Friday, February 24, 2012

Occupy #HeadDesk! Election 2012 means the Don Surber Rule is in Effect

While I have been busy working on Los Angeles Politics, I see the Republicans around the country have lost the plot. 

What is the story of 2012? Read the Surber Rule:


I cannot believe State Governments are getting pulled in too.  When you Govern in an Election year and break the Surber Rule, every State GOP candidate is attacked. 

Here is Los Angeles, the way to win is Social Libertarianism.  If you must tack to the Social issues, tack this way. If you advocate freedom for all, no one will fault you.  Los Angeles will be up for grabs if Elected officials and candidates stick to the Surber Rule.

Here are a few charts to keep handy:

How Obamacare works

 Candidates, Elected officials and politicos! Follow the Surber Rule!

My question: How do Republicans find our way back? 

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