Maine (as it should), Gingrich or Santorum can overtake Romney.  

Out of the three States that Santorum won, Gingrich did not participate in MO. But MO still has caucuses upcoming, so it is still up for grabs. 

Santorum won because no one trusts Romney and because the Romney-Paul coalition stinks at the local levels.  No one knows what Romney stands for and the CRP and RPLAC have already had problems with the Paul supporters. Past is precedence.  

I will post delegate totals after Super Tuesday. 

To be continued.....

G-dspeed, Whitney Houston

The loss of any artist is sad; But those who have the most potential (and then to see it squandered is even worse) also have the most inner demons.  Look at how many people are talking about it. 

Even though I love the range of Sade, Whitney Houston also had a great range.  Here is a song, enjoy.

Whitney Houston, Where do broken hearts go? 

Here's hoping she angels still hear her sing.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Forget #CPAC2012! I've Been Holding Down the Southland!

While some Bloggers and Activists went east to CPAC, I've been busy holding down the fort in LA!

On Monday, I was with my local ADC paving the way for the local candidates;

Tuesday, I saw Bill Whittle at the SFVRC;

Wednesday, hanging out with the Westside GOP and finally,

Thursday, RPLAC and discussing inner party politics.

Oh, and Saturday night, before I go clubbing, is the First Meeting of Right in the Dark.  Goths, GOP and Politics at the Farmer's Market at 7 PM. Join us. .

If you campaign in Los Angeles (and that includes the men below), you need to know these people within the groups.

And since I missed CPAC12, here is video of the Presidential candidate speeches:

Governor Mitt Romney, CPAC 2012
video platform video management video solutions video player

Senator Santorum Speech , CPAC 2012

video platform video management video solutions video player

Speaker Gingrich, CPAC 2012

video platform video management video solutions video player

Monday, February 06, 2012

President Ronald Reagan at 101 Years

Even the all Democratic State Assembly, State Senate and Governor Brown set aside February 6 (Ronald Reagan's Birthday) to celebrate the 101st year of Ronald Reagan.

Both of my favorite Presidents during my lifetime (on the GOP side) were Nixon and Reagan, both Californians.

My favorite Democratic President during modern times was LBJ (Born on my sister's birthday).

I'll shut up now and let the Great man speak:

Reagan's First Presidential Inaugural Address

Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing

President Reagan, Brandenberg Speech

President Reagan Second Inaugural Address

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Romney Played Blackjack and Gingrich played Craps in the Nevada 2012 Caucuses

Elvis Presley, Little Less Conversation (remix)

Nevada is state known for its high religiosity (by the Mormons) and high decadence (vis Las Vegas).  Considering Nevada occured aftwer Bloody Florida, here is what happened:

Orange = Romney/ Yellow = Paul/ Purple = Gingrich 

Romney played here before in 2008, and won.

Romney = Blue/ Paul = Red

Look at the history and present of Nevada:


And here is the population today:

Romney can play in Utah, ID and NV

 Speaker Gingrich did not play in the Caucses in Nevada before, so he did what any first time player does.  He played craps.

Look at the States with High Mormon Population -- that is where Romney will do well.  However, I'm holding my dice for Super Tuesday. 

Stay tuned. 

(Also, if Vicktor and Bettie from Vegas have any tales of the Caucuses, I will promote them here.  Again, stay tuned)

Two Plays that helped the New York Giants win at Super Bowl XLVI

Yay New York Giants!  Congrats!

I saw the game and here were my favorite plays in the second half. 

The Manningham Catch

Ahmad Bradshaw's TD

Congrats NY Giants! Good try New England Patriots! (Both teams coached at some point by the Great Bill Parcells)

Now, for my your owner!  

See you next season! 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February 2012 Tip Jar -- Hammer Horror Beauty #2

It's the top of the month, so the request goes out again:

Please hit the Tip Jar!

Again, I'm trying to raise $300 again this month, so please if you like the Valley, please donate.

And this month's Hammer film Gothic Muse: Kate O'Mara


Young Kate O'Mara

Kate O'Mara in The Horror of Frankenstein (1970)

Kate O'Mara in Dynasty
Publicity shot
Cool Gothy Muse
As The Rani in Doctor Who 

Publicity Shot from Doctor Who
 Keep on follow this classy Gothy actress!

And please hit the Tip jar.


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